• S06E01-S06E03 (Original storyline & some Comic stuff)

    S06E04-S06E05 (Wolves Storyline, maybe the scenes with daryl as a hostage of some sort)

    S06E06 (Build up episode)

    S06E07-S06E08 (Wolves problem and herde problem, respectively)

    S06E09-S006E10 (Build up episodes, or re-creation episodes, building the walls to be safer and such)

    S06E11-S06E13 (Original Storyline)

    S06E14 (Build up to a bigger storyline in season 7)

    S06E15-S06E16 (Internal alexandrian problems, maybe the rebellion against rick, but led by someone other than Nicholas, maybe Spencer, or Carter. Maybe Davison returns?)

    I doubt all the rumors about Glenns death, Daryls death, Negan, Shiva and all that shit will happen until season 8 at least. I think Jesus wont come into it until S07E11 or 12 at the earliest. I think Negan would come into the show nicely at an unexpected moment, after we've all given up hope of him appearing, maybe season 8/9/10?.

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    • Dunno if you've heard the casting calls. One is 99.9% Jesus. The other is likely Gregory.

      No Way Out continues into episode 9.

      Episode 4 is a flashback, so the internet is saying. I would agree with the internet.

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    • also, hilltop is beign built. Paul and Gregory re almost sure, and the internal alexandrian affairs will be done by ep 6

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    • I agree with your predictions 100% Negan won't be around until srason 8 at the earliest so everybody who says he's coming this season needs to shut up calm down and wait for him. I don't read the comics but do know a lot about him and know he will show up eventually so can everyone stop obsessing over him HE WILL SHOW UP!

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    • so, you say Negan isnt coming, but you also say you dont know when he came in the comics? that makes no sense. But, Negan wont be coming this season yet. This season will be about Volumes 13(ending), 14, 15(perhaps something) , 16 and maybe 17(when Negan show up). If he DOES come in thi season, it will be in the last minute of the last episode, and just a few scenes.

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    • I know Negan first appeared in issue 100 of the comics and killed Glenn by bashing his skull in with a baseball bat. I know enough about the comics to know Paul Monroe probably will appear end of this season beginning of next season. Which means at earliest Negan will appear in season 7B.

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    • yeah. i was right after all. Hope you have read the comics by this.

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    • Jeanlsm wrote: yeah. i was right after all. Hope you have read the comics by this.

      Obviously you have no life, if the only better thing you have to do is comment on an old discussion and talk about how right you were. P.S. I know enough information about the comics that I can have a conversation with any comic fan even hard core fans.

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    • sorry if i got it wrong, actually i was looking the pages i followed and came by this one. i didnt even remebered it. again, sorry if it sounded mean to you, wasnt the intention.

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