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This article is about the little girl from "Grotesque". You may be looking for her mother or the other Fear The Walking Dead character of the same name. Additionally, you may be looking for Carol Peletier's daughter in the main series or her counterpart in the comics..

Sofia's daughter is a character who appeared in "Grotesque" in Fear The Walking Dead


Baja California

Before the outbreak, this girl lived in a village within Baja California with her mother, Sofia. She and her mother were the last surviving members of their family after the rest of them, along with their family and neighbors, were killed as the apocalypse ravaged Baja California.


Season 2


One day, Nick Clark encountered a seemingly-abandoned house within a village, unaware that Sofia and her daughter were living inside. When he was asleep, the girl sneaks inside with her mother and screams as she watches her mother attack Nick with a baseball bat in an attempt to scare him away. Despite Nick's efforts to reason with Sofia, she continues to shout in Spanish, not understanding any English, and keeps attacking him, preventing him from gathering his supplies. As he runs off into the night, Sofia continues to scream from the doorstep of her home with her daughter safely inside.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 2


  • This character is credited as Six Year Old Girl in "Grotesque".
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