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Season 9 is an upcoming season for AMC's The Walking Dead. On January 13, 2018, AMC announced the show was renewed for a ninth season with Angela Kang replacing Scott Gimple as showrunner.[1]

This season will adapt material from Issue #127 onward of the Comic Series.


Last season brought the culmination of "All Out War", which pitted Rick Grimes and his group of survivors against the Saviors and their cunning leader, Negan. With Negan's life in his hands, Rick had a character-defining choice in front of him. By making the unilateral decision to spare Negan, Rick upheld the values his late son, Carl, championed in order to build for the future, but created conflict within his group.

Now, we see our survivors a year and a half after the end of the war, rebuilding civilization under Rick's steadfast leadership. It is a time of relative peace among the communities as they work together, looking to the past to forge the future, but the world they knew is rapidly changing as man-made structures continue to degrade, and nature takes over, changing the landscape and creating new challenges for our survivors.

As time passes, the communities confront unexpected obstacles, danger, and of course, walkers, but nothing quite prepares them for the formidable force they are about to encounter, which threatens the very idea of civilization that our survivors have worked so hard to build.


Title Writer(s) Air Dates U.S. Viewers
1. "A New Beginning" Angela Kang October 7, 2018 (US)
October 8, 2018 (UK)
2. "The Bridge" David Leslie Johnson October 14, 2018 (US)
October 15, 2018 (UK)
3. "Warning Signs" Corey Reed October 21, 2018 (US)
October 22, 2018 (UK)
4. "The Obliged" Geraldine Inoa October 28, 2018 (US)
October 29, 2018 (UK)
5. "What Comes After" Matt Negrete
Scott Gimple
November 4, 2018 (US)
November 5, 2018 (UK)
6. "Who Are You Now" Eddie Guzelian November 11, 2018 (US)
November 12, 2018 (UK)
7. "Stradivarius" Vivian Tse November 18, 2018 (US)
November 19, 2018 (UK)
8. "Evolution" David Leslie Johnson November 25, 2018 (US)
November 26, 2018 (UK)



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Official Trailers


  • Scott Gimple stated that Season 9 will be a stark contrast to previous seasons.
  • It has been hinted that Heath's disappearance may be explained in this season.[2]
  • This will be the first season in which Angela Kang is the showrunner for The Walking Dead
  • This season will implement a time skip after the events of All Out War.[3]
    • Lauren Cohan (Maggie Rhee) confirmed in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live[4] that Hershel Rhee is one year old at the start of this season. So Season 9 takes place about 18 months after the events of "Wrath".
    • Angela Kang confirmed on Talking Dead that the time jump is about a year and a half.
  • Magna, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, Luke, Hershel Rhee, Marco, Tammy Rose, Ken, Earl, Alpha, Lydia, Beta and two original characters, Justin, and Jed, will appear in this season.[5][6]
  • It has been confirmed that this is Andrew Lincoln's (Rick Grimes) final season.[7]
    • Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) will be the first person on the call sheet.[8]
    • It was reported that Lauren Cohan will only appear in six episodes this season.[9]
    • Lincoln has stated that, following Rick's departure, the show "will be an ensemble, and nobody is bigger than the story".[10]
    • "Who Are You Now" will be the final episode with Maggie.[11]
  • Below are the changes made to the main cast in this season.
  • It has been confirmed that Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh) will return in Season 9 for at least one episode.[13]
  • Michael Cudlitz will direct the seventh episode of this season.[14][15]
  • The soundtrack used in the Season 9 Comic-Con trailer is "Take What's Mine" by Future Royalty.
  • According to the San Diego Comic-Con teaser trailer, at least two more communities have been found/established in this season: HQ and Toledo.
    • It's possible that one of these communities could be where Georgie's Group is from.
    • It's possible that these could be the names of previous Savior outposts.
    • It's possible (though unlikely as they already have names) that one of these is the Kingdom or Junkyard.
    • It's possible that HQ refers to the Hilltop Colony as that is the only major community not found on the sign.
      • This is also supported since Angela Kang confirmed that the Hilltop Colony will have a much heavier focus this season.
  • This season will feature a new intro credits sequence.[16]


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