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Religion or Faith is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It appears amongst some of the characters.


Comic Series

  • Hershel Greene is a strong Christian and believes the zombie apocalypse could be the '7 Years of Tribulation' described in the Bible but does not understand why God didn't take a Christian like himself to Heaven before the Apocalypse began. (Comic Series)
  • Rick Grimes is described as un-religious and makes many comments of being an unbeliever although in the Alexandria Safe-Zone he is seen attending church suggesting his faith may have grown in his time at the Safe-Zone. (Comic Series)
  • Andrew is a Christian. (Comic Series)
  • After her attempted suicide, Maggie claims that she thinks her father was wrong about there being an afterlife, implying that she may now be an atheist. (Comic Series)
  • Before the outbreak, Gabriel Stokes was a father at a church and maintains his faith. (Comic Series)
  • Eugene Porter is a self-proclaimed atheist; he is at odds with Stokes concerning the concept of God. (Comic Series)
  • Moments before killing Glenn, Negan is standing in a position that makes him look like a cross, symbolizing him as a 'savior'. (Issue 100)
  • Negan shows signs of having a God complex; living a life of total and uninhibited dominion over any form of life he sees, people who will follow his every command. (Issue 105)

TV Series

  • Morgan and Duane hold hands and pray before eating their small dinner. (Days Gone Bye)
  • Morales says "Madre de Dios" (Mother of God) as he makes the Sign of the Cross when Wayne Dunlap is cut open. (Guts)
  • Merle Dixon is seen speaking to God when he was handcuffed on the roof. (Tell It to the Frogs)
  • When Dr. Jenner was summing up possible causes for the outbreak, Jacqui added that it could also be the wrath of god, hinting she might be religious. Jenner could also be hinting he may be religious. (TS-19)
  • When the group arrives back at the nursing home, Daryl sees a man in a room used for prayer looks at the room in irony and says that the "it" did not do the man much.
  • Carol Peletier is seen praying at a church when Sophia goes missing. (What Lies Ahead)
  • Rick asks guidance from God at the same church, also stating that he was "never much a believer". (What Lies Ahead)
  • Glenn was seen attempting to pray at the Greene farm. (Save the Last One)
  • Randall mentions that before the outbreak he attended church with his family. (18 Miles Out)
  • Carl is kneeling by Sophia's grave when Carol approaches. She reassures him that they'll see Sophia in heaven, one day. Carl snaps back that heaven is just a lie, "and if you believe it, you're an idiot". (Judge, Jury, Executioner)
  • Hershel Greene mentions being Christian and says, "I can't profess to understand God's plan. Christ promised the Resurrection of the Dead. I just thought He had something a little different in mind." (Beside the Dying Fire)
  • T-Dog claims that him getting bit is "God's plan" for him. (Killer Within)
  • T-Dog drives in a Parochial van hinting he might have worked with a Church. (Say the Word)
  • The Governor references the Biblical Book of Ecclesiastes "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die". (Say the Word)
  • Hershel and Merle recite lines from the Bible. (TV Series)
  • Someone (supposedly Hershel) in the group leaves a copy of the Bible behind opened to the page about sorting between Heaven and Hell for The Governor to see. (Welcome to the Tombs)
  • Patrick proclaimed himself a "practicing atheist". (Infected)
  • Hershel opens the Bible and attempts to read it after putting down the undead Caleb Subramanian, but is unable to because he starts crying over the loss of a friend. (Internment)


  • Hannah seems to be a religious character, and tells her kids that death is "A Part of God's Plan". (Torn Apart)

Video Game

Dead Reckoning

Social Game

  • Marla is Catholic and later goes to the same church where Carol was praying for Sophia for prayer. (Social Game)

Novel Series

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