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Forgiveness is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It is when a character or group forgive another person or group for their previous actions.


Comic Series

  • Rick forgives Lori for sleeping with Shane. (Issue 7)
  • Patricia forgives Otis for yelling at her. (Issue 25)
  • Dale forgives Rick for the deaths of other members of the group and the choices he had made in the past, before he dies, and thanks him for keeping the group alive as long as he did. (Issue 66)
  • Jesus forgives Rick and company for attacking him and keeping him hostage. (Issue 92)
  • Kal asks for forgiveness from Paul after nearly telling The Saviors of the planned attack. (Issue 110)
  • Maggie forgives the Rose parents for their involvement in her poisoning. (Issue 140)
  • Rick forgives Vincent for beating him up. (Issue 150)
  • Rick forgives Paul for shooting Marco after he accidentally mistakes him for a Whisperer. (Issue 153)
  • Alpha forgives Beta for almost questioning her leadership. (Issue 156)

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