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Timothy Douglas Perez is an American actor who portrayed a Vatos thug in AMC's The Walking Dead, notably in "Vatos". However, his scene was deleted, and he remains uncredited in the episode.

Other Works

Timothy has appeared in the following:

  • Brooklyn Nine Nine as Tattooed Con
  • Swamp Murders as Lorenzo Sanchez
  • Reaper as Reaper
  • Panama City as Dude
  • Bar Betting as Marcus
  • September Skies as Sarya
  • Pitching Hope as Angelo Moreno
  • Uncanny X-men Series as Cable and a Pilot
  • Evolution Creek as Bash
  • Second Fiddle as Reporter 
  • Necessary Roughness as Suited Man
  • Single in the ATL as Mr. Conner
  • Fighting Angels: Exodus as Narrator 
  • Partners as Captain Bowers
  • The Wronged Man as Prisoner
  • Kerberos as Julius 
  • Sounds of Poetry as ATF Tack Team
  • Ben 10: Alien Swarm as Forklift Operator
  • Money Power & Respect as Col. Elroy Brady and Clones 
  • Pursuit of the American Dream as Scott
  • Valiant as Brigadier General Maxwell Pierce

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