Revenge is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It is a theme that often appears out of severe anger or hatred towards another character.


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  • Nate, Randall, and Sean attacked Glenn, Rick and Hershel in retaliation for the deaths of Dave and Tony. (Triggerfinger)
  • Daryl Dixon, T-Dog, Andrea, and Shane Walsh killed a group of walkers to avenge Dale Horvath's death. (Better Angels)
  • Shane attempts to murder Rick for stealing Lori, Carl and the group's favor away from him. (Better Angels)
  • Rick plants his machete into the head of Tomas after he attempts to kill him twice in a row. (Sick)
  • Andrew allows walkers into the prison, and sets off the alarm to lure Rick to the control room to get his revenge. (Killer Within)
  • Rick stabs the walker that ate Lori's remains multiple times in the stomach. (Say the Word)
  • Michonne waits in The Governor's room for him, so she can kill him for having his men sent to kill her. (Made to Suffer)
  • Glenn wants revenge on The Governor and Merle for what they did to him and Maggie. (The Suicide King)
  • The Governor attacks the prison in revenge for Rick's group attacking Woodbury and Michonne killing Penny. (Home)
  • Tyreese and Daryl both want revenge on the person responsible for killing Karen and David. (Isolation)
  • The Prison Survivors shoot at The Governor's Army for killing Hershel. (Too Far Gone)
  • Michonne finally gets her revenge on The Governor for all the hardships he has put her and the Prison group through, by skewering him through the chest with her katana. (Too Far Gone)
  • Carl repeatedly shoots the walker he believed devoured his sister Judith. (Too Far Gone)
  • Tyreese restrains himself from harming Carol when she reveals she killed Karen and David. (The Grove)
  • The Claimers threaten to kill Rick and Daryl and to rape Michonne and Carl in retaliation to Rick killing Lou(A)
  • Rick stabs Dan repeatedly for attempting to rape Carl. (A)
  • Tyreese repeatably bashes Martin, in revenge for threatening to kill Judith and forcing him to walk outside into a group of walkers. (No Sanctuary)
  • Carol destroys Terminus and kills many Termites, in retaliation of the group being taken hostage. (No Sanctuary)
  • Gareth kidnaps Bob Stookey in revenge for their home, Terminus, being destroyed. (Strangers)
  • Sasha gets revenge on one of the Termites, Martin, by stabbing him multiple times in the neck with a knife after they ate one of Bob's legs. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Rick gets revenge on Gareth for holding them captive in Terminus, later repeatably slashing him multiple times with a machete. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Michonne and Abraham get revenge on one of the Termites, taking their anger out on them after they held them captive in Terminus. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Beth gets revenge on Gorman, causing his death as he tries to have his way with her. (Slabtown)
  • Glenn attempts to kill Nicholas for causing the death of Noah and for attempting to kill Glenn. (Conquer)
  • Deanna Monroe gets revenge on Pete for accidentally slashing her husband Reg's throat with a katana by giving Rick the go ahead to execute Pete. (Conquer)
  • Ron attempts to kill Rick for killing his father and the deaths of his mother and brother. (No Way Out)
  • Maggie and Carol kill many Saviors in revenge for kidnapping them. (The Same Boat)
  • Daryl and Rosita attempt to track down and assassinate Dwight for killing Denise Cloyd. (East)
  • Negan selects and executes Abraham Ford at random in revenge for the murders of many of his Saviors. (Last Day on Earth)
  • Negan executes Glenn Rhee in revenge for Daryl's transgression against him. (The Day Will Come When You Won't Be).
  • Rosita attempts to shoot Negan for killing Spencer. (Hearts Still Beating)
  • Rosita and Sasha go on a suicide mission to assasinate Negan in revenge of his atrocities. (The Other Side)
  • Dwight betrays Negan and the Saviors by siding with Alexandria for Negan to die. (Something They Need)
  • The combined efforts of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the Hilltop and the Kingdom form an alliance to eliminate Negan and the Saviors for the intense hardships they have inflicted on the groups.
  • Negan and the Saviors burn Alexandria to the ground in revenge for the Militia surrounding the Sanctuary in walkers and attacking their outposts. (How It's Gotta Be)
  • Henry kills Gavin in revenge for Benjamin's death, thinking he killed his brother. (Honor)
  • Morgan looks as a trapped Jared is getting devoured by walkers in revenge for Benjamin's death. (Still Gotta Mean Something)

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