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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for her Novel Series counterpart or the Comic Series character.
  Tara Chambler
Actor Alanna Masterson
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Age Mid to late 20s
Occupation Police Academy Student
Former Governor's Militia Soldier (Post-Apocalypse)
Supply Runner for the Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)
Family David Chambler - Father (Deceased)
Lilly Chambler - Sister (Deceased)
Meghan Chambler - Niece (Deceased)
Sam - Ex-Girlfriend
Alisha - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)
Denise Cloyd - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)
(Unnamed) - Brother-In-Law
First Appearance "Live Bait" (Flashback)
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Live Bait" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
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"No. I think we gotta earn it, all of us. Whether it's waiting, knowing if everyone's safe, dealing with that, or fighting them. A place like this has gotta have a price, right? "
—Tara to Rosita Espinosa[src]

Tara Chambler is a main character and survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is the daughter of David, the younger sister of Lilly, and the aunt of Meghan. After encountering Philip Blake, better known as The Governor, she and her family left their apartment complex they had been holding up in to find a safer place. After helping Glenn Rhee escape the West Georgia Correctional Facility, she became a part of the group led by Abraham Ford on a mission to Washington, D.C., in search of a cure. She soon becomes a member of Rick Grimes' group. She is the last remaining survivor of her immediate family and the last remaining survivor of Caesar Martinez's Camp.



Tara initially came off as cold and hostile upon meeting The Governor as he made his way into her family's apartment building. She was seen exhibiting varying degrees of rude behavior towards him, even when Lilly insisted it wasn't necessary.

As her character continues to be explored, we see that Tara's hard exterior is only a facade, which she presumably puts on for reasons of self-preservation or insecurity. In later appearances, she demonstrates a more friendly, compassionate, and honest nature. She is shown to be playful at times, such as when she played a game of tag with Meghan, as well as when she expressed amusement at finding a yo-yo in a discarded bag with Glenn and Rosita.

Tara is shown to express severe guilt for her involvement in the attack on the Prison that ultimately caused its downfall, as well as the deaths of Hershel Greene and countless other residents; even though she had little to no influence on the actual fight, she still bears the brunt of responsibility by virtue of having been there at all. This guilt eventually subsides after Tara is accepted into Rick Grimes' group and receives forgiveness from him, as well as Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene.

Throughout the fifth season, Tara shows numerous signs of developing emotional maturity and inner strength, often shown through her growing friendship with Eugene Porter. The strength and determination she exhibits later gives Eugene the courage to display those same traits, saving Tara's life after she herself is seriously wounded and rendered unconscious during a supply run for the Alexandria Safe-Zone.


Location Unknown

Tara had aspirations to become a police officer. This was evident in her actions. She held a gun as if training, had been well underway before the "virus." She talked the talk. She may have been fresh out of the academy. She speaks of a past relationship that meant more to her than the other half. This character develops and grows as the episodes progress.


During the initial stages of the outbreak, Tara's sister Lilly, their father David, and Lilly's daughter Meghan had picked Tara up from the academy and holed up together inside of an apartment complex. For about a year, Tara continually cleared their area of walkers. However, she was unaware that she needed to destroy the brain in order to kill one.

Season 4

"Live Bait"

This is the episode that introduces Tara. She is first seen with Lilly, her sister, talking to the Governor about what had happened prior to the outbreak. She explains that she was in training to become a police officer before "the crap hit the fan." We soon find out Meghan Chambler is her niece and Lilly is her sister. Later on she is seen crying next to her father, David Chambler, who was sick and had just passed away. He then turns and almost bites Tara, but the Governor saves her. Later on she is seen talking to the Governor about her father's death. She tells him she knows that those who die will turn no matter what, thus seeming to know a little more about the outbreak than we initially thought. She then fist bumps the Governor, as acknowledgment for saving her life. Tara, Lilly, and Meghan leave with the Governor, thinking he can possibly take them to a safer place and protect them. They are then swarmed by a mob of walkers and in an attempt to escape, Tara runs away and twists her ankle, but is saved by Lilly. They trudge through the forest and she is last seen standing with Lilly outside the forest, unscratched and unbitten.

"Dead Weight"

Tara is first seen chatting with Alisha while Alisha is getting a cut treated by Lilly. Later, it is revealed Alisha and Tara are in a relationship, and are shown holding hands and sleeping together. Tara later tries to rescue Meghan from a rogue walker in the camp, her attempts were not very successful and the walker is put down by The Governor.

"Too Far Gone"

Tara is the first to agree to the Governor's plan to try and take the West Georgia Correctional Facility. She is present when Hershel Greene and Michonne are brought out in front of Rick Grimes. Rick tries to reason with Tara, asking her if this is what she wants. When the fighting begins, she ducks behind the tank and vehicles, showing that she is uncomfortable with the assault. Mitch Dolgen tells her to pick up her gun and to fight. Tara tries to reason with Alisha, telling her that they shouldn't be doing this and that The Governor decapitated Hershel. Alisha tells her to stay behind her and run into the forest if things get bad. As The Governor's militia moves into the prison, Tara runs away, leaving Alisha behind.


Tara is seen hiding in a fenced enclosure at the prison. As Glenn Rhee is leaving, he spots her in an almost catatonic state. She mentions her sister being swarmed by walkers. Glenn convinces her to accompany him. As they reach the road, Glenn asks if she has seen his wife Maggie Greene, but she hasn't. She mentions she wasn't supposed to be here, and once "Brian" killed the "old man", she knew instantly that she was on the wrong side, that she and his militia should never have trusted "Brian". Glenn asks if it was Hershel, since she describes him as an old man. She nods. She repeatedly tells Glenn how horrible she is for participating in the prison attack; Glenn responds that while he is not on good terms with her, he needs her help. She kills one walker as Glenn fights off the majority; after Glenn collapses with fatigue, she attacks the one who is about to bite him, repeatedly bashing its head in. She looks up to see Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa, angrily and sarcastically asking them if they enjoyed the show.


Tara is first seen riding in Abraham's army truck. She is writing down coordinates on her hand with a marker so she knows where they're going. Walkers appear and she pulls out her gun to shoot but Abraham orders her not to and instead he attacks them with a crowbar. He is smiling and Tara said she's never seen that before. He replies saying he's the luckiest person in the world. Glenn wakes up on the back of Abraham's army truck, and Tara tells him not to move as she offers him some water. He asks where they are, she explains that she doesn't know and that he passed out after the prison. Glenn asks Tara if while driving they passed a bus. She replies yes, and then he asked her what she saw. Tara says they're all dead and it's been three hours since they've passed the bus. Glenn says they need to go back to the bus, so the two of them bang on the window from the back of Abe's army truck to stop driving. Abraham tells Glenn and Tara that they can't stop because Eugene knows the cure, shocking them both. But Glenn's only concern at this point is Maggie's whereabouts, so he decides to walk off. Tara follows him and explains that she wrote down every coordinate on her hand and she knows her way back. Tensions rise between Glenn and Abraham and they begin to fight, causing Abraham to push Tara over. She and Rosita tell them to stop fighting as Eugene notices some walkers. The four of them run back towards the truck to help Eugene fight off walkers. Glenn apologizes for the army truck and walks off, Tara gives Rosita her gun and follows Glenn. Rosita convinces Abraham and Eugene to go with them, and the five venture off. Abraham calls Tara a good person for going with Glenn and then says that saving the world is more important. She tells Abraham that she's not a good person, and questions Abraham on why he agreed to drive Eugene to Washington. Then she told him not to lie to her as they continue walking.


Tara is seen along with her group, walking the tracks on their way to Terminus. Eugene tries to strike up conversation with her, firstly by theorizing the dinosaurs could have been wiped out by the same virus that has wiped out civilization, before asking her what kind of gamer she was. Later, Glenn comes upon another Terminus sign marked by Maggie, Bob and Sasha and sprints ahead in search of them. Later, the group come upon a tower along the tracks and Abraham insists the group stops to rest, not having done so since they began their trek to Terminus. An impatient Glenn dismisses the plan and Tara is quick to agree with him. When a lone walker appears above in the tower and almost falls on top of Eugene, Tara is pushed out of the way by a protective Abraham and injures her knee. Nonetheless, she is still adamant in her support of Glenn. Rosita interjects, calling Glenn an "ass" and demands him to show more concern for Tara's well-being. The group argues, but eventually resolves to push forward.

Eventually, Tara and the group come upon a railway bridge in the mountainside. Abraham reluctantly parts company with Tara and Glenn, saying the risk is too high to Eugene and they will instead go around, telling them they'll likely be camped at the other side should they survive and make it through. Tara and Glenn enter the tunnel and find evidence of a fresh cave in, as well as many trapped walkers. Glenn insists he needs to see the faces of the walkers to ensure none of them are Maggie and Tara helps. When the two set a diversion with a flashlight to sneak around the overwhelming swarm of walkers, Tara slips and gets stuck in the debris. Glenn, refusing to leave her, is forced to empty his handgun clip into the surrounding walkers. Out of bullets, the pair are then saved by Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob Stookey, who have now converged and joined forces. Tara is later introduced to Maggie by Glenn, who tells his wife that he and Tara "met on the road." An appreciative Maggie gives Tara a hug of thanks. Later, with the newly formed group deciding on their next move, Tara agrees to go with Abraham to D.C. after they reach Terminus. The following day, Tara, now walking with a cane, arrives at Terminus with the others and is met by Mary, a middle aged woman who offers to get them settled and make them a plate of food.


Tara appears in the train car at Terminus when Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl Dixon enter. Rick recognizes her from The Governor's assault, but does not say anything.

Season 5

"No Sanctuary"

Tara crafts a makeshift weapon to use in the escape attempt. When the group tries to break out, they fail on their first try and she is left inside. She encourages the group and is confident that they'll be able to survive their break-out. Later, when Rick opens the boxcar for everyone to escape, Tara helps kill walkers on their way out and aids in protecting the group. She is then seen for the rest of the episode accompanying the group, always at a distance. When Carol reunites she watches the group's back during their reunion.


Tara talks to Rick about her involvement in the Governor's attack, and Rick says he forgives her, noting that he could tell she did not want to be there during the prison attack and that is why he tried to talk to her. She travels with the group when they rescue Father Gabriel Stokes. The group travels to his church, and she splits off with Glenn and Maggie to collect supplies. When the group is later in the church and eating, Tara reveals to Maggie she was with the Governor and involved in the attack. Maggie forgives her and they hug.

"Four Walls and a Roof"

Tara is present when Gabriel explains his survival story, and she helps carry Bob back into the church. Upon hearing of Gareth's return, Abraham demands that the group leave for Washington right away. As part of a bargain to make him stay and fight, Tara promises to go with him tomorrow regardless of what happens. She joins Rick's posse to help trap Gareth's group inside the church, and then watches as Rick, Michonne, Sasha and Abraham brutally murder the Terminus cannibals. The next day she is with the others bidding farewell to Bob before he dies from infection, and then following Abraham in the church short bus to Washington. 

"Self Help"

Tara is on the bus and suggests to Eugene he cut his hair and jokes that its his 'source of power'. Later the bus breaks down and flips over, but Tara is okay. Whilst the others swarm out the bus, Tara stays to protect Eugene and tells him it's time to 'get brave' and hands him a knife. When Tara is killing walkers, one tries to sneak up on her and Eugene protects her. When the bus starts burning Tara suggests finding some bikes because they don't burn. Later that day the group stay in a book store which they fortify. Tara scavenges water from a toilet and boils it over a fire made from book pages. She later finds Eugene watching Rosita and Abraham have sex. Tara wants to thank him for saving her life outside the bus then Eugene reveals that he sabotaged the bus. Eugene doesn't think people would keep him around if he couldn't save the world, but Tara says they will because they're friends. She tells Eugene to keep the sabotage to himself. She then takes a swift look at Rosita and Abe before going to bed.

The next morning Tara takes out walkers when they emerge from the building after Abraham moves the firetruck. When Abraham insists on going through the herd and starts to drag Eugene, Tara attempts to stop him but is pushed to the floor. She is shocked when Eugene reveals he is not a scientist, but helps him when Abraham knocks him out.


After picking up after their last appearance in 'Self Help', Tara is seen with Glenn, Maggie, and Rosita figuring out what to do about Eugene and Abraham. Later she creates the groups team name 'GREATM' which consists of each member first name in the group making up a letter in 'GREATM'. The order goes: Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Tara, and Maggie, making them a team or 'band of brothers', as she later mentions.

Tara is later seen, along with Glenn and Rosita, looking for fresh water where she makes fun of the lying situation, being optimistic after what happened and she mentions how Eugene lied about being a scientist because lying is his only strength so the group shouldn't put him down for it, as she stands up for him, feeling sorry for how Abraham knocked him onto the ground. While at the small river Rosita suggests to catch some fish so the group go back to where the walkers were stuck underneath the telephone pole and Tara finds a backpack, which she takes with her back to the lake.

Later, at the lakeside, she is looking through the backpack to see if she can find anything useful, where she produces a yo-yo and plays with it while the trio are on their way back to the other half of the group at the roadside, with their catch of fish from the river.


Tara is first seen along with Abraham, Eugene, Glenn, Rosita and Maggie when they arrive back to Father Gabriel's church in the fire truck where she embraces Carl upon her return. Tara and the group (along with Michonne and Gabriel) arrive at Grady Memorial Hospital too late as the rescue mission is already over and they witness Daryl carrying out the dead body of Beth Greene, which shows Tara is saddened to see Beth's death and Maggie's breakdown.

"What Happened and What's Going On"

Tara appears in the funeral at the end when the group is burying Tyreese.


Tara is with the group on their long trek. When they take a break, Tara was seen sitting down with the survivors, slightly worried about Abraham purely ingesting alcohol. She partook in eating the dog meat. When it started raining, she celebrated with Rosita. She, along with the other survivors, took refuge inside the barn, and also helped her fellow survivors hold the barn doors to keep the walkers from getting inside.

"The Distance"

Tara is present when Aaron is brought to the barn and questioned. When Abraham and his group go out to scout Aaron's vehicles, Tara and the remaining survivors do a quick sweep of the area surrounding the barn. Later, she is among those traveling in the RV towards the Alexandria Safe-Zone. When the survivors arrive, they exit their vehicles and Tara waits to enter the community. Tara is also mentioned by Michonne as she shows Rick what kind a man he is, being the one who accepted a girl from the Governor's group that destroyed the prison.


Tara enters Alexandria and is assigned the job of a runner. However on Rick's advice they all decide to stay in the same house. She goes with Noah, Glenn, Nicholas, and Aiden Monroe on a dry run. She does not approve of how they string up walkers and when they try to recapture one that gets loose she nearly gets bit when the walker turns around and attacked her, but Glenn kills it. However when Aiden becomes angry at Glenn, Tara becomes angry and disturbed by Aiden's actions and witnesses the fight between Glenn and Aiden then storms off afterwards.


Tara is tasked with looting the warehouse for parts needed to restore power to Alexandria, along with Nicholas, Aiden, Glenn, Noah, and Eugene. Once at the warehouse, she engages in conversation with Eugene, calling him a coward and reminding him that he didn't bring them to Alexandria, they brought him. Once Aiden accidentally shoots a grenade on a walker, Tara is knocked unconscious by the blast and appears to suffer head trauma. Eugene is tasked with taking care of her while the rest of the survivors go out for Aiden, who had been impaled by the blast. After Aiden is killed and Noah, Glenn, and Nicholas are forced to flee, Eugene realizes this and dispatches two walkers and carries Tara to the van. Tara is seen bloodied in the back of the van with Eugene.


Tara is shown in her bed unconscious throughout the episode. Later she is shown waking with Rosita watching her.

Season 6

"First Time Again"

Tara appears in this episode in a flashback. Tara is shown being tended to by Rosita, when they both see Glenn and Nicholas stagger in, bloody from their deadly fight in the woods. Tara says they both look like shit when Glenn says that they were attacked by walkers in the woods and a bullet ricocheted off a tree and hit him in the shoulder. Eugene walks in and he is overjoyed to see Tara awake, and Tara is happy to see that Eugene still has his hair and they embrace. Tara later asks if someone could bring Noah into the infirmary to see him, and everyone in the room goes silent. Tara is later seen watching Nicholas as she learns of his involvement in Noah's death. Tara asks Maggie why doesn't she have him exiled from Alexandria when Maggie says that Tara was once an enemy of Rick's group on the day The Governor murdered Maggie's father Hershel. Maggie tells Tara that Glenn saves people no matter if they were bad or good and that she is the one of the most important people to her; they both hug.


Tara is first seen in Doctor Denise infirmary with Eugene. Tara meets Denise and asks why hasn't she met her yet. Denise reveals that she was training to be a surgeon but due to her panic attacks, she leaned more to becoming a psychologist. Denise also tells Tara and Eugene that Pete Anderson didn't want Denise here but ever since his sudden death after he killed Reg, there's no surgeon left in Alexandria which forces Denise to come out to help people. Tara asks Denise if she can help Tara with a headache which Denise says Tara is her first patient and she jokingly says that she'll probably not kill her. As the wolves attack Alexandria, Tara, Eugene and Denise stay in the infirmary. Rosita, Eric and Aaron bring in an injured Holly, who has been stabbed. Tara notices Denise being reluctant to help a dying Holly. Tara orders Denise to help Holly, as she eventually does. Despite Denise's best attempt to save Holly, she dies due to blood loss. Before Tara leaves the infirmary, she quietly reminds Denise to destroy Holly's brain so she wont reanimate.


Tara first appears listening to Ricks speech to the Alexandrians. He informs everyone about the walkers gathering outside of the walls. Rick instructs everyone to be as quiet as possible explaining they will become less interested in Alexandria. Tara walks into Dr. Denise's office, where she finds Denise struggling to stabilize Scott's bullet wound. She encourages Denise to not give up hope and to keep reading so she can find out how to help Scott. After Tara leaves, Denise manages to stabilize Scott. She was doubtful she could. Later, Tara sees Denise reading on the porch. Tara asks how Scott is doing. Denise replies by saying, " He will most likely make it." Denise then kisses Tara and thanks her.

"Heads Up"

Tara is first seen on a lookout perch with Eugene.Tara notices that Spencer is using a zip-line to crawl across in his plan to lure the zombies away from Alexandria. Despite protest from Rick to save the bullets, Tara is seen helping to shoot at walkers when Spencer Monroe falls into a herd while trying to crawl across a grappling hook to the other side of a wall. Tara is relieved to see Spencer alive and despite saving Spencer, Rick scolds her for her stupidity in wasting bullets and making the herd more aggressive and she flips him off. Rick later apologizes to her when she walks by looking for Denise, accepting his apology and acknowledging what she did was stupid. Tara is later seen with Rosita who both watch in horror when they see the Alexandria tower collapse and destroy a part of the wall.

"Start to Finish"

Tara is first seen helping drag Tobin to safety when the walls fall down and the herd enters Alexandria. She and Rosita then rescue Eugene and take refuge in a nearby garage, trapped in there by the walkers. Rosita is beginning to give up hope but Tara encourages her to keep going and the trio start working to escape the garage. Later on, they escape and stumble into the same room The Wolf is holding Denise captive, with Carol and Morgan unconscious on the floor. He forces them to surrender their weapons and Tara watches as The Wolf leaves the house, taking Denise with him.

"No Way Out"

Inside the townhouse, Tara insists they rescue Denise from the Alpha Wolf. Rosita points out they don’t have enough guns to fight walkers outside. Carol borrows Rosita’s gun to sweep the house. After Carol kills the wolf, she informs Tara that Denise made it safely to the infirmary, relieving Tara. She joins Carol, Rosita, Morgan and Eugene outside with the other able bodied Alexandrians killing the walkers that are apart of the herd that invaded Alexandria. After hours of fighting, she is seen with the others stanfing outside the infirmary.

"The Next World"

Tara is first mentioned by Denise who asks Daryl to retrieve orange soda for Tara who's been talking about it in her sleep. She is later seen with Denise inside the Alexandria infirmary when Rick and Daryl bring the unconscious Paul Rovia to be left there.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

Tara is first seen in the church, listening as Rick tries to convince the Alexandrians that they need to fight against the Saviors. She is seen to be uneasy at Rick’s departing line “we kill them all”, most likely reminding her of The Governor.

Back at home, Denise senses something is wrong with Tara. She tells Denise she loves her and tries to persuade her to come on a two week run with her and Heath, but Denise insists she must stay behind as she is the only doctor. She says she will tell Tara she loves her when she returns from her run and they kiss.

At the Saviors base, Tara is in a car with Gabriel, Jesus, Andy and Craig and asks Gabriel if he is still a priest. She confesses that she lied to Denise earlier, telling her she loved her when really she was just covering up the fact she had done something like this before. Jesus and Gabriel ask if she does love Denise, to which Tara says that she does. “So you know what you’re fighting for,” Jesus says.

When the alarm is activated, Tara insists on heading back to the Hilltop so that the deal is still on. Jesus sends Andy and Craig back to the Hilltop alone and heads inside to help the others while Tara and Gabriel stay outside. When two Saviors try to escape, Tara manages to kill one of them and shoots and wounds the other.

At the end of the episode, Tara says her goodbyes to the others as she and Heath head off on their run. Her whereabouts for the rest of the season are unknown.

Season 7

Tara will appear in this Season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tara has killed:


David Chambler

"Tara's been up there a bunch of times blasting them bastards to pieces. She says that they just keep getting back up. I told her no more."
—David to Phillip about Tara[src]

Tara loved her father and fiercely protected him during the days of the apocalypse. Tara constantly worries for her father's worsening condition, and takes care of him. When David died, Tara held his hand and cried. When Philip kills a reanimated David, she tries to stop him from doing so. Later, Tara tells Phillip that she understands what he did and thinks her father would be glad that someone stopped him before he could bite her. Tara was saddened of her father's death, but eventually moved on.

Lilly Chambler

"All I saw was my sister in that field. She wasn't supposed to be there. She had a gun, but they just...swarmed her."
—Tara to Glenn about her sister[src]

Lilly is Tara's sister and they are shown to clash due to their differing personalities. Lilly often appears to scold Tara on her use of swear words in front of Meghan and her attitude towards "Brian". Despite this, Lilly and Tara had a sisterly relationship and clearly loved each other. It is clear that Tara trusts her sister with knowledge of her sexual orientation and other details of her private life. After Tara sprained her leg Lilly offered to look after her. Tara hid in a fenced off part of the prison during the attack on it, from there she witnessed her sister get swarmed by zombies. Tara is clearly saddened at the loss of her sister and shuts down after watching her die, this death stays with her for a long time.

Meghan Chambler

"Meghan, don't say that, okay?"
—Tara to Meghan[src]

Tara loved her niece, Meghan, and fiercely protects her during the days of the apocalypse. She enjoys playing and spending quality with Meghan. When Tara swears during lunchtime, she tells Meghan to not swear like her. It is revealed in "Us" that she knows of Meghan's death.

The Governor

"Fist bump."
—Tara to Phillip[src]

Upon first meeting Philip he introduces himself as Brian. Tara is shown not to trust him and openly asserts her dominance by threatening him and showing off her weapons, but after he kills her re-animated father, she tells him she understands what he did and thinks her father would be glad someone stopped him before he could bite her and she grows more accepting of "Brian" and decides to trust him. However, during the prison assault when Philip decapitates Hershel, Tara seems to grow afraid and disgusted by him. Tara later expresses deep regret for ever trusting him. It is later shown that Tara was told of Phillip's previous identity as "The Governor".


"We have to stay here, it's too late, you understand me? You stay behind me, and if we get separated, you just run somewhere safe and hide, you hear me? You go someplace safe and hide, and I will find you when this is all over. I will find you. "
—Alisha to Tara[src]

While Lilly Chambler heals some wounds on Alisha's hands, Tara comments on her rifle, saying its not good in the field, and that she is more of a "Smith and Wesson gal" herself. Alisha asks if she is always so full of shit, in which Tara replies yes. Later they are seen sleeping together and hanging out together, implying they have started a relationship. Tara's opinion of fighting the prison quickly changes after the Governor kills Hershel; Alisha's doesn't. Though Tara pleads with her, that they shouldn't have to fight, Alisha talks her out of it. Instead, she reminds her of their plan to meet in the forest after the chaos dies down. Tara revealed in "Us" that she knows that Alisha is dead.

Caesar Martinez

"Wait, your father was a Catholic priest? So the father became a daddy?"
—Tara chatting with Martinez[src]

Initially, Martinez was surprised to see Tara and her family with "Brian," but he agreed to let them join the camp. Tara and Martinez formed a friendly, mutually respectful relationship during their time at the camp. As the group bonded over drinks, she praised him and his leadership. Tara was shocked when she learned of Martinez' death.

Mitch Dolgen

"You. Pick up your weapon! Fight, now!"
—Mitch telling Tara to fight[src]

Tara doesn't say much about Mitch, though it can be assumed she was grateful to him and his fellow survivors for saving her family. However, when Tara expresses her dismay of Pete taking over the camp, Mitch silences her and starts a fight with her, but Lilly steps in. This was most likely the start of why Tara didn't like the new camp. During the assault on the prison, Mitch becomes angry at Tara for doing nothing, and orders her to fight.

Pete Dolgen

"You can't just take over!"
—Tara to Pete[src]

Tara doesn't say much about Pete, though it can be assumed she was grateful to him and his fellow survivors for saving her family. When Pete announces that he will take over as the leader of the camp, Tara expresses dismay over him taking leadership of the camp, and says that he can't take over. This results in Mitch silencing her and starting a fight with Tara, but Lilly managed to step in. Before returning to her business, Tara glares angrily at Pete until Mitch shouts for her to move in her face.

Rick Grimes

"Tara, what the hell?! You almost died once for these people already!"
—Rick scolding Tara for making the risky decision to shoot walkers while hanging from Alexandria's walls to save Spencer.[src]

Rick first interacted with Tara during the prison attack in "Too Far Gone", asking her if she was okay with attacking and taking over the prison. After the rescue from Terminus, Rick interacted with Tara again as he could tell that Tara was worried while she watched Glenn and Maggie hugging. Rick forgives her for her involvement in the prison attack, saying that he could tell she didn't want to be there and it's why he tried to reach out to her while he was negotiating with The Governor. The two seem to be on good terms as he accepts her as a member of the group and fist bumps her back when she reaches out to him. In "Heads Up" Rick and Tara's relationship seems to be on good terms. Rick scolds Tara for attepmting to save Spencer from the walkers, which Tara replies by flipping him off. Their relationship seems repaired by the end of the episode, as Rick apologizes to her, which she accepts.

Glenn Rhee

"Rule number one of scavenging. There’s nothing left in this world that isn't hidden."
—Glenn to Tara and Maggie[src]

In "Inmates", Glenn finds Tara closed off in a fenced off area of the prison courtyard. He goes back for her and convinces her to help him, even though he knows she was part of the destruction of the prison. Glenn and Tara discuss what happened and she realized they shouldn't have trusted "Brian" when he decapitated an old man and she is the one who has to tell Glenn that Hershel (Glenn's Father-in-Law) was killed. They discuss Maggie who Glenn wants her to help him find Maggie, but Tara can't understand why. Glenn tells her he doesn't want her help, but in his weakened state he needs it, they are interrupted by a walker attack and Glenn collapses of fatigue. Tara is shown to be apologetic for her role in the prison assault and helps save his life. Their relationship improves significantly in "Claimed"; Glenn seems to genuinely trust Tara by the end of the episode, and Tara even assisted him in getting Abraham to stop the truck so he could go back and look for Maggie. In "Us", Abraham mistook Tara for having romantic feelings for Glenn, which he soon realized wasn't the case. Tara is also shown to be feeling very guilty and in a great deal of debut to Glenn since even when she injuries her leg she continues walking and follows him into a dark and dangerous tunnel, in the tunnel she is trapped by fallen debris and the walkers move in, Glenn refuses to abandon her and fights off the walkers until they are rescued by more of the group. When Glenn is reunited with the others he decides not to mention Tara's involvement in the prison attack so she can have a fresh start with them. After the group's escape from Terminus, Glenn and Tara continue to be close.

Maggie Greene

"You're here with us, now."
—Maggie to Tara[src]

Maggie and Tara didn't know each other but Maggie was grateful to Tara for saving Glenn and gives her a hug. In "A", Maggie notices Rick looking at Tara and says, "they're our friends", showing that she trusts her. After the group's escape from the train car, Tara spends more time alone with Maggie and Glenn, which increases her guilt about her role in Hershel's death. Once Tara tells her about being with the Governor, Maggie forgives her. She has since accompanied her and Glenn on runs. In First Time Again Maggie tells Tara that she is one of the most important people in the world to her and the two hug, suggesting a now very close friendship.

Abraham Ford

"You got a damn mouth on you, you know that?... What else you got?"
—Abraham to Tara[src]

Despite having a rough and disagreeable first meeting, Tara and Abraham seem to have a stable relationship, as she follows his "orders", even though Tara questions why he smiles while killing walkers and doubts Abraham's intent to assist Eugene to Washington. While on watch Abraham tells Tara when they first met he thought she was in love with Glenn until he caught her looking down Rosita's shirt and realized she was a lesbian. Tara didn't get mad at Abraham after he accidentally pushed her when he was protecting Eugene, making her hurt her knee.

Eugene Porter

"Thank God; nothing happened to your hair."
—Tara to Eugene[src]

While they don't speak a lot during their first meeting, it is shown in "Us", that Eugene spends time talking to her about video games. When Abraham decides to let Tara and Glenn go through the tunnel alone, Eugene confesses to Tara that he finds her hot. Tara explains she "likes girls" and Eugene claims he already knew that. Later, Eugene tricks Rosita into driving to the tunnel exit so he can make sure Tara and Glenn made it out safely. Eugene and Tara interact several times throughout the journey to Terminus, Gabriel's Church and the road to Washington. Eugene confides in Tara that he was the one to disable the bus carrying them to Washington, and despite her best judgement, Tara keeps his secret.

During their time at Alexandria, Eugene goes on a run with Glenn, Tara, Noah, with two Alexandria residents to find a device that would restore power to Alexandria. Tara is severely injured in an explosion, and due to his new found friendship with Tara, Eugene has a change of demeanor. He vowed to Glenn that he'd keep Tara safe, and surrounded by walkers, Eugene picks Tara up and exits the warehouse in which they'd entered to find the device; killing walkers as he brings her to the van outside.

Rosita Espinosa

"Wow, you're an ass! She'll do whatever you say because she thinks she owes you."
—Rosita to Glenn about Tara[src]

It is mentioned that Tara is attracted to Rosita, during a conversation with Abraham he reveals that he saw her staring down Rosita's shirt at her breasts. Rosita seems protective of Tara because when Tara agreed to carry on walking for Glenn after she injured her leg, Rosita accused Glenn of taking advantage of Tara's debt to him. Tara has often been seen close to Rosita when in the group and even peeped in on her and Abraham having sex, showing how close they've become.

Bob Stookey

Tara and Bob met for the first time on the way to Terminus in an attempt to reunite Glenn and Maggie. Tara is now ready to help Sasha to bring Bob into the church since the group Gareth cut his leg and threw it on the ground outside the church. Later Tara is present with the rest of the group in the sacristy of the church to say goodbye for the last time to Bob since he was bitten by a zombie.


Tara and Noah didn't interact much, but it is assumed they trust each other. Noah joins Glenn, Tara, Eugene, Aiden and Nicholas on a run for micro-inverters, suggested by Eugene to repair the power grid, at a nearby supply store. During the drive there, Tara bothers Noah to tell her what he and Reg were talking about, if it was about Holly, but Noah resents. The group arrive at the supply store and is impressed with Noah's accuracy as he shoots a walker from quite a distance. She was unaware of Noah's death initially due to the fact she was in a coma, but she was shown to be deeply saddened when she found out.

Denise Cloyd

Tara and Denise have developed a strong relationship. Tara encouraged Denise while she tried to save Holly. When Denise failed, Tara went to see how she was coping. Later on, outside, Denise kissed Tara on the lips, implying she might have feelings for her. It is unknown if Tara feels the same way, however. When Denise is taken hostage by the Alpha Wolf, Tara appears heartbroken as he has the knife to her and is the first one to turn over her gun when he orders them to. When the Alpha Wolf takes Denise outside with him, Tara looks at them devastated as they go outside to the walkers. In No Way Out, Tara is eager to go out to find and save Denise, despite the large amounts of zombies. Tara is relieved to find out Denise made it safely to the infirmary. Currently, Tara is out on a run, therefore she is unaware of Denise's death.



  • Tara's signature weapon that she carries throughout the series is a Smith & Wesson M&P.
  • The casting call name for this character was Melody.
  • Tara is the first openly homosexual character in the TV Series, and the first openly lesbian character (along with Alisha) in the entire The Walking Dead franchise.
  • Tara is the first (and currently only) main character in the series to be introduced in a flashback.
    • However, she was introduced in a recurring role in Season 4, becoming a main character from the following season onwards.
  • Tara is the last surviving member of the Chambler family and of Martinez's camp.
    • She is also the only member of either group to appear outside of Season 4.
  • Alanna Masterson was pregnant during the filming of season 6. Consequently, her appearances in this season are sporadic, and her departure from season 6 is quite sudden (as all episodes are filmed in the same order in which they air on television). Season 6 often features awkward camera angles, strange wardrobe choices (such as large coats), and random objects placed in front of Tara (such as an upright plate) in order to disguise her actress's pregnancy. In the episode "Not Tomorrow Yet" (season 6, episode 12), Tara goes off on a 2 week supply run with Heath, leaving her absent from the rest of the season. Her early departure was due to Alanna being nine months pregnant by the filming of the episode.
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