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"Calvin...and that's Meredith. And that's Tommy, Bethany, and Lucas."
—Calvin introducing his family[src]

Thomas Dupree, better known as Tommy, is a main character and a survivor of the zombie apocalypse first appearing in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor. He is described to be a intelligent and vigorous, wiry fair-haired and freckled boy with brown eyes. Despite being young, rebellous and adventurous, Tommy quickly becomes an important ally and Lilly's right hand.


Location Unknown

Tommy had a father, Calvin, a mother, Meredith, a brother named Lucas and a sister named Bethany, and is the eldest of the three children. He used to go to Rolling Acres grade school, where he was bullied because he came from a poor family. The Duprees were in a bankruptcy, and Tommy went to summer landscaping jobs to help his family.


"Fall of the Governor"

After taking leadership of the town of Woodbury following the death of Brian BlakeLilly Caul begins welcoming refugees into the town, including the Duprees.


To Be Added


To Be Added

"Search and Destroy"

A little over a year passes after the final attack of Jeremiah, and Tommy continues his life in Woodbury. He is seen as part of railroad work crew.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tommy has killed:


Novel Series


  • In a conversation with Barbara, Tommy reveals he is an atheist.
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