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Twd assault
Twd assault U&amp;I

After the completion of every chapter in The Walking Dead: Assault, there will be a chance where you can upgrade your skills by trading the exact amount of supplies needed.

You can instantly upgrade these skills fully by trading 550 supplies.

Invincible I&amp;A

After fully upgrading a skill rewards will be unlocked, All of these rewards can be unlocked by trading 350 supplies.

Unlock Rewards TWD-A


Explosive Flares - Flares are disruptive materials that attracts walkers that are in groups and in herds. The disadvantage of the flares is that it increases the chance of a herd formation.

Cost: 20 Supplies

Twd A Explosiveflares

Pack of 5 Bandages - Bandages are crucial for the survival of the chosen survivors to your party, These restorative items are used to replenish lost health.

Cost: 150 Supplies

Twd A 5Bandages

Ammo Pack - Extra ammunition upon initial depletion.

Cost: 40 Supplies

Twd A Ammopack


Each time an upgrade is done the amount of supplies needed for the next upgrade increases.

There are four options for an upgrade:

  • Ammo Capacity
  • Damage
  • Health
  • Adrenaline


Upon fully upgrading your Ammo Capacity, Damage, Health, and Adrenaline, Rewards will be unlocked similar to the bonus objectives.

Purchasing items also gets a corresponding reward.

Objective One:

Twd A time for an upgrade

Objective Two:

Twd A in brightest day

Objective Three:

Twd A one in a chamber

Objective Four:

Twd A Fury

Objective Five:

Twd A infinite

Objective Six:

Twd A limitless

Objective Seven:

Twd A Invincible

Rewards Gallery

The following are the images unlocked as rewards.

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