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Discrimination is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It is when characters treat each other unjustly, due to differences between them. Some common differences are race, age, and gender.


Comic Series

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Fear The Walking Dead

Video Game

  • Kenny asks Lee Everett if he can pick a lock due to the fact that he is African-American, calling him "urban". (Starved For Help)
  • Lee can accuse Larry of racism when Mark asks why Larry dislikes Lee, though it is actually because of his recent incarceration for murder. (Starved For Help)
  • Nate asks Russell if he’s in a gang, in which the latter claims that the assumption is racist. (Russell's Story)
  • Walt appears to be racist as he refers to Russell as a "spook", a racial slur for African-Americans. (Russell's Story)
  • Shel can accuse Joyce of racism when she suggests Clive and Roman to execute the intruder because, according to Joyce, he shouldn't be freed due to his inability to speak English. (Determinant)  (Shel's Story)
  • Kenny forces Vitali to speak English, despite the fact he doesn't appear to speak much. (No Going Back)
  • Kenny discriminates against Arvo for being a Russian. (No Going Back)

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