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AMC Story Sync
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Publisher AMC Network Entertainment LLC
Based On AMC's The Walking Dead
Platforms Windows 8

AMC Story Sync, is an online feature provided by AMC. It is used during premiers of new episodes. It came into use in 2012 during the second half of season 2, starting with "Nebraska".[1][2]


Interact with the show while watching the premiere broadcast of the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. Join the community of fans in weighing characters' decisions, rating the gore and rewatching intense scenes.

Story Sync sends the user trivia, polls, exclusive videos, and pictures during the premiere broadcast of each new episode. It can be used via tablet, smart phone or Internet browser.[3] On February 12, 2013, a day before the fourth season's premiere, an app for Windows 8 of The Walking Dead Story Sync app, launched by AMC.[4]

Originally tied to the second season of The Walking Dead, Story Sync continued to gain traction, and AMC expanded it to include Breaking Bad and The Killing in subsequent years.[1]

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