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Depression is a recurring theme in The Walking Dead. It is an emotion felt by characters in a period of time accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. It is much more common in this apocalyptic world where death is everywhere.


Comic Series

TV Series

  • Morgan Jones becomes depressed after the loss of his wife. (Days Gone Bye)
  • Duane Jones becomes deeply depressed after seeing his undead mother outside of the door. (Days Gone Bye)
  • Andrea goes through a severe state of depression after the death of her sister, Amy. (Vatos)
  • Carol Peletier goes through a short state of depression after the death of her husband, Ed. (Vatos)
  • Edwin Jenner goes through a deep state of depression after the loss of his wife, his work, and all that he cares about. (TV Series)
  • T-Dog informs Dale Horvath about how he feels endangered due to being the only African-American in the group, causing him to feel depressed. (Bloodletting)
  • Hershel Greene becomes extremely depressed and begins drinking heavily again after the realization that nothing will be the same after the death of his friends, family, and neighbors at the hands of Rick Grimes' group, led by Shane Walsh. (Nebraska)
  • Carol goes through a brief state of depression after the loss of her daughter, Sophia, but overcomes it once she starts believing that she is in a better place and won't have to deal with the apocalyptic world anymore. (Nebraska)
  • Beth Greene goes through a deep state of depression, going as far as attempting suicide after witnessing the death of her undead mother and step-brother. (18 Miles Out)
  • Rick goes through a brief moment of depression after the death of his best friend, Shane. (Better Angels)
  • The group goes through a state of depression after the loss of Hershel's farm, as it was thought to be a safe haven. (Beside the Dying Fire)
  • Rick suffers a mental breakdown after the death of Lori. (Say the Word)
  • The Governor falls into a suicidal, apathetic depression after his daughter Penny is killed and he guns down his own people after a failed prison assault. (The Suicide King)
  • Morgan suffers a mental breakdown similar to Rick's after the loss of his son. (Clear)
  • Daryl Dixon goes through a quick but severe state of depression after finding his brother Merle as a walker and having to put him out of his misery. (This Sorrowful Life)
  • Bob Stookey is saddened over causing the death of Zach(30 Days Without An Accident)
  • Lizzie Samuels becomes depressed after the death of her father and becomes more distraught after learning that someone had killed a walker called Nick. (Infected)
  • Tyreese goes through depression after the death of Karen. (Season 4)
  • Bob suffers from depression due to losing two camps and deals with it by drinking. (Season 4)
  • Rick and his son Carl are devastated when they discover Judith's empty bloody carrier, both assuming she was devoured by walkers during the prison assault. (Too Far Gone)
  • Abraham Ford goes through depression after learning that Eugene Porter lied about being a scientist and knowing how to stop the outbreak. (Crossed)
  • Sasha becomes depressed after Bob's death. (Crossed)
  • Sasha, Daryl, and Maggie are shown to be depressed following the deaths of Beth and Tyreese. (Them)
  • Enid is depressed at the memory of her parents. (Remember)
  • Deanna Monroe is very saddened by the death of her son Aiden. (Try)
  • Deanna is very sad about the death of her husband, Reg. (Conquer)
  • Depression seizes Jessie when her son dies and she gives up hope. (No Way Out)
  • Carol becomes depressed when she is forced to kill. (The Same Boat, East, Last Day on Earth)


Fear The Walking Dead

  • The Clark family were depressed after the death of their father/husband before the outbreak.
  • Alicia becomes deeply saddened after her boyfriend Matt is bitten and is forced to leave him at the demand of Madison and Travis. She shows signs of sadness again after seeing her zombified neighbor Susan and realizing that Matt may be just like her.(So Close, Yet So Far)/(The Dog)
  • Patrick becomes depressed when he comes home from the airport to find his wife as a walker and moments later, she is shot in the head by soldiers before she bit him.(The Dog)
  • Doug is upset and scared of being screened by medical personnel.Not Fade Away

Video Game

Dead Reckoning

Social Game

  • Summer, after the loss of her parents, becomes depressed and runs away, later being infected and reanimating. (Social Game
  • Ed is saddened by seeing his cousin become a walker and having to kill her, he later tells the player that he sees no hope for the group in the future. (Social Game)
  • After the death of Nathan, Marla Wilkinson is deeply shaken by the event and expresses strange behavior. (Social Game)

Novel Series

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