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The following is a timeline for the TV show, explaining what happened each day:

Before the Global Outbreak

Pre-Global Outbreak

  • Hershel Greene's farm has been in his family for 160 years. (Bloodletting) Hershel left home at age 15 and didn't return for his father’s funeral. (18 Miles Out) He is an alcoholic. He drank heavily at the local bar every night until Maggie was born, and then he quit cold turkey. His first wife, Josephine, bought back his grandfather's pocket watch when he became sober, which he'd pawned long ago to pay for his drinking habits. (Nebraska)
  • Dale Horvath and his wife, Irma, suffered a miscarriage. Before she lost the baby, Irma spent that Thanksgiving in misery from the meat aversions she was suffering. (Secrets) Dale lost his wife Irma to cancer. (Wildfire)
  • Daryl and Merle Dixon's mother died in a house fire; at the time, Daryl was old enough to ride a bicycle and Merle was under 18. (Hounded) When he was under 12 years old, Daryl got lost in the woods and eventually found his own way home. (Triggerfinger)
  • When he was in high school, Shane Walsh once stole the principal's car at lunch hour and filled it with chicken feed before getting back to school in time to finish his sandwich before the bell rang. (Save the Last One)
  • Andrea's father gave her a gun to protect her and her sister Amy, as they left for their road trip not long before the outbreak. (What Lies Ahead)
  • The Governor lost his wife in a car accident 18 months before the outbreak started. (Killer Within)
Shootout day
  • Rick Grimes and Shane discuss Rick’s family. No mention of zombies. (Days Gone Bye) Rick and Shane engage in shootout. Rick gets shot and passes out. (Days Gone Bye) Outside Carl's school, Lori and Paula talk about Lori's relationship with Rick. Shane tells Lori that Rick has been shot and is in the hospital. Lori relays this information to Carl as Shane looks on. (Bloodletting)
After the shootout day
  • Shane visits Rick in the hospital with flowers. (What Lies AheadLori and Carl then visit Rick in the hospital. Carl offers to give Rick blood. (Nebraska)

After the Global Outbreak

Day 0-60

Day 0
Torn Apart
Day 0 Morning
  • Hannah and her daughter Jamie and son Billy sit on the sofa and look at their dead goldfish in the fish bowl. They have a fish funeral around the toilet bowl. They go for a drive in their SUV. (A New Day)
  • Mike Palmer's front yard is decorated for his 50th birthday. (A New Day)
  • Judy walks up the street with some groceries. She sees a woman lying next to a car in front of Palmer's undecorated house. While doing CPR she gets bitten and infected. Presumably, Judy escapes and wanders off. (Domestic Violence)
  • Walkers storm the neighborhood (off-screen) Andrew's dog, Max, is "torn in two" by something/someone. (Neighborly Advice)
  • Shane investigates a disturbance at a house. (Dead Reckoning web game)
Day 0 Afternoon
  • While looking for a gun to put his dog down, Andrew encounters Mike Palmer in his basement. Palmer informs him that the CDC is looking for a cure and that he shot his wife but not his kids. He gives Andrew a gun after he (non-verbally) agrees to shoot him. (Neighborly Advice)
  • Andrew shoots Max in the backyard, comes inside to wash up and notices the power going out. (Domestic Violence) He encounters an infected Judy, and shoots her in the stomach. He covers her up in the rug. (Domestic Violence)
  • Hannah gets into a car accident trying to avoid a mob and is knocked unconscious. Her kids leave the car and go to Andrew's house. (A New Day) Hannah awakens in her car to find her kids missing. She runs through the neighborhood and notices a dead body on Palmer's front lawn amidst party decorations. (A New Day) Hannah encounters a walker eating a dead body and is chased by the walker to the front of Andrew's house. Andrew shoots the walker and lets Hannah into the house. (A New Day) Once Hannah is inside the house the kids hug their mother. Andrew asks Hannah about her injury. (Family Matters)
  • As Hannah and Andrew chat, Billy asks to go outside and wake Max. Andrew tells him no and tells him to put the dog bowl away. Billy walks near a rug and noises can be heard coming from it. (Family Matters) As Jamie and Billy talk, while Judy (now a walker) rises. They hide under the table and then in the closet as Judy stalks them. Just as they are discovered, Hannah kills Judy with an axe. (Step Mother)
Day 0 Evening
  • Andrew decides they need to go to Atlanta for safety. He goes over to Mike Palmer's house to get truck keys but is devoured by Palmer's Children before he can grab his gun, and they're too close to him. (Everything Dies) Hannah hearing a helicopter announcement decides to leave the house with the kids. Once on the street they are pursued by several walkers. Hannah seeks a car, but is bitten on the arm from a walker in the back seat and says goodbye to her kids. The kids escape as Hannah screams and is torn apart by the walkers. (Everything Dies)
Onset of the Global Outbreak (Day +1 / Day +5)
  • Theodore (T-Dog) Douglas drives his church van to the home of every senior citizen he knew, just in case they needed a ride. (Say the Word)
  • Andrea and Amy meet Dale in Atlanta. (Frank Darabont)
  • At West Georgia Correctional Facility, guards begin to evacuate prisoners. Two guards are evacuating a group of five prisoners, Tomas, Andrew, Big Tiny, Oscar, and Axel when they get surrounded. The guards take the prisoners inside the cafeteria and lock them in there to stay safe until backup arrives. However, the two guards probably die, and the prison inmates remain locked inside the cafeteria with no way of getting out. (Sick)
  • Jerry, Sasha, and Tyreese hold up in Jerry's bunker, under Jerry's shed. (The Suicide King)
  • Guillermo holes up in the retirement home he's the custodian of, caring for the elderly there. (Vatos)
Day +14
  • Shane visits Rick in the hospital. The military is shooting staff. The power is on at the hospital but goes out due to an explosion. Shane listens for Rick’s heartbeat. The walkers roam the halls of the hospital. Shane leaves Rick and blocks the door with a bed. (TS-19)
Day +15 / Day +17
  • Lori and Carl leave their house with Shane to find a refugee camp in Atlanta. They are on a gridlocked highway with Carol, Ed, and Sophia Peletier. Shane and Lori watch as helicopters napalm bomb Atlanta. Shane hugs Lori. (Chupacabra)
  • At the same time, Officer Dawn Lerner and her captain Hanson evacuate the patients of Grady Memorial Hospital to Butler Park. Around midnight, they do a final sweep of the hospital as the helicopters begin dropping the napalm bombs on Atlanta, killing all those that have just been evacuated. (Slabtown)
  • Early the next morning, Father Gabriel Stokes's congregation goes to his church and tries to get in. He keeps the doors locked in fear and listens as they are devoured by walkers. (Four Walls and a Roof)
Day +17 / Day +53
  • Quarry Camp established (?)
  • In his first day in the camp Daryl Dixon talks about a chupacabra. (Judge, Jury, Executioner)
  • Hannah has decayed and turned into "bicycle zombie". (Everything Dies)
  • Tony and Dave meet on the I-95 out of Philadelphia. (Nebraska)
  • Randall comes from a group of 30 people. His group rapes two girls in front of their father. (Judge, Jury, Executioner)
  • Paul and Karina's camp is overrun with walkers and they make their way to the same hospital that Rick is in, still in his coma. Paul survives and keeps Karina as a walker by pulling her teeth out, placing her in a jacket and putting her on a chain. He locks up the doors to the cafeteria in the hospital and sprays, 'DON'T OPEN, DEAD INSIDE, on the door. (The Walking Dead Webisodes: The Oath)
  • People trickle into the retirement home to check on their relatives and stay, adding to the manpower of the Vatos group at the retirement home. Guillermo becomes the de facto leader of the group. (Vatos)
Day +30 / Day +33
  • The French come close to finding a cure according to Dr. Edwin Jenner. (TS-19)
  • Jenner loses outside communication. Electrical grid is lost. (TS-19)
  • Jenner starts trying to shut down scrubbers to conserve electricity. (Wildfire)
  • Gas lines stop working according to Morgan Jones. (Days Gone Bye)
Day +53

Day +60-85

Season 1
Day +60
  • Rick wakes up in the hospital and has a drink of water. He tries to use the phone and gets no dial-tone. He leaves the hospital and sees multitudes of dead bodies. Rick sees the bicycle-zombie (Hannah), and bikes to his house to find Lori and Carl missing, but encounters Morgan and Duane. Duane knocks him unconscious. Rick is brought back to Morgan and Duane's house. Morgan explains everything that happened to Rick. Walkers (including Morgan's wife) surround the house at night but don't get in. A car alarm is set off outside of the house. (Days Gone Bye)
Day +61
  • After Rick kills his first zombie with a baseball bat, Morgan & Duane go with Rick to his house in the morning and find food, water, blankets & family photo albums gone. Duane suggests Rick's family is in Atlanta. Morgan suggests the CDC is the safest place. (Days Gone Bye)
  • Rick/Morgan/Duane go to the police department. They take showers and later get guns and ammo. Rick gives Morgan a radio so they can talk to each other and leaves them. Rick shoots Leon in the head. Morgan says he will follow in a few days once Duane has learned how to shoot a gun. Rick makes a stop to kill the bicycle zombie and leaves for Atlanta. Morgan returns home and tries unsuccessfully to shoot his zombified wife, Jenny. Rick stops at a gas station north of Interstate 85 and shoots a zombie girl (Days Gone Bye), Rick makes a radio transmission on Hwy 85 which the quarry camp hears. The Atlanta group tries to contact him, but fails. Rick runs out of gas, finds dead people at a farm house and gets a horse. Rick arrives in Atlanta on horseback and sees a helicopter reflection. He follows and encounters a giant herd of walkers. He takes refuge inside a tank. He makes radio contact with Glenn. Rick escapes from the tank and meets Glenn and 5 others (Guts).
  • They are upset about the noise he made on the street which has attracted the walkers to the building. Lori/Shane have sex at camp. After a disagreement, Merle is handcuffed to the roof. Rick and Glenn cover themselves with zombie guts and gain access to a van. The group leaves the department store without Merle while Glenn causes a distraction with a red sports car. The van arrives at a quarry camp, and Glenn brings the red car to camp. The group comes back and reunites with the others. Rick arrives and finally reunites with Lori and Carl. Later there is a campfire discussion about Merle. Lori and Rick have sex at night. Jim has a strange dream.
Day +62
  • Jim & Dale scavenge the red car for parts/gas, while Carol cleans Rick's clothes. A walker nears the camp and starts eating a deer. Daryl arrives back at the quarry camp looking for Merle. Merle meanwhile is trying to retrieve a hacksaw to escape. Rick makes a decision to return to Atlanta. Rick/Glenn/Theodore/Daryl travel to Atlanta to retrieve guns. They go to the department store to see Merle has left. Back at camp, Shane argues with Lori and proceeds to beat Ed. (Tell It to the Frogs)
  • Amy and Andrea catch fish in the quarry pond. Jim starts digging holes which alarms Dale. Shane confronts Jim and after knocking him down ties him to a tree. Back in Atlanta, Rick and company follow Merle's trail but decide to retrieve the guns before searching the streets. Member from a group of thugs spot the guns and intend to retrieve them. Rick and his group encounter Miguel and Glenn is captured by the thugs. After a showdown with the Vatos they be-friend them and talk with the Vatos leader Guillermo. They return to the van to find it gone. They set out on foot back to camp. Back at camp, Shane frees Jim and invites him to the fish-fry. Ed declines to join them. There is a campfire discussion about Dale's watch. The camp is attacked by many walkers and Amy is bitten/killed. Around 14 other survivors are killed. Rick and company arrive in time to fight off the walkers. (Vatos)
Day +63
  • At the CDC, Dr. Jenner makes a morning transmission and states Wildfire started 194 days ago, and global outbreak was 63 days ago. He loses TS-19 samples. Back at camp, the quarry victims are buried, and all dead walkers are burned. Andrea sits next to Amy's corpse and waits for her to turn, so she put the mermaid necklace around Amy's neck. Rick makes a morning transmission to Morgan. Amy reanimates and Andrea shoots her in the head. Jim's bite is discovered by Jacqui so she tells everyone. Shane makes a campfire announcement that they will leave for the CDC in the morning. (Wildfire)
Day +64
  • The survivors leave the quarry and part ways with Morales and family. On the way, they leave Jim by a tree on the highway while the RV is repaired. The survivors arrive at CDC. Rick pleads with CDC camera to let them in. CDC door opens. (Wildfire)
  • The group goes inside CDC and meets Dr. Jenner. The group goes underground in a secret lab. They proceed to get blood tests. (TS-19) The group eats and drinks and thanks Jenner before taking hot showers. Rick and Jenner talk. Shane confronts Lori about what happened in the hospital. Everyone goes to sleep.
Day +65
  • The group awakens with hangovers and eats eggs. They sees an Enhanced Internal View of TS-19. Lori comments that Andrea lost someone (Amy) two days ago (day 62). Jenner states that the building is in lock down mode. After finding no gasoline in the basement the group confronts Jenner, who locks them in viewing room. Rick persuades Jenner to unlock doors. Before Rick leaves with the group, Jenner whispers in his ear. The group proceeds upstairs without Andrea and Jacqui for they want to stay. Dale stays to convince Andrea to come. Using a grenade to destroy the glass, they escape the CDC and board the 5 vehicle caravan. Dale and Andrea emerge from the CDC. Jacqui and Jenner remain in the CDC as it explodes. The caravan departs the CDC area leg by Rick and his family in the RV and Shane in a Jeep at the rear. The caravan stops in the Vatos' place for the night. (TS-19)
Season 2
Day +66
  • The group reduces their caravan from 5 cars to the RV, the station wagon, and a motorbike. Not much else is known about this day. (What Lies Ahead)
Day +67
  • In the morning Rick makes a transmission to Morgan stating they lost Jacqui "the day before last" (day 65). The group boards the caravan and heads out on the highway. The RV breaks down, and the group stops to fix it and gather supplies. A herd of zombies approach the group. A walker attacks Andrea in the RV but she kills it with a screwdriver. T-Dog is injured and Sophia is chased by two walkers into the woods. Rick pursues Sophia and finds her. Rick kills the two walkers.
  • Sophia is seen emerging from the stream with her doll. Sophia starts to make her way back to the highway but goes off track. A walker attacks her biting her neck. She drops her doll in the water. She escapes the walker but dies from a mass loss of blood. She turns into a walker near Hershel’s farm.
  • Back at the highway the group looks for supplies. Shane fixes up a car and the group hears a radio transmission. Rick and Daryl search for Sophia but only find a walker that has eaten a woodchuck. They return to the RV and the group sleeps. (What Lies Ahead)
Day +68
  • The group awakens and gets changed into new clothes. Andrea confronts Dale about their decisions at the CDC. Dale and T-Dog wait at the RV while the rest of the group goes into the woods to search for Sophia. They find a tent and Daryl pockets a gun.
  • Otis discovers zombified Sophia and brings her back to the barn. He then sets out to hunt deer.
  • The group finds a church and kill the walkers inside. Carol prays for Sophia. Lori and Shane discuss Shane leaving. Andrea talks to Shane about leaving the group. Shane, Rick and Carl remain behind to search for Sophia. The rest of the group makes their way back to the RV. Lori confronts Carol about Rick. While searching for Sophia, Carl sees a deer in a clearing and approaches it. Suddenly the deer and Carl are shot. Rick runs to his son while Shane sweeps the area. A short while later, Rick carries Carl to Hershel's farmhouse while Otis and Shane follow. (Bloodletting)
  • Rick approaches a farmhouse, where an older man, Hershel, meets him on the front porch with his daughters Maggie and Beth, Beth's boyfriend Jimmy, and Patricia, Otis's girlfriend. Hershel proceeds to tend to Carl while Rick donates blood. Meanwhile Lori hears the gunshot and worries about Carl. Andrea and Carol talk but are interrupted by Daryl who wants to keep searching. Back at the RV T-Dog is getting delirious from his injury which concerns Dale. Hershel tells Shane that he needs a respirator to operate on Carl. Shane and Otis leave for a FEMA base to gather the supplies. Maggie leaves on horse to retrieve Lori. In the forest Andrea is attacked by a walker but is saved by Maggie who tells Glenn the directions to the farmhouse. The group returns to the RV and discuss their next moves with Dale. Daryl finds some pills for T-Dog. Maggie and Lori arrive at the farmhouse and Lori and Rick watch over Carl. (Bloodletting)
  • As it gets dark, Shane arrives at the FEMA camp and a large herd of walkers blocks the way to the supply trailer. Shane distracts the walkers with some flares and they enter the trailer and get supplies. When they exit the trailer the walkers chase them into the school where Shane and Otis pause to catch their breath. Shane and Otis venture further into the school and split up in order to escape. They meet up outside the school and as they are limping away from a herd of walkers Shane shoots Otis in the leg. Shane retrieves the medical supplies and makes his way back to the truck as Otis is eaten by the walkers. Glenn and T-Dog arrive at the farm and meet Maggie on the porch. Daryl and Andrea venture out into the woods to look for Sophia. They encounter the hanging lurker and Daryl shoots him in the head. They return to the RV where Dale gives Andrea back her gun. Back at the farmhouse Shane returns with the Medical supplies and Carl is saved. Shane shaves his head to cover up where Otis tore out his hair. (Save the Last One)
Day +69
  • In the morning Rick tells Carl that Sophia is fine. The survivors arrive at the farm and once settled in they have a funeral for Otis. Shane lies about his last moments. After the funeral Maggie brings out a map and they formulate a plan to search for Sophia. Maggie volunteers to go into town to get medical supplies and asks Glenn to accompany her. T-Dog and Dale fetch water from a well and discover a lurker inside the well. The group attempt to get the lurker out by using Glenn as bait. Eventually the lurker is lifted out but rips in two. T-Dog kills the lurker to the chagrin of Maggie.
  • Glenn and Maggie venture into a town where Glenn gets a pregnancy test for Lori. Glenn and Maggie have sex in a pharmacy. They return to the farm and Glenn gives the True Blue test to Lori. Meanwhile Daryl searches a farmhouse for Sophia but only finds some flowers (Cherokee Roses). Elsewhere Rick and Hershel discuss the farm, Hershel’s father and God. Rick asks to stay at the farm which Hershel considers. Shane and Andrea scout out an area for target practice. Rick returns to Carl’s bedside and they talk. Rick gives Carl his hat. Daryl gives a flower to Carol and tells her a story to comfort her. At night Lori takes the pregnancy test and bursts into tears when it shows a positive. (Cherokee Rose)
Day +70
  • The next day Lori wakes up and talks to Carol about using the farmhouse kitchen. Meanwhile the group is still searching for Sophia and Jimmy joins them. Shane questions Rick’s decision to keep searching for the girl. When they return Rick and Lori talk about continuing the search. Beth calls for Rick to talk to Hershel. Hershel is not happy about Jimmy joining the group and Daryl taking a horse. He and Rick agree to control their own people. Daryl finds Sophia’s doll in a riverbed. He continues to search but his horse throws him and he falls on one of his arrows. He has a vision of Merle and awakens to find a walker biting at his work boots. He dispatches that walker and another and then climbs out of the ravine.
  • Glenn and Dale talk about the women and Glenn admits he had sex with Maggie. Andrea thinks she sees a walker emerge from the woods. Rick and co. approach the person to discover it is Daryl. Andrea blinded by the sun shoots Daryl in the temple. Later Hershel tends to Daryl’s wounds as Dale comforts Andrea. At the supper table there is awkward silence as Maggie slips Glenn a note. Glenn returns the note.
  • That evening Maggie checks the note and realizes Glenn is in the barn. She runs to the barn to find Glenn has discovered a number of walkers. She tells him that “he’s not supposed to see this” as the walkers push at the barn door. (Chupacabra)
Day +71
  • In the morning the group is doing chores around the farm. Lori and Carl feed the chickens while Patricia snaps the legs of some of the chickens and puts them in a sack. Patricia then feeds the walkers in the barn the crippled chickens from the safety of the hayloft. Glenn watches the barn with binoculars until Maggie warns him not to tell anyone. Rick and Shane plan out that day’s search for Sophia and Shane volunteers to check out a housing development near where Daryl discovered the doll. Carl is discovered with a gun and Rick and Lori decide that he should learn how to use it. The group travels to the firing range for gun practice. After the group leaves Glenn confesses to Dale that Lori is pregnant and there are walkers in the barn. At the firing range Andrea shows remarkable marksmanship and Rick recommends she attends Shane’s ‘advanced class’ after the rest head back to the farm. Dale speaks with Hershel at the stables and tells him he knows walkers are in the barn. Hershel tells Dale that his wife and step-son are in the barn.
  • While mending a fence Hershel tells Lori that the group should be moving on soon. Lori confronts Rick about leaving and Rick says they will get by. At the advanced training Andrea cannot focus and after Shane brings up Amy, Andrea walks away angrily. Shane catches up with her and apologizes. Andrea accepts and she and Shane journey to the housing development to search for Sophia. Dale talks with Lori about her pregnancy and afterwards Lori asks Glenn for his help in obtaining an item at the pharmacy. Glenn and Maggie travel to the pharmacy and Maggie is angry with Glenn about him telling Dale about the walkers. At the pharmacy Maggie finds the morning after pills but is grabbed by a walker. Glenn decapitates the walker saving Maggie. Maggie returns to the farm and gives the pills to Lori. Maggie and Glenn have a fight about Glenn's role in the group.
  • At the Wiltshire Estates housing development, Shane and Andrea search for Sophia but all they find is burned bodies. Walkers appear and Shane and Andrea flee to their car. Andrea finds her shooting touch and starts killing walkers with ease. After her and Shane leave they engage in sex in the car. Lori and Glenn talk about the pills. Afterwards Lori swallows the pills and then suddenly throws them up. Dale confronts Shane after he returns with Andrea and tells Shane he “knows what kind of man you are.”
  • Rick finds the morning after pills and confronts Lori. Lori confesses she is pregnant and admits she slept with Shane after Shane reported that Rick was dead. (Secrets)
Day +72
  • In the morning the group is eating breakfast. Glenn announces to the group that there are walkers in the barn. The group investigates with Shane taking the lead. Rick decides to talk to Hershel about the walkers after Dale reveals Hershel thinks they are sick people. Various conversations are held between Maggie and Glenn, Daryl and Carol and Dale and Andrea. Dale sneaks off with the guns to hide them in the woods.
  • As Hershel reads the bible over lunch Rick talks to him about the walkers in the barn. He reveals Lori is pregnant and leaves to tell Shane the same. Shane talks with Lori and Carl. Shane goes to the RV to get the guns but discovers them missing. Jimmy tells Hershel there are walkers in the swamp and Hershel persuades Rick to join them in retrieving them. They find two walkers and struggle to lead them back to the barn. Meanwhile Daryl brings Carol to a Cherokee Rose plant. Maggie and Glenn confess they have feeling for each other and make up with a kiss. Shane finds Dale in the woods and they talk about Otis. Dale points a gun at Shane’s chest but cannot pull the trigger. Shane takes the guns and leaves Dale.
  • Returning to the farm Shane rallies the group to do something about the walkers as he distributes the guns. He sees Rick, Hershel and Jimmy leading the walkers out of the woods with ketch poles and runs to investigate. Shane snaps at the latest development and shoots walker Louise several times to prove that the walkers aren't living. He opens the barn doors and as walkers pour out the group mow them down with their guns. The last walker to emerge is Sophia and the only person able to shoot her is Rick as Carol cries in anguish (Pretty Much Dead Already).
  • After Rick shoots Walker-Sophia, Beth runs to her dead mother Annette, who re-animates and grabs her. Andrea kills Walker-Annette. Rick, Shane and Glenn follow Hershel and his kin to the house and ask questions about the barn. Carol sits in the RV while Daryl watches over her silently. Glenn and Maggie briefly discuss their future in the farm house. Lori and Carl talk about Sophia. Lori asks Dale to bring Carl up to the house for some rest. Lori suggests they dig 3 graves, and Andrea announces they will burn the rest. Lori and Rick talk about the barn incident. As Shane gets the truck, he notices Dale and has words with him. The graves are dug, and Lori invites Carol to the service. Carol refuses and laments Sophia to Daryl. Hershel packs up his wife’s belongings and finds his father's flask. The group has a brief service over the three graves, where everyone is present except Carol. The group separates after the service, and Hershel leaves the farm in a car to drive to the nearby bar. Nearby, Carol tears apart a Cherokee Rose plant.
  • T-Dog and Andrea throw the walker bodies in the truck. Dale, T-Dog, Rick and Andrea discuss the merits of Shane's decision to open the barn. T-Dog and Andrea drive the walker bodies to the pyre site. Glenn and Maggie discuss their plans until Beth collapses. Beth is brought to a room while Rick, Shane, Maggie, Lori and Glenn search for Hershel. Rick deduces he is at the local bar in town, and he and Glenn decide to go there and retrieve Hershel. Lori and Shane question Rick's decision to leave the group, but Rick decides to go anyway. Glenn and Maggie say goodbye while Rick waits at the station wagon. Shane washes up at the well as Carol emerges from the woods. Shane talks to Carol while he washes her wounds. Dale and Lori talk about the barn incident, and Dale relays his suspicions about Shane sacrificing Otis.
  • Rick and Glenn drive towards the town and discuss Glenn's love life. Rick and Glenn arrive at the local bar and discover Hershel drinking. At the farm, Andrea tells Lori that Beth is 'burning up' and Hershel is needed. Lori approaches Daryl and asks him to go look for Rick, but Daryl angrily refuses and Lori leaves him. At the bar, Rick and a drunken Hershel discuss Beth, Annette, and hope for the group. Meanwhile, Lori takes her gun and a map and drives toward town to get Rick. She hits a walker and crashes the car on the side of the road. After exchanging heated words, Hershel decides to leave the bar with Rick just as Tony and Dave arrive. Dave and Tony tell their story and ask Rick where they are staying. Ricks states Hershel lost a lot of people that day (barn incident). Dave deduces they are staying at a farm, and when Rick refuses to take them there, the tensions escalate until Dave points a gun at Rick while Tony flanks him. Rick does a quick-draw and shoots Dave and Tony dead. Meanwhile, back at the farm T-Dog and Shane burn the walker bodies in a pyre. (Nebraska)
  • As it gets dark (approximately between 8pm and 9pm), Rick checks the bodies of Dave and Tony. They prepare to leave when they hear a van arrive. They hear voices outside of three strangers who are looking for Dave and Tony. Rick tells them that “they drew first” and “they are dead”. The strangers outside respond with gunfire through the windows of the bar. They formulate a plan to escape with Glenn running to the car while Hershel covers him. Glenn leaves the bar, is shot at and falls to the ground. Hershel shoots the stranger (Sean) who falls to the ground screaming. Rick checks in on Glenn to find him ok but shaken. Walkers are descending on the town and as one of the strangers (Nate) prompts another stranger (Randall) to jump from the roof. Randall doesn't make it and Nate drives away. Rick runs to Randall and finds him impaled on a fence. As Glenn shoots at walkers, Rick pulls Randall’s leg free of the fence post. They get into Hershel’s Chevy and leave the town. They stop before they get to the farm to rest and to blindfold and tend to Randall. (Triggerfinger)
Day +73
  • In the morning Rick, Hershel and Glenn return to the farm with Randall. The group decides to drop him off somewhere once his leg heals. Lori confides in Rick that she thinks Shane is dangerous. (Triggerfinger)
Day +74 / Day +81
  • As Randall's leg heals the group continues to stay at the farm. (Triggerfinger)
Day +82
  • Rick and Shane go to drop Randall off at a nearby public works station. Rick and Shane ending up fighting because it is revealed that Randall knows the farm's location and because Shane challenges Rick's competency as group leader, but a walker horde interrupts them. All three men escape and agree to take a day to decide whether to execute Randall. Beth tries to kill herself but decides to live. (18 Miles Out)
Global Outbreak Day +83
  • Daryl brutally interrogates Randall, who states that his group is made up of thirty men. He also tells Daryl that his people raped two girls. He denies involvement. Rick prepares to kill Randall. Because Dale has reservations about this, the group votes to decide Randall's fate. Nearly everyone agrees that executing the prisoner would be the best idea. Rick is about to shoot Randall before Carl walks in and encourages him to do it. Disturbed that his son is becoming desensitized by his environment, Rick puts his gun down and takes Randall to the other barn. Frustrated, Carl walks past Daryl's post into the woods, taking Daryl's gun. Not far into the forest, Carl spots a walker stuck in a bog. He notices this and then starts throwing stones at it. The walker's movements soon free one of its legs and scares Carl off, who then drops Daryl's gun as he runs back to camp. Later that night the same walker attacks Dale, critically wounding him. Daryl shoots Dale in the head as a mercy kill, exploiting the irony in the episode. (Judge, Jury, Executioner)

Day +84

  • The group holds a funeral for Dale. Rick tells everyone that, in order to both prove Dale wrong and to honor his memory, they will do things Dale's way. Under a guise of leaving the group with him, Shane leads Randall into the woods, eventually confronting him and breaking his neck. Shane runs face-first into a tree to create the appearance of a confrontation and returns to the group, claiming Randall attacked him and stole his gun. Rick, Shane, Glen and Daryl split up to look for Randall in the woods. Glen and Daryl encounter, and kill, a walker who turns out to be Randall. Daryl finds it strange that Randall changed, due to the lack of bite marks or scratches on his body. Later, Shane pulls a gun on Rick after being confronted about the real motive for their searching for Randall together. During the stand off, Rick stabs Shane and kills him. He reanimates moments later, confirming to Rick that they are all already infected (as whispered to him by Dr Jenner in the CDC). Carl shoots Shane in the head, thus saving Rick. (Better Angels) Soon after, a herd of walkers migrating through the woods hear Carl's gunshot and move towards the sound. As Rick and the others fight for the farm, Jimmy is devoured by walkers in the RV while trying to save Rick and Carl from the burning barn, and Patricia is attacked by walkers while escaping with Lori, Beth, and T-Dog to their automobile. Soon, the group is scattered; Carol and Daryl leave on Daryl's motorcycle and the rest leaving in cars. Andrea is separate from the group and alone in the scramble to escape. (Beside the Dying Fire)

Day +85

  • The group reconvenes at the freeway where they originally waited for Sophia. They head east until Rick's SUV runs out of gas. They decide to set up a camp and look for more gas in the morning. Rick tells the group what Jenner at the CDC whispered to him - that everyone is already infected (TS-19). He also admits to Lori that he killed Shane. Elsewhere, Andrea is fighting off walkers when Michonne saves her from a walker that had her pinned on the ground. That night, Rick's group is at the fire when they hear a branch snap. The group begin to want either to leave or search out any walkers. Rick uses this event as an opportunity to lay down the rules under his leadership. In the background looms a large prison-like structure. (Beside the Dying Fire)

Day +85-293

Day +85 / Day +293

  • Rick's group finds shelter in storage lockers at some point during the winter, as revealed by Carl. (Seed)
  • Carol Peletier becomes a pretty good shot, according to Rick. (Seed) Hershel begins to train her as his assistant. (Sick)
  • The group learns of Lori's unfaithfulness to Rick. (Seed)
  • Carl and Beth become closer. (Seed)
  • Andrea and Michonne spend the winter surviving together. (Seed)
  • Tyreese's group is attacked and Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, Donna and Ben flee. (The Suicide King)

Day +300-323

Season 3
Day +300 (approximate)
  • Season three begins in spring, with the group scavenging a house in an unknown Georgia town. They are low on food, tired, and have constantly been on the run since day 85 of the global outbreak. It was autumn at the end of season two, and the group survived the winter moving house-to-house, living off whatever food they could hunt or scavenge, and "going in circles," as pointed out by T-Dog. (Seed)
  • The group leaves the house after stopping to eat lunch (an owl, a jar of peanut butter, and packets of mustard - Rick won't allow Carl to eat the cans of dog food he's found in the house's cupboards) when more walkers show up. They decide they'll circle back to a town they've picked through already, before heading west via Newnan, Georgia, to avoid the Herd - which is at least 150 strong by now. T-Dog and the women wash their clothes and collect water while Daryl and Rick go to hunt. Instead, they find a prison complex and Rick formulates a plan to "take the field by nightfall." The group is extremely successful and they celebrate with a campfire sing-along, but Rick tells them tomorrow they'll have to get inside the prison where there should be food and medicine, and maybe even a loaded armory. (Seed)
  • Lori is overdue to give birth; at least 270 days have passed since the pregnancy was conceived (Sick). When speaking to Carol while taking watch in the field that night, Daryl refers to the baby as "Little Shane," (Seed) indicating that the baby was conceived at some point before Rick was reunited with his family on day 61, and the group is aware of this. The baby is potentially one of the reasons that Rick and Lori are barely speaking, coupled with their combined guilt over Shane's death.

Day +301

  • Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, and Maggie battle walkers beyond the fence gates in an attempt to clear the prison and get inside. They encounter walkers in riot gear. It makes them much harder to kill because the survivors have to get close enough to pull the riot masks off. The group successfully gets inside the prison, where they find a dead security guard and take his keys. They find a secure cell block and the group moves in, resting for the night. (Seed)
  • Elsewhere, Andrea is deathly ill and being cared for by Michonne in a deer locker, located in a small town overrun with walkers. Michonne knows they need to leave the area, but she wants to wait until Andrea is better. Andrea wants her to go without her, knowing she's close to death for lack of medicine, but Michonne won't abandon her. Andrea concedes they should just leave anyway, knowing otherwise she'll die there. The women set out with Michonne's jaw-less, arm-less walker "pets" in tow. (Seed)

Day +302

  • Lori tells Hershel that she hasn't felt the baby kick and she's worried that it's stillborn and will reanimate inside her and tear her apart. She also worries that she may die in childbirth, as many women did before the advent of modern medicine, and asks Hershel to shoot her immediately if she dies and then reanimates. (Seed)
  • Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, and Hershel start searching the prison for the cafeteria, but dozens of walkers come after them in the dark, thin corridors of the abandoned prison. The group tries to run back to safety, away from the walkers, but Glenn and Maggie get separated from the group and take cover inside an empty room. The others get to safety, but at Hershel's insistence they don't think twice about heading back through the halls to look for them. Hershel's leg is bitten by a zombie that appeared to be a corpse, but awoke when Hershel walked passed it. (Seed)
  • The group carries Hershel into the cafeteria, which strangely had its door locked with handcuffs from the outside, they enter the cafeteria with Daryl and T-Dog barricading the walkers outside the door. Rick chops off Hershel's leg to prevent the infection from spreading, and Hershel passes out. Figures rise from behind a barred window, and Daryl trains his arrow on them, assuming they're more walkers. But one of the five figures, a blond man with a mustache, mutters, "Holy shit." (Seed)
  • Daryl and T-Dog lead the prisoners - Tomas, Andrew, Big Tiny, Oscar, and Axel - out of a locked room, and Tomas emerges brandishing a pistol. But the group hardly pays any attention to them as they tend to Hershel's leg, carrying him out of the cafeteria as the dumbfounded prisoners look on. They take Hershel to Cell Block C, where Carol and Lori tend to his injuries and Maggie and Beth look on in tears. Rick asks Glenn to stay behind and comfort Maggie in case Hershel dies, while Beth sets to work tearing the legs off his pants.
  • The prisoners arrive at the cell block and a standoff with Daryl ensues until Rick arrives to break it up. The prisoners have been locked in a room for 294 days and appear to have no idea what's been going on. Tomas tries to threaten Rick into giving him back Cell Block C, but Rick won't let it happen. Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog agrees to help the prisoners clear the walkers from another cell block in exchange for half the food supply.
  • Carl goes alone and finds the prison infirmary to get gauze bandages for Hershel, killing two walkers.
  • While clearing walkers from another cell block for the prisoners, Big Tiny is scratched by one, and murdered in cold blood by Tomas while the group discusses whether or not they could save him. Tomas then unleashes another horde of walkers on the group, intentionally pushing walkers in Rick's direction in a fruitless attempt to kill him. Rick kills him instantly with a machete. Andrew attacks Rick before running away and into a walker-infested courtyard. Rick follows him and locks the door, leaving Andrew at the mercy of the walkers despite his pleas for help.
  • Glenn helps Carol kill walkers in the prison yard so she can practice a Caesarian section, because it's expected that Lori will need one when she gives birth, and though Hershel has been teaching her things as his nurse, he hasn't yet taught her this. Someone is watching her from the bushes outside the prison gates.
  • Rick, T-Dog, and Daryl leave Oscar and Axel in their newly cleared cell block and return to Block C, where they learn that Lori saved Hershel's life. Rick is relieved and it softens him towards his wife. On the bridge inside the prison, they have a civil conversation on the bridge. Rick comments that they will begin clearing the prison the next day and admits to her that she is not a bad mother. Lori does not disagree but says that wife is a different story, but jokes that they can't exactly get a divorce in the world today. She says, "We got food. Hershel's alive. Today was a good day." Rick touches her shoulder, the closest sign of affection he's given her in eight months, but he's still unable to look at her, unable to talk about their marriage. (Sick)

Day +303

  • Michonne and Andrea discover the town of Woodbury and meet The Governor after witnessing a helicopter crash in which two soldiers are killed. A third man, Lt. Welles, is brought in and questioned. Michonne kills her pet walkers, which are then experimented on by a man named Milton. Merle and Andrea are reunited. (Walk With Me)

Day +304

  • The next day, The Governor tracks down the remaining soldiers, pretending to be friendly by waving a white flag. He then has his men kill them, so that he can take their supplies. Back at Woodbury, he gives an inspiring speech to his citizens before retreating to his home. The Governor walks into an empty room. He stares at aquariums full of floating walker heads, while drinking a glass of Scotch. Among the heads is Lt. Welles. (Walk With Me)

Day +305

  • At Woodbury, Michonne investigates the military vehicles brought in by The Governor and his people. She discovers wet blood and bullet holes before The Governor finds her. He parries her questions effortlessly before she walks off. (Killer Within)
  • Andrea gives Merle directions to find the Greene family farm. (Killer Within)
  • Andrea and Michonne plan to leave Woodbury for the coast, Michonne thinking that it will be safer, but Andrea convinces her to stay for another day or two. (Killer Within)

Day +303-310

  • Oscar and Axel clear out their cell block "all week". (Killer Within)
  • The group eats food and sleeps. They pile some walker bodies in the prison field.
  • Andrew creeps around the prison spying on the survivors. (Killer Within)
  • Glenn and Maggie have some alone time in the guard tower. (Killer Within)

Day +311

  • Early in the morning, Andrew infiltrates the prison with a deer and uses it as bait to attract walkers. (Killer Within)
  • The group continues clearing out the prison. Axel and Oscar come out and express their troubles in their own cell block. Rick is relentless and tells them that they can either live in that cell block or leave. Away from them, the group deliberates on what to do: T-Dog does not want to send them away but the others side with Rick. They decide to send them on the road with a week's worth of food. (Killer Within)
  • Hershel gets out of bed and practices walking with his new crutches. He heads outside for a walk while Rick, Daryl, and Glenn are down by the fences bringing wood in to burn the walker bodies. At that moment, a swarm of walkers emerges from the prison. The group warms off in their own directions: Carol and T-Dog together into the prison; Beth and Hershel together in a cage; Lori, Carl, and Maggie together into the prison; and Rick, Glenn, and Daryl with the prisoners into the prison after alarms begin to blare. In the process of closing the gate to the courtyard to keep more walkers from escaping, T-Dog is bitten. (Killer Within)
  • Carol and T-Dog rush through the tombs to get to safety. Their only path is blocked so T-Dog, already moribund due to his bite, charges at the walkers and orders Carol to leave, which she does. (Killer Within)
  • Rick and his group go to the generator room to stop the sirens. Andrew rushes at Rick with an axe but Rick manages to fight him off. In the process, Rick drops his gun and Oscar grabs hold of it. Daryl, meanwhile, is struggling to keep the door closed from the walkers trying to enter. He fights them off and manages to shut the door completely. Andrew tries to convince Oscar to shoot Rick but Oscar kills Andrew and hands Rick his gun back. (Killer Within)
  • Lori, Carl, and Maggie are forced into the boiler room and Lori goes into labor. She tries to force the baby out naturally but cannot. Maggie is forced to perform an emergency C-section at the expense of Lori's life. Lori and Carl say their tearful goodbyes and Maggie begins. The baby is born and Carl is forced to shoot his mother to avoid her reanimation. (Killer Within)
  • Everyone heads back out to the main gate. Rick discovers T-Dog's corpse. Daryl sees Carol's headband and suspects she is dead. In the main courtyard, Rick turns at the sound of a crying baby. He begins to head inside after Lori but Maggie stops him. He begins to sob and falls to the ground. (Killer Within)
  • Daryl is determined to get baby food to avoid losing another group member. Maggie accompanies him and they go to a daycare center. Maggie retrieves formula and several bottles for the baby, while Daryl kills a possum.
  • Rick heads back into the prison and goes on a rampage. He reaches the room where Lori had the baby and discovers his wife's blood on the floor, along with a bullet but no body. A few feet away is a zombie with a bloated stomach. Realizing that it ate Lori, Rick kills it, stabbing it in the gut numerous times.
  • The Governor throws a party in Woodbury to celebrate how far they've come. Later, he is seen combing his (walker) daughter's hair and she tries to bite him. Michonne goes off on her own after getting her weapon back and sees some marks in a notebook owned by The Governor. She lets loose several captive walkers and kills them with her katana. Someone sees her and she is brought to The Governor to have a talk. When talking, she puts her katana at his throat and after a moment, brings it down. The Governor tells Andrea that Michonne is scaring other people in Woodbury. Andrea and Michonne decide they'll leave, but after the gate opens Andrea decides not to leave. Michonne leaves. Meanwhile, Merle and other men capture some walkers whereas Milton gets some information. (Say the Word)

Day +311 Night

  • A mock gladiator battle is held in Woodbury. (Say the Word)

Day +312 Dawn

Day +312

  • The Governor "plays" with Penny. She gets annoyed after her hair gets tangled, tearing a part of skin and hair from the skull, and tries to bite her father. (Hounded)
  • Neil, Crowley, and Tim die during their hunt to capture Michonne. Michonne escapes, but is severely wounded. She encounters Glenn and Maggie at a nearby town but does not interact with them. Merle, who was part of the Woodbury hunting party, captures Glenn and Maggie and brings them to Woodbury. Michonne takes the infant formula previously discovered by Glenn and Maggie and takes it to the prison. Merle lies to The Governor about Michonne's escape. (Hounded)
  • Daryl, Oscar, and Carl decide to "clean" the prison of walkers let loose the day before. They discover a moving door blocked a body of a dead walker and ignore it. A walker with Carol's knife attacks them. Daryl returns to the moving door and opens it. Carol stares at him.
  • Andrea argues with The Governor about the lifestyle in Woodbury. She then volunteers to guard the fence where she would meet Haley. Haley and Andrea bond by telling each other their stories: Haley killed her father and Andrea killed her sister. They giggle cheerily. At the end of the day, Andrea reports with The Governor about her experience. They have sex. (Hounded)
  • Rick "talks" to Amy, Jim, Jacqui, and Lori via phone. They tell him that they are now in a "safe place" and that he should take care of "his" baby. Rick obliges and returns to the group. He discovers Michonne outside the prison. (Hounded)
  • Rick rescues Michonne after the walkers begin attacking her. She is brought inside the prison and is given medical attention after she is interrogated. Rick discovers that Carol is alive and is overjoyed. The group finds out through Michonne that Glenn and Maggie were captured. The group decides to rescue them with a team comprising of Rick, Daryl, Oscar, and Michonne. (When the Dead Come Knocking)
  • Merle tortures Glenn for information regarding his brother. Glenn refuses to cooperate and is given a walker to "play" with. Glenn kills the walker. Maggie is in the other room hearing all of the commotion. The Governor decides to entertain himself and asks Maggie take off her shirt. She confesses the information about the prison after The Governor threatened to shoot Glenn. (When the Dead Come Knocking)
  • Rick's platoon enters the woods and decides to go on foot. The group is cornered by walkers and is forced to take shelter inside a shack. A hermit living there gets confused by the their sudden appearance and decides to run towards the walkers outside. Michonne kills him. The group continues their trek towards Woodbury. (When the Dead Come Knocking)
  • Andrea and Milton conduct an experiment on Michael Coleman, a terminally-ill prostate cancer patient living in Woodbury. Once his dead, he turns into a walker and attacks Milton. Unable to defend himself, Andrea saves him. The two report to The Governor about their findings. (When the Dead Come Knocking)
  • Tyreese and his band are cornered in the woods. Donna is bitten. They reach the prison and decide to enter it. (Made to Suffer)

Day +312 Night

  • Tyreese and his crew are rescued by Carl. Donna is killed by Tyreese before she turns. (Made to Suffer)
  • Glenn and Maggie try to escape but fail and are recaptured. (Made to Suffer)
  • Rick and his platoon sneak into Woodbury. Michonne suddenly disappears. The team finds Glenn and Maggie and successfully rescues them. They become trapped into a building and are forced to fight their way out. A firefight occurs between Rick's platoon and the Woodbury Army. In the midst of it, Rick has a hallucination of Shane emerging from the smoke and firing a shotgun. The bullet hits and kills Oscar and Rick kills "Shane", who turns out to be just another Woodbury survivor. Daryl disappears. Rick escapes with Glenn and Maggie. (Made to Suffer)
  • Michonne reappears inside The Governor's house. She meets Penny and kills her. She also attacks The Governor's eye. Andrea sees her and is shocked. Michonne leaves. (Made to Suffer)
  • The Governor is treated by Dr. Alice Stevens. His inner circle - Andrea, Milton, Merle, Caesar Martinez, and Haley - are present and they comfort him. The Governor realizes that Merle is not to be trusted. (Made to Suffer)
  • Rick's platoon rendezvous outside Woodbury. Rick interrogates Michonne but decides to defer punishment. The four plan on how to find Daryl. (Made to Suffer)
  • A meeting is held in the arena. The Governor, Caesar Martinez, the remaining members of the Woodbury Army, Milton, Andrea, Haley, and the rest of Woodbury's citizens are present. Merle is taken into custody for treason. Daryl reappears. Andrea is shocked. (Made to Suffer)
  • Rick and Maggie rescue Daryl and Merle. Haley is killed. The fence in Woodbury is breached. (The Suicide King)

Day +313

  • Chaos erupts in Woodbury. Richard Foster is killed by walkers that breached into the town.
  • Rick's group talks on the road. Daryl and Merle separate from Rick's group.
  • Tyreese and his group acquaint with the people at the prison. According to Hershel, Judith is "barely a week" old, even though she was born two days before. Donna is buried.
  • Rick's party arrives at the prison. A meeting is held to determine the fates of Tyreese's group and Michonne. Hershel tries to convince Rick to allow Tyreese and his group to stay. When it seems Rick might relent, Lori appears as an apparition to Rick. Rick brandishes his gun and yells at his wife to leave and Tyreese and his group, frightened by Rick's sudden outburst, hurry out of the prison. (The Suicide King)

Day +314

While scanning the prison, Rick sees and apparition of Lori. Rick runs to meet her on the outskirts of the prison. Michonne watches, confused. Glenn takes charge now that Rick and Daryl are gone. Glenn makes the decision to fortify the prison. He also takes Carl to the area to see where Tyreese said that the walkers had breached. The return to the group with the knowledge that the tombs are overrun again. (Home) Merle and Daryl are in a forest searching for food. Merle predicts that The Governor has slaughtered the inhabitants of the prison. Merle also suspects that Daryl is trying to go back to the prison. Daryl hears screams from a baby. Upon further investigation, they find a group fighting walkers on a highway. Daryl and Merle helps the foreign group survive. Daryl points his crossbow at Merle when he tries to loot their car. The group drives away.(Home) The Governor asks Andrea to take over Woodbury for a while, however Andrea is unsure whether she can uphold the position. The Governor checks in on Milton to assure his loyalty. The Governor and then asks Milton to keep tabs on Andrea. Later, Andrea asks Milton for The Governor's whereabouts and Milton makes a poor attempt to avoid her question. (Home)

Daryl makes the decision to go back to the prison. Merle argues that Rick won't allow Merle to stay there. During the argument, Merle rips off Daryl's jacket and discovers scars from when Daryl was beaten by their father. (Home) Back at the prison, Hershel tries to stop Glenn leaving but he is unsuccessful. He approaches Rick and asks him to come back to the prison. Rick declines but he tells Hershel that he is seeing Lori. Meanwhile, Carol and Axel talk about Axel's brother. Shortly after the conversation starts, Axel is shot and killed by The Governor who is in the outskirts of the prison. Rick takes cover against fire from a Woodbury soldier. Beth and Carl take cover behind a wall against a Woodbuy soldier in a guard tower. Carol uses Axel's body as cover. Maggie brings guns out from the prison and she kills the guard in the tower. There is a silence of gunfire and a van breaks through into the prison yard. The van is a "Walker Bomb" and it deploys walkers that were kept in the van into the yard. The driver runs away unharmed. Rick, who is out of ammo, is saved by Merle and Daryl. The Governor and his remaining soldiers leave the prison. Rick, Merle and Daryl make it through the yard to the cell block. (Home)

Day +315

<p data-rte-fromparser="true">Merle, Daryl and Rick make it into the prison. Rick decides that the group should make a stand against The Governor. Hershel makes an attempt to bring Rick back to reality. Carl voices his opinion about his father and asks him to stop being the leader so that Rick can rest. (I Ain't a Judas) The Governor prepares an army for an assault on the prison. Andrea asks him for permission to visit the prison. Andrea enlists in Milton's help in taking her to the prison without anyone knowing. (I Ain't a Judas) The group argues about Merle staying in the prison. Hershel and Rick argue that he is Daryl's brother and that he has military experience. Hershel discovers that Merle read the bible in Woodbury. Merle also predicts how The Governor will kill the group. (I Ain't a Judas)

Milton informs The Governor about Andrea's plans and The Governor tells him to help her. Milton assists Andrea in amputating a walker's arms and removing it's teeth so Andrea could use it as camouflage similar to the way Michonne did. Andrea and Milton encounter Tyreese's group. Milton takes them back to Woodbury. (I Ain't a Judas)

Carl and Maggie see Andrea through the binoculars. Carl informs the rest of the group. Andrea is greeted with caution due to the recent attack on the prison. She is searched by Rick. Andrea discovers the death of Shane, Lori, T-Dog, Jimmy and Patricia. She also discovers that Hershel was bit and that his leg was amputated. Carol tells Andrea that Rick killed Shane. The majority of the group aren't friendly towards Andrea. Michonne informs Andrea that The Governor ordered Michonne's death. Andrea also meets Judith. Carol asks Andrea to kill The Governor while he sleeps. Andrea is given a car and she leaves to go back to Woodbury. (I Ain't a Judas) The Governor greets Tyreese's group. Tyreese tells The Governor that they were at the prison and that Rick seemed unhinged. Tyreese offers to help with the fight against Rick's group so that Tyreese's group can earn their keep. (I Ain't a Judas) Andrea returns to Woodbury and informs The Governor that she went to the prison. Later that night, after Andrea has slept with The Governor, she gets out of bed and picks up her knife. She moves over to Phillip but she finds that she is unable to murder him. (I Ain't a Judas) Rick makes plans to go out for a run the following day with Carl and Michonne to find weapons to match Woodbury's firepower. (I Ain't a Judas)

Day +316

<p>Rick, Carl and Michonne drive down to Rick's old police station in search of guns. On the way the see a hitchhiker which they ignore. About a minute later they get stuck in the mud and their car is surrounded by walkers. They clear them out and move the car out of the mud. They drive away as the hitchhiker comes into view. When they arrive at the police station, they find the place completely looted. Rick suggest checking bars that Rick signed permits for. (Clear) While searching for guns, the group finds a street filled with walker traps and warnings. Upon further investigation, they are apprehended by the owner of the street. A fight occurs between the owner and Rick's group. Carl shoots the man and he is knocked unconscious due to his body armor. Upon further investigation, Rick discovers that the man is Morgan Jones. (Clear) In Morgan's apartment, they find a large amount of guns and ammunition. Rick finds a message on a wall saying that Duane turned. Carl asks to go get a crib for Judith and Michonne accompanies him. (Clear)

Carl tries to distract Michonne so he can run away. When Michonne catches up to him it is revealed that he wants to get a picture of Lori for Judith from a cafe. Michonne helps him by putting caged rats on a skateboard and pushing them into the cafe to distract the walkers. Carl grabs the photo but he drops it when he and Michonne are attacked by walkers due to a loose rat. Once the make it outside, Michonne asks Carl to keep the door closed. Michonne sneaks around the back and picks up the picture and a piece of artwork. (Clear) When Morgan wakes up, he doesn't know who Rick is and he stabs Rick. Rick restrains him and he shows Morgan his walkie-talkie. Morgan remembers Rick and informs him that Jenny killed Duane. Morgan gives Rick guns and ammunition but he declines Rick's offer to go to the prison. (Clear) Rick, Carl and Michonne leave. On the way back to the prison they find the Hitchhiker's remains. Having driven past the bag, they stop, backup and Carl picks up the bag and they continue back to the prison. (Clear)

Day +317

Rick and the prison crew unload the guns and supplies from the car in the prison yard. A scout watches them and returns to Woodbury. Andrea decides to set up a meeting between Rick and The Governor. (Arrow on the Doorpost)

Day +318

The scout reports to The Governor what he saw at the prison. The Governor formulates a plan for his meeting with Rick. (Arrow on the Doorpost)

Day +319

Early in the morning The Governor arrives at the meeting place to hide a gun and conceal some whiskey. Rick, Daryl and Hershel arrive at the meeting, followed by Andrea, Martinez and Milton. The Governor and Rick meet for the first time to discuss their situation. The Governor admits that he knew Rick returned with guns "the other day" implying it was three days ago. After a long conversation, The Governor tells Rick to give up Michonne so he will leave the prison group alone. He will have two days to think about the offer, and they will meet again in that same farm store by noon. Hershel meets Milton and Daryl meets Martinez. After the meeting, the two groups go back to their respective homes. Rick informs the prison group that they are going to war against Woodbury. The Governor informs Martinez to ambush the prison group at the next meeting, he wants everyone dead, except Michonne. Milton is against this plan. Rick and Hershel talk in the prison catwalk, Rick reveals The Governor's true offer of giving up Michonne. (Arrow on the Doorpost))

Day +320

The Governor prepares a torture room for Michonne inside the shacks in Woodbury, Milton once again tries to convince him against this idea, but fails. Milton secretly tells Andrea about the true deal that The Governor is making, she decides to kill The Governor, but Milton tells her to go back to the prison and tell her group to get out of there as fast as they can. Andrea leaves Woodbury after convincing Tyreese and Sasha to let her go, they decide to report to The Governor that she escaped and he decides to go after her. Tyreese and his group are requested to help in capturing walkers from the pit, Tyreese and Allen have a discussion about Donna. The Governor finds out that Milton told Andrea about the offer of Rick giving up Michonne, he gets in his car and leaves to go after her. At the pits, Tyreese and Allen have another discussion and Tyreese nearly kills Allen, Shumpert takes them back to Woodbury and they decide to take the captured walkers later. The Governor spots Andrea running through a field and pursuits her in his car, but she runs inside a forest and escapes. (Prey)

Day +320 Night

Andrea comes across an abandoned warehouse and The Governor spots her again, she runs inside the warehouse and he follows her. After an intense pursuit, Andrea releases a small herd of walkers on The Governor, as he is cornered inside the warehouse, Andrea makes her escape and continue her journey to reach the prison. Milton heads to the walkers pits with gasoline and a lighter, he sets all the walkers on fire and leaves. (Prey)

Day +321

Shumpert arrives at the walkers pits only to find all of them burned, he goes back to Woodbury and reports to Martinez. Andrea finally reaches the prison, as she tries to wave to Rick in the guard tower, The Governor returns after surviving the herd in the warehouse and tackles her to the ground. Rick fails to spot them and The Governor drags Andrea away. The Governor returns to Woodbury and secretly locks Andrea inside the torture room meant for Michonne. After leaving, Martinez reports that he thinks that Tyreese set the walkers in the pit on fire, The Governor talks to Tyreese and his group only to find out that they didn't do it. After leaving, Milton tells The Governor that he hopes he find out who burned the walkers in the pit, The Governor realizes that it was Milton. (Prey)

Day +322 Morning

Rick tells Hershel and Daryl that they are going to give up Michonne by noon, and that Merle is the one assigned to complete the job. Rick and Merle have a conversation, Rick heads outside and finds out that Michonne had ideas to build barricades in the prison yard to stop The Governor in case he attacks the prison. Merle watches them from inside the prison and has a conversation with Carol, he then goes to the generator room to prepare to capture Michonne. Daryl looks for Merle, Glenn refuses to talk about Merle, still angry at him. Daryl finds Merle inside the generator room, they have a conversation, both believing that Rick will soon give up on the idea of giving Michonne to The Governor. Merle takes Michonne to a mission inside the tombs, but it was a plan to capture and take her captive, they head to the farm store to meet with The Governor. Rick changes his mind about giving up Michonne, Merle finds a car, he and Michonne use the car to get to the meeting faster. After searching through the prison, Rick and Daryl find out that Merle already took Michonne, Daryl decides to go after them, and tells Rick to prepare for what's coming next. Michonne convinces Merle to let her go, Merle heads to the meeting alone. On the way, he stops by a bar to have a drink, he plays loud music in his car and creates a herd while making his way to the meeting. Michonne meets Daryl on her way back to the prison, Daryl decides to go after Merle and Michonne continues her path. Merle tries to ambush The Governor and his men, killing several of them, but The Governor ends up killing Merle and they head back to Woodbury. Rick talks to the group about voting in stay and fighting for the prison or leave and try their chances on the road, Michonne arrives back at the prison. Daryl arrives at the farm store and witnesses the carnage. Between the walkers eating the corpse of dead Woodbury soldiers is the zombified Merle. Daryl kills his walker brother and breaks down in tears. (This Sorrowful Life)

Day +322 Afternoon

The Governor keeps Milton captive in the shacks an beats him up, he then takes Milton to the torture room where Andrea is and stabs him in the stomach, leaving him to die, reanimate and kill her. The prison group prepare an ambush to the Woodbury army when they arrive. The Governor and the Woobury army head to the prison, except for Tyreese and Sasha, who decided to stay and defend Woodbury. The Woodbury army arrive at the prison and they break in, exploring the tombs. Milton tells Andrea that he left a tool behind the chair where she is handcuffed, Andrea tries to get the tool to set herself free as Milton dies. The Woodbury Army is ambushed by the prison group and they escape the prison scared. The Governor and his thugs go after them. One lost Woodbury soldier runs through the forest and spots Carl, Hershel and Beth, Carl kills the soldier without hesitation. Rick and the group celebrate as they managed to scare the Woodbury Army away, they check-in on the rest of the group, Hershel reveals that Carl shot someone in cold blood. The Governor reaches his army and orders them to go back to the prison and fight, they refuse to fight and The Governor kills everybody at cold blood (except Martinez and Shumpert). The three men drive off to camp out in a field (Live Bait). Rick, Michonne and Daryl decide to go to Woodbury and end the war, on the way, they discover the Woodbury Army dead by the road, only with one survivor, Karen. Andrea manages to grab the tool from the ground, but Milton reanimates and bites her before she can set herself free. (Welcome to the Tombs)

Day +322 Evening

Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Karen arrive at Woodbury. Tyreese and Sasha shoot at them, but Karen reveals that they are friendly and that The Governor killed everyone. They decide to search for Andrea inside Woodbury, only to find her dying from the bite inside the torture room. Andrea shoots herself after saying goodbye to Rick, Daryl and Michonne. Rick takes one of the buses used as barricade in the streets and they take all the remaining Woodbury citizens to the prison. (Welcome to the Tombs)

Day +323 Morning

Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, Sasha, Karen, and about 15 Woodbury survivors arrive at the prison. They are welcomed in by the group as Rick approaches Carl and tells him that the Woodbury survivors are now joining them, fulfilling Andrea's wishes of everyone living together in peace. (Welcome to the Tombs)

Day +323-present

Season 4
Day +323 (approximate)
  • The Governor wakes up in the field where he, Martinez, and Shumpert were camping and finds that he has been deserted. He takes the military vehicle they left, goes to Woodbury, and sets fire to the town. (Live Bait)
Day +323 / Day +360
  • Several other groups arrive at the prison and joins the community under 3 simple questions including the Decatur Group menioned by Karen. (Infected)
Day +360 (approximate)
  • Hershel wakes Rick and considers the possibility of farming and settling down at the prison after two months. Later Rick gets Carl and he, Carl, Hershel, and Beth with Judith prepare the land for growing crops. (A)
Day +383 (approximate)
  • The Governor has been on the road for a couple of months and is going wherever his legs take him. He is about to give up when he sees a girl in the window of an apartment building. There he meets Lilly Chambler, her sister Tara, Lilly's daughter Meghan, and Lilly and Tara's father David. (Live Bait)
Day +493 (approximate)
  • Bob Stookey is found by Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee and inducted into their group after answering three questions. (Alone)
Day +500 (approximate)
  • Rick walks out of the prison, splashes some water on his face, and heads out to the field to dig up dirt so he can plant some herbs. While digging, he finds a gun buried. After staring at it, and seeing a zombie with bleeding eyes at the fence, he throws the gun into his wheelbarrow, and continues on. (30 Days Without an Accident)
  • Carol and Daryl talk as Carol serves food. She hands the shift over to Patrick, who shakes Daryl's hand and thanks him for bringing back a deer. Daryl and Carol have a talk about how they won't be safe for long unless the get a move ahead with the walkers pressing up against the fences more and more lately. Next to the fences, a large herd comes in, and a group of people - including Karen - are using weapons to kill them and trying to keep the fence standing. (30 Days Without an Accident)
  • Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, Sasha, Bob, Glenn and Zack (Beth's boyfriend) go on a run to a nearby Big-Spot. Bob passes by a shelf of alcohol. After a moment of hesitation, he cannot help himself and grabs a bottle before quickly setting it back down. The shelf collapses atop him and the ceiling, already compromised due to a helicopter crashed atop it, begins falling and raining walkers. Amidst the chaos, Daryl and Zack come to Bob's aid and lift the shelf off of him, but Zack gets bitten. Bob and Daryl manage to escape as Zack is overtaken and the helicopter collapses into the store. (30 Days Without an Accident)
  • Rick decides to go scavenging for food. Hershel gets Rick to take his gun, though Rick is hesitant at first. While out, Rick comes across a woman who at first glance appeared to be a walker. Rick says that he has a camp and that she and her husband might be able to join if they can answer three questions. Clara asks Rick if he thinks that they can take back what they've done wrong, and Rick admits he hopes they can. At her camp, it is revealed that her husband Eddie is merely a reanimated head she keeps in her bag and she charges at Rick with a knife. Rick throws her to the ground and draws his gun on her. She stabs herself with her knife as Rick screams in horror. Before she dies, she asks Rick about the three questions. He asks her how many walkers she has killed, to which she replies that Eddie killed all the walkers; he asks her how many people she has killed, to which she replies that she has only killed herself; he asks her "Why?" and she states that you don't get to come back from the things you've done. (30 Days Without an Accident)
  • The group returns to the prison. Glenn and Magie talk and Maggie reveals that she is not pregnant, though says that she hopes she can be one day. Daryl breaks the news of Zack's death to Beth, but Beth does not seem bothered and says that she does not cry anymore. Tyreese talks to Karen and tells her he cannot find his comfort zone. (30 Days Without an Accident)
  • Carl sneaks in on Carol conducting storytime to the children. As Carol finishes her book, she takes out a collection of knifes and begins a lesson on how to use them and how to be safe with them. Patrick excuses himself due to feeling ill and Carl reveals himself. Carol begs him not to tell his father.
  • Patrick heads to the showers, where he coughs over the water supply and turns on the shower. He begins coughing and collapses to the floor, reanimating soon after. (30 Days Without an Accident) He rises and attacks D Block. (Infected)
  • Late in the evening, Lizzie feeds rats to the walkers at the fence. (Infected) (The Grove)
Day +501
  • At dawn, Patrick is finished devouring a man, and the latter soon awakens as a walker.
  • Rick and Carl tend to the pigs in the field and Carl asks if he can help with clearing walkers at the fences. Rick shuts the idea down and Carl apologizes, assuring his father that he is trying to live normally. (Infected)
  • The group outside is alerted of the situation in D Block and they storm inside to put down the walkers that have risen thanks to Patrick. Rick and the group clear the block. Carol assists Ryan Samuels, Lizzie and Mika's father, into a cell and prepares to amputate his arm where he has been bitten before noticing another bite on his neck. Glenn is attacked by Patrick and Daryl puts him down. When another bloody-eyed walker, Charlie, emerges from a cell and is put down by Rick, the group realizes that he could not have been bitten to turn since he locks himself in his cell due to his sleepwalking. (Infected)
  • Rick, Hershel, Dr. Caleb Subramanian, Daryl, and Bob gather around Charlie's body, noting that he has no bites or scratches. Caleb recognizes the blood pouring out of Charlie's orifices as an indicator of disease, and Rick mentions Patrick, the bloody-eyed walker from the morning before, Violet, and the sick boar that he encountered before meeting Clara. Glenn suggests that it's a new walker disease, but Subramanian says that he saw cases like this pre-apocalypse. Subramanian explains that diseases like the one that killed Patrick were spread by pigs and birds in the old days and thrive in close quarters, like the cell block. They conclude that everyone in the cell block could be infected by the flu. (Infected)
  • Ryan realizes he is dying and asks Carol to care for Lizzie and Mika as if they were her own. Lizzie and Mika come in to say goodbye and Ryan soon dies. Lizzie volunteers to put him down but, after some hesitation, has a panic attack and leaves Carol to do it. (Infected)
  • Carol, Hershel, Daryl, Sasha and Glenn think of what to do with the people who might have been infected, including a suggestion to quarantine them in Cell Block A: death row. They then hear coughing outside of the room. It's shown to be coming from Karen, who was walking by with Tyreese. She is told that she must be quarantined in the Tombs while they find out what the cause is. Sasha (as well as Karen herself) calms Tyreese, stating that it's necessary. As she leaves, Karen also mentions that David was coughing as well. (Infected)
  • Rick returns outside and tells Carl, Michonne, and Maggie what has happened, assuring Maggie that Hershel and Glenn are fine. He says that they must stay away from him for now, due to his possibly being infected. (Infected)
  • Daryl is digging graves for those who had died when Rick comes by to help. Daryl tells Rick that he's earned his time away from being in a leader position, when Maggie screams for them to follow her. It is shown that a massive group of walkers, drawn by the gunfire from earlier, are converging at a portion of the fence that is about to give way. Despite the efforts of Glenn, Sasha and a few others, there are just too many walkers. Sasha points out the carcasses of several dead rats near the walls, suggesting that someone's been luring the walkers to the fence, which explains why they are clustering together, instead of spreading out. (Infected)
  • Rick and Daryl head out to draw the walkers aware. While Daryl drives, Rick grabs a piglet from the back of the truck and slices its femoral artery, rendering it incapable of walking, so that the walkers are distracted by it. He repeats this several times before the walkers are a safe distance away. As Rick continues this, the blood from the piglets splatters across his face. (Infected)
  • Later that day, Carl finds his father burning the pig pen. Rick explains that they either got the virus from the pigs or that we infected them. He tells Carl that they need to stay away from Judith for a while to protect her from possibly being infected. Carl then tells Rick about Carol teaching the kids how to use knives, but asks that Rick not confront her, as he believes she is right in doing so. Rick promises not to. He then pulls out his gun and holster, as well as handing Carl his gun back. He lights a match and burns the pigpen. He removes his bloody shirt and tosses it into the flames. (Infected)
Day +502
  • In the morning, Carol kills the sick Karen and David and burns them in the courtyard, wearing a mask as she watches the flames consume their corpses. (Consumed)
  • Tyreese goes to Karen's isolated cell in the tombs with some flowers, only to find her missing. He follows a trail of blood leading down the hallway and out into the courtyard. He drops to his knees in disbelief as he lays eyes on the charred remains of both Karen and David. (Infected) Rick, Carol, and Daryl arrive to investigate. Tyreese explains how he came across them and demands that Rick bring the perpetrator directly to him. Rick tries to calm him down and Tyreese turns violent and attacks Rick. Daryl and Carol attempt to hold back Rick but Rick charges at Tyreese and brutally beats his face. (Isolation)
  • Hershel bandages Rick's hand. He comments on the group's situation, and that "everything they worked so hard to keep out just found its way in." He briefs Rick on the situation of the flu, that it is spreading and that another council meeting is being held the next day to decide what they should do. (Isolation)
  • Tyreese digs graves for Karen and David. Bob approaches him, telling Tyreese to go see Hershel and make sure he's all right. Tyreese firmly says that he will only after they are buried. Bob tries to change his mind, but Tyreese glares at him and repeats, "When they're in the ground." Bob starts to help him dig. (Isolation)
  • Glenn suggests to Hershel that with Karen and David dead, the infection may have been curbed. Sasha suddenly leaves C-Block, coughing violently. She assures Hershel that she'll go to A-Block, where all the sick people are being isolated, to see Dr. S, who is revealed to be sick as well. (Isolation)
  • At the council meeting, which has been advanced after Sasha falls ill, the council eventually reaches the consensus that they need medical supplies for treatment. As Hershel mentions that there is an animal hospital facility nearby that could help, Glenn starts to show symptoms of the flu. Later, Hershel collects elderberries with which to make tea and to give to those infected. In the cell block, he treats Dr. S., who has come down with the flu.
  • Rick goes to the Tombs and investigates the courtyard. He examines the bloodtrail and takes a closer look at the door. There is a bloody handprint on the door and Rick compares the print with his own hand. He recognizes that it is noticeably smaller that his own suggesting the killer may have been female. Rick sighs and glances away. Outside, he rescues Carol, who has gone outside the gates to unclog the water pipe, from walkers. Inside the fences, he scolds her for her actions before commenting that he has noticed how far she would go to protect the group of survivors. He asks if she killed Karen and David; after a moment, she responds to him: "Yes." (Isolation)
  • While driving towards the hospital for the supply run, the group hears a voice over the car radio repeating the word "Sanctuary... Sanctuary...survive..." Daryl is distracted by it and hits a few walkers on the road. He stops the car, shocked at the massive herd of thousands of walkers between them and their destination. Daryl drives in reverse and runs over several more walkers but the car eventually gets stuck, forcing them to ditch it while the walkers are still few in numbers. Daryl, Michonne and Bob make it out, but Tyreese stays behind, seemingly in a stupor. Bob eventually snaps him out of it and Tyreese storms out of the car and in a rage, ferociously begins to kill the walkers that are quickly surrounding him, yelling at the others to go as he is swarmed. After running in the woods for a while, the group stops to rest, and notices movement in the bushes. Tyreese comes out, covered in walker guts and blood, but alive and unscathed. They keep moving as the walkers chase after them. (Isolation)
Day +503
  • While on a supplies mission to a local college, Tyreese, Michone, Bob and Daryl hotwire a van to get to the college from the road after their other car was surrounded by a hoard. They make it to the college and find medicine, and they escape several walkers. (Indifference)
  • Meanwhile, Carol and Rick find a house where they meet Sam and Ana, a young couple. The four agree to work together and split up. Carol and Rick find Ana's body being eaten by walkers, and cannot find Sam. When they attempt to leave, Rick tells Carol she is exiled from the group for the murder of Karen and David, and Carol leaves in another car. (Indifference)
  • Rick arrives back at the prison and meets Maggie, who is busy clearing walkers from the fence. After some procrastination, Rick admits to Maggie that he banished Carol for killing Karen and David and asks whether or not she would do the same. After some hesitance, Maggie agrees, but insists she would not be able to actually commit to it. (Internment)
  • Inside A Block, Hershel continues to tend to the infected with the help of Glenn and Sasha. When people succumb to their symptoms, they are removed and Glenn puts them down for Hershel. Later, Maggie comes to visit Glenn through the window, but Hershel tells her that Glenn is resting and tells her to stay out. After a man suffocates to death from blood in his lungs, Hershel must put him down. After some hesitation, Hershel has to cover the man's face before he can do it. Rick witnesses Hershel stab the man in the face and tells him of Carol.
  • Hershel returns to the cell block. As he continues closing doors, a confusion arises as people begin dying and turning rapidly. Glenn begins choking on his own blood and lies incapacitated on the floor in his cell. In the confusion, a gunshot is fired and echoes through the prison to Maggie and Rick, who are fortifying the fences. Rick sends Maggie to the cell block. 
  • Hershel goes to Caleb's cell to get his shotgun but finds the latter turned and clawing at him through the door from in the cell. With sadness, Hershel breaks his arms and kills him and retrieves the gun. He puts down some walkers in the block and hurries to get the airbag from one of the walkers to help Glenn. He wrestles with it before Maggie arrives and puts it down. With the bag, the two go to Glenn and revive him. (Internment)
  • Outside, the fence gives way and a hoard of walkers get in. Rick and Carl run into the courtyard, where they get assault rifles and gun down the many walkers.
  • DarylMichonneTyreese, and Bob return to the prison. Daryl and Michone run out of the van to go help, while Bob and Tyreese head to A Block. Tyreese goes and cradles his sister in his arms, while Bob goes to administer drugs to Glenn. (Internment)
  • Carol takes refuge in a law office and spends the night there. (Consumed)
Day +504
  • The next morning, Rick returns to his usual routine, splashing water on his face. He is about to go talk to Daryl when Carl comes along. Rick instead decides to spend time with Carl harvesting the garden. Hershel helps Michonne and Daryl load up the dead bodies. Daryl asks where Carol is, and Hershel avoids the question by telling him that she is fine but to talk to Rick. Michonne extends an offer to Hershel to join her, and he accepts. (Internment)
  • The Governor looms outside the prison. (Internment) He takes Michonne and Hershel hostage and convinces his camp to join him in attacking and seizing the prison. Lilly doesn't want to fight. (Too Far Gone)
  • Rick tells Daryl that he banished Carol. Daryl is very upset and forces Rick to tell Tyreese. When they meet up, Tyreese shows them a mutilated animal and declares that whoever did this killed Karen and David. Rick is about to tell Tyreese the truth when an explosion is heard. (Too Far Gone)
  • The Governor's militia is outside the fences of the prison with Mitch's tank. The Governor calls for Rick to talk and the two talk. Rick tries to make peace by offering them a place in the prison but the Governor doesn't have it so he decapitates Hershel. A firefight ensues. (Too Far Gone)
  • Meghan is bitten by a buried zombie while playing in some mud. (Too Far Gone)
  • The Governor goes over to Hershel as the others are fighting and completely decapitates him. Lilly brings Meghan's body to him and he shoots her. He goes back to his group and commands that they tear down the fences and kill them all. (Too Far Gone)
  • The prison group gets split up due to the chaos of the firefight. After saving Tyreese from and killing Alisha, Lizzie and Mika Samuels, in addition to Luke and Molly, head off with him. (Too Far Gone)
  • Maggie and Beth load people, including Glenn and Jeanette, onto the bus. Beth leaves to find Judith, Maggies goes off after her, (Too Far Gone) and she doesn't notice that Glenn gets off the bus (Inmates). The bus leaves and Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are stranded and they run off.
  • Beth returns, without Judith, and runs into Daryl (who has just killed Mitch with his crossbow). She is adamant about finding Judith, but Daryl tells her they have to leave. (Too Far Gone)
  • The Governor and Rick compete in a fistfight. The Governor overpowers Rick and nearly kills him by choking him before Michonne steps in and stabs the Governor. He is left alone and Lilly comes over and finishes the job with a single shot to the head. (Too Far Gone) She is then overtaken by walkers, as seen by her sister.
  • Carol arrives after the battle to see the destroyed prison. (Consumed) She follows Tyreese and his group. (Inmates)
  • Rick and Carl leave the prison without Judith. (Too Far Gone) They take refuge in a house in a nice neighborhood. (After)
  • Michonne returns to the prison shortly after, makes some new zombie bodyguards for herself, and puts down Hershel's head. (After)
  • Glenn awakens in the prison hours after the battle. He gathers some mementos of his friends, equips his riot gear, and tries to escape. He teams up with Tara and they get out together. They are soon met by Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Eugene Porter. (Inmates)
  • Lizzie, Mika, and Tyreese with Judith escape the prison together. (Inmates)
  • Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are together in the woods somewhere, Sasha tending to Bob's gunshot wound from the battle. Maggie heads out to find the bus that Glenn, as far as she is aware, was in. They find it broken down and full of walkers. Maggie clears it to find that Glenn was not one of the walkers. (Inmates)
  • Beth and Daryl escape the prison together and run away from walkers. (Inmates)
Day +505
  • Glenn wakes up on Abraham's truck and attempts to leave. Abraham fails to persuade Glenn and Tara to stay with him, forcing Abraham to forcibly conscript Glenn. As the fight, Eugene accidentally destroys Abraham's truck. Abraham is reluctant to follow Glenn, but Eugene convinces him to do so. (Claimed)
  • Beth begins searching for others from the prison before the sun rises. She and Daryl follow the tracks of others. (Inmates)
  • Michonne has a flashback-turned-nightmare about her dead lover, child, and friend. (After)
  • Tyreese hears Christopher and his father getting attacked. He comes to their aid (but is too late) and is reunited with Carol, who saved Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. The dying father tells them about a place called Terminus down the tracks. They later come across the sign that proclaims, "Sanctuary for all, community for all. Those who arrive survive." (Inmates)
  • Carl puts down some walkers after breakfast. Later he come across a house, kills some walkers, and eats an entire 112-oz can of pudding. (After)
  • Michonne ambles through some woods with her walker bodyguards, surrounded by walkers. She becomes unnerved when she sees a walker with a striking resemblance to her. She loses herself and kills all the walkers around her, including her bodyguards. (After)
  • Beth and Daryl hide in the trunk of a car hiding from a herd of walkers. (Still)
Day +506
  • Michonne reunites with Rick and Carl. (After)
  • Beth and Daryl get out of the trunk and gather supplies then move on. (Still)
  • Daryl finds moonshine for Beth to drink. (Still)
Day +507
  • Daryl teaches Beth how to use his crossbow and how to track. Beth is abducted by Atlanta Police Officers working out of Grady Memorial Hospital in the night. (Alone)
  • Michonne and Carl leave to find supplies. The Claimers occupy the house Rick is in. Rick kills Lou, is sighted by Tony, and escapes, telling Michonne and Carl to turn back as they return. (Claimed)
  • Bob, Maggie, and Sasha fend off walkers in fog. Bob appears to be bit, but he mentions that the walker ate his bandage. The three find a Terminus sign. Maggie leaves to find Glenn. (Alone)
  • Lizzie convinces Tyreese to spare a crippled walker on the train tracks. The group finds a house, and consider staying there permanently. (The Grove)
Day +508
  • Daryl gives up on chasing the car that took Beth. He is recruited by the Claimers. (Alone)
  • Maggie lies down near a building to avoid detection by walkers. Bob leaves Sasha so he can find Maggie faster. Sasha sees Maggie lying on the ground and accidentally shatters a window, alerting nearby walkers. After a brief conversation, the two hurry to find Bob on the tracks. The three continue to Terminus. (Alone)
  • Glenn finds a note by Maggie on a Terminus sign. He runs down the tracks and finds a dark tunnel. Since Abraham cannot guarantee Eugene's safety, Glenn and Tara enter on their own. Tara is trapped in the tunnel and Glenn fends off approaching walkers. Abraham's group finds and joins Maggie's group on the other side of the tunnel. They all enter the tunnel, and save Glenn and Tara. They make camp in the tunnel and Maggie destroys Glenn's picture of her with a lighter. (Alone)
  • Lizzie finds a walker on train tracks and feeds it with a dead rodent. Mika kills the walker and the two return to the house when burned walkers attack. Lizzie decides to kill Mika, and the four cook pecans during the night. (The Grove)
Day +509
  • Beth awakes at Grady Memorial Hospital (Slabtown)
  • Daryl is found missing by the Claimers. Len discovers him hunting a rabbit, and kills the rabbit. Joe explains the rules of the Claimers to Daryl. The Claimers scavenge a railroad platform for supplies. Len is killed by the Claimers when Daryl is falsely accused of stealing his rabbit. (Us)
  • Mika is killed by Lizzie. Carol leads Lizzie outside and kills her. Carol confesses to Tyreese that she killed Karen, and Tyreese forgives her when Carol says Karen's death was quick. (The Grove)
  • Abraham's enlarged group arrives at Terminus. Mary greets them. (Us) The Terminus residents then imprison the group in a boxcar. (A)
Day +510
  • Joe tells Daryl about a man they are hunting (Rick) who killed Lou, and expresses his intent to kill him. (Us)
  • Carol, Judith, and Tyreese continue to Terminus. (The Grove)
  • The Claimers find Rick and attack him, despite Daryl's protests. The Claimers are killed by Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl. (A)
Day +511
  • Rick's group arrives at Terminus. Rick takes Alex hostage when he discovers items belonging to the former prison group. Alex is killed, and the four attempt to escape. However, they are forced into a boxcar at gunpoint by the Terminus residents. Rick finds the rest of the surviving prison group (excluding Beth, Judith, and Tyreese), Tara, and Abraham's group in the train car. (A)
Season 5
Day +511
  • Tyreese and Carol near Terminus at the same time that Rick and his group are placed in their train car. Carol investigates, sees that her friends are in trouble, and rescues them. In the process, Mary is killed, Gareth receives a gunshot to the arm, and Terminus and its inhabitants are overtaken by flames and walkers. (No Sanctuary)
  • The group, now safe and reunited, head away from Terminus. That night, Rick accepts Tara into the group, Rick and Carol reconcile, and, later, Daryl and Carol sense they are being watched. (Strangers)
Day +512
  • The group continues moving in the morning. As they walk through the woods, they hear someone screaming for help. They run to the person's rescue and save him. He reveals himself to be Gabriel Stokes and that he is a priest, but Rick remains suspicious of him as the man leads them to his nearby church, in which he has been surviving for the past 17 months. (Strangers)
  • After arriving to the church, Rick decides to go on a run due to their dwindling food supply. He goes with Sasha, Bob, and Michonne, and brings Gabriel along because he does not trust him and does not want him around the other people in the group. They travel to a food bank that Gabriel told them about and they return to the church with a huge haul, but only after a tense skirmish in the basement of the food bank, during which Gabriel almost dies and Bob gets attacked by surprise. (Strangers)
  • That night, the group enjoys a feast. Abraham proposes a toast and invites Rick and his group to join him and his own group on their journey to Washington. Rick agrees to go. After, Tara reveals to Maggie that she was on the Governor's side during the battle, to which responds almost apathetically before giving Tara a hug. Rick further interrogates Gabriel because he thinks that he is hiding something, and then threatens to kill him if what he is hiding will hurt Rick's group at all. (Strangers)
  • As the party occurs in the church, Carol prepares a car she found earlier with Daryl for driving, as she wishes to leave the group. Daryl finds her before she can leave, and the two are then distracted by a car speeding down the road. Daryl identifies a white cross on the back windshield and knows that these are the same people who took Beth. He and Carol immediately take off in their car in pursuit. (Strangers) While they chase after them, Daryl explains how Beth was taken. In Atlanta, they spend the night in a Child Protection Services refuge after their car runs out of gas. (Consumed)
  • Meanwhile, Bob has escaped from the celebration and lingers about the church solemnly. When he begins sobbing beside a tree, a hooded assailant knocks him unconscious. When he awakes some time later, he is greeted by Gareth, surrounded by other members of the fallen Terminus, who explains himself to Bob. He states that eating people is not something that they want to do, but rather something that they must do to survive. Bob then realizes that his leg has been chopped off and is being eaten by the Terminans as Gareth takes a bite out of some meat himself. (Strangers) Bob soon breaks into laughter and shows the cannibals a bite received at the food bank. He screams, "TAINTED MEAT!" and Gareth kicks him in the head, rendering him unconscious. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • The Hunters dump Bob outside the front door of the church in an attempt to distract the survivors. After some deliberation, Rick, Abraham, and some others leave to hunt the Hunters. The Hunters attack the church after watching Rick and his group leave. Rick and the others return and slaughter the Hunters in the church. (Four Walls and a Roof)
Day +513
  • Carol wakes to Daryl burning the bodies of a mother and child walker that he killed during the night. They cross paths with Noah, who robs Carol of her gun and Daryl of his crossbow. Daryl and Carol continue through the city, weaponless, until they spot a van with the white cross logo of the hospital. They enter the van and, upon investigation, discover that it belongs to Grady Memorial Hospital. Walkers swarm them and they tipped over the edge in the van. (Consumed)
  • After comforting a dying Bob, Sasha leaves Tyreese to put him down before he turns. Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Tara, and Maggie take the church bus to DC with the others staying behind to look for Daryl and Carol. (Four Walls and a Roof) As they are traveling down the road, Abraham loses control of the bus due to a malfunction and it crashes. They escape and continue on foot, taking shelter in a bookstore that night. Eugene reveals to Tara that he put crushed glass in the fuel line in an attempt to stall the group. (Self Help)
  • Carol and Daryl reconvene with Noah. Daryl is about to leave him for dead before Carol convinces him otherwise. Noah joins forces with Carol and Daryl after he reveals that he knows Beth. As they escape the building they are in, Carol is struck by a car from the Grady Memorial Hospital and is taken by two officers. Daryl and Noah head back to the church for reinforcements. (Consumed) Carol is brought to the hospital for treatment and is spotted by Beth. (Slabtown)
  • That night, while guarding the church door, Michonne investigates a noise in the trees and Daryl emerges, seemingly alone. When asked where Carol is, he turns and says into the trees, "Come on out" to Noah. (Four Walls and a Roof)
Day +514
  • Daryl fortifies the entrance to the church with church organ pipes and the others word windows and doors. Father Gabriel pulls up floorboards and escapes the church (Crossed) to explore the nearby school, discovering Bob's cooked leg. (Coda)
  • Abraham's group continues their journey. They restore a firetruck to be used and, after battling some walkers, continue down the road. When they come across a herd through which they cannot pass, they get into an argument over the best course of action. Eugene, overwhelmed with the conflict, admits that he is not a scientist and does not know the cure. Abraham assaults him, knocking him unconscious for a few hours, and storms away after seeing that the wound from his hand has reopened, reminding him of his dead family. (Self Help) Rosita, Glenn, and Tara find some supplies and stock up on water from a nearby creak. (Crossed) They return to the church just in time to barricade the doors from walkers inside, briefly catch up with Michonne, and head to the hospital to see Beth. (Coda)
  • Beth obtains medical advice and medication to treat Carol who has internal injuries. (Crossed) Carol awakes and is rescued by the group. (Coda)
  • Sasha, Daryl, Tyresse, Noah and Rick ambush three cops from Grady and take them hostage at a FEMA evacuation site in Atlanta that has been napalmed. (Crossed) After Rick kills one of the cops in an attempted escape, the others are exchanged for Carol and Beth. (Coda)
  • During the exchange, Beth stabs Dawn and is shot through the head; in turn, Dawn is killed by Daryl. (Coda)
  • Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Gabriel, and Tara are reunited with the rest of the group at the hospital. (Coda)
  • The remnants of the Atlanta Police Department remain at Grady and continue to maintain order. Noah chooses to leave with the group.
Day +514 / Day +530
  • The group travels from Atlanta, Georgia to Richmond, Virginia.
Day +531
  • Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Tyreese, and Noah investigate Noah's old community of Shirewilt. As Rick, Glenn, and Michonne look for supplies, Tyreese and Noah visit Noah's old house. Tyreese is bitten and hallucinates heavily before Noah returns with Rick, Glenn, and Michonne and they amputate his arm. They begin to bring him back to the rest of the group to cauterize his arm but he dies on the trip. Michonne puts him down and they hold a funeral for him that day. (What Happened and What's Going On)
  • Morgan arrives at Terminus to see a defaced sign saying "No Sanctuary" left by Rick (No Sanctuary). He follows the trail left by the Hunters and finds the church. There, he finds a map leading to Washington. DC with the words "Sorry I Was An Asshole. The New World's Gonna Need Rick Grimes." He immediately sets off for Washington (Coda)
Day +532
  • The group continues their journey toward Washington, D.C.. (Them)
Day +533
  • The group is about 60 miles from Washington. They run out of gasoline for their cars and must continue on foot. Incredibly weak, they cannot fight off walkers and either ignore them or dodge out of their way if they get close enough. Maggie and Sasha deal with their recent losses. While on the road, the group receives a care package of water "from a friend", but do not drink it for fear that it is unsafe. It begins to rain and they take refuge in a barn for the night; a tornado ravages through the area as they struggle to keep the doors closed from walkers trying to enter. (Them)
Day +534
  • The next morning, Maggie and Sasha head outside and observe the destruction from the tornado, sitting down on one of the fallen trees to watch the sunrise. As they chat, a man approaches them and introduces himself as Aaron. He says that he is a friend and would like to speak to the person in charge, whom he knows to be Rick. (Them) Aaron is disarmed and interrogated by Rick. As Aaron is describing the facilities at his community, he is knocked out by Rick. Rick doesn't believe the offer of shelter but the group is convinced that the offer is genuine and decides to search for Aaron's vehicles to see if he is telling the truth. Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Michonne and Maggie leave to look for Aaron's car. (The Distance)
  • The group returns to the barn later with Aaron's two vehicles, a car and an RV. Michonne convinces Rick to give Aaron a chance and Rick demands the location of the camp. Aaron, hesitant to reveal the location of his people's home to strangers, reveals only to drive north on route 16. Rick concludes that they will drive north on route 23 in the night and that Aaron will give directions from there, despite Aaron's warnings that it is unsafe and that only 16 has been clear. (The Distance)
  • As they drive (Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and Aaron in the car; the others in the RV), Rick discovers a microphone in the glove box, realizes that Aaron's people could have heard the plan, and declares it no longer safe. At that moment, however, Glenn begins plowing into the herd of walkers in the road but cannot stop due to the RV close behind. They soon come to a stop and see that the RV is nowhere in sight, meaning that the others got away, but the car has malfunctioned due to walker body parts in the engine. When they see a flare go off in the sky, Aaron panics and gets away and the others decide that following the signal will be how they find their people. (The Distance)
  • They get to the source of the flare and find the rest of the group. Aaron reunites with his boyfriend Eric, whom the others met and saved but whose ankle was broken in the skirmish. Aaron thanks everyone and says that they will continue in the morning to get to his community, Alexandria. (The Distance)
Day +535
  • On their journey, the RV breaks down due to a dead battery and they have to replace it. Before they continue on, Rick steps away and hides a gun in a blender near a house in the woods. They drive the remaining few miles to Alexandria. Outside the gates to the community, Rick hears the laughter of children and his usual hardened gaze softens. They all get out of their vehicles and head inside. (The Distance) Inside, they meet a man named Nicholas who requests that the group hand over their weapons, but Aaron say it's okay and suggests the group speak with Deanna Monroe, the leader of the safe zone. (Remember)
  • Deanna interviews the survivors one by one, starting with Rick. She tells her backstory and reveals the origins of the community. After a long talk with Rick and all the interviews, the group hands over their guns and a woman called Olivia takes them away. (Remember)
  • Aaron shows Rick and Carl their houses for the group. Rick cleans up, shaves his beard, and receives a haircut from Jesse, who tells him about her sons Ron and Sam. The rest of the group then moves in and stays in one house. (Remember)
Day +536
  • The next morning, the group goes off to explore while Daryl stays behind at the house. Rick loses track of Carl and Judith and chases after them in a frenzy. He runs into Jesse, who guesses they're visiting an elderly couple, Natalie and Bob Miller. They chat for a bit and Jesse says how her son Ron really wants to meet Carl. Carl meets Ron and two other teenagers, Mikey and Enid, and they play videogames together. (Remember)
  • At night, Rick goes for a walk and meets a mysterious man sitting on his porch smoking a cigarette, who reveals himself to be Jesse's husband: Pete. He welcomes Rick to Alexandria. (Remember)
Day +537
  • Rick goes out to check the perimeter and goes back to the house in the woods where he hid the gun but finds it to be missing. Meanwhile, Carl notices that Enid is sneaking out over the walls and follows her into the woods. He loses track of her and soon meets up with Rick. The two put down walkers together. (Remember)
  • Glenn, Tara, and Noah go on a run with Nicholas and Aiden, Deanna's son. Aiden reveals that they lost four people the month before and says that they managed to capture one of the walkers responsible and strung it up to a tree. They come across the tree but find the walker to be missing. It soon comes out of hiding and attacks the group. Glenn puts it down and Nicholas and Aiden become enraged. They head back to Alexandria and get into a fight before Rick and Michonne break it up. Deanna announces to the people that Rick's group is a part of the community, as equals, before she gives Rick and Michonne their jobs as constables. She then thanks Glenn for knocking her son down. (Remember)
  • At home that night, Rick comes down the stairs in his new police uniform. He heads outside and talks to Daryl and Carol joins them. Rick contends that they can begin settling in to their new homes but assures them that it is no longer in them to become weak. He says that they will make it work and, if the people of Alexandria cannot make it, then they will just take the place for themselves. (Remember)
Day +538
  • Sasha leaves the Alexandria gate in the morning so she can practice her shooting. Meanwhile, Rick, Carol, and Daryl meet outside the walls to discuss the possibility of stealing weapons from the Alexandria armory. They kill a walker during their meeting and discover a "W" carved into its forehead. (Forget)
  • Daryl and Aaron trail a horse outside the compound. They are unable to catch it before a horde of walkers bite into it. Deanna meets with Rick, Michonne and Maggie to discuss security details and her vision for the community. Sasha meets up with Deanna to discuss the possibility of being stationed in the bell tower. Deanna invites everybody to the welcoming party at her house. (Forget)
  • That evening, everybody from Rick's group, except for Daryl, attend Deanna's party. They all mingle together well enough, but Sasha has trouble assimilating into the community. She leaves after an outburst. Daryl eats dinner at Aaron and Eric's house. Aaron tells Daryl that he'd like him to be the new recruiter for the community. During the party, Carol sneaks into the armory to steal the weapons. She unexpectedly runs into Jessie's son and threatens to take him outside the camp if he tells anybody about her. (Forget)
Day +539
  • In the morning, Rick, Carol and Daryl meet to get the weapons Carol stole. Daryl refuses a gun but Rick takes one. After that, Rick patrols the streets. He lingers near one of the compound's walls and listens to the noises outside. (Forget)
Day +539



  • The group continues to assimilate within Alexandria.
  • Glenn begins to slowly take leadership of Aiden's group.
Day +544 (approximate)
  • Noah meets with Deanna's husband Reg to discuss architecture. Also that morning, Eugene, Tara, Glenn, Noah, Aiden and Nicholas prepare to go on a supply run. A quick scene shows Daryl leaving the compound on his motorcycle. (Spend)
  • Rick visits Jessie and they discuss her broken owl statue. Glenn and the rest of the supply crew arrive at the warehouse to search for parts to repair Alexandria's solar panels. Abraham is working with a construction crew to build walls. Carol discovers Sam in her house and shoos him out of the house. He asks her to teach him how to make cookies. (Spend)
  • At the warehouse things get out of control after Aiden accidentally shoots a grenade attached to a walker. Aiden is impaled on a metal shelf, Tara is injured in the explosion and a group of walkers are let loose. Eugene tends to Tara while Glenn, Noah and Nicholas attempt to save Aiden. At the construction site, Abraham takes over during a walker situation in order to save a worker named Francine. Aiden refuses rescue and gets eaten by walkers. Eugene takes Tara out of the warehouse. Glenn, Nicholas and Noah try to find an exit. They become trapped in a revolving door with walkers on both sides. Eugene attempts to lure the zombies away, but Nicholas botches the plan by leaving too early. In the chaos, Noah is dragged out of the door by walkers and eaten. (Spend)
  • Carol suspects that Jessie's husband is beating her and the children. She confronts Rick with the issue. Abraham is promoted to foreman of the construction crew. Gabriel meets with Deanna to suggest that Rick and his company are not worthy of living in Alexandria. (Spend)
  • That night the Monroe family mourn the death of Aiden. Carol meets with Rick to discuss the situation involving Pete. Earlier that evening, Glenn and Nicholas tell conflicting stories about the supply run. While on their recruiting expedition, Daryl and Aaron see a light off in the distance. (Try)
Day +545
  • In the morning, Carl trails Enid in the forest and the two explore life outside the Alexandria walls. Michonne and Rosita follow Sasha to see what she does in the forest. They find her hunting walkers. Glenn confronts Nicholas about his careless behavior on supply runs. (Try)
  • Later on, we see Nicholas grabbing Rick's missing gun from a coffee can outside the walls. Daryl and Aaron explore the source of the previous night's fire. They find a recently killed woman who is tied to a tree. She has a "W" carved into her forehead. Rick goes to Jessie's house to discuss Pete's violent actions towards the family. He offers to help her. During the conversation Pete walks into the room. Rick and Pete begin an argument which quickly escalates into a fight. The two of them crash through the window and into the street. They trade blows while the residents of Alexandria look on. After they are apart, Rick gives a speech about life inside and outside the walls. The episode ends when Michonne knocks out Rick unexpectedly. (Try)
Day +546
  • The next day(presumably) we see Morgan wake up inside of a car. He prepares breakfast and is soon joined by a stranger. The stranger has a W carved in his forehead. He explains his story and states that he is going to take Morgan and all of his supplies. Morgan refuses to leave. Another W member appears, but Morgan is able to knock both of them out and stuff them into a car.(Conquer)
  • Rick wakes up that day to see Michonne by his bedside. Glenn, Abraham and Carol come to visit him. The five of them discuss a meeting that is to happen that evening. It will concern the possibility of exiling Rick. He plans to say his piece, but also devises a plan if the meeting goes sour. Maggie vouches for Rick to Deanna and Reg. She also visits many people in Alexandria to help support Rick. (Conquer)
  • Rick visits Jessie to discuss the fight. He also tells Michonne the truth about the stolen guns. Carol drops off a casserole for Pete. She threatens him with a knife while she is there. Abraham visits Tara and reconciles with Eugene at the same time. Sasha piles dead walkers into a pit and lies on the bodies before burying them. (Conquer)
  • Daryl and Aaron track a man in a red poncho. They eventually lose sight of himm but come upon a warehouse. They decide to scavenge the area for supplies. While searching truck trailers they set off a trap which releases many walkers. They seek refuge in a car which is soon surrounded. Daryl offers to risk his life so that Aaron may survive. Aaron refuses but offers to work with Daryl so that they both may fight together. Suddenly, a walker outside the window is killed. They both exit the car to find Morgan. The three of them kill walkers before escaping to the outside of the compound. Morgan asks for directions. Daryl notices he has the map with Rick's name on it. (Conquer)
  • Glenn sees Nicholas climbing the walls. He follows him into the forest. Nicholas shoots Glenn in the shoulder and manages to run away. Glenn finds Nicholas a short time later and the two have a fist fight. A walker approaches and eventually a few of them are on top of Glenn. Nicholas runs away again. Glenn once again finds Nicholas but cannot muster the nerve to shoot him. (Conquer)
  • Gabriel goes outside of the Alexandria walls for a walk. He sees a walker eating somebody. He gives himself up to the walker, but changes his mind and kills it. Gabriel also kills the man who was being eaten. As he closes the gate on his return, it is left ajar. When he enters the church, he finds Sasha. She asks for help, but he refuses. The two have a struggle and Sasha points her gun at him. Maggie arrives and stops the fight. (Conquer)
  • Rick notices the open gate. He follows a trail of blood until he finds some walkers. He is pinned down but manages to kill them. At the meeting, Michonne, Maggie, Carol and Abraham give their opinion of Rick's character and recent actions. Eventually, Rick arrives at the meeting and drops a dead walker on the ground. He gives a speech about how walkers and the living will try to enter Alexandria. Pete shows up to the meeting with a blade. He says that Rick does not belong in Alexandria. Reg attempts to subdue him but has his throat cut. Deanna runs to his side. Abraham restrains Pete to the ground. Rick looks to Deanna who tells him to shoot Pete. Rick shoots him just as Daryl, Aaron and Morgan arrive on the scene. (Conquer)

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