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This article is about the unnamed TV Series horse. You may be looking for the Comic Series counterpart, or the named Comic Series horse, or the other named TV Series horse.
  Siggard's Family Horse
Better Horse Crop
Actor Blade
Gender Unknown
Hair Brown
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Family Mrs. Siggard - Owner
First Appearance "Days Gone Bye"
Last Appearance "Guts" (Corpse)
Cause of Death Surrounded and devoured by walkers after entering Atlanta.
Status Dead
Images (horse
The horse being devoured alive.
Siggard's Family Horse Gallery
Blade Gallery
"Easy now, easy. I'm not going to hurt you, nothing like that, more like a proposal. Atlanta is just down the road a ways, safe there, food, shelter, people, other horses too, I bet. How's that sound?"
—Rick telling the horse about Atlanta.[src]

The Siggard's Family Horse (also known as Rick's Horse) is an unnamed horse and the first animal (other than birds) featured in AMC's The Walking Dead. It is seen in the first episode of Season 1, "Days Gone Bye."


Siggard's Farm

Little is known about the horse's life before the outbreak. It lived on a farm where it was taken care of by the farmers and assisted in providing manual labor. When its owners witnessed the chaos and effects of the outbreak, they decided to commit suicide in the farmhouse, leaving the horse to fend for itself. It seemed to have continued on living and traversing through the farm fields until Rick Grimes arrived.


Season 1

"Days Gone Bye"

Rick discovered the horse while seeking to borrow some gasoline from the Siggard's farm. When no one replied, he scaled the porch to see if anyone was inside. He instead discovered, through the window, the decaying remains of the farmer and his wife who had committed suicide. Since he couldn't retrieve any gas and his police cruiser was out of fuel, Rick walks back to the horse and decides to ride it instead. They ride off to Atlanta in an effort to find his wife, son, and other survivors.

Rick continued to ride the horse onto Interstate 85, which led him into Atlanta. Rick noticed the city was quiet and there was no presence of anyone, alive or dead. They galloped down main street when suddenly, a helicopter flew over and Rick decided to follow it. Rick and the horse hurried, turning onto a street which was completely blocked off and swarmed by a giant horde of walkers. Rick forced the horse to double back, but then encountered a second group of the undead. Finding himself and the horse trapped, the undead manage to bring the horse down first and began to devour it. While they were distracted, Rick quickly crawled under an abandoned military tank and escaped inside it while his horse was eaten alive by the walkers.


Siggard's horse was used as a distraction for Rick to escape the tank that was surrounded by walkers.


Killed By

As Rick Grimes rode the horse into Atlanta, he noticed a horde of walkers. While turning back, another horde blocked him off. Unable to escape, the walkers startled the horse, causing Rick to fall, the horse then being eaten alive.


TV Series

Season 1


  • The horse is the first animal to be seen alive after the apocalypse other than the birds.
    • It is also the first animal to die in the TV Series.
  • Though the horse's character died in the episode "Days Gone Bye", Blade came back playing a different horse on Hershel's farm named Nelly in Season 2.
  • Siggard's Horse is the first of four horses to appear in The Walking Dead TV Series; the other three being Flame, Nelly and Buttons.
    • Of them, this is the only unnamed horse.
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