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    Ok, So I was scanning through the internet and saw this......

    Andrew Lincoln look 100414

    That's Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) today. Normally, Actors aren't told to change their hairstyle nor shave for their role UNLESS something goes down in the scripts. In an interview Andy seems to have his lips stitched to spill it out: link

    I know that this is absurd BUT seeing this a portion of mine made me wanna think that the group or at least a part of the group have already reached Alexandria. Since in the comics that is the only place where Rick got his hair cut and shavin' from mother Olivia when their group is welcomed and absorbed to the community.

    Issue 70

    The other part of mine though, the one that I strongly believe on is....they just end up in this place and Rick happened to pick up a shaving cream and a razor and surprisingly got barber-like skills. I find the group reaching ASZ very early tbh.

    What do you guys think?

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    • I agree with you but I hope they don't get to ASZ until the very end of the season. I just have an image in my mind of the closing of the season as Rick, clean shaven and dressed again as a cop, stepping out the door of his house starting his 1st day of being Douglas Monroe's new policeman. Kind of like the cover of issue 70.

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    • If he's shaven NOW, that would mean that they might get to ASZ early in the season. On the Season 5 page, its stated that filming for this season wont even be done until November.

      Although this could just throw us off (which is what I think), it COULD mean they will arrive. I haven't reached that part in the comics yet, but I already know all about it. I read a page with a good theory, and the guy said that they wont reach ASZ until mid/end of S06 because they still have to get to D.C., find out Eugene doesn't know anything, and then reach ASZ (if they're even going to put it in the television show). And it is confirmed they are going to DC so yay (Sarcasm)

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    • RLLS
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    • They've finished filming Season 5. Or at least almost through.

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    • Left 4 speed wrote:
      They've finished filming Season 5. Or at least almost through.

      They finish next month.

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