Leadership or Power is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It can appear as a fight between people to obtain power, or one's being at the head of a group's decisions.


Comic Series

TV Series

Fear The Walking Dead


Video Game

Dead Reckoning

Social Game

  • Shane runs the group as they wait for the military to arrive. (Social Game)
  • The player can lead a scouting party. (Social Game)
  • After PFC Jackson goes missing, the protagonist will take over leadership of the camp. (Social Game)
  • Max, after being saved by the group, soon takes over the leadership role of the group, while the hero acts as a co-leader. (Social Game)
  • After the death of Dave and the disappearance of Randall, Harlan becomes the new leader of their group. (Social Game)


  • This Bandit is the leader of an unnamed group. (Heather's Trailer)

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