This Security Guard is a character in Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run. He is a Security Guard from Paul R. Williams High School.


Los Angeles, California

Before the outbreak, this Security Guard guarded Paul R. Williams High School.


Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run

"School's Out - Paul R. Williams High School"

He first seen eating donuts and guarding the school after what happened. He saw the security camera was glitching so he tried to fixed it with his fist. Later, he saw the same camera was crashed so he tries to fix it again. Later, an Infected pops out from somewhere. He has to shoot the Infected if they are closed to him, as he tries find an way out. He is shocked to see more Infected were closing in on him, leaving him no where to go. He was devoured by Infected.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Security Guard has killed:

  • Numerous counts of infected, unnamed people (Caused or Determinant)


Killed By

  • Infected - during the course of his duties, he was trapped and devoured by a horde of infected.


  • He not seen in the TV Series.