A nickname is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It is when a character is referred to by a different name other than his or her birth name. Nicknames can be chosen under the circumstances that is related to the person's appearance or personality.


Comic Series

TV Series


Video Game

Survival Instinct

Dead Reckoning

Social Game

  • Ed tells the main character upon meeting him that his friends call him "Trucker". (Social Game)
  • The player can give themselves a nickname, if they want one. (Social Game)
  • Jesse is known mostly by the survivors as "Uncle Jesse".
  • Joe is simply known as "Joe the Mechanic".
  • Marla Wilkinson is often referred to as "Old Girl", "Ol' Girl", and "Sweet Ol' Marla". (Social Game)
  • Harlan calls Max "soldier boy" and "G.I. Joe".
  • Ed refers to Otis as "Big" Otis.
  • Arturo talks about the irony in his ex-girlfriend's nickname before she turned, "Man-Eater".
  • Emily gives nicknames to several members of the group: "Puddydog Don" (Don), "Crazy Eyes Lady" (Megan), "The Squeaky One" (Nora), "Idiot" (Hero Player), "Mister Policeman" (Sky), and "Jarhead Max" (Max).
  • Emily is commonly known around camp as the "axe-wielding girl".

Road to Survival

Novel Series

  • Philip Blake calls Nick Parsons "Nicky" several times. (Rise of the Governor)
  • Philip also calls his brother Brian Blake "sport" several times. (Rise of the Governor)
  • Philip calls Penny Blake "Punkin" several times. (Rise of the Governor)
  • Nick and Bobby Marsh use the nickname "Philly" for Philip several times. (Rise of the Governor)
  • It is known that Philip and Brian called their mother "Mama Rose". (Rise of the Governor)
  • David Chalmers used to call his wife "Lil". (Rise of the Governor)
  • Brian refers to himself as "Philip" while staying in Woodbury, and later on starts to call himself "The Governor". (Rise of the Governor)
  • Lilly Caul is called "Lillygirl" by Josh and "babydoll" by Bob Stookey. ​ (The Road to Woodbury)
  • Joshua is simply known as "Josh".
  • Bob Stookey refers to Josh as "captain". (The Road to Woodbury)
  • Sam has the moniker, "The Butcher" due to his occupation.
  • Swede's real name is unknown.
  • Mike had a moniker, "Yellow" for unknown reasons.
  • Gabriel Harris is known as "Gabe".
  • Raymond Hilliard is also known as "Ray".
  • Red's real name is unknown.
  • Smitty's real name is unknown.
  • Wilkins is known as "Speed".
  • Gus is known as "The Little Troll".
  • Austin Ballard is also known as "Junior".
  • Tiffany Slocum is also known as "Tiff".
  • Joseph Bressler is also known as "Joe".
  • Jeremiah Garlitz is ofter referred to as "the preacher".
  • Patrick Murphy is known as "Padre".
  • Theodore Bryce is also known as "Beau".
  • Woodbury citizen May Carter has a moniker, "Mama".
  • Camo Pants' real name is unknown.
  • Soames is also referred to as "Mohawk".
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