This article is about the Smith & Wesson Model 3913 "Ladysmith". You may be looking for other similar named Smith & Wesson firearms.

The S&W 3913 "Ladysmith" was carried by Andrea until she was separated from the group in "Beside the Dying Fire". Afterwards it was used by T-Dog. The pistol is chambered with 9mm. The S&W Ladysmith and LadySmith are a series of handguns manufactured by Smith & Wesson starting early in the 20th century. Early models, branded Ladysmith, were .22 caliber.

Starting in the 1980s, under the slightly modified LadySmith moniker, S&W manufactured several short-barreled revolvers and semi-automatic pistols in .38 Special (S&W Model 36LS), .357 Magnum (S&W Model 60LS and S&W Model 65LS) and 9mm Parabellum (S&W Model 3913LS).


TV Series

Season 1

S1e2G "Guts" Andrea with her S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", aiming it at Rick.
WD S1 E2 sw3913-1 "Guts" Andrea with her S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", aiming it at Rick from a different angle.
File-WalkingDeadLadySmith "Wildfire" Andrea with her S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", pointing it at Rick again, right after Amy's death.

Season 2

WD2010344 "What Lies Ahead" Shane Walsh with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", about to show Andrea how to assemble it.
TWDS2E06 13 "Secrets" Andrea aiming her S&W 3913 "Ladysmith".
T-dog1 "Beside the Dying Fire" T-Dog with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", holding it on the highway just before they move on.

Season 3

File-TWDS3E01 72 "Seed" T-Dog with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", in the prison.
File-Iron-e-singleton-t-dog-walking-dead-sick-season-3-amc "Sick" T-Dog with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", pointing the Ladysmith at the prisoners.
T-dogladysmith "Sick" T-Dog with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", pointing the Ladysmith at Axel.
Tickdarylaxeloscar "Sick" T-Dog with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith", pointing the Ladysmith at Axel, from a different angle.
Twd304-001365 "Killer Within" T-Dog with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith" having a look at how many bullets the gun has left.
800px-TWDS3E10 15 "Home" Axel with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith" in his hand while he talks to Carol.
800px-TWDS3E10 16 "Home" Carol, as she shows Axel how to use it by taking out the clip of Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith".

Season 4

WDSeason4SmithAuto "30 Days Without An Accident" Zach with Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith" holding it down ready for approaching walkers.
WalkingDeadS4SmithAuto "Isolation" Glenn staring, while Andrea's S&W 3913 "Ladysmith" sits on Zach's grave.


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