Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead consists of sixteen episodes; it premiered on October 12, 2014, and concluded on March 29, 2015. It was confirmed on October 29, 2013, that AMC had renewed The Walking Dead for Season 5.[1] Scott Gimple, showrunner of Season 4, continued to serve as executive producer for this season.

The season picks up shortly after Season 4 left off. What follows is a story that weaves the true motives of the people of Terminus with the hopeful prospect of a cure in Washington, D.C., the fate of the group’s lost comrades, as well as new locales, new conflicts, and new obstacles in keeping the group together and staying alive.

The premiere episode, "No Sanctuary", has surpassed various records for achieving a viewership of 17.3 million on its initial broadcast and 8.7 million in the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demographic, making the series once again the most-watched drama series telecast in basic cable history.[2]

This season adapts material from issues #61-77 of the Comic Series.


"No Sanctuary"

In a flashback, Gareth and the residents of Terminus huddle in a Terminus train car while marauders torture and rape members of their group outside. Alex laments posting "Sanctuary" signs, saying they left themselves vulnerable and brought the marauders right to them. "We were trying to do something good," Gareth reflects. "We were human beings." "What are we now, Gareth?" Alex asks. Gareth has no reply. One of the marauders taunts them by saying "you're either the butcher or you're the cattle".

In the present, Daryl informs Maggie that Beth was taken by a black car with a white cross on the back and that she is alive, whilst they and Rick and the rest of their group are imprisoned in the train car. They quietly build weapons using scraps stripped from their clothes and the car's interior. Their captors release tear gas into the car, catching them off guard.

Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob are brought to a human slaughterhouse, where Terminus residents begin bludgeoning and slitting other captives' throats in a disturbingly neat and precise manner, allowing the blood from their slit throats ooze into a trough, presumably draining them of their blood before preparing them to be eaten. The first to be slaughtered is Sam – the young man Rick and Carol met on a supply run before Carol's exile.

Before Glenn can be killed, Gareth interrupts to interrogate Rick about the bag he stashed in the woods. At first Rick refuses to comply, but after Gareth threatens to stab Bob in the eye, Rick admits it's filled with weapons, including rifles, handguns, a compound bow and a machete. Of the latter, he tells Gareth, "That's what I'm gonna use to kill you."

The butchers behind Glenn prepare to kill him again but, before Glenn is hit with the baseball bat, gunshots are heard outside, followed by a massive explosion.

Earlier that day: Carol, Tyreese and Judith make their way toward Terminus. They hear gunfire erupt and watch a herd of walkers flock toward the noise.

They arrive at a cabin where Martin, a Terminus resident, is setting up fireworks to deter walkers away from Terminus. Carol and Tyreese hear him mention the group and on his walkie-talkie and hold him at gunpoint.

Carol takes Martin's explosives and sets off toward Terminus, slathering herself in guts to disguise herself. Tyreese, meanwhile, keeps watch on Martin in the cabin. Martin tries to convince Tyreese to take his car and leave with Judith.

At the perimeter fence, Carol sees Gareth's men drag Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob to the slaughterhouse. She fires at a propane tank within Terminus, then launches one of Martin's fireworks toward the breach, setting off a massive explosion. Walkers begin to swarm into the building and killing its residents.

In the slaughterhouse, Rick quietly cuts his handcuffs (fashioned out of rope) with a wooden stick that he hid in his sock. He frees himself and fights his way out with Daryl, Glenn and Bob.

Mary sees walkers flooding through a hole in the fence and runs inside to the memorial room. Carol, disguised as a walker, infiltrates Terminus with the herd.

Maggie, Carl, Michonne, Sasha and Abraham's crew anxiously wait in the train car as they hear the commotion outside. Chaos reigns as walkers feast on Terminus residents. Carol takes advantage of the confusion and shoots down Terminus snipers.

As Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob leave the slaughterhouse, they see human body parts suspended from meat hooks. Rick tells his group that if they come upon any other Terminus residents they should kill them without hesitation. They hear someone screaming and banging from a storage unit.

En route to rescuing the other survivors, Glenn insists on opening another train car to free the captives inside. But when they do, a deranged man runs out screaming wildly before a walker attacks him.

Carol discovers a room filled with items pilfered from Terminus victims. She retrieves Rick's watch – which he had given Sam -- and Daryl's crossbow.

Rick's group ambushes a team of Terminus residents and takes their weapons.

Carol discovers the Terminus shrine. Mary confronts her and they struggle. As Carol gains the upper hand, Mary explains that Terminus used to be a real sanctuary until a group of marauders raped and killed her people. The lesson, Mary explains, is "You're the butcher or you're the cattle." Carol, unconvinced, shoots her in the leg and leaves her to be devoured by walkers.

Back at the cabin, Tyreese becomes distracted by approaching walkers. Martin gets a hold of Judith and threatens to kill her unless Tyreese steps outside. Tyreese complies, and Martin listens to his shouts as the walkers attack. Martin then goes to check if Tyreese is still alive; Tyreese bursts through the door and pummels Martin. Outside, the ground is littered with walkers Tyreese killed hand-to-hand.

Back in the train car, Eugene reveals that before the fall, he helped engineer harmful diseases to fight other harmful diseases. He says his team devised a system that could kill all humans on the planet — and that same system might be able to kill off the walkers.

Rick's crew rescues the rest of the group from the train car. Newly reunited, they fight their way out of Terminus.

Rick leads the group to the weapons cache in the woods. He insists they go back to kill the remaining Terminus residents, but the others disagree. "The fences are down," Maggie reasons. "They'll run or die." Carol appears. Daryl runs up to Carol and hugs her tightly, both of them share tears of joy seeing each other being alive and well. "Did you do that?" Rick asks, embracing her as well and thanking her for saving them.

Carol leads everyone to the cabin, where Tyreese awaits with Judith. Rick and Carl sprint over and joyfully reunite with the baby, while Sasha embraces her brother.

As the group rests, Tyreese tells Carol that he killed Martin. Rick decides that they will get as far away from Terminus as possible. Abraham intends to tell Rick about their mission but not yet. The group follows the railroad tracks until they happen upon a Terminus sign. Rick crosses out most of the text and modifies it to read, "No sanctuary."

In a flashback, one of the marauders – the same deranged man released during the Terminus firefight – enters the train car where Gareth and the others are imprisoned. He throws Mary into the car and selects a young woman, who is dragged off to be raped again. Gareth comforts Mary but as he tells her its alright the man backhands him across the face with a flashlight and informs Gareth, "No, it's not." He leaves and Gareth vows to Mary that they will take back Terminus. "You're either the butcher or the cattle," he declares.

Weeks after Rick's escape from Terminus, a masked stranger marches down the railroad tracks. He stops to see the Terminus sign Rick modified, and hangs his head. He removes his mask. It's Morgan. He starts to follow a series of markings on trees - a circle with an X inside - to an unknown destination. It is unknown who it was that left the signs.


The episode begins with a shot of the smoke rising from Terminus. The group are on the road once again and decide to take a break. As Glenn and Maggie share a tender moment, Tara approaches Rick. "You didn't wanna be there. That’s why I tried to talk to you," Rick tells Tara, referring to how he called Tara out before the bloody showdown with The Governor. He's thankful she saved Glenn and welcomes her into the group, and even accepts her offer of a fist bump. Carol and Tyreese are filling water bottles from a creek and talk about whether the group will accept Carol for killing Karen and David at the prison. Carol says they don't have to accept it, but Tyreese insists that they do. Tyreese states that they don't have to tell them about Lizzie and Mika as he feels that explaining what happened to Mika and Lizzie might be a tougher sell and that he wants to forget what happened.

The group continue on their journey and come across a lone walker. Michonne says she's got it, and reaches reflexively for the katana that she lost to Terminus. Sighing, she takes it out by striking it with her gun and bashing its head in with the butt of her gun. Abraham sees this and tells Rosita, "right there is why we're waiting for our moment."

That night as the group makes camp in the woods, Rick talks to Carol. "I owe you everything," he tells her. Carol responds, "You owe Tyreese, he was at the prison." Carol pulls Rick’s watch out of her bag and gives it back to him. He tells Carol he saw the Terminus residents murder Sam. He offers her watch back, but she refuses. Rick admits some regret at sending her away, to which she responds, "you said I could survive. You were right." He notes the irony of kicking her out and then having to live with her on the road. "Will you have us?" he asks. She nods.

Later in the woods, Carol and Daryl are sitting in the woods and have a chance to talk about the horrible things that have happened recently. But after a long silence, she says she doesn't want to. "I just need to forget it," she says, echoing what Tyreese said. They both hear a noise and get up to look. Daryl says it’s nothing, but something is watching them and moving around.

Walking around in the woods again, everyone hears a noise and prepare their weapons. Daryl comes out of the woods with some squirrels he caught. "We surrender," he jokingly says. Daryl mentions to Rick he didn't see any tracks of what was watching them from last night. Abraham starts trying to talk Rick into his plan, innocuously suggesting they find a road and go north until they find a vehicle.

Bob and Sasha are playing a game called "Good Out of the Bad" where Sasha mentions a bad thing and Bob has to find a silver lining. For example, "Danger around every corner" equals to "Never a dull moment." The two of them kiss, and Sasha explains the game to Tyreese, who is observing happily.

The group hears cries for help, and Carl convinces Rick to help. There, they find a man up on a rock surrounded by walkers. The group dispatch all of the walkers and immediately forms a perimeter. Rick tells the man he can come down and he does. He asks if he’s okay and the man throws up, apologizes, thanks the group, and introduces himself as Father Gabriel Stokes to the distrusting group. Gabriel says he has no weapons and that The Word of God is the only protection he needs, which gets a cynical, "sure didn’t look like it" from Daryl. Gabriel says he called for help and God answered with their arrival. He asks for food and Carl offers a meager handful of pecans. Gabriel says Judith is a beautiful child. When pressed by Rick, he says he has a church. Rick makes him put his hands above his head and starts searching him for weapons, asking him the 3 questions from the prison.

"How many walkers have you killed?"

"Not any, actually."

"How many people have you killed?"



"Because the Lord abhors violence."

"What have you done? We’ve all done something."

"I am a sinner, I sin almost every day. But those sins I confess them to God, not strangers."

As they head to Gabriel's church, Rick asks if Gabriel was the one watching them. Gabriel says he keeps to himself because people are just as dangerous as the dead. "No. People are worse," Rick says. Gabriel says that the rock was the furthest he’s been from his church since it started, but then starts defiantly joking that maybe he’s lying and leading them into a trap so he can steal all of their squirrels. "Members of my flock had often told me that my sense of humor leaves much to be desired," Gabriel says when he sees the less than friendly reaction to his joke.

The group soon arrive at the church. Rick cautiously asks to go in the church first so they can "hold on to their squirrels," and the group does, guns drawn. Inside Carol finds a book on a desk that shows Gabriel, or someone, has been copying the Bible by hand. He’s written "Thou Shalt Not Kill" in huge letters on one page. Rick finds empty food cans around the altar. Glenn, who almost got the group hurt by releasing the crazed man previously, finds a a picture with the words of Galatians 6:9: "and let us not grow weary of doing good. For in due season we will reap if we do not give up." Michonne takes notice of children's drawings. Rick calls the rest of the people in. Abraham suggests fixing the church’s short bus and taking it to D.C. Michonne wants to rest and gather supplies first, though, and Rick agrees. Abraham looks like he wants to object, but Glenn tells them that one way or another they’re following Rick and not splitting up. Tara adds a "What he said" and even Bob piles on. Inside, Gabriel says he’s been living off the food from the church’s annual canned food drive and scavenging. He says he’s cleaned out every place nearby except for one that’s overrun by about a dozen walkers. Bob and Sasha agree to go with Rick to check it out and Tyreese agrees to babysit Judith. Rick thanks Tyreese for his help.

Rick makes Gabriel go with them because he doesn’t trust him. Before he leaves, Rick has a talk with Carl. Carl says he does trust Gabriel because he feels that everybody can't be bad. Rick tells Carl that Gabriel may have friends and he needs him to stay to help Tyreese protect Judith. Rick tells Carl that no matter what, he's not safe and makes him promise to never let his guard down. Before he leaves, though, Carl calls Rick back. He tells him that they are strong enough that they can still help people, and that they don’t have to be afraid or to hide. However, Rick still believes that Gabriel is hiding something.

On the way to scavenge the food bank are Rick, Gabriel, Bob, Sasha and Michonne. Bob is trying to talk Rick into going to Washington. He notes a double meaning of Rick's words that the Terminants "don’t get to live," pointing out that when you push yourself too far there are things you can’t get back. Although Rick is not even sure he’s going to go, Bob is convinced that Eugene can cure the virus and that things will go back to something like the way they were. "And if you let too much go along the way, that’s not going to work," Bob says. Rick says this is the real world and Bob says "Nah, this is a nightmare. And nightmares end." But he also admits his optimism is maybe, "just one of those parts of not letting go."

Carol and Daryl are walking down the road. Carol is reluctant to talk about what happened when she was separated from the group. Daryl says they can start over and that Carol saved them, but she just says they got lucky. They come to an abandoned car and Carol checks it out. The car's battery appears to be dead, but Daryl interrupts her as she's checking the trunk. "Whatever happened, happened. Let’s start over," Daryl says. Carol says she wants to, and Daryl says she can. Inside the trunk Carol finds an emergency starter. She pushes a button on it and shows its got a little battery power left, so she says they should leave the car for backup in case things go bad at the church.

Maggie and Tara are on a separate mission to loot a gun store. The door is kicked in and they both agree the chances of leftovers are super slim. There’s a noise from inside and they draw their guns. Glenn comes out and admits he tripped over a stack of boxes and mop, and that he found three silencers stashed in a mini-fridge inside. "There's nothing left in this world that isn't hidden," he says, words which stick to Tara.

Rick’s group arrives at what Gabriel says was a food bank that served the whole county. They draw their weapons and go inside cautiously. There’s a huge hole in the floor. It leads to a basement filled with water and stinky, decayed walkers. "If a sewer could puke, this is what it’d smell like," Bob says. Sasha suggests using some metal shelves in the muck to block the walkers and Rick agrees it’s a good plan.

They climb down the shelves and Rick forces a terrified Gabriel to go with. Inside, the water is up to their waists. Gabriel sees a walker that looks like a church lady with big glasses and panics. He tries to get up the stairs but the stairs break. The others push down the shelves and fight their way through the walkers to save Gabriel. Rick catches up to the church lady walker and busts her rotten head open before she can get Gabriel.

Bob walks over to get some supplies and confidently says, "I know which way it’s gonna break." As he's pulling a box of supplies, a walker pulls him down into the water. Bob comes back up fighting a walker that looks like it has rotted away to nothing. Bob impales it on a pipe and Sasha smashes its head open with a storage container. She goes to Bob and asks him if he’s okay and he says that he's fine, though apparently shaken.

The group loads up huge carts with lots of food and are leaving. Gabriel apologizes for panicking. Rick asks if he knew the church lady walker when she was still alive and Gabriel won’t answer. "Yeah, I get it. You only tell your sins to God," Rick says sarcastically. On the way Rick asks Michonne if she misses her katana. She says it really wasn't hers anyway, she found it at the beginning of the outbreak. She says she got so good by killing all day with it but it wasn't life for her. "Stumbling around in three feet of slime for some peas and carrots, that’s living," she says. Michonne says she misses Andrea and Hershel, but she doesn't miss what was before and that she doesn't miss her katana.

They arrive at the church, and Carl shows Rick some deep scratches that indicate that people had tried to get into the church. He also found that someone scratched the words, "you’ll burn for this" into the outer wall of the church. "Doesn't mean Gabriel’s a bad guy for sure. But it means something," Carl says.

At night, the group has a cheerful celebration. Abraham proposes a toast. He says each and everyone of the group has earned the title of survivor and toasts. "To the survivors," and everyone toasts back, but he continues, "is that all you want to be?" he asks, and makes his pitch again for Washington. He says just surviving is just surrender. Carol considers making a run out the door to that car she found at this moment.

Abraham says Eugene will make the dead die and the living will have this world again and that is not a bad takeaway for a little road trip. Eugene says there's infrastructure constructed to withstand pandemics even of this "FUBAR magnitude" which means food, fuel and refuge and an end to the walker plague. Looking at Judith, Abraham asks them to save the world for that little one or for themselves, or for the people out there. Rick hears Judith coo and jokes, "she’s in. If she's in I'm in. We're in. Let’s do it," and everyone cheers. Bob asks Sasha for one more kiss, and then he gets up and leaves, clearly consumed in thought.

Tara takes this time to tell Maggie that she was at the prison with the Governor. She says she didn’t know who he was or what he could do. Maggie forgives her as well, saying "You’re here with us now," and offering a hug. Rick thanks Gabriel for the hospitality and letting them drink the Communion wine. Gabriel is drinking it too, he says it’s just wine until its blessed and anyway there’s no one left to take communion. Rick tells Gabriel he knows he’s hiding something. "These people are my family. And if what you're hiding til now hurts them in any way, I’ll kill you," Rick says.

Carol has made a run for the abandoned car. She’s got it started but the engine noise draws a walker, which she stabs. Daryl comes out of the woods and asks what she’s doing, she states that she doesn't know. He tries to lead her back to the church and it looks like she’s going to go, but just at that moment they hear, and then see, a car with a white cross in the back like the one that took Beth speed by. "They got Beth!" says Daryl, and as he breaks the tail lights of the car Carol was going to use to run away. They both pile in the car and give pursuit.

Bob’s outside, smiling a happy smile that fades as he looks at the church. He then wanders off into the woods and leans against a tree and cries. A hooded figure in a robe knocks him out. A symbol that looks like a horizontal line with a small vertical line descending from its right edge, possibly related to the marks Morgan saw, is seen on a tree.

Bob wakes and sees blurry faces and a fire. They are the remaining residents of Terminus. One of them is Martin, beat up but not dead as Tyreese claimed. "The good news is, you’re not dead yet," Gareth says. They have Bob tied to a pole. Gareth says they didn't want to hurt them, before, but these are things they have to do. "You and your people took away our home, and in order to survive, we have to hunt." During a montage of the group celebrating and eating, Gareth gives a speech about how the Termites didn't start out eating people or doing the things they've done. One shot shows Gabriel looking at a picture of the church lady, who was a church organist, with him while she was alive.

"We evolved. We had to. And now we've devolved into hunters," Gareth says. "I told you. I said it. Can’t go back, Bob." He says he just hopes Bob understands it's not personal, that even though they put them in that situation they would have done this to anybody. Gareth says that at the end of the day no matter how much they hate all this ugly business, a man’s gotta eat. Bob is shown to be missing his left leg, amputated about at the knee. He begins panicking out of shock.

Gareth takes a bite of Bob’s cooked leg right in front of him. "If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would," Gareth says. The Terminants feast on Bob's leg, now roasting on a makeshift grill.

"Four Walls and a Roof"

As Gareth continues to calmly speak to Bob, while walkers growl at them from inside the elementary school they are camping outside of, Bob becomes more and more visibly distressed. Finally, Bob begins chuckling, then breaks into a laugh as Gareth tries to chastise him for not listening. The rest of the group come over, commenting that Bob has "lost it". Bob, however, gleefully pulls his shirt down, revealing a bite wound on his shoulder, and laughing as he explains that he has been bitten and is therefore "tainted meat". As the members of his group are react in horror, Gareth angrily kicks Bob into unconsciousness, while explaining that they will be fine.

Sasha exits the church searching for Bob, and, after killing two walkers, is joined by Rick and Tyreese, who take her back inside. Sasha claims that they are being watched by unknown assailants, and angrily confronts Gabriel, accusing him of being involved in Bob's disappearance. Rick pulls her away from Gabriel and calmly confronts Gabriel himself, demanding to know what Gabriel had done in the past to warrant someone writing You will burn for this on the side of his church. Gabriel tearfully reveals that during the beginning of the apocalypse he denied anyone else entry to the church, allowing them to be killed by the walkers, and tearfully declares that Rick's group has been sent by God to finally punish him. As Rick listens, a faint whistling can be heard coming from outside, and Glenn reports that someone has been left lying in the grass.

Rick's group rushes out to discover Bob lying in the grass, and begin carrying him inside as walkers approach. However, The Hunters open fire on them from the trees, and Rick blindly fires off all of his bullets into the trees. Inside the church, Bob regains consciousness and reveals that Gareth and five other Terminus survivors are responsible for his missing leg, and attempts to describe where they had been staying. Sasha asks if they have any thing they can give him to ease his pain, but Bob refuses, revealing his bite to the group. As they wonder how long he has, Glenn reminds them that Jim had survived two days before they left him to turn. Gabriel tells them that they can put Bob on a couch in his office, and Sasha thanks him.

As Sasha tends to Bob, Rick asks Gabriel if he recognized the place Bob described. Gabriel says that it sounded like an elementary school within walking distance of the church.

Rick meets with the group to discuss what to do next, his choice being to hunt down Gareth's group. Abraham, however, insists they leave, as it is too dangerous for them to keep Eugene in such a hostile zone. Rick and Abraham begin arguing, and nearly come to blows until Glenn finally gets Abraham to agree to stay for one more half of a day, in exchange for Glenn's guarantee that he, Maggie, and Tara will accompany them to Washington, D.C..

As the group prepares to leave to confront Gareth, Sasha spends time comforting Bob. As Bob sleeps, Tyreese approaches Sasha, and asks her not to come with them to confront Gareth. Sasha reminds him of how he felt when Karen was killed, but Tyreese claims that he had simply been blinded by anger at the time, and that only forgiveness was truly facing your demons. Sasha angrily asks if he is asking her to forgive Gareth for everything he had done, and pointed out that they had no choice but to kill him. Tyreese disagrees, saying that while the rest of the group doesn't have a choice she does. Sasha finally consents, and gives Tyreese her dagger, telling him to put it through Bob's temple after he dies.

Under the cover of night, Rick, Michonne, Abraham, Glenn, and Maggie leave the church to go to the elementary school. As they disappear into the woods, the Hunters appear, arriving at the church from a different route, and break in. As they search the church, Gareth asks the group to come out, revealing that he knows that Rick had taken some of their members and most of their guns to the elementary school. When they don't comply, he calls for Father Gabriel saying that if he reveals himself and the group, they will spare him, and even let him leave with Judith. As they search, Judith begins crying and gives away the group's location. Gareth and the Hunters give the survivors one last chance to come out before they break down the door, and, when no one replies, orders the Hunters to force their way in.

Albert and Mike approach the door but are both shot in the head from behind. The Hunters turn around as Rick orders them to drop their weapons. Gareth begins to panic and tries to get Rick to back down by threatening the rest of his group, but Rick unceremoniously shoots off his middle and index fingers as he points at the door. Gareth falls to his knees and tells the rest of the Hunters to do as Rick says. All of them except Martin kneel, who insists they haven't been beaten. Abraham steps out of the shadows and puts his rifle to Martin's head, and orders him to get down, which Martin does. Rick then walks to Gareth, who tries to tell Rick that they used be good people who really did accept newcomers into Terminus until "they" arrived and changed everything, and tries to convince Rick to let them go. Rick explains why it's too dangerous for him to do that, then reminds Gareth of a promise he made to him back in Terminus, before pulling the machete with the red handle from his belt and slicing Gareth's head apart. The rest of Rick's group slaughter the remaining Hunters.

When it is all over, Gabriel opens the door and surveys the carnage, as Rick, Michonne and Abraham walk past him to check on the rest of the group. Gabriel is shocked, and looks at Maggie and Glenn in astonishment, meekly exclaiming, "This is the Lord's house!" Maggie looks at him, and coldly replies, "No, this is four walls and a roof."

The morning after, each member of the group says goodbye to Bob as he begins to succumb to his bite. Bob asks for a moment alone with Rick, but when Rick attempts to give Judith to Carl, Bob tells him to let Judith stay, joking that he trusted her. Bob thanks Rick for showing him that there were still good people in the world, and for taking him in. Rick takes Bob's hand for a minute before leaving, and Sasha returns to stay by Bob's side in his final moments. Slowly, Bob dies, and Sasha breaks down in tears and leaves as Tyreese uses the knife she gave him to stab Bob in the head.

Later, after burying Bob, Abraham gives Rick a map depicting the route they would be taking to Washington. The group has decided to split up, with Abraham's group, along with Glenn, Maggie, and Tara leaving for Washington, and the rest of the group promising to follow after Daryl and Carol return. Rick then opens the map to find the message, "Sorry for being an asshole. Come to Washington. The world's gonna need RICK GRIMES". As the church bus carrying Abraham's group departs, Rick sees Tyreese digging graves for the Hunters, goes to help and asks him what it was like for him getting to Terminus. Tyreese replies "It killed me", after awhile Rick says "No it didn't".

That night, Michonne is sitting outside the church, inspecting her katana, which she had found in Martin's backpack. Gabriel comes and sits on the steps next to her, commenting that he can't sleep after what has happened. Michonne tells him that although that feeling never goes away, it will lessen over time. They are interrupted by rustling from the forest. Gabriel returns into the church as Michonne goes to inspect. As she slowly walks to the tree line, she sees a few bushes rustling, and Daryl appears. Michonne grins at the sight of Daryl, but the smile fades as she asks where Carol is. Daryl pauses, staring at her, before looking over his shoulder and telling someone they can come out.


Beth wakes up on a hospital bed with her arm in a cast and sutures on her cheek. She gets up and looks out the window, and finds herself in Atlanta. Beth bangs the door, asking for help. Someone opens the door, and Beth steps back. A doctor and a female cop enter the room and introduce themselves as Dr. Steven Edwards and Officer Dawn Lerner. They tell Beth that she is in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and she was found on the road, wrist broken and was alone when they found her. In an ominous tone Dawn tells Beth, "You owe us."

Beth accompanies Steven as he makes his rounds. His first stop is a man they found under a bridge. He unceremoniously pulls the plug and stabs his brain. Resources are scarce, if a patient doesn't improve almost immediately they have to cut them off. They take the body for disposal. "Come on, the body’s getting cold," Dawn says. They take the bodies and drop them down an elevator shaft to the basement. Dawn explains that if the body is still warm the walkers will take care of most of it.

When Beth gets food she runs into Gorman, who states that he was the one who found and saved her. He reminds her that everything costs something as she gets her food and suggests that she be a bit friendlier. On her way to the Dr. Edwards' office, Beth passes Dawn’s office and hears Dawn lecture Noah about how to do her laundry. "If you’re safe enough to be bored, you’re lucky," Beth tells Dr. Edwards when he complains about his job.

A new patient is whisked in, Gavin Trevitt, who fell from a second floor window. The officer who brings him in whispers to Dawn, who suddenly becomes much more involved. Dr. Edwards says that it’s a losing battle but Dawn insists that he try anyway. Things aren't looking good. The doctor shows Dawn his bruised stomach and that he is suffering from too much internal bleeding. When the doctor delivers the bad news Dawn turns and slaps Beth, re-opening her sutured cheek. Dawn tells Beth to "try and grasp the stakes here."

Dr. Edwards re-stitches Beth’s cheek and leaves so she can put on a fresh shirt that Noah left for her. She finds a lollipop in the pocket and smiles. Beth walks down the hall and finds a woman, Joan, who's been bitten. Her arm has to be amputated but she refuses treatment and was caught trying to leave the hospital. Beth is forced help hold her down while the doctors saw her arm off.

Beth goes to the laundry room with her bloody clothes and meets Noah, who left her the lollipop. Beth wonders why Joan would try to escape and why couldn't she just work off her debt and leave. Noah informs her that they tend to save people that are weak and unable to fight. They save them and force them to stay until they've worked off their debt. Noah states that he was from a walled community in Richmond, Virginia, and he's taking off when he gets the chance.

Dawn brings Beth some food and Beth tells her she's not staying any longer than they make her. Dawn tries to sell her on staying at the hospital. She thinks that the world will return to normal and it's important to keep safety and order. However, Beth stays strong on her decision to leave. As she mops up blood in newly-amputated Joan's room, Joan wakes up. She tells Beth that Dawn could control her men but she doesn't because it's easier. She refuses to tell Beth what they did to her and tells her, "It doesn't matter. I guess it's easier to make a deal with the devil when you're not the one paying the price."

Back in her room, Beth looks for her lollipop under the mattress. Officer Gorman walks in sucking on it. "Lost something?" He offers Beth a taste and pushes it in her mouth. Dr. Edwards comes in before the situation escalates. "Girl should've been mine," Gorman says. Dr. Edwards challenges him over his "ownership" of Joan, telling him that no one is anyone’s property. Dawn comes by and Gorman threatens the doctor by saying Dawn won't always be in charge. When they all leave, Beth asks the doctor why he stays. In response he takes her to the ground floor.

He bangs on the metal shutters with a pipe. Walkers immediately attack. Atlanta is a bad place to be. Then they head up to the roof. Edwards tells her how it all started, with Atlanta destroyed, they started to trade care for service. The man in charge, Hanson, started to crack and got people killed. Dawn "took care of him" and kept them safe. "As bad as it gets, it's still better than down there."

Dr. Edwards tells Beth to check on Mr. Trevitt and instructs her to give him 75mg of Clozapine. Beth goes down and injects it. Noah stops by just as Trevitt starts to seize and flatlines. When Dawn demands to know what happened, Noah takes the blame, saying he accidentally unplugged the ventilator. Dawn tells an officer to take Noah to her office. When Beth tries to explain what happened to Dr. Edwards, he says, "You gave him Clonazepam, right?" Beth is confused and hears Noah being beaten in the other room.

Later, Dawn comes to Beth's room. She knows that Noah didn't unplug the ventilator. She says she had to beat Noah. She proceeds to tell Beth that she isn't the greater good and hence isn't keeping her worth. "The wards keep my officers happy. The happier my officers are the harder they work to keep us going." Beth goes to see Noah who had sustained a cut on the eyebrow and a black eye, who says he's fine. He tells her that he knows that Trevitt was important to Dawn for some reason. Beth says she'll leave with him. He tells Beth that he'll distract Dawn while she makes a play for her spare elevator key.

When they get their chance, Beth goes through Dawn's drawers. She finds a wallet and finds an ID with St. Ignatius Hospital on the back. Then she looks over and finds the body of Joan on the floor. It is revealed that she killed herself by opening up the sutures on her amputation and bleeding out.

Ignoring the body, she finds the spare key in a drawer just as Gorman walks in. He offers to keep quiet if Beth will be friendly. Beth looks over and sees Joan reanimating. She agrees to go along with Gorman to buy some time, then smashes a jar on his head, knocking him to the ground where he's bitten in the jugular by Joan. Beth grabs his gun and runs.

When she sees Dawn in the hallway, she says that Joan was looking for her and that she saw her and Gorman heading toward her office. Noah and Beth make a break for the elevator shaft while screams echo from Dawn's office. Noah lowers Beth down the shaft on a makeshift rope. As he climbs down the rope after her, a walker reaches through some partially open elevator doors. He falls into the pile of bodies at the bottom of the shaft. Beth jumps down after him.

Noah's leg is injured, but he can limp. They fight their way out of the basement into the parking lot. More walkers on the other side of the fence arrive. They climb through and Beth fights walkers while Noah squeezes through a gate on the other side. Beth, having been slowed down by walkers, is tackled by an officer. As she's wrestled to the ground, she sees Noah escaping and smiles.

Dawn dresses down Beth in her office. Beth pleads self defense. She accuses Dawn of letting these things happen. Dawn says she has to. "NO ONE’S COMIN' DAWN. We’re all gonna die and you let this happen for NOTHIN’!" Dawn looks at the floor and sees a shattered picture of her and a man before knocking her out.

Later, Dr. Edwards is seen examining Beth's new forehead sutures. As he leaves the room Beth confronts him, "How did you know Trevitt was a doctor? That's why you had me give him the wrong meds, right? Why did you have me kill him? 'Cuz if he had lived there'd be another doctor and Dawn wouldn't need you." Edwards doesn't fight the charge. He says they would have kicked him out or had him killed. He states, "When they arrested Christ, Peter denied being one of his disciples. He didn't have a choice, they would have crucified him too."

He leaves the room. Beth picks up a pair of scissors and follows him. She stalks him down the hallway and sees Carol brought in on a stretcher.

"Self Help"

The episode starts with Abraham driving down the road in the church bus. Rosita is teasing Abraham about his hair getting long, and Abraham jokes that he’s thinking about becoming a plumber. Rosita says she’ll cut Abraham’s hair later that night.

Tara tell Eugene that his hair is getting a little long in the back and suggests he gets it cut. Then, she jokes, “Or is it your source of power?” Eugene responds, “I ain’t slaying a lion anytime soon.” Tara asks Eugene what’s up, and he says he’s thinking about what that preacher did.

Maggie tells Glenn that maybe Daryl and Carol came back and the rest of them are right behind them. Maggie turns around and asks Eugene how long it will take once he gets on the terminal and does what he needs to do. Eugene says it depends on the density of the infected around target sites worldwide. After Eugene rattles off some more scientific mumbo-jumbo, Glenn asks Eugune, “Why the hair?” Eugene says because he likes it, and he adds no one is taking scissor or clipper to it anytime soon. Eugene says that the smartest man he ever knew, his old boss T. Brooks Ellis, the director of the human genome project, loved his hair.

As the bus passes by a group of walkers, the engine suddenly blows out. The bus swerves and flips over on its side. Walkers start to approach the motionless bus. In a flashback, someone is beating a man to death with a can. The camera pans out and it’s Abraham doing the beating. Abraham stands up and steps on the throat of the beaten man, killing him. The camera pans out again to reveal that they are in a grocery store, and there are several other bodies on the floor. Abraham turns around and calls out the name "Ellen."

Back on the flipped over bus, Abraham is calling out for Eugene, as everyone on the bus is starting to regain their composure from the crash. Because the engine is on fire, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, and Rosita bust out the back door of the bus to fight off the walkers. Tara stays on the bus to protect Eugene. When a walker tries to get in through a bus window, Tara stabs it and tells Eugene it’s time to be brave. Tara gives Eugene a knife, and they both leave the bus to help. At first, Eugene just stands around petrified. However, when he sees a walker coming up behind Tara, he rushed over to stab it to save her.

After all the walkers have been dispatched, Abraham barks out an order to check Eugene to see if he’s hurt. Eugene says he’s fine, but he notices blood on Abraham’s hand and asks if it his blood. Abraham says yes that his cut just reopened again. Before they can head into the bus to retrieve their supplies, the bus burst into flames.

Eugene suggests that they head back to the church, but Abraham insists that they have to continue on the mission. Abraham says retreat means they lose, that they don’t go back. Glenn says they are going with him that he’s calling this thing, but he just needs to know that Abraham is good. Abraham says he took a pretty good hit with the crash, but as long as they are rolling on, he’s good. Glenn says, “We’re rolling on.” Tara suggests that maybe they can find some bikes because bikes don't burn. Eugene goes and looks at the walker he stabbed, then he spits on it. Abraham and the group continue their journey on foot.

In a flashback scene, Abraham is in the grocery store yelling out for Ellen. Abraham stumbles down the aisles until he finds a woman (Ellen) and two kids crouched down behind a counter.

Back in the present, Abraham and the group break into a book store. Once inside, they start setting up shop, by getting water from the toilet, building a barricade with bookshelves, and tearing out book pages to use in a fire. Rosita uses some string from a book spine to sew up the gash in Abraham’s hand.

After Rosita finishes patching him up, Abraham says that he’s going to take a sweep. Glenn finds Abraham watching walkers outside the window. Abraham thanks Glenn for coming with him. Glenn asks Abraham if he’s going to wrap up his hand, but Abraham says he’s going to let it get some air that he cut it pretty bad back at the church.

Abraham says it’s kind of reached the point where everyone alive is strong now. Abraham says he wants to say it’s never easy to kill someone, but it’s not the truth, that it’s the easiest thing in the world now. Glenn tells Abraham that he should turn in and get some rest, but Abraham says he really needs some ass first. After Abraham walks away, Glenn says, “I didn't need to know that, but cool.”

As Abraham and Rosita are having sex, Rosita looks up and says Eugene is watching them from the self help section. Abraham laughs and says don’t worry that he’s harmless.

Tara comes up behind Eugene, and Eugene admits to watching Abraham and Rosita. Eugene says he enjoys the female form, and he considers it to be a victimless crime which provides a distraction. Tara says that she was looking for Eugene to thank him for saving her life back at the bus. Eugene reveals that he sabotaged the bus to make it crash. Eugene says he put crushed glass in the fuel line back at the church and that the vehicle should have failed before it even got to the road. When Tara asks why he did that, Eugene says that he couldn't survive on his own. Eugene says that if he couldn't save the world that there is no way they would keep him around. Tara says they would because they're friends. Tara says that Eugene needs to keep secret what he did and not to do it again.

Glenn is sleeping next to Maggie. Maggie is staring up into space. Glenn asks if she’s thinking about them, and Maggie says she feels guilty. Glenn jokes around about having a vacation on a bookstore floor. Maggie says it’s just good having this because it’s not about what was it’s about what’s going to be.

In another flashback, Abraham tells Ellen and the kids that they are safe now that he stopped them. Ellen is shaking and the kids are hiding behind her. Abraham tells them that it’s okay and then looks down at his blood covered hands.

Rosita is wrapping up Abraham’s hand in bandages. Rosita says she thinks that they should stay here today, but Abraham says they need to keep moving. Abraham says every minute they waste in getting Eugene to Washington people are dying. Maggie says that this store was hardly touched that they could spend one more day searching for supplies. Rosita says they will sweep as they go.

Abraham says they have a vehicle, and he looks out the window at a fire truck. He adds that the vehicle has 500 gallons of water on it. At first the fire truck won't crank, but Abraham eventually gets it started. However, after they pull out, the fire truck chokes down. As Abraham starts to work on the fire truck, a tire goes rolling by them. Then, a whole bunch of walkers come out of a building, released after the fire truck moved forward and allowed the building's door to open free. Abraham and the rest are overrun, but Eugene turns the fire hose on the walkers and takes them out. Abraham says he's been to eight county fairs and one goat rodeo and he’s never seen anything like that.

Glenn says there's a Goodwill where there might be some supplies. But Abraham is against waiting, he climbs on the roof of the fire truck to clean out the intake for the engine. Abraham starts laughing when he sees written on the ground, "Sick inside let them die."

In a flashback, Abraham wakes up on the floor of the grocery store from earlier. He looks around and Ellen and the kids are gone. There is a note that says, “Don’t try to find us.” He then leaves to look for them.

Abraham and his group are now a ways down the road in the fire truck. Evidently, Abraham got the truck running, but it’s stopped again. Eugene is reading the H.G. Well’s book "The Shape Of Things To Come" on the back of the fire truck. Maggie tells Eugene that she knows why he has the haircut. Eugene says that it’s because he likes it, but Maggie goes into a story about how it lets everyone know he’s not like everyone else. Maggie says a lot of people in his position would have given up.

Glenn smells something, and they look ahead down the road where they spy a horde of walkers, and large farms equally infested at both sides. Glenn tells everyone they have to turn around and head back. Abraham says that he’s not giving up the ship. Abraham says that they can get through that they aren't going around or back.

Rosita tells Abraham no that the others are right. Abraham grabs Eugene and starts walking back to the fire truck. Everyone else tries to stop Abraham but then, Eugene starts screaming, "I’m not a scientist." Eugene says he lied, that he’s not a scientist, and that he doesn't know how to stop it.

Everyone is standing around staring at Eugene. Rosita insists that Eugene is a scientist. Eugene says that he just knows things and is a good liar and knows that he’s smarter than most people. He says that he just wanted to get to DC, because he believes that locale holds the strongest possibility for survival. He just wanted to trick some people into taking him there.

Rosita says that people died trying to get him to DC. Eugene acknowledges this fact by recounting the name of every single person that died for him. He says that as the reality of getting to DC came closer that he tried to slow their path. Eugene says he also says he also lied about T. Brooks Ellis liking his hair. Abraham gets up and punches Eugene out. Eugene falls face flat into the pavement.

As Abraham goes at Eugene again, Rosita steps in front of him and puts her hand on her gun. Maggie rolls Eugene over, but he’s out cold. Abraham walks away and falls to his knees on the roadway.

In a flashback, Abraham is looking at the bodies of Ellen and the kids. He’s about to commit suicide by bullet, when he hears someone screaming for help. It’s Eugene being chased by three walkers. Abraham kills the three walkers, then starts to walk away. Eugene calls out to him to stop, saying that he can’t leave. Abraham asks why, and Eugene says he has a very important mission.


The episode begins with a flashback of Carol driving away from Rick in the station wagon. Carol is parked on the side of the road and is sobbing against the steering wheel. A walker comes up and starts banging on the window, and Carol screams at it to go away, before driving off.

Carol pulls up in front of The Whalen Law Firm, LLP office building. She goes inside to look around. She rattles a can of pens to see if any walkers are inside. She gathers some empty water bottles from a recycling bin to use to store water. Later that night, she goes to sleep with her pistol in her hand. During the day, Carol is at the window setting up plastic bags to capture rain water, when she spots smoke billowing up from the direction of the prison. She gets in her station wagon and drives to the prison to see it in flames.

Presently, Carol and Daryl are following the car with the white cross on the window. Carol is asking Daryl about his time with Beth after the prison. Carol suggests that they could end it quick by just running the car off the road, but Daryl says that the driver might refuse to talk, so they should continue to follow them. Daryl says they have the advantage right now, and if Beth is being held, they will do what they have to do to get her back.

As the car enters the city, it comes to a stop. Daryl stops behind it, and he wonders why the car is waiting. A police officer gets out of the passenger side of the car, and Daryl says they are two of them. A walker comes up and starts banging on the window of Daryl and Carol's car.

The police officer is dragging bicycles and what looks like a body around, and he looks back in the direction of Daryl and Carol's car. Then, the police officer gets back in his car. After the car in front of them leaves, Daryl tries to start their car, but the gas tank is now empty and it won't start.

Daryl tells Carol that they need to find some place to hold-up until sunrise. Carol says she knows a place just a couple blocks away, and she rolls down the window and stabs the walker outside in the head.

Daryl and Carol break into an office building to take shelter for the night. Daryl finds some keys on the body of a walker, which helps them unlock doors inside. Daryl asks Carol if she used to work in the building or something. Carol says, "Something."

Daryl asks what this place is, and Carol says that it's temporary housing. Daryl asks Carol if she came here, and Carol says that she did, but she didn't stay. They find a room with bunk beds, and Carol says that she will take the top bunk. Carol also says that she will take first watch.

As Daryl sits on the bottom bunk, Carol asks, "You said that we get to start over. Did you?" Daryl says, "I'm trying." Daryl asks Carol what’s really on her mind, and Carol says that she doesn’t think they get to save people anymore. Daryl asks then why is she here, and Carol replies, "I’m trying." Daryl asks what would have happened if he hadn't shown up while Carol was out by the car, and Carol says she still doesn't know. Carol lays down beside Daryl in the bottom bunk.

Suddenly, they hear a sound, and Daryl grabs his crossbow. They both go down a long hallway to see a woman walker and a couple of child walkers clawing on the other side of a glass door. Carol starts to go in the room with her knife, but Daryl tells her that she doesn't have to.

Carol wakes up the next morning to see smoke billowing up outside. Daryl has built a fire. He is carrying the bodies of the child walkers in sheets and puts them into the fire. Carol goes outside and thanks Daryl.

In a flashback, Carol is digging a grave, and Tyreese is carrying the bodies of Lizzie and Mika. Carol looks up to see smoke billowing up in the distance.

Back in present time, Daryl and Carol are packing up to go outside. Daryl says they need to get up in a tall building to look around for whoever has Beth. They make their way outside and keep close to the building walls. Daryl peers around a corner and sees several walkers in the roadway. He sees a bridge crossway linking two buildings, and he tells Carol that they can get up there. Daryl takes a notepad out from his backpack and lights it on fire. He throws it out to distract the walkers. Then, Daryl and Carol run by the walkers.

As Daryl and Carol try to go across the bridge between buildings, they find several walkers in sleeping bags and tents. Daryl shoots arrows into and stabs the sleeping bag walkers, and they carefully make their way around the walkers trapped in tents. Daryl and Carol crawl through an opening in a door that is chained up.

Daryl and Carol make their way into what looks like an executive’s office. Carol looks out the window at the burned and destroyed city below. Carol says that Daryl still hasn't asked her what happened after she met up with Tyreese and the girls. Daryl says he knows what happened that they ain't here, but Carol says it was worse than that. Daryl says that the reason he says that they get to start over is because they have to.

Daryl notices something outside. He looks through the scope of Carol’s rifle. He shows Carol a van that is wrecked on the bridge. It has two white crosses on the rear window, so he thinks it could be a lead to whoever has Beth. Carol fills up her canteen from a water cooler while Daryl looks at a painting and says that he bets it cost some rich prick a lot of money. He says it looks like a dog sat in paint and wiped its ass all over the place, but Carol says she kind of likes it.

Daryl and Carol make their way back through the small opening in the chained door. Carol pushes the rifle through the doorway and goes outside first. When Daryl gets outside, Noah is holding the rifle and has the drop on both of them. Noah tells Daryl to lay down his crossbow. Noah says that no one has to get hurt that he just needs their weapons. Noah tells them that they look tough and that they will be alright. Then, he cuts the tents open and lets the walkers out, before running away.

Daryl stabs one of the walkers, and Carol pulls out a pistol and shoots one of the walkers. Carol points her gun at Noah’s back, but Daryl pushes the gun away so she misses.

They chase after Noah, but he is gone. Carol asks Daryl if he thought that she was going to kill him. Carol says that she was aiming for his leg. Daryl says that he was just a kid. Carol points out that he got their weapons and without weapons they and Beth could die.

In a flashback scene, Carol is burning the bodies of Karen and David back at the prison.

Back in the present, Daryl and Carol make their way to the van on the bridge. The van is halfway off the edge of the bridge, and Carol points out that it’s not stable. As they search the van, a horde of walkers approach. Daryl notices hospital supplies in the van and that the stretcher is marked "GMH"; Carol says Grady Memorial Hospital is nearby.

As the walkers reach the van, Daryl stabs some of the walkers, and Carol uses her last two bullets. However, they are overrun by walkers and have to climb back into the van to escape.

As they climb into the front of the van, Daryl tells Carol to buckle up, as the walkers push the van off the bridge. The van lands right side up. Daryl and Carol are dazed, but they are both okay. A couple of walkers fall off the bridge onto the van. Daryl and Carol make their way out of the van and take off on foot.

Daryl and Carol are stopped outside a building to rest, and Daryl gives Carol some water to drink. Carol’s shoulder is injured, but she says that she’s had worse. Carol jokes that they made good time getting down.

Carol says they are only three blocks from away Grady. Daryl and Carol enter a building, and Daryl finds a very weak walker lying on the floor still holding a machete, he takes the machete and stabs the walker on the floor. They look across at the hospital. Daryl asks Carol how he was before. Carol says that he was like a kid, but now he’s a man. Daryl asks, “What about her?” Carol says that she and Sophia stayed at the shelter for a day and half, then she went running back to Ed. Carol says that she got beat up, but she didn’t do anything. Carol says that who she was with him got burned away. Carol says that at the prison she got to be who she always thought she should have been, but then she got burned away. Carol says everything now consumes you. Daryl says, “We ain’t ashes.”

Daryl hears something, and they both go to investigate. It’s a walker that is stuck to the wall by an arrow. Carol asks Daryl if it’s one of his arrows, and Daryl says, “Yes.” They hear gunfire, and they walk around the corner of the hall to see Noah struggling with a walker. Noah breaks free, and the walker attacks Carol, but Daryl kills it. Daryl chases after Noah and finds him trying to move a bookshelf that is blocking a door. Daryl smashes Noah into the bookshelf and it falls back on Noah, pinning him beneath. There is walker struggling to get through a door that was behind the bookshelf.

Carol catches up, and Daryl and Carol take their weapons back. Noah is asking why they followed him and begging for help, but Daryl says he already helped him once and it "ain’t happening again". Daryl finds a carton of cigarettes and lights a smoke. Carol yells at Daryl to help Noah, but Daryl says to let him be and walks away. The walker pushes through the door and is about to get Noah, but Daryl turns around and shoots the walker with an arrow at the last second.

In a flashback, Carol is in the woods after her attack on Terminus, she's carrying her weapons and Daryl's crossbow. She falls to her knees and starts to wipe off all the walker blood and guts she smeared on herself to get past the walkers and get inside. She picks up her weapons and starts to walk, while the smoke from Terminus billows in the background.

Daryl and Carol pull the bookshelves off of Noah. Noah goes to the window, and he warns them that they will come now, because the people at the hospital probably heard the shot. Daryl asks him if he saw a blonde girl as the hospital, and Noah says, “You mean Beth? You know her?” Noah explains that Beth helped him get away, but that she is still there.

Daryl, Carol, and Noah take off running to try to escape before the people from the hospital get there. Noah falls down and Daryl stops to help him up, so Carol runs out the door first. Carol gets hit by a station wagon. Daryl is about to go out to rescue Carol, but Noah says that they can help her that they have medicine, machines, and a doctor. Noah says that if Daryl goes out there, he has to kill them, and then Carol wouldn’t be able to get their help.

Daryl asks Noah what it’s going to take to get Carol and Beth back, and Noah says a lot because they have guns and people. Daryl says, “So do we.” Daryl and Noah escape through a fence, and they find a truck to drive away in. Daryl and Noah are driving in the truck as the episode ends.


The group is building the church's defenses. Daryl returns with Noah and tells him about Atlanta. Rick tells Michonne that he can't let Carl go to Atlanta and that he has to stay behind. Michonne tells him that she should go and that Rick should stay. However, Rick tells her that he owes Carol and that he has to leave. Michonne ends up staying behind with Carl, Judith, and Gabriel. Gabriel looks at the blood stains on the floor and tries to scratch them off. Sasha and Tyreese sit in the back of the box truck and Tyreese tries to talk to Sasha. She gives him the cold shoulder.

Once in Atlanta, Rick lays out his plan. Fire a shot in the air, draw a couple of them out. Kill them. Break in the building. Kill the guards. Keep it quiet. Fan out and kill everyone. Tyreese worries about what happens if things go wrong and offers an alternate plan: capture two cops and trade them. Rick says that Tyreese's plan is okay, but insists that his own plan will work for sure. Daryl sides with Tyreese, saying that he wants everyone to live through it.

The group take action. Noah fires a shot and lures a patrol around a corner. When they get out of the car and zip-tie Noah, Rick and the gang surround them, disarm them, have them kneel, and cuff them. One of the cops, Lampson, recognizes that Rick talks like a cop and says he was a cop before the apocalypse as well. Just as Noah is telling Rick that Lampson is a good man, back up arrives. He lays down cover fire while Lampson and his partner get in his car. As they try to get away Sasha shoots out their back tire.

The group chases them around a corner where the car is now deserted. There are a bunch of burnt walkers on the ground. Rick sees Lampson and his partner running behind a building and they take off after them, leaving Daryl behind, who heard someone else. Daryl gets jumped by the officer on back up and a fight ensues, ending up on the ground by the melted walkers. On his back, Daryl grabs the head of one of the walkers, sticks his fingers in its eye sockets, rips its head clean off, and beats the officer with it. Rick shows up and is about to kill the officer but Daryl talks him out of it; three hostages are better than two.

As they take the backup officers into custody, one of them tells them that they can help them if they tell them what they want to do. She proceeds to tell them that Dawn won't trade for them since she doesn't like them, so they should just let them go and they'll take care of Dawn for her. Sasha and Tyreese pillage the officers' car when Sasha rips Bob’s shirt that she wears. Tyreese comforts her. As the group gets ready to leave, Lampson is coaching Rick on what Dawn will say. Rick asks if there’s anything he needs before they go.

With the group gone, Sasha talks to Lampson. He confesses to Sasha that he knew one of the walkers out in the parking lot, that it was an officer friend of his named Bob. He died when he went on a call that Lampson should have gone on. Sasha offers to mercy kill him if Lampson can show her where he is. They go to the window, and Lampson describes his friend. While Sasha is looking through the window, he smashes her into it, knocking her unconscious and runs to the exit.

Eugene is still out cold in the road. Tara labels the water bottles and then refers to the group as a band of brothers. Rosita attempts to talk to Abraham. He smacks the water bottle out of her hands and then jumps to his feet and gets in her face when she starts yelling. Maggie pulls her gun on him with complete conviction. He recognizes it and sits back down. Out of water, they decide to head to a stream, leaving Maggie with Abraham and Eugene. Maggie uses a ladder and a blanket to build a lean-to for Eugene, giving him some shade. Then she goes and tells Abraham to get over himself.

At the stream, Glenn fills a water bottle and despairs at how muddy it is. Rosita makes a water filter to get the dirt out and says that Eugene taught her how to do it. She then relates how she came to be with Abraham and Eugene. As she finishes her story, they see ripples in the water. They go back to scavenge a couple of walkers they saw trapped under a utility pole. They rip their jackets apart for nets and Tara frees a muddy backpack. Rosita and Glenn manage to catch a fish. Rosita says she can clean the fish and Glenn tells her that they can use that skill, wherever they end up. Tara finds a yo-yo.

At the truck, Maggie goes to give water to Abraham. “Did you want me to shoot you?” she asks. “I thought I did. But I didn’t.” Maggie leaves the water by Abraham as Eugene wakes up. As she tends to Eugene, Abraham picks up the water bottle.

At the hospital, Dawn is dealing with her officer’s inability to find Noah. Beth listens in. When the conversation turns to Carol, and the officer wants to let Carol die, Beth interrupts on Carol’s behalf. Her outburst forces Dawn to tell the officer to pull the plug on Carol. When the officer leaves, Dawn gives Beth a key to the drug locker and tells her to save Carol. Beth goes to Dr. Edwards and asks him what medicine would save Carol.

Beth enacts her plan to get the drugs to save Carol. She trades strawberries to an older man who in turn feigns breathing problems to draw all the guards. Beth gets into the drug locker, takes what she needs and walks back by the older man and the guards, and the older man immediately feels better. Beth administers the epinephrine and waits for Carol to wake up, holding her hand. “I just wanted you to know I was here,” she tells an unconscious Carol.

As they finish their defense-building duties at the church, Carl wants Gabriel to learn how to use a weapon. "You can't stay in one place anymore," Carl says. Gabriel picks up a machete and Carl starts instructing him in the finer points of head stabbing.

Michonne checks on Gabriel, who says he was resting but he doesn't open the door very wide. Michonne reassures him that the things they do are worth it. When he closes the door, it is shown that Gabriel had pried floor boards with the machete.

Gabriel hops down into the crawl space and squeezes out of the church. He accidentally steps on a nail, but manages to hobble off. Gabriel gets jumped by a walker. He picks her up and slams her to the ground, disabling her. He heaves a giant rock over his head, but before he can smash her head, he sees the cross around her neck and can’t go through with it. He leaves her there and heads off through the woods.


The episode opens with Rick running, while Bob tries to get free of his cuffs. He's not successful before Rick gets to the police car; the man runs, and when he won't stop after several warnings over the loudspeaker, Rick hits him with the front of the car, ending the chase. Unable to get up and bleeding severely from the head, Bob begs him for help back to the hospital, but Rick denies him. When Bob starts to tell him that they're all doomed, that they'll die trying to take the hospital, Rick shoots him in the head and tells him to shut up.

At the school where the Terminus residents set camp, walkers are amassing inside the doors, watching Father Gabriel inspect the scene. He finds photos, a Bible with Mary's name in it and then, finally, the remnants of Bob's leg on a barbecue pit. He angrily throws the pit over, crying. As he does so, the walkers free themselves and chase him. He heads into the woods, where he leans against a tree that's been marked with a cut. He continues on toward the church, arriving there and stopping briefly in front of the spot where his parishioners had tried to get in with walkers surrounding him. He calls for Carl and Michonne to let him in as the walkers build up against the barriers placed by the survivors. Carl and Michonne have to chop open planks of wood they'd nailed across the door, but ultimately get him inside just in time. A small horde of walkers make their way in and Carl and Michoone start taking them out but the building is quickly overrun and the pair have to hide with Judith in Gabriel's office. Carl heads outside through the hole in Gabriel's floor, followed by Michonne and then Gabriel. Outside, they take out the walkers stuck to the spikes before boarding up the church with the zombies inside.

In the old building where the rest of the survivors are waiting for Rick, he returns and reports that he had to kill Bob. They go to talk to the remaining cops and both of them agree to help Rick get in with minimal violence, saying they'll lie to Dawn and tell her that Bob was taken by walkers.

Back at the hospital, Dawn is trying to reach her officers on the radio, worried about the gunfire. Beth asks her if something is wrong, and the two chat a bit while Beth cleans Dawn's office. In the office, she finds a photo of Dawn with Captain Hanson, the officer who used to be in charge. Dawn says he was her mentor and friend and that she misses him. Beth asks what happened and Dawn tells her that he lost sight of the risk/benefit analysis of the run and the officers below him stopped backing him up.

Back at the church, Carl and Michonne are sitting with Gabriel and Judith, waiting. Gabriel admits that he went to the school, that he had to be sure they were telling him the truth. The walkers start to get through the boarded up doors, but before they can, Abraham's group shows up in the fire truck and drive right into the doors. Michonne tells Maggie that Beth's alive and the others went to get her at Grady Memorial. The group collectively decides to go get her.

At the hospital, one of the police officers is berating Percy for not properly stitching a hole in his sleeve, knocking him to the floor in anger while Beth looks on. The officer starts trying to draft her into service, but Dawn calls her away.

Beth sits on the edge of the elevator shaft, looking down into it. Dawn comes and they start to talk about the situation; Beth tells her that the world isn't going to magically get better, and Dawn holds the fact that the others don't know she killed the rapist cop over her head. O'Donnell walks in, catching them in the conversation. He says it's time to make a change, that either she can admit the situation to the rest of the officers or he will. She pulls a gun on him and the two argue. He comes after her, knocking her gun down the elevator shaft and the two fight. He starts to get the better of her and Beth steps in to help. When he's distracted by her, it gives Dawn the opportunity to regain the advantage and between the two of them, they throw him down the shaft.

Dawn comes into Carol's room, where Beth is propped up against the wall. Dawn tells her it's okay to cry, and Beth says she doesn't cry anymore. Dawn is drinking, and Beth tells her that she didn't cover for Beth to protect Beth; she did it to protect herself. Beth tells her that she's going to leave, just like Noah, but Dawn says that Noah will be back -- they always do -- and that she knows Beth knows Carol and that they should both stay. She tells Beth that the two dirty cops she had a hand in killing were bad people and the world didn't lose anything when they died.

On a roof near the hospital, Sasha has a suppressed sniper rifle. Tyreese doesn't want her beating herself up about Bob's betrayal and death. He tells Sasha the story of how he pretended to kill Martin, but that he couldn't and then the man turned up at the church (it ultimately was Sasha who killed him). He tells Sasha that maybe they haven't been changed by the world, which is good. She says that it's good Tyreese is, but she can't be anymore.

Later, Daryl has joined her on the roof. Rick is on the street below, and approaches a police car with his hands up. He introduces himself to the cops by name and says he's there to make a proposal. They tell him to lay down his weapon, and he does so (but the snipers have rifle scopes trained on the cops' heads).

The officers approach Rick and he proposes the even trade -- two people for two people. When the officers ask where Rick's people are, Sasha takes out a walker with a single shot from her sniper rifle. Rick says "They're close", and that he'll wait while they radio in.

Back at the hospital, Beth is getting dressed in her regular clothes, hiding scissors in her wrist wrap. Carol is now awake and Beth wheels her out to a hallway flanked by all of Dawn's officers and followed by the doctor. Rick and his group are led into the hallway and everyone collectively holsters their weapons. The two cops lie about Lamson's death as promised; Dawn's voice wavers when she acknowledges the fact. They trade Licari for Carol, and then Shepard for Beth.

As the group gets ready to leave, Dawn demands Noah stay as well. She says that officers died trying to save him. When Rick starts to object, Noah volunteers to stay. Beth goes to hug him good-bye and when Dawn tells Beth "I told you they always come back," Beth stabs her in the shoulder with the scissors. Dawn instinctively shoots Beth in the head. In slow motion we see Dawn looking horrified at what she's done and mouthing "no" as Daryl pulls a pistol and shoots her in retaliation, also in the head, killing her.

The officers and Ricks group pull out their guns and point them at one another but Shepard orders the cops to stand down.

The officers offer Rick and the group sanctuary in the hospital, and Rick refuses, offering instead to take anyone from the hospital who wants to leave. In the next scene, we see that Noah has decided to leave the hospital.

Abraham's group arrives too late for Maggie and Glenn to see Beth one last time, making their way to the hospital doors and breaking down when they see Daryl carrying her body out.

After the credits, Morgan finds his way out of the woods, standing where Gabriel had stood earlier in front of the school. He stops over a walker that's disabled on the ground, putting it quietly out of its misery, and moves on to the church. There, he sets up the altar and sits down to pray, looking around him at the carnage and laughing before he finds Abraham's note for Rick.

"What Happened and What's Going On"

The episode starts 17 days after Beth's death, the group now in Richmond, Virginia, as they hold what appears to be a funeral for Beth. The group digs a hole to bury her body as Gabriel delivers his eulogy, "We look not to what can be seen, but we look at what can not be seen. What can be seen is temporary, But what can not be seen is eternal. For what we know, if the earthly tent we living in is destroyed, we have a building from God. A house not made with hands, eternal in Heaven."

All the group, though mostly Maggie, Daryl, and Noah, are still coping with Beth's unexpected demise. Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Sasha leave for a supply run. Rick checks a truck, clears it out, and finds nothing. The others run to a white van which we see in several other scenes.

Several glimpses show where the survivors have been, including the Prison and Woodbury. The image of a framed painting of a seemingly irrelivent house is shown as well. Some pictures of Noah along with his brother were also shown. As well as the image of a framed painting, showing a seemingly unrelated house.

When the night comes, Noah tells to Rick that Beth had planned to leave with him, from the Hospital to where his family resides. Rick asked where is it, Noah then told him where it was, despite it's being far away, Rick decided to told the rest of the group that the place Noah mentioned would be their next destination. The place was secured when Noah left the place, walled, and was a home for 20 people. "It's a long trip, but if it works out. It's a long trip we have to make." Rick said. Glenn questioned what if it's not around anymore. Rick said then they keep going,  before being added by Michonne who said, "Then we find a new place."

Some glimpses are shown again, a skeleton of a human remains in the woods and a sun drawing made of chalk on a road. In this episode, Rick, Noah, Michonne, Glenn, and Tyreese go out in a search for Noah's community, a safe haven, only to find it overrun. Michonne, Rick, and Glenn search the houses and come to the hopeful decision of finding safety in Washington DC. Noah runs to his former home to find his entire family being either corpses or walkers. Tyreese is bit by Noah's brother who had become a walker and is left alone in search of help, seeing hallucinations of The Governor, Lizzie and Mika, Beth, Bob, and Martin who are all at that point deceased.

By the end of the episode, it has been too late once the rest of the group cut off Tyreese's arm; he dies due to loss of blood and the infection taking over his blood. The group leaves Shirewilt Estates and Tyreese passes away in the car ride to their temporary camp. It is revealed that the visions shown at the beginning of the episode are actually Tyreese's memories and hallucinations. The burial sequence in the beginning is not Beth's burial, it is Tyreese's.


The episode starts with Maggie, still mourning Beth, when a walker slowly makes its way through the bushes towards her. Only when it gets near her, Maggie dispatches it. Meanwhile,Daryl digs up a worm and eats it, implying the group is on the road without supplies. Sasha walks along a dried-up creek in hope to find some water when she notices several dead frogs on the soil, suggesting there is little water in the surroundings of the group. The three of them make their way back to the others waiting on the road.

After driving a little further, the group is forced to abandon their cars when they run out of fuel. They proceed on foot followed by a small pack of walkers. Carl gives Maggie a music box as a reminder to Beth, which she appreciates. Father Gabriel offers his consolation to Maggie, but she rejects it, stating he didn't know Hershel or Beth and doesn't know the pain she feels, and reminds him of his own sins of letting his parishioners die. Next the group keeps moving on the road, starving and dehydrated, moving like the walkers in the background.

Sasha, still angry about the loss of her brother Tyreese, wants to take on the walkers, but Michonne warns her not making the same mistake Tyreese made after the death of Karen: letting her anger getting the best of her.

Daryl and Carol splits from the group to find some food and water. Carol says Beth saved her life and Daryl's life as well and gives Beth's knife to Daryl. She continues by saying they aren't dead and Daryl should allow himself to feel.

Rick, together with Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Sasha and Abraham, attempts to dispatch the group of walkers by corralling them into falling in a river below the bridge. However, Sasha takes them on with her knife forcing the group to dispatch them as well and even cut Abraham on the upper arm. Rick is nearly bitten by a walker when Daryl saves him.

The group proceeds further to find some abandoned cars. Maggie finds a female walker bound and gagged in the trunk, reminding her of Beth, which Glenn takes care of.

Daryl is hunting in the woods, and as he does so, he encountered what remains of a deer. Possibly eaten by a walker, who he found killed at the nearby tree. Daryl is visually considering to take the deer, and eat it due to the starvation. But eventually he leaves the spot, and returns to the others.

The group rests up on the side of the road. Abraham starts drinking his liquor, as the whole group watches. Tara told the group that Abraham is just making it worse, Rosita answered that Abraham knows that. Eugene then said that Abraham knows what he is doing, and the situation won't be worse than it is now. Rosita disagrees by saying that the situation can be worse. The conversations between the whole group gets interrupted by a group of wild dogs, who have appeared from the woods, barking, threatening the group. As the whole group goes wary, a several case of muffled gunshots killed the hounds. Much to the group's shock, Sasha is revealed to be the shooter. Rick seems to be overwhelmed, as he stands up, and picks a branch, snaps it to two, and use it as the stick to grill the meat from the dogs. Noah refused to eat the hounds' meat, visually overwhelmed as he continues to stare one of the dogs' collar, Sasha approached him, told him not to think about the meat. Noah left what she said unanswered, he instead told Sasha that Tyreese tried to help him, and he believes that he won't make it. "Then you wont." Sasha said, visually stern, before she walks away. Meanwhile, Gabriel is seen pulling off his clerical collar, and tosses it into the fire-pit, watching it as it burns. Maggie appeared to be shocked.

The group continues to walk, as they walk. Glenn offers Maggie a drink but she refused. Glen then asked her to just talk to him. Maggie explained that after Hershel died, she didn't put much hope on Beth being alive, but after she heard that she was alive from Daryl, she regains her hope, and then after she found out Beth was killed at the same day, she doesn't know if she wants to keep fighting in order to survive. Glenn reassure her that everything would be fine, and she will, because she is a fighter. Glenn then re-offers the drink, and she accepted it. Meanwhile, Sasha is walking by Abraham, who is still drinking his liquor. He offers Sasha to share his drink, but she refused. Sasha says that he's just making it worse, but Abraham disagrees, saying that she is the one who is making it worse. Sasha disagrees, and when Abraham reassures her that everything will be okay because everyone in the group is her friend, Sasha said that they are not her friends. Abraham continues to drink his liquor. After Maggie drank her share, Glenn offered the bottle to Daryl, who refused. Realizing Daryl is still devastated by the death of Beth, Glenn reassured him that they will make it together. Possibly overwhelmed by what Glenn said to him, Daryl alienates himself from the group, entered the woods, and sat under a tree. From afar, a small cabin is seen. Daryl smokes a cigarette as he daydreams. He burns his hand with the cigarette, but he is numb over his recent loss. Before eventually breaking down in tears over the loss of Beth.

The group found a stack of drinks in the middle of the road. Daryl joined in, and Rick showed him a note that says, "From A Friend". The whole group looks wary about it being a trap. Eugene disagrees and says that he believes it is indeed from a friend, and volunteered to be an assurance. He snatched one of the bottles, and is about to drink it before Abraham slaps it away. Not so long after that, rain is pouring down, the whole group cheers except Daryl, Maggie, and Sasha who are still devastated by the death of their loved ones. The gleeful celebration is interrupted when the group sees an oncoming storm not so far from where they are. Daryl told the others that he found a cabin not far from where they are, the group then rushes in into the cabin.

When they are clearing the cabin, Maggie found a walker, who was a girl who died. Maggie told Carol that the girl had a gun, and says that she could've just shot herself. After Maggie stabbed the walker, Carol tells Maggie that some people start giving up, but not them.

The night comes, the group is resting. Maggie is laying by a fire, Sasha is sitting with Abraham is looking after her with his liquor on his hand. While Rick tells the group about a story of his childhood with his grandpa, who was serving in World War II. Rick used to ask him whether he had kill a German during his time at the war, he wouldn't answer, and then when he asked him whether the Germans tried to kill him, his grandpa got real quiet. His grandpa said that everyday he woke up, he always told himself, 'Rest in peace, Now get up and go to war.' And then, after a few years of pretending he was dead, he made it out alive. Rick later said that that is the trick, they have to believe themselves to be dead, in order for them to keep fighting 'till the end, he says "We are the walking dead", but Daryl disagrees by saying that they are not the walkers. Rick tried to reassure him that they are indeed not.

Daryl sarcastically agrees that they aren't and leaves. As Daryl is walking by the entrance of the cabin, he hears a few noise from outside. He peeks outside and sees a herd of walkers coming. Daryl then instinctively blocks the door, Maggie sees and realizes what is about to go on and helps him. The Walkers then begin to try and push the door open. Rick and the others then realize what is happening and rushes to help Daryl and Maggie. As the herd begins to keep on pushing to reach the group, the group themselves keep on blocking the door for their own survival. Carl lays a crying Judith on the ground and helps. As the storm rages, the group and the herd fight each other off from between the Cabin's door. Everyone is giving it their all to not let the herd in, just as the storm gets worse. The screen then goes black as the roar of the herd begins to grow louder and group's effort to hold them from getting in.

The next morning, Maggie wakes up, sees Judith staring at her and sees Daryl already awake. She sits by his side, and talks with him, in the conversation Daryl told her that he fixed the music box Carl gave to her. Maggie thanked him. Maggie then woke Sasha, and the two leave the cabin. It is revealed that, due to the storm's power, most of the walkers were killed while the others are incapacitated. Maggie and Sasha then sit down on a downed tree and watch a sunrise together. As they sit, Sasha told her what Noah said about himself and believes he would be dead no time soon, Sasha admits that she feels the same way too. Maggie reassures her that everyone will survive. Maggie tried to play the music box, but finds out that the box is still broken. The women laugh at it, as the conversation is interrupted by a man named Aaron, who asks them to meet the man in charge and calls for Rick and said that they are lucky to be found. The women are confused as they drew their gun and asks how he knows Rick. The episode ends as Aaron tells them he has good news and the music box suddenly plays its music.

"The Distance"

The episode starts with Maggie and Sasha bringing Aaron to the barn where the rest of the group is. Rick and the others appear to be wary over Aaron's arrival. Maggie gives Rick Aaron's gun, which Rick keeps as he asks Aaron what his intentions are. Aaron informs the group that he had been watching them and that he was the one who supplied them with the bottles of water the previous day. Rick chooses not to believe him, and tells the group that Aaron has another agenda. Aaron, knowing that he would believe so, asks Sasha to give Rick his backpack, directing him to a small set of photographs of his community which he taken as evidence of its existence. As Aaron is explaining what his community is about and emphasizing on its security, Rick punches him in the face, knocking him out.

With Aaron unconscious, Rick sends the group out to watch the area. Michonne tries to convince Rick that Aaron is not a threat, but Rick insists that he is not to be trusted, reminding her of the deceit of Woodbury and Terminus. Glenn informs Rick that there are a lot of places for the enemies to hide, causing more panic within the group. As Aaron regains consciousness. he maintains a positive attitude, jokingly complimenting Rick's strength. Rick shoots back saying that they cannot trust someone who is still laughing after being beaten.

Rick asks Aaron about the number of people waiting for his group. Aaron responds saying how it does not matter whether he informed him of how many, as it would not affect whether or not he would trust him any more than he does. Rick insists he confesses and Aaron insists that there is only one. Aaron also reveals that he and his accomplice have vehicles that they had tried to bring closer to the barn, but had been blocked by the trees. Michonne tells Rick that she wants to know the truth by checking it out. Rick turns down the task saying that it is a bad idea, but after Maggie and Glenn speak up in favor, Rick decides to let everyone except him and baby Judith to go scout ahead, ordering Abraham and Rosita to go with Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne. As the groups leave, Aaron tells Rick that he used to be pointed at with guns before the apocalypse, due to his job as a NGO worker, and that he believes he and his people are good. Rick instead warns Aaron that if his people do not return in one hour, he would kill him.

Michonne, Maggie, Glenn, Rosita and Abraham are still walking towards their destination. Glenn warns the others to shoot whoever comes out from the woods, should the time come. Michonne, horrified by Glenn's orders, voices her opinion. Glenn replies saying that people should not come to the people who have guns like them. Disagreeing, Michonne says that Aaron's community are not bad people, reminding him of how they rescued Gabriel, of how they saved Tara after her involvement with The Governor, and of how they saved a crazy woman with a sword, implying herself. Glenn reluctantly agrees. They reach the specified location, finding a car and an RV, and realise that Aaron was telling the truth. A pair of walkers come out from the woods, one almost biting Abraham before Rosita intervenes. Abraham thanks her but is ignored.

In the barn, baby Judith starts crying, while Rick crushes pecans for her to eat. Aaron, still tied to the barn's support, reminds Rick that her crying would attract many walkers to their location, and that if it were to happen, he would be the first to go due to his immobility. Aaron instead insists that Rick take the apple sauce instead to stop Judith from crying. Still cautious of Aaron's intentions, Rick extracts a spoonful of the apple sauce from the supplied jar and offers it to Aaron, telling him to eat it first. Aaron, realizing what he is doing and taking offense from it, says that poisoning his baby would be the last thing he would have ever done. Rick, however, insists, even after Aaron informs him that he dislikes apple sauce. Against his wishes, he consumes it. After realizing it is safe, Rick rushes back and shares some with Judith. Rick reminds Aaron that he has 45 minutes left.

Abraham and Rosita are clearing the RV. Abraham finds a can of S'Getti Rings, saying that it had been a long time. He then speaks with Rosita about what happened with Eugene, asking whether or not she believes that he would hurt her. Rosita answers that she does not and that she believes it was not him.

The group assembles back in the barn with a pile of canned goods. Rick tells Aaron that the food is now in their possession whether or not they come to his camp, eventually deciding that they would stay. The group refuses to follow Rick's decision on not following Aaron to his community, causing Rick to changed his mind. Rick asks Aaron where his community is located. After Aaron informs the group that he would usually be the one to take the survivors to the location, the group denies him the privilege, still wary of his real intentions, and ask him again where his community is. Revealing the location, Aaron also gives Rick details on the best possible route to the community. However, Rick decides to take a different route. Aaron warns him that his chosen path would not be safe, as it had not been cleared out beforehand. Rick insists that they will travel his way, in order to avoid trouble.

The group leaves for the community during the night. Michonne and Aaron converse along the way, during which Aaron mentions his home. Michonne, concerned, questions about it. Aaron gives her the photographs of his house, and when she realizes that there are no people visible in the pictures. she becomes alert, and asks Rick whether he had asked Aaron the three questions. As Rick replies in the negative, Michonne takes the role, asking him the questions:

Q: "How many walkers have you killed?"

A: "I dont know... a lot."

Q: "How many people have you killed?"

A: "Two."

Q: "Why?"

A: "Because they tried to kill me."

The conversation is interrupted when Rick finds the radio which Aaron used to eavesdrop on the conversations held amongst the group, right before the car runs in the dark through a herd of walkers, the blood of the walkers turning the car and the lights red. The car continues to ram through the herd, before the group stops and exits to check if the others are still behind them. Glenn reports that they have made it out. Rick rushes back in and Glenn tries to restart the car, failing due to the overwhelming amount of gore caught in the engine. The group stops for a moment when a lit flare is seen from afar. Aaron starts to panic, concerned it might be one of his own. He frantically requests for his freedom, but after the group denies him, he starts to become violent, kicking the door open and knocking Michonne over. As he runs away, Rick tells Michonne that they do not have to chase after him. Michonne suggests that maybe the group saw the flare and thought it was Rick, so it will be a way to find them. Rick and Glenn follow Michonne into the woods, finding themselves trapped with walkers surrounding them. Glenn eventually becomes separated, causing panic amongst Rick and Michonne. While Glenn tries to find a way back to the others, he finds Aaron cornered by a walker and unable to defend himself due to his bounds. Initially deciding to leave him, Glenn changed his mind, assisting him and cutting him loose.

Glenn and Aaron eventually reunite with Rick and Michonne, saving them from walkers. Aaron, fully aware of the group's opinion on him, drops his gun and offers to be rebound, with Rick telling him that there is no need. The four then run towards where the flare is believed to have come from. As they reach the location, they find Daryl, who alerts the others upon their return. Aaron, however, is panicked, and starts calling for a man named Eric. Rushing into one of the nearby buildings, he finds Eric with his wounded leg in a splint. Eric tells Aaron that Maggie had helped him, and assures him that his injury was only minor. Overjoyed, Aaron kisses him. Recovering enough to move, Eric gives Aaron a license plate, noting that he had lost it, with Aaron jokingly informing him about the loss of the car. Their conversation gets interrupted by Rick arrival, with Eric and Rick sharing an introduction. Rick and Aaron then meet with the others, with Aaron thanking them for saving Eric and promising to pay everything back fully once they got to his community. After joking with Rick with regards to driving at night, Rick informs him that if they were to sleep under the same roof, Aaron should sleep away from them. Realizing that he would be away from Eric, Aaron refuses, telling Rick that the only thing that could prevent him from staying with him would be to shoot him. Glenn convinces Rick that everything would be fine and that Aaron could be trusted, as all of the evidence thus far had confirmed that he was telling the truth.

The next morning, the group continues their journey to the community. Noah gives Aaron pills and a bottle of water for Eric. Both make conversation, with Aaron asking Noah about his leg. Noah tells Aaron that it happened after a prior accident. Aaron is sympathetic towards his condition, and offers him help from Pete, a doctor in his community who "has done many incredible things".

On the road, Rosita points out the Washington Monument seen from afar. Abraham smirks, telling Rosita that they were going to make it despite the low battery power in the RV and their being only halfway to the destination. Soon afterwards, the RV breaks down, much to Abraham's frustration. Glenn assists with fixing the problem by replacing the dead battery with a spare battery contained within the RV. Astonished, Abraham questions how he knew about it, to which Glenn just shoots back a knowing smile. Rick observes from afar, with Michonne sitting by his side. She tells him that he needs to let go of his worries, as their battles are over. Rick says that he still does not believe Aaron and Eric, before saying that whatever were to happen, he wants to make sure, because it is his family who is at stake. Before leaving, Rick stops at an old shack, grabs a blender cup and hides his gun inside of it, taking it with him as a safety measure.

The group reaches the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Rick awaits cautiously as he halts in front of the gate, but is relieved to hear the sound of children playing from behind the gates, assuring him that the area is safe. Turning to Rick, Michonne asks him if he is ready, to which he replies that he is. Everyone exits the vehicles, walking towards the closed gate. As Rick holds Judith close, the group awaits the opening of their new safe haven.


Rick's group walks through Alexandria's front gate. They're met by a guard, Nicholas, who orders them to hand over their weapons. They refuse and Rick attempts to reason by saying they're not even sure if they are going to stay, but Aaronintervenes and insists they can keep their guns until after they speak with the community’s leader, Deanna Monroe.

In a well-furnished living room, Deanna videotapes Rick as she questions him about his group. She explains that Alexandria was previously a sustainable community complete with its own solar grid, cisterns and eco-based sewage filtration. Rick asks Deanna -- a former congresswoman from Ohio -- what she wants. "I want you to help us survive," she says.

Rick's people surrender their guns to Olivia, who manages the armory. Olivia says they can sign out their guns whenever they go outside the walls. Carol feigns struggling to unshoulder her rifle and then meekly places it on the pile, whilst exchanging friendly smiles with Olivia.

Aaron brings Rick and Carl to the group’s assigned homes — two picturesque colonial houses next door to each other. Inside, Rick and Carl find immaculate rooms with running water.

Rick takes a hot shower and shaves his overgrown beard. One of the neighbors, Jessie, stops by with a bin of food from the town pantry. Noticing his unruly hair, Jessie offers to give Rick a haircut. While cutting his hair, she mentions that she has two children, Ron and Sam. Ron is Carl's age and suggests they meet.

In her interview with Daryl, Deanna asks if he wants to be in Alexandria. He evades the question, but says that Carl and Judith deserve a nice home.

Carl and Carol explore the second house. Carol is suspicious that Deanna would just give away such luxurious accommodations. She meets with Rick and Daryl on the front lawn. They worry about splitting the group between two houses and agree they should all sleep in the same house.

That night, as the group prepares their beds on the living room floor, Deanna stops by. "Staying together," she observes, "Smart." Rick notes that she hasn't assigned him a job yet. Deanna says she has a job in mind for him, but is still trying to figure out Michonne, Sasha and Daryl.

That night, Rick finds himself unable to sleep. He goes to the kitchen and grabs a knife from the drawer.

The next day, Deanna interviews Michonne, who says that the group is ready to join the community.

Meanwhile, the group leaves their house to explore the neighborhood. Rick urges Daryl to join them but he decides to hangs back.

As they're out walking, Rick loses track of Carl and Judith. In a panic, he finds Jessie, who takes him to a nearby house where Carl and Judith are meeting some elderly neighbors. Jessie suggests that they introduce Carl to Ron now.

In his bedroom, Ron introduces Carl to his friends Mikey and Enid and suggests they play video games. Carl can only stare back in disbelief. Ron apologizes and urges Carl to take his time adjusting to this new reality. He says it took Enid – another recent addition from outside the walls -- three weeks to open up. Carl looks curiously at Enid.

During his interview, Carl says his mom always wanted them to live in this sort of community. Later, at the house, he tells Rick that he likes the people in Alexandria, but "they're weak, and I don’t want us to get weak, too."

That night, Rick tells Michonne that his guard is still up. Michonne argues there’s nothing to be concerned about. "Then why are we both awake?" he asks. Still restless, Rick takes a nighttime stroll and sees Jessie's husband Pete quietly smoking on his porch. Pete calls out to Rick, noting that his wife cut Rick's hair. "Welcome to Alexandria," he says.

In her interview, Carol puts on a front as a doting, domestic housewife who became the den mother of Rick’s group. She asks for a job that would allow her to be involved in the community.

Later, Carol steps out of her house dressed in khakis and a cardigan sweater. She tells Daryl that her job — making meals for people — will allow her to get close to the neighbors. She urges Daryl to clean himself up to keep up appearances. He shrugs her off.

In his interview, Glenn says they need to make things work with the new community. "We were almost out there too long," he says.

Meanwhile, Carl watches Enid sneak over the wall. Intrigued, he follows her into the woods, but eventually loses her.

Rick goes outside the gate to examine the perimeter wall. He backtracks to look for the gun that he stashed outside the abandoned house, but discovers that it’s missing. Carl runs into Rick as a group of walkers approaches. Together, they take down the dead.

Glenn, Tara and Noah meet with Nicholas and Aiden, Deanna's son, to begin their job helping with supply runs. As they carry out a dry run, Aiden explains that they must follow his orders at all times if they want to avoid getting killed by walkers, like his previous team.

Aiden and Nicholas lead the group to a site where they had chained up a walker that killed their former crew. They find that the walker has escaped, but are able to track it down. The walker attacks Tara, prompting Glenn to stab it through the head. Aiden yells at Glenn for killing his trophy.

As they storm back inside the walls, Glenn accuses Aiden of incompetence. Aiden takes a swing at Glenn and they fight, drawing a crowd. Deanna intervenes and announces that Rick and his group are to be treated as equals. She then asks Rick and Michonne to be the town's constables. They accept.

At the house, Rick walks downstairs in his constable uniform and tells Carol and Daryl that it’s safe enough to sleep in two houses now. Carol repeats Carl's concern that Alexandria will make them weak. "We won’t get weak," Rick assures her. "That's not in us anymore. We'll make it work. And if they can't make it? Then we'll just take this place."


Sasha wakes up and glances at a family portrait left behind in her new house. She gathers up several pictures and takes them outside the walls to use them as target practice. At one point she sits down on a tree stump and quietly says to herself, "Come and get me."

While at the location where Rick lost the gun he had stashed in the blender, Rick, Daryl, and Carol start scheming to steal back the weapons that were taken from them when they arrived. A walker creeps up on them and Carol puts it down with her gun, emptying her clip to back up their claims that they were "going shooting". The trio notices the letter "W" carved in the walker's forehead. Back at Rick's house, he and Michonne discuss the possible reasons why they have been made security, wondering if it is part of a larger plan.

While out in the woods, Daryl bumps into Aaron, who says he is surprised that Daryl can tell the difference between a walker creeping up and another human just by the sound they make. They come across a horse, which Aaron says the children have named "Buttons". Aaron says that he has been trying to catch him for months. Daryl makes an attempts, but Buttons is spooked away by some walkers that later attack the horse. Aaron and Daryl kill the walkers, and Aaron puts down the still-alive horse.

While at her residence, Deanna explains a bit more about Rick and Michonne's job securing the community. She explains that Maggie will be helping her with politics and that she has a vision that one day the community will have a government like before. Outside, she tells Rick she cannot have everyone walking around with guns. Sasha approaches them, saying she wants to man the bell tower with her sniper rifle, and displays her eagerness to have as "many shifts as possible" in the gun tower. Deanna grants the request on the condition her son to man the tower that evening so that Sasha can come to their welcoming party.

Later, at Deanna's party, the group has trouble adjusting to their new surroundings. Abraham and Michonne discuss the difficulty of leaving behind the danger and how, even when her sword is not physically with her, it is still on her back. Sasha has flashbacks of past trauma about her brother Tyreese and storms out after an outburst. Jessie's son gives Rick a hand stamp of the letter "A", officially welcoming him to the community. Rick later gives Jessie a kiss on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Daryl stands outside of the party, not wanting to go in. Aaron invites Daryl, over to his house for dinner with him and Eric, then shows Daryl his garage that is full of old motorcycle parts. He tells him that he will need a bike, as the reason why Deanna hasn't given Daryl a job yet is because Aaron already has: to replace Eric as a recruiter, saying that he knows how to take care of himself and that he knows the good people from bad.

Having unlocked the window earlier, Carol sneaks into the room where the guns are being held, with the intention of stealing some guns. Jessie's son follows her, wanting to ask Carol to make more cookies, and says that he will have to tell his mother what he saw. Carol frightens him into silence with the promise of cookies and threats of leaving him tied to a tree for the walkers.

The next morning, Deanna approaches Sasha, who is staring out the gate. She tells Deanna that Alexandria "isn't real". Deanna respects her demeanor but says, "That's bullshit". Deanna puts a box of ammunition in Sasha's hand and lets her out of the security gate.

At their meeting spot in the woods, Carol hands Rick and Daryl a gun, which Daryl refuses. Rick then goes for a walk in Alexandria, where he sees Jessie and her husband and briefly reaches towards his gun. He then hears a noise from outside the steel walls between two houses and runs over to it. A walker is banging on it from the other side. Rick puts his hand on the wall and stares at the letter "A" stamped on his hand.


The episode begins with Gabriel having what seems like an erosion of his faith. He glances at a welcome note from one of the Alexandria residents and begins tearing pages out of his Bible.

Noah has a meeting with Reg, the architect who constructed the walls surrounding Alexandria. He expresses an interest in being taught how to build, thinking it will be valuable to have another person capable of working on the walls as the community grows. Reg agrees and gives him a journal to begin documenting Alexandria's growth in.

The power in the safe-zone has periodically been going down, so a small group consisting of Glenn, Aiden, Noah, Tara,Nicholas and Eugene departs to pick up spare parts from a nearby warehouse. Eugene does not want to go, but they feel that he is too important to the process of finding what they need. After some persuading, he reluctantly agrees to also carry a gun.

Meanwhile, Jessie shows Rick that somebody has destroyed the family's owl statue. He agrees to look further into it.

Once arriving at the warehouse, Aiden believes that they should head inside quickly to grab what they need, but Glenn declines, opting to scout the perimeter first so that they would know what exits were available, should the time to leave come. Once the reconnaissance was over, Nicholas and Aiden splinter off from the group to search for their needed supplies while the others break off into groups of two. After finding two dozen walkers trapped behind a fence, Aiden tells everyone to ignore them. He soon discovers a single armored walker moving towards him, and starts to impulsively shoot it in several places to try and slow it down instead of directly killing it. Despite Glenn's protests, he continues shooting and accidentally hits a grenade on the walker's hip. The resulting explosion severely injures Tara and causes Aiden to be impaled into a pair of forklift spikes. Nicholas pronounces him dead and has the others leave his body to focus on entering the nearby office to help Tara.

Sam pays Carol a visit, looking for more cookies. Visibly annoyed, she coldly tells him that the only way he would be able to acquire any is if he steals a ration of chocolates.

Inside the office, the group hear Aiden's cries for help. Though they are cornered by walkers, they agree to try and save him, with Eugene staying with Tara while Glenn, Noah and Nicholas go for Aiden.

Abraham is now working as a part of Tobin's construction team as they are starting the process of expanding the wall. While gathering materials from the mall construction site they are attacked by numerous walkers. During the gunfire, the lookout Francine is knocked from her perch. When Tobin sees this, he quickly deduces that they must behind, but Abraham rushes in and manages to save her life.

Some time later, a drunken Pete wanders over to Rick's place with a few beers. Both share an awkward exchange before Pete leaves the house, leaving Rick perplexed.

After eyeing the nearby exit, Eugene leaves the office, slinging Tara over his shoulder, and is able to get the both of them outside to the van.

While trying to assist Aiden, Nicholas gives up and abandons the attempt. Just before Noah and Glenn are forced to leave him for the walkers, Aiden reveals to Glenn that he had gotten the previous four people killed, and that the cause of their deaths was because he had broken the rules of his system. The rest of the group makes their escape through the opposite side of the warehouse. Eventually, all three end up trapped in a revolving door with walkers surrounding them on both sides.

Tobin recommends to Deanna that she name Abraham the new head of construction, as he sees him as a more fit leader than himself. Elsewhere, Sam, having successfully stolen a ration of the chocolates, delivers them to Carol. Whilst in the middle of baking the cookies, in an attempt to break their awkward silence, Sam admits to Carol about breaking their owl statue, saying that it was because he was angry. He hints that he might need a gun for protection, but not for himself. As Carol attempts to question him about what he had said, Sam runs outside and back to his own house.

Glenn and Noah are trapped in the section of the revolving door opposite Nicholas. Eugene arrives in the van and is able to draw away the walkers pounding from outside the building. Glenn proposes a plan to break the glass on their side to free himself and Noah, before releasing Nicholas. As Glenn attempts to break the glass, however, Nicholas panics and selfishly forces the door open, squeezing himself out to safety and swinging Glenn and Noah's section open towards the walkers inside the building. Noah is pulled in and devoured while Glenn watches in horror.

Nicholas returns to the van ahead of Glenn and demands that Eugene take them home. Eugene demands to know what happened to Glenn and Noah. Nicholas forces him out and attempts to drive off, but Glenn intervenes and throws him to the ground, delivering several punches to the face for leaving him and Noah behind, knocking him unconscious. Glenn then tells Eugene to toss Nicholas into the back before they make their way back to Alexandria. As they drive back, Eugene and Glenn both silently grieve for Noah. Eugene turns around to look at Tara and Nicholas, and sees the journal that Reg gave to Noah. It is open slightly to the first page, on which is written only one sentence: "This is only the beginning."

Gabriel heads to Deanna's house to tell her that Rick's group is dangerous and will destroy what she is trying to build. Unbeknownst to him, Maggie overhears this conversation from the basement stairs. At around the same time, Carol pays a visit to Rick's house to inform him that she believes Pete is abusing Jessie, and is possibly doing the same to Sam as well. She tells Rick that there is no other choice when it comes to a situation like Pete's: "You're going to have to kill him."


Deanna, Reg and Spencer mourn the loss of Aiden while listening to his metal music mix in their living room. Carol drops off a casserole and condolence note at Deanna’s front door. Deanna leaves the casserole on the stoop and burns the note.

Afterwards, Deanna watches a video recording of her interview with Nicholas as he recounts Aiden's death. Nicholas accuses Glenn of causing the warehouse explosion by distracting Aiden, and adds that he himself was almost left to die by Glenn's group. In the video, Deanna forbids him and Glenn from leaving the community.

Meanwhile, Glenn recounts his version of events to Rick, who seethes over the fact that no one in the community knows how to survive. Glenn insists they can be taught. "We've got to make this work," he says.

Carol meets with Rick and revisits her proposal to kill Pete. She says Sam once found Jessie on the floor after Pete had knocked her unconscious. Carol adds that if walkers hadn't killed her husband Ed, she would not be standing here. "Yeah, you would," Rick counters.

Rick walks to the lake and stares out at the water, gripping his stolen revolver. Pete sees Rick and asks if he’s okay. "Keep walking," Rick warns.

The next morning, Rosita tells Michonne that Sasha spent the night in the guard tower and hasn't returned. As they search for Sasha in the woods, they realize it's the first time they've been outside the walls since they arrived at Alexandria. Michonne says she feels like she’s been "asleep."

Rick tells Deanna about Pete and is shocked to learn that Deanna has been protecting Pete because his medical skills are an asset. Rick suggests they separate Jessie and Pete — and if Pete doesn't cooperate, they kill him. "We don't kill people, this is civilization," Deanna says. Rick presses, but Deanna shuts him down: "I wouldn't kill you," she says. "I'd just send you away."

Michonne and Rosita find dead walkers in the woods, all killed by shots to the back of the head. "She's hunting them," Michonne realizes.

Carl secretly follows Enid into the woods. "You're very loud," she finally says, calling him out. They playfully run through the trees and stop short when they spot a walker. Enid takes a timer out of her backpack and chucks it at the walker. The buzzer goes off, luring the walker away. Enid smiles.

Glenn finds Nicholas cleaning the blood-soaked van and takes him to task for letting five people die during supply runs. "You're just a coward," Glenn says. "People like you are supposed to be dead." He forbids Nicholas from leaving the community by himself or with anyone else. "That's how you’re going to survive," he says.  "Are you threatening me?" Nicholas asks.  "No," Glenn replies. "I'm saving you." 

Back in the woods, Carl and Enid hear a herd of walkers approach. They hide in a hollow tree trunk and wait for the walkers to go past. "It's their world, we're just living in it," she whispers. Carl briefly touches her hand as they lock eyes, getting inches away from each other but Carl backs away.

Ignoring Glenn's instructions, Nicholas sneaks into the woods and digs something up from a hiding spot: it's the gun that Rick had stashed prior to entering Alexandria.

Elsewhere in the woods, Michonne and Rosita find Sasha slaughtering a large cluster of walkers. Michonne and Rosita join Sasha's side and kill the walkers together. Afterwards, Sasha screams at them to leave her alone. She then breaks down and admits her guilt over having once told Noah he wouldn't survive.

In the woods on their recruiting mission, Daryl and Aaron spot a campfire in the distance. They follow the trail and come across a pile of freshly hacked limbs. They find a woman's naked and disemboweled body tied to a tree, a "W" carved into her forehead. "This just happened," Aaron notes grimly.

Rick finds Jessie in her garage and tells her that he knows about Pete. "I can take care of myself," she says. Undeterred, Rick barges into Jessie’s living room. "If you don't fight, you die," he says. "And I don’t want you to die. I can help you." Jessie wonders if Rick would do the same for anyone else and he admits he wouldn't. Jessie whispers, "yes," just as Pete gets home.

Pete demands that Rick leave, but Rick refuses and instead orders Pete to leave with him. Pete explodes with anger and takes a swing at Rick. The two begin brawling, eventually crashing through the front window and out into the street.

The community gathers around Rick and Pete as they pummel each other. Pete punches Jessie as she tries to intervene. Deanna orders them to stop. "Or what?" Rick yells, brandishing his gun. "You’re gonna kick me out?"

Meanwhile, in the guard tower, Sasha snipes at walkers that have congregated at the wall. One of them has a "W" carved into its forehead.

In front of Jessie's house, a bloodied Rick insists that the community's ignorance of the real world is going to get people killed. "I'm not going to stand by and just let it happen," he vows. But before he can continue, Michonne suddenly strikes Rick in the head from behind, knocking him unconscious.


Morgan wakes up in the back of a car. He smiles upon the sight of a rabbit's foot hanging on the rear-view mirror. He cooks himself some breakfast and sits down to eat it. Suddenly, a manwith a "W" on his forehead appears, pointing a gun at Morgan. "You can put that down", Morgan says. However, the man continues to aim at him. They start a conversation where the man tells a story about how the first settlers used natives to hunt wolves.

"They are back now" he states. He also explains that he and his group spend their time going from settlement to settlement, murdering and robbing people as they go along, speaking with a friendly tone. Suddenly, the mood turns darker when the man states his intentions to take all of Morgan's belongings, including Morgan himself. Morgan replies that he has no problem with the man taking his stuff, but refuses to let the man take him away. Suddenly, another man attacks Morgan from behind with a knife, though Morgan easily dodges the attack. He arms himself with his staff. "Go now", he warns both men. Ignoring this, they both attack. Morgan beats both of them with ease. He repeats his previous suggestion but is attacked again. He knocks them both unconscious and kills a walker that arrives at the scene. He puts both of the men in the back of the car and honks the horn a couple of times. He then takes the rabbit foot and leaves.

Daryl drives down a road on his motorcycle with Aaron following in a car. They stop and get out.

Rick wakes up with his face covered in small bandages.Michonne is sitting beside the bed on a chair. He starts to chuckle. "What's so funny?" Michonne asks. Rick points out that his situation is "just like the train car again". Michonne keeps a straight face and states that Deanna put Rick in the room to calm things down. Glenn, Carol and Abraham enter the room. Carol plays dumb and asks why Rick had taken the gun from the armory. "Just in case," he replies. She informs Rick that Deanna is holding a meeting that night to decide what to do with Rick. She advises him to tell Deanna that he had taken the gun to keep Jessie safe, something they want to hear, and says that that is what she had been doing since she has come toAlexandria. "Why?" Michonne asks. "Because they are children and children like stories."

Glenn informs Rick that people are now guarding the armory, leaving them with their knives. Rick states that if the meeting turns bad, he will whistle and they will take Reg, Deanna and Spencer hostage, threatening to slit their throats if they are not granted access to the armory. Glenn asks if that is what he wants. Rick states that he has reached his limit and screwed up. He then lays down to get some more sleep.

Maggie talks to Deanna about the upcoming meeting. She reminds Deanna that she had decided to let them all in and questions her motives, reminding her that she is putting Rick's fate in the hands of people that do not know all sides of the story. She also points out that Rick has seen and lost a lot during their time outside the walls. Deanna counters with the fact that Rick had pointed a gun at the residents. Maggie contradicts her, stating that he did not pull the trigger. Reg steps in and points out how Michonne had stopped Rick, though Deanna simply states that she will do what she has to do.

Maggie walks away, but Reg follows after her and tells her about how the cavemen were nomads before they evolved into what they are now. "Civilization starts when you stop running and start living together and stop pushing people away," he says, stating that he will bring this up at the meeting that night.

Meanwhile, Sasha cleans up the bodies and blood of the walkers she had previously shot. She throws the corpses in a hole but suddenly stops. She lays down amongst the dead walkers and closes her eyes.

Daryl points out that someone had passed their location not long ago. Aaron pulls out a microphone and suggests setting it up to record. They continue walking when Daryl asks Aaron if they had ever sent away any people. "Three people. Two men and a woman," Aaron replies. He says that he thought it would work out, thought it did not. He recounts that they had driven them far away, took their weapons and gave them a day's worth of supplies. He also states that he cannot commit the same mistake again.

Rick is awoken by Carol. She hands him a gun while stating, "It was good what happened last night." Rick asks why she does not want the others to find out. She points out that Michonne had knocked him out, but Rick assures that Michonne is still an ally. Rick says that he does not want Carol to lie anymore, but she counters, saying that he cannot refuse to lie and take Alexandria at the same time. "You can't have both," she points out.

Daryl and Aaron watch a lone man in a red poncho from afar. He rubs his face with mud, which confuses Aaron. Daryl replies that he is doing it to keep the mosquitoes away. They begin to follow the man.

Rick leaves the house he slept in and walks past Tobin and two other men. They greet each other, but Tobin looks at Rick with a face of distrust. As he walks past Deanna's house, they exchange looks but do not speak to one another.

Glenn sits outside when Maggie arrives and states that she will try to solve the situation. "I love you," Glenn says. Maggie smiles and says that she will see him at the meeting before leaving. Meanwhile, Nicholas is watching Glenn with a malicious look on his face. He then climbs over the wall, which Glenn observes.

Gabriel approaches the gate and says that he wants to go on a walk. Spencer points out that he does not have any weapons to protect him, but Gabriel replies that he only needs God's protection and leaves Alexandria.

Rick arrives home and greets Carl with a hug, apologizing for his behavior. They talk about the meeting, with Rick saying that he wants Carl to stay home. "So this is home now?" he asks. Rick confirms this, but says that in order to make the residents understand that they need Rick and his group, he may have to threaten or even kill one of them.

Aaron and Daryl watch a few walkers on the other side of a fence where they're standing. They've lost track of the man they were following. Daryl states that they need to find supplies and taps the fence, luring the walkers to them. They clear out the walkers and head inside the facility. Several trailers are seen parked at a loading dock. Climbing up to the loading dock, Aaron sees that one of the trucks holds an Alaskan license plate. Believing that the trailers are full of food, Daryl opens one of them. This, however, turns out to be part of an elaborate trap, as a chain reaction causes every single trailer to open and walkers to begin streaming out of each trailer. Daryl and Aaron crawl under a trailer and come out through the other side. They dispatch a few walkers using whatever is at their disposal, with Aaron almost getting caught. They flee to a nearby car and close the doors. Several walkers engulf the car, but Aaron points out that the glass will be able to hold for a couple of hours.

Carol visits Pete in another house and requests to check on Tara, but Pete refuses and tells her to leave. She pulls a knife on him and states that she could kill him right at that moment and make it seem like Pete attacked her. She invites Pete to attack her, but he does not, feeling hesitant. She then points out that he is weak and that if he plays his cards right, he may not die. She then hands him a casserole and leaves. Pete drops the casserole, going back inside while exclaiming that "this isn't my house".

Glenn follows Nicholas outside the walls. He notices a trail of blood and finds a dead walker, before hearing a twig snap. Suddenly, he is shot by Nicholas in the shoulder and falls over a small rise. When Nicholas arrives at the spot where Glenn fell, he only finds a small trail of blood - Glenn had escaped.

Rick walks over to Jessie's house and finds her standing near her broken window. He attempts to talk to her but she says that he should go, concerned that they should not be seen together. He replies that he wanted to know if she was alright. Before leaving, he states that he is not sorry for what he did. He starts to walk away but Jessie stops him. "You were right," she says. As Rick leaves, Pete watches him from the other house.

Daryl and Aaron remain trapped in the car. They talk about why Aaron had decided to bring Rick's group to Alexandria. Daryl draws a knife and suggests leading the walkers away to allow Aaron to escape. Aaron, however, disagrees, replying that they will do it together. Just as they are about to leave the car, a walker is suddenly killed by an unknown person outside, giving Aaron and Daryl the opportunity to get out of the car. It is revealed that the person who killed the walker is Morgan. All three engage in a brief slaughter before running to a gate, locking it up and separating themselves from the walkers. They introduce themselves and thank Morgan for his help. Aaron begins to bring up Alexandria and offers Morgan to come with them. "No, thank you," Morgan replies, saying that he already has somewhere to go but is lost and in need of directions, handing Daryl a map. Opening the map, Daryl sees that it is the same map that Abraham had left for Rick at the church. He smiles.

Gabriel walks through the woods when he stumbles upon a walker eating a man. He alerts the walker of his prescence and stretches out his arm. "I'm ready," he says, and the walker closes in on him. At the last second, he begins to regret his decision and grabs the noose that is attached to the walkers neck, pulling on it until it decapitates the walker. He then picks up a rock and finishes it by crushing its head. He walks over to the man the walker was devouring, finding him still alive but only barely holding onto life. Gabriel raises the stone and crushes the mans head out of mercy. He then breaks down, overcome with guilt and grief.

Tara rests in a bed with Eugene and Rosita sitting close by. Abraham enters the room but turns around when he spots Eugene. Rosita stops him, saying that Eugene is asleep. Abraham sits down at Tara's bedside, but Rosita deliberately drops some pans, waking Eugene up. "Good afternoon," he greets, deadpan. He points out that Tara had saved him and also says that Abraham brought them here, before apologizing to Abraham. After a few seconds of thought, Abraham responds that he is also sorry. Eugene thinks the apology is unnecessary, but Abraham reminds him that he had almost killed him. "There is that", Eugene replies.

Gabriel returns to Alexandria. Spencer asks if he can talk to Gabriel later, which Gabriel accepts. Spencer then asks Gabriel to close the gate. Gabriel does so, but in his current state of mind, only partially, leaving the gate slightly open.

Nicholas walks through the woods and finds a walker. He shoots it before getting attacked by Glenn. Both men brawl, with Glenn gaining the upper hand by slamming Nicholas down to the ground and stomping his knee, injuring it. Nicholas turns the tables on Glenn by exploiting Glenn's bullet wound, pushing his thumb into it. A walker appears and Nicholas runs away, leaving Glenn on the ground with several walkers approaching.

Michonne asks Rick if he is ready for the meeting. He confesses to stealing guns from the armory. Michonne says that they will find a way through the situation and asks Rick to keep out of trouble. He hands her the gun, but she returns it, wanting him to keep it. She also points out that she is with him no matter what, and leaves. Rick tucks the gun into his belt and looks out the window. Noticing something outside, he rushes out. He finds the gate still wide open and notices a blood trail. Shutting the gate, he follows the trail.

Sasha visits Gabriel at his chapel. She states that she does not know what to do and asks if Gabriel can help her. "No," is his reply.

Deanna and the other Alexandrians, along with Maggie, Carol, Abraham, and Eugene meet together in the middle of the town. Maggie wants them to wait until Glenn and Rick have arrived, but Deanna insists that they will start regardless. She says that they will talk about Rick, the fact that he pointed a gun at them and what he had said the day before. Carol replies that they can work it out.

Meanwhile, Rick jogs between the houses, searching for any signs of walkers.

Sasha says that she wants to die but Gabriel simply says that she does not deserve to be with the community. He starts ranting and states that Bob's mutilation and death was because of her sins. She gets up and tells him to stop, but he continues, bringing up Tyreese and saying that he deserved to die. This is the last straw for Sasha, who charges at him.

Michonne has the word at the meeting. She talks about how it was to live outside of Alexandria and says that Rick just wants his family to survive.

Elsewhere, Rick finds several walkers and takes each of them out.

Nicholas continues stumbling through the woods, trying to get back to Alexandria. Glenn, having survived his encounter with the walkers, appears behind him and punches him to the ground.

Carol now has the word at the meeting. She explains that Rick had saved her life and states that they need people like Rick, and that even though last night's events were scary, they needed to listen to him.

In the chapel, Sasha and Gabriel continue to fight over Sasha's rifle. She smacks him with the butt of the gun.

Rick struggles with the last walker, with it having him pinned to the ground. He rips the walkers throat open and starts to dig his hands inside the walker.

In the forest, Glenn brutally beats Nicholas down.

Abraham explains to the participants of the meeting that there is a "vast ocean of shit out there" and that Rick knows everything about it, commenting that the people of Alexandria do not know what he does.

Rick kills the walker by pushing his hand into the walker's skull, causing its face explode and spraying blood all over him.

The two men that Morgan had met earlier stop at the same facility that Daryl and Aaron had come across; with them, the man with the red poncho that Daryl and Aaron had been following. One of the men asks him to be still before slitting his throat. "Welcome home," he coldly replies.

Maggie states to the group that Hershel had respected Rick and says that Rick is also a father that cares about what he does. She says that the group is a family and she will not let it be broken up. Deanna reveals to the group about Gabriel's visit and says that Rick proved the things Gabriel told her about the group by fighting Pete. Maggie leaves.

Glenn blames Nicholas for Noah's death before placing a gun to his forehead.

Sasha, having knocked Gabriel to the ground, grabs her rifle and aims it at him with a mad expression on her face.

Tobin speaks up at the meeting, stating that he only wants his family to be safe. He grows silent as a bloodstained Rick walks in at the meeting, carrying a walker's corpse. He throws it on the ground in front of the entire community.

Nicholas begs for his life, finally realizing his mistakes but not wanting to pay for them with his life. Glenn attempts to shut him up to make the situation easier for himself, but eventually gives in and decides not to shoot before breaking down into tears.

Sasha remains with her gun trained on Gabriel when Maggie enters. She convinces Sasha to drop the gun. Gabriel says that she should have let her kill him, breaking down before replying that "they died because of me."

Rick informs everyone that there were no guards at the gate and that the walkers ventured in by themselves. He says that the dead and the living will always try to find a way in because they are in the walls. While Rick gives his speech, Judith and Carl are seen listening to a music box, Glenn helps Nicholas back to Alexandria, one of The Wolves look through the photos from the pack that Aaron had dropped during their escape, Tara wakes up in her bed and Sasha, Maggie and Gabriel pray in the chapel.

Rick assures that they will survive and that he will show them. "I was thinking... how many of you do I have to kill to save your life," Rick says, but states afterwards that he will not do so and that they will change. He also points out that he is not sorry for what he did, but he is sorry for not telling them this sooner.

Suddenly, a drunken Pete stumbles into the meeting, brandishing Michonne's katana. "You're not one of us," he screams, trudging in with the intention of killing Rick. Reg tries to stop him but Pete refuses to listen. Reg then tries to physically stop Pete but he shoves him away, accidentally slitting his throat with the katana. Deanna screams with grief while Abraham pins Pete down. "This is him!", Pete screams. Reg soon bleeds out and dies in Deanna's arms. Deanna cries her heart out, but her sorrowful expression soon turns to one of rage.

"Rick?" she asks. Rick looks at Deanna. "Do it." Without any hesitation, he turns around and executes Pete with a shot to the head.

Another voice calls out from elsewhere. "Rick?" Rick looks up to see Morgan standing before him, along with Daryl and Aaron, having returned from their run. They both exchange stunned looks.

Following the credits, Michonne prepares to mount her katana back on the wall. She soon changes her mind, sheathing and slinging it over her back it instead. The man with the red poncho is later seen as a walker, passing a car in the booby trap area with the words, "Wolves Not Far" painted on it.


Title Writer(s) Air Dates U.S. Viewers
1. "No Sanctuary" Scott Gimple October 12, 2014 (US)
October 13, 2014 (UK)
17.28 million
2. "Strangers" Robert Kirkman October 19, 2014 (US)
October 20, 2014 (UK)
15.14 million
3. "Four Walls and a Roof" Angela Kang
Corey Reed
October 26, 2014 (US)
October 27, 2014 (UK)
13.80 million
4. "Slabtown" Matt Negrete
Channing Powell
November 2, 2014 (US)
November 3, 2014 (UK)
14.51 million
5. "Self Help" Heather Bellson
Seth Hoffman
November 9, 2014 (US)
November 10, 2014 (UK)
13.53 million
6. "Consumed" Matt Negrete
Corey Reed
November 16, 2014 (US)
November 17, 2014 (UK)
14.06 million
7. "Crossed" Seth Hoffman November 23, 2014 (US)
November 24, 2014 (UK)
13.32 million
8. "Coda" Angela Kang November 30, 2014 (US)
December 1, 2014 (UK)
14.80 million
9. "What Happened and What's Going On" Scott Gimple February 8, 2015 (US)
February 9, 2015 (UK)
15.64 million
10. "Them" Heather Bellson February 15, 2015 (US)
February 16, 2015 (UK)
12.26 million
11. "The Distance" Seth Hoffman February 22, 2015 (US)
February 23, 2015 (UK)
13.43 million
12. "Remember" Channing Powell March 1, 2015 (US)
March 2, 2015 (UK)
14.43 million
13. "Forget" Corey Reed March 8, 2015 (US)
March 9, 2015 (UK)
14.53 million
14. "Spend" Matt Negrete March 15, 2015 (US)
March 16, 2015 (UK)
13.78 million
15. "Try" Angela Kang March 22, 2015 (US)
March 23, 2015 (UK)
13.75 million
16. "Conquer" Scott Gimple March 29, 2015 (US)
March 30, 2015 (UK)
15.78 million




The series was renewed for a fifth season on October 29, 2013.[3]

The season began filming May 5, 2014.[4] and finished filming November 22, 2014.[5]

In January 2015, it was announced that Ross Marquand had been cast as Aaron. Before getting cast as Aaron, Marquand auditioned for the role of Gareth.[6][7]

Kirkman made a statement of an open request during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter that himself, and the whole crew of the series want Charlie Sheen to be cast as Negan. He stated: "Charlie call us, we we will totally make that happen. We’ll do whatever you want."[8]


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  • This season is mainly based on "Volume 11: Fear The Hunters", "Volume 12: Life Among Them" and "Volume 13: Too Far Gone" from the Comic Series.
  • This season debuts a new opening sequence, replacing the one used from "Seed" to "A". It features shots from previous episodes:
    • Beth trying to escape Grady Memorial Hospital from "Slabtown".
    • The zombies behind the 'Don't Open, Dead Inside' door from "Days Gone Bye".
    • The Nursing Home from "Vatos".
    • The lone stray zombie from "18 Miles Out".
    • Rick holding his axe in the prison tombs as Glenn approaches with a flashlight in "Say the Word".
    • Morgan's burning walker pile from "Clear".
    • Lizzie and Mika's graves from "The Grove".
    • Glenn's picture of Maggie burning from "Us".
    • The Governor's cargo in Woodbury, walkers banging on the hermit's boarded up shack, and The Governor's interrogation room from "When the Dead Come Knocking".
    • The Terminus candle room with walkers trying to get in from "No Sanctuary".
    • The barn The Governor sees in "Live Bait".
    • Tyreese's point of view of the woods while Rick, Michonne, Glenn, and Noah rush to save his life from "What Happened and What's Going On".
    • Abraham's marked up map from "Four Walls and a Roof".
  • Only 1 named character in Season 5 died and reanimated into a zombie, Joan.
  • Below are the changes made to the main cast in this season.
    • Emily Kinney (Beth) and Chad Coleman (Tyreese) are listed in the opening sequence for the first time after being listed under "Also Starring". Both have been series regulars since Season 4. Both actors' names appear on the same frame during the opening credit sequence. This is the first and so far only occurrence on the show. Coincidentally, both characters are killed off in Season 5.
    • Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Bob) are still listed under "Also Starring." Both have been regulars since Season 4.
    • Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), Josh McDermitt (Eugene), Christian Serratos (Rosita), Alanna Masterson (Tara), and Andrew J. West (Gareth) are upgraded to series regulars from after recurring appearances in Season 4.
      • Michael Cudlitz is added to the opening credit sequence, while Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Alanna Masterson and Andrew J. West are listed under "Also Starring".
    • Seth Gilliam (Fr. Gabriel) is introduced as a series regular in the second episode "Strangers" and is listed under "Also Starring."
    • Following the deaths of Gareth and Bob in "Four Walls and a Roof," Andrew J. West and Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. are no longer credited under "Also Starring" in any subsequent episode.
      • Gilliard and West are the first series regulars to be written off whilst credited as "Also Starring" and to not appear in the opening credit sequence.
      • Gilliard later appeared as a special guest star in "What Happened and What's Going On". Gilliard is the first cast member to be listed as a regular and a special guest star in a season.
    • Following the deaths of Beth and Tyreese in "Coda" and "What Happened and What's Going On," Emily Kinney and Chad Coleman are no longer listed in the opening sequence, though they are added back to the opening credit sequence of the episode "Forget," as Beth and Tyreese appear in archive footage.
  • This season is tied with Season 7 with killing off the most main cast characters, with four regulars killed off: Gareth, Bob Stookey, Beth Greene and Tyreese Williams.
  • The final episode, "Conquer", is the first season finale and the third episode since "Days Gone Bye" of Season 1 and "What Lies Ahead" of Season 2 to have a 90 minute long premiere.
  • The episode titles "Remember", "Forget", "Spend", "Try", and "Conquer" are all references to a story Dale told the group around the campfire in Season 1: "I like what the father said to the son when he gave him a watch that had been handed down through generations. He said: 'I give you a mausoleum of all hope and desire which will fit your individual needs, no better than it did mine and my father before me. I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it. For a moment, now and then, and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it.'"
  • This was the last season that had an episode written by Robert Kirkman due to his departure from AMC in 2017.


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