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The Unnamed Test Subject, also known by the pictures as "Subject M8.5200-05" is a minor character in Survival Instinct. A picture of her is found in a room at Cleburne Hospital.


Location Unknown

Almost nothing is known about the lady's life except she was pregnant with a baby.


Cleburne Hospital

While looking in rooms, Daryl may find a room with collectible pictures of the lady and the lady's body. On the wall are pictures of the baby. It is presumed she died while birthing or because of zombies.


Killed By

  • Birthing (Speculation)
  • Zombies (Speculation)

It is presumed the test subject died while birthing (not likely) or zombies.


  • This lady is the second test subject known in the series. The first being Dr. Candace Jenner.
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