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The Bag of Guns or the Sheriff's Bag is a bag of weapons. Rick Grimes retrieved this bag from the armory at the King County Sheriff's Department, and is seen with the bag throughout Season 1. The guns in the bag are used by Rick's group and some were given to the nursing home in "Vatos".

The bag originally had six shotguns, two high-powered rifles, a dozen handguns including Glock 17s, Mossberg and Remington shotguns, and Smith & Wesson revolvers, as well as over seven hundred assorted rounds of ammunition, as mentioned in "Vatos".

Subsequent to the zombie attack on Hershel's Farm, Andrea took the original bag with her. Michonne notices the sheriff's bag in The Governor's apartment in "Say the Word".






Season 1

Rick Grimes fills the bag of guns with weapons from the King County Sheriff Department in "Days Gone Bye", but loses it at the end of the episode. In "Tell It to the Frogs," Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and T-Dog depart for Atlanta to retrieve Merle and the gun-bag. In the city, Glenn picks up the bag, before dropping it, and getting kidnapped by the Vatos gang. Rick offers Guillermo some of the guns and the ammo after they resolve their differences. He gives them a Mossberg 500, a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari, and four Glock 17s with ammo as they part ways. Shotguns from the bag are used as they return to camp and eliminate the walkers that are attacking the group. In "Wildfire," Rick and Shane give Morales and his family a Smith & Wesson Model 586 with some rounds. Rick has it with him at the end of the season as they flee the CDC.

Season 2

The group continues to use the bag of guns throughout season 2.In the search of Sophia, Daryl finds a Colt Detective Special in a tent. The group used the guns for target practice. Dale attempted to hide the bag, but was stopped by Shane, who used it to kill the barn walkers in the episode "Pretty Much Dead Already". After kill Dave and Tony, Glenn and Hershel take Dave's SIG-Sauer P228 and Tony's Mossberg HS12. Rick finds on two dead policeman, 2 Glock 17s. Shane's Glock 17 was lost when he hides them. Jimmy's Glock 17 was lost when the walkers devoured him and buried in the farm. The group arms themselves with several weapons from the bag when walkers invade the farm in "Beside the Dying Fire" and the bag is left on the porch. Lori picks up the bag and carries it while she runs with the women to the car, but drops it on the ground to save Beth from the walkers eating Patricia, and then abandons it to escape. The bag is then found and carried by Andrea while running from walkers. She had with her a Beretta 92FS, Glock 17, Winchester Model 70, and some boxes of ammo.

Season 3

7-8 months the group (minus Andrea) acquire a Glock 17 with silencer, 2 Glock 19s, Beretta 92FS with silencer, Sporterized Springfield M1903, AKMS, M4A1, Vektor CP1 and Remington 700 BDL. The group acquire 3 Berettas and 2 M4A1s in the prison. Rick takes Tomas's S&W Model 442 after killing him. Glenn's Glock 19 and Maggie's SIG-Sauer P226 was stolen by Merle. Oscar takes a 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun from the hermit. Oscar's Glock 17 was lost in woodbury attack. Maggie acquired a Walther P99 and Scoped M4A1 from woodbury soldier. Daryl's AKMS and Crossbow was stolen when Woodbury captured him. Daryl retrives his crossbow from Shumpert. At some point of "Home" Merle finds a Colt Police Positive. In the end of Home, Rick discars his M4A1. In Ain't a Judas the group have 2 Colt Law Enforcement Carbine, Mk 18 Mod 0 and Remington 870. Rick acquire 4 bag of guns from Morgan's Arsenal with 2 H&K MP5K, M1911A1, Glock 17, Mk 18 Mod 0, Stryker Strykezone 380 Crossbow, S&W Model 36 and Steyr SSG 69. Andrea's Beretta was taken by Martinez. Merle's M1911A1 and M4A1 was stolen when the Governor kills him. Woobury army left a Browning M2HB in the prison coutryard. The group obtains a Remington 870 Police Magnum from Jody, a Steyr SSG 69 with silencer from Tyresee and an H&K MP5A2 from Sasha It is not seen after this but it can be assumed that Rick's group retreved it when they liberate Woodbury at the end of the season.


TV Series

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


The following are images of the weapons in the bag or weapons acquired afterwards:

Weapons Firearms and Explosive WeaponsMelee WeaponsSheriff's Bag of GunsGerber Gear
Vehicles VehiclesCamp RV
Other Equipment FlaresRiot GearCS Triple ChasersM67 GrenadeMK2 GrenadeCB Radio
Firearms and Explosive Weapons
Handguns Colt PythonColt Detective SpecialSmith & Wesson Model 442Colt Official PoliceSmith & Wesson Model 586Smith & Wesson Model 10Smith & Wesson Model 15Taurus Model 85Webley "WG" Army ModelColt Police PositiveSmith & Wesson Model 36Bruni Olympic 6Glock 17Beretta 92FSM1911A1Browning BDAVektor CP1Beretta 92SB NickelSIG-Sauer P226Smith & Wesson 3913 "Ladysmith"SIG-Sauer P228Browning Hi-PowerWalther P38Walther P99Colt MK IV Series 70Glock 19Smith & Wesson Model 29Beretta 92FS InoxColt Single Action ArmyHeckler & Koch P9SSmith & Wesson M&PWalther P22Desert EagleSmith & Wesson SW1911Heckler & Koch Mark 23

Iver Johnson Derringer

Rifles Remington 700 VLSWinchester Model 70Remington 700 BDLBrowning Automatic Rifle SafariAccuracy International Arctic WarfareSporterized Springfield M1903Steyr SSG 69Marlin Model 1893Remington 7400Mosin–NagantRuger Mini-14M1 CarbineSKS
Shotguns Mossberg 590Remington 870 WingmasterMossberg 500Mossberg HS12Harrington & Richardson Pardner Pump ProtectorHarrington & Richardson Pardner Pump CompactRemington 870Mossberg 500 "Persuader"Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser12 Gauge Double Barreled ShotgunRemington 870 Police MagnumIthaca 37FN SLPUTAS UTS-15
Assault Rifles M4A1Colt Law Enforcement CarbineAKMSNorinco Type 56AKMSteyr AUG A1Mk. 18 Mod 0FN FALM14Valmet M76Norinco Type 56-1M16Knight's Armament SR-15HK-51AK-47M16A1
Submachine Guns Heckler & Koch MP5KIMI UziCX4 StormIMI Micro UziHeckler & Koch MP5K-PDWHeckler & Koch MP5A2
Machine Guns Browning M2HBDShKBrowning M1919
Explosives M67 GrenadeMK2 GrenadeCS Triple ChasersDefTech 37mm Rotary LauncherM136 AT4