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TWD Dead Reckoning
Cover Gallery
Developer American Movie Classics LLC
Publisher AMC
Based On AMC's The Walking Dead
Platforms Online
Blackberry PlayBook
Episodes Chapter One: Domestic Disturbance: Taylor Residence
Chapter Two: House Calls
Chapter Three: Habeas Corpus
Chapter Four: Patient Zero
Chapter Five: First Blood
Chapter Six: No Turning Back

The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning is a interactive online video game announced by AMC on February 8, 2012. The game follows the story of Shane Walsh as the zombie outbreak happens and what he did to survive.[1]

The game is available online; as free app for Android users, available to download from the Amazon AppStore; and as a Blackberry PlayBook app.[2][3]


Chapter One: Domestic Disturbance: Taylor Residence

This chapter begins with Shane and Leon Basset talking. Leon says that he has picked up a man called Robb Spanner at a place called The Rusty Nail. Leon asks Shane what he should do with Robb, either take him to jail or let him go. After that a woman called Mrs. Heller complains that she was attacked by a teenager; then Shane has a few options, either to see if she's hurt or ask her what she knows about the Taylors. Mrs. Heller then says that she heard loud noises and shouting coming from the Taylor Residence. Shane then runs into the Taylor's home.

Chapter Two: House Calls

Shane finds that Gary Taylor shot his daughter Patty's boyfriend's, Paul's head off with a shotgun. Gary flees upstairs and Shane pursues him. Shane confronts Gary and convinces him to get into the police cruiser.

Chapter Three: Habeas Corpus

At the King County Police Station, Leon reports to Shane that Robb looks terrible and stinks. As Gary is put in the cell with Robb, the former bites Leon.

Chapter Four: Patient Zero

The police watch the television news at the police station. The woman reports that Mercy Hospital's emergency room is full. Gary's daughter, Patty, walks into the police station with a suspicious bloody wound and explains that her boyfriend Paul had a fever all day and when he woke up, he was violently crazy. Patty reveals that she and Shane once dated. Shane has Patty take a seat in the other room to rest and wait to see her father.

Chapter Five: First Blood

Shane asks Don to move Gary to the interrogation room. As Don begins to open the jail cell, Lori texts Shane that she is going to see Rick at the hospital. Shane volunteers to go instead. Robb turns into a zombie, mortally biting Don. He then attacks Gary in the cell. Shane shoots Robb several times with no effect, he then shoots him in the head, killing him. As Leon goes to get Patty, Gary explains that Robb was just like Paul.

Chapter Six: No Turning Back

Patty has turned and attacks Leon. As Shane pulls Patty away from Leon, her father attempts to intervene. Shane pulls him away, as he remembers their romantic relationship together, Shane kills zombie Patty with a shot to the head. Shane texts Lori that he is on the way over. He plans to warn her about what is going on.


Shane states that he will travel to Atlanta after he checks on Rick. Leon says he will stay in the town and take care of Gary Taylor. It shows Leon being jumped from behind by a now undead Don, hinting that was how he became infected.


  • Dead Reckoning is the medium with the fewest characters in it.
  • This is the only medium with only one character to be confirmed alive.


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