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This article is about the character from the Comic Series. You may be looking for their TV Series counterparts.
  The Governor's Victims
Gender Varies
Hair Varies
Age Varies
Occupation Varies
Family Unknown
Status Dead
Ethnicity Varies
The Governor's Victims (Comic Series) Gallery
"Fifty-Seven channels and nothing on..."
The Governor.[src]

The Governor's "Victims" are people who were killed by The Governor. Their heads were severed and placed into tanks for Brian's own amusement.


Location UnknownEdit

Nothing is known about all of The Governor's victim's lives before or as the outbreak began.


Woodbury, GeorgiaEdit

The victims were all survivors of the outbreak, they all met up with The Governor at an unknown time and then he killed them because they displeased him. The helicopter seen by Rick, Glenn, and Michonne crashes. The pilot dies on impact, but, the other passenger survived. She was escorted back to Woodbury, along with the pilot's body by a band of Woodbury survivors. There, they were fed to The Governor's niece, Penny Blake. The passengers' heads were put into one of the tanks.


Killed ByEdit

The Governor decapitated all of these people, possibly with some of his group, and placed them into a fish tank for amusement.

After returning from the assault on the prison, Lilly Caul goes to the Governor's apartment and shoots each of the heads in the fish tanks.

List of known VictimsEdit


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