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"Hey, look who made it to happy hour. I was just watching the feed from last weekend. These customers, they're crazy. They're getting their faces chewed off trying to save their Boy George albums. It's the end of the world."
—B.J. to Chase as he walks in on him watching the video of the two survivors being eaten.[src]

This unnamed survivor is seen with his companion outside the storage facility while B.J. and Chase watched through the security cameras.


Atlanta, Georgia

Nothing is known about this man's life before the outbreak. He may have been friends with the person he was surviving with. He also may have lived in Atlanta.


Cold Storage

"The Chosen Ones"

This survivor and his companion are seen on B.J.'s security cameras showing the outside of the Self Storage Facility. They are both unarmed and are quickly attacked by zombies and devoured. This man attempted to take the opposite way but was taken down and eaten. After watching this B.J.'s dark secret is subtly hinted at.


Killed By

While trying to flee from zombies and save their possessions, the two men are cornered. This man attempted to run the opposite way but was quickly taken down and eaten alive. If any remains are left, they are likely reanimated.



Cold Storage

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