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This article is about the actor. You may be looking for the other actor or the stuntman.
  Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun by Gage Skidmore
Portrays Glenn Rhee
Occupation Actor
Born Yeun Sang-yeop
December 21, 1983
Seoul, South Korea
Age 30
Years Active 2007-present
Gender Male
Hair Black
Ethnicity Korean
Steven Yeun Gallery

Steven Yeun is a Korean-American actor who portrays Glenn in AMC's The Walking Dead.

Involvment In The Walking Dead

Yeun auditioned for an ABC Pilot a month and a half before he auditioned for The Walking Dead. That was his first audition for a pilot. He managed to get a quote, signed a contract, and met with the execs, but he failed to get the role. 

And then, he auditioned for The Walking Dead, though it wasnt a 'drawn-out' process. He went into seeing the casting director, Sharon Bialy, and Bialy liked him. Bialy called him back, and eventually they both worked together. Then Yeun met Darabont in his office, and Darabont put him on tape with a camcorder. In front of nobody else--it was just Darabont, Denise Huth, and two casting directors, auditioning for the role of Glenn, which he gets.

Other Works

Steven has appeared in few films such as:

  • The Kari Files as Chip
  • My Names is Jerry as Chaz
  • Carpe Millennium as  Kevin
  • Blowout Sale as Customer
  • I Origins as Kenny

Steven has appeared in few TV Series such as:

  • Lemons the Show as Asian Guy
  • The Big Bang Theory as Sebastian
  • Law & Order: LA as Ken Hasui
  • Warehouse 13 as Gibson Rice
  • NTSF: SD: SUV:: as Ricky Meeker
  • Harder Than It Looks as Steven
  • Filthy Sexy Teen$ as Martin (TV Movie)

Steven has voiced in a few both video games, and animated films such as:

  • Crysis as Korean Soldier
  • Crysis Warhead as Korean Soldier
  • The Legend of Korra as Avatar Wan


  • A letter sent in by Yeun was published in the letters section of Issue 102. It stated that he was very upset about the death of Glenn in Issue 100.

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