This article is about the fourth season of the Original TV Series. You may be looking for the upcoming fourth season of the Video Game or the fourth season of the Companion TV Series.

Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead consists of sixteen episodes; it premiered on October 13, 2013, and concluded on March 30, 2014.

It was confirmed on December 21, 2012, that AMC had renewed The Walking Dead for Season 4.[1] Production of the season started on May 6, 2013, and consists of 16 episodes, with new showrunner Scott Gimple taking over from Glen Mazzara.[2]

This season adapts material from issues #40-61 of the Comic Series.


"30 Days Without An Accident"

Rick walks outside to the scene of a sunny, calm day. He splashes water on his face, and the shot pans out to a vegetable garden towards which he is headed. Lining the gates of the garden lie a dozen walkers that have accumulated overnight. While listening to music and digging in the garden, Rick finds a handgun, which he examines for a moment and then tosses into his wheelbarrow.

Carl walks towards Rick, complaining that his father had not awakened him. Rick says he had not done so due to the knowledge that Carl was up late reading comic books, and the two share a chuckle. Carl speaks of a pig that he calls Violet, laying in the corner of a pen, mentioning it looks ill; Rick tells Carl he should not name the pigs as they are food, yet answers that he does not know the reason of the pig's illness.

In the outdoor confines of the prison, Carol cooks breakfast for the residents. Daryl joins her, while numerous survivors thank him for his hunting including a young man named Patrick. A group of survivors, along with Karen, are clearing walkers that have built up along the gate perimeter. Tyreese approaches Karen (whom he calls "Beautiful"), telling her of his discomfort with killing walkers along the gate due to the face-to-face combat. Karen questions why he volunteers to help along the gates, to which he responds he wanted to get to know her better. Tyreese tells her he's going on the supply run; Karen gives him a good luck kiss, and tells him to be careful. Meanwhile, Hershel is telling Rick about planting more crops when Michonne arrives from a scouting run. She volunteers to check the traps for any animals before the walkers get them but Rick decides to go himself. As he leaves, Hershel tells Rick that their council (himself, Glenn, Carol, Daryl, and Sasha) preferred that Rick take his gun along when he goes outside the gates for protection.

As the supply group gets ready to leave, Zach meets up with Beth and the pair kiss each other goodbye. Bob volunteers to go along to earn his keep; after some hesitation, Sasha allows him to come. As they reach an abandoned army camp around a shopping mall, Daryl asks them to listen to the music booming in the distance and notes that he had been part of a group that hooked it up to car batteries to draw the walkers away. The group approaches the front of the store and Zach starts a conversation with Daryl, trying to guess what Daryl's pre-apocalypse employment was. They mention this had been going on daily for the the past six weeks. Zach guesses a homicide cop and Daryl affirms the guess. An incredulous Zach apparently doesn't believe it and states he will keep on trying to guess. In the store, Bob approaches a wine/beer aisle in the store and is tempted to take a bottle. He decides to put it back, causing the entire shelf to tip over and fall on him, pinning his legs. This also attracts the attention of walkers on the roof who begin to fall through the worn and decaying ceiling. Daryl and Zach are able to free Bob, but Zach is bitten in the process. The rest escape as a wrecked helicopter falls through, landing on Zach and destroying the mall and any remaining walkers.

Meanwhile, Rick is checking the traps when he encounters Clara. Initially mistaking her for a walker, he is startled when she calls out to him pleading for help. She asks if he is with a group and begs him to take her and her husband, Eddie, with him. Rick tells her that if they answer three questions to his satisfaction, he will and she leads him to her camp. As they approach the campsite, she states "It is just a head." As she crouches over a small suspicious bundle, Clara suddenly attacks Rick and after he sidesteps her, she stabs herself in the stomach. Clara tells Rick that she could not stand living without Eddie and so she took him with her. Clara, in a state of delirium, pleads with Rick not to kill her so she can remain with Eddie in a zombfied state. They do not show Eddie's body or what is in the bundle, although as Rick walks away, the camera closes in on the bundle, which is moving about and grunts come from it. The bundle is no bigger than a human head.

After arriving back at the prison, Daryl tells Beth what happened to Zach. She says that she doesn't cry anymore but hugs Daryl. She then resets the tally she was keeping of days without accidents. Patrick, who wasn't feeling well earlier, is seen coughing heavily as he goes to the showers. After a few seconds, he then collapses on the floor and reanimates soon after.


Late at night, a mysterious figure is shown feeding a rat to the fence walkers. The scene then swaps to Tyreese and Karen in their cell, overlooking their lives and then Tyreese begins singing to her. Karen then roams out of the cell and into the showers, where she hears movement but finds nothing. After she exits, a zombified Patrick rises out of the shower, undetected. He exits the showers and follows her back to the cell block. He stops at Karen's room, but is distracted by the coughing of another person and wanders into his cell and proceeds to bite the man's throat, preventing him from calling out for help.

After Patrick leaves, the man soon awakens as a walker. Rick and Carl head out to tend to the pigs and Carl asks if he can help with the fence cleaners, but Rick shuts the idea down. Carl apologizes and assures Rick that he is trying to live normally and asks if he can have his gun back. Before Rick can answer, they hear gunshots. Mika and Lizzie Samuels run out of Cell Block D, screaming for help. A horde of walkers have attacked from within and have killed several people. Michonne, who was heading out on a supply run, is alerted of the chaos but gets trapped in the prison gates with two walkers. The walkers overpower her, but Carl kills one of them; the other one was kicked off by Michonne and shot by Maggie. Michonne accidentally cuts herself on one of the snares, but is helped up by Maggie and Carl. In the cell block, the group clears out the walkers. Carol assists Ryan Samuels into a cell after he is bitten on the arm and prepares to amputate it before realizing that he has been bitten on his nape as well. After the threat temporarily clears out, Daryl and Rick comb the area, searching for any lifeless people to mercifully put-down when Glenn gets attacked by a walker. Daryl is able to shoot it in the head, and realizes that it was Patrick. Another bloody-eyed walker, Charlie, emerges from a cell and is put down by Rick.

Rick, Hershel, Dr. Subramanian, Daryl and Bob gather around Charlie's body, noting that he has no bites or scratches. Subramanian recognizes the blood pouring out of Charlie's orifices as an indicator of disease, and Rick mentions the bloody-eyed walker, Violet, and the sick boar he encountered. Subramanian explains that flu's like the one that killed Patrick were spread by pigs and birds in the old days and thrive in close quarters, like the cell block. They conclude that everyone in the cell block could be infected by the disease.

Ryan realizes that he is dying, and asks Carol to take care of Lizzie and Mika for him as if they were her own. Carol agrees, but tells him that he has to let them say goodbye to him before she kills him. As Lizzie and Mika say goodbye, Carol tells them what she has to do but Lizzie volunteers to do it instead. At the last minute, she is unable to stab her father in the head and turns away crying as Carol takes back the knife and does it herself.

Carol, Hershel, Daryl, Sasha, and Glenn think of what to do with the people who might have been infected when they hear coughing outside the room. It's shown to be coming from Karen, who was walking by with Tyreese. She is told that she must be quarantined while they find out what the cause is. Sasha (as well as Karen herself) calms Tyreese, saying that it's necessary. As she leaves, Karen also mentions that David was coughing as well. Carl and Maggie are carrying Michonne back inside when Rick approaches them. He tells them what happened and assures Maggie that Hershel and Beth are fine. He says that they must stay away from him for now due to possibly being infected.

Beth is seen dressing Michonne's wound when the latter says that she made a mistake letting the two walkers get the better of her. She bitterly says that Maggie and Carl should have left her. Beth says, "Now that is foolish. People getting hurt is part of living with a group." She muses about those who died, wondering what you call a parent who's lost a child. Michonne begins to tear up but composes herself immediately and Beth doesn't notice. Later, she asks Michonne to hold Judith while she cleans up the mess Judith made on her. Michonne looks at Judith with indifference but then loses control and weeps while holding Judith close.

Daryl is digging graves for those who died when Rick comes by to help. Daryl tells Rick that he's earned his time away from being in a leader position when Maggie screams for them to follow her; it's shown that a massive group of walkers are converging at a portion of the fence that is about to give way. Despite the efforts of them, Glenn, Sasha and a few others, there are just too many. Sasha points out the carcasses of several dead rats near the walls, suggesting that someone's been luring the walkers to the fence. Rick, getting an idea on what to do, tells Daryl to get one of the trucks. The two lead the walkers a few meters away and Rick pulls out one of the piglets; he then cuts it on the back and leaves it for the walkers to devour. They repeat this several times before the walkers are a safe distance away.

Meanwhile Carol, who promised Ryan to look after Lizzie and Mika, finds them near the fence looking at walkers. Carol, who was told earlier by Mika that her sister was 'funny in the head', assures her that she needs to be strong in letting her father go and not to run away from her fear of the walkers but to face them.

Carl finds his father chopping up the pig pen. Rick explains that they either got the virus from the pigs or that 'we infected them.' He tells Carl that they need to stay away from Judith for awhile to protect her from possibly getting infected. He then pulls out his gun and holster as well as handing Carl his gun back. He lights a match and burns the pigpen; then, Rick takes off his bloody shirt and throws that into the fire as well. Tyreese is seen going to Karen's isolated cell in the tombs with some flowers. He notices a trail of blood leading down the hallway; following it, he's led outside where he sees the burnt and charred corpses of both Karen and David.  


In the inner courtyard, Tyreese explains to Rick, Carol and Daryl how he found Karen and David burnt corpses;  he came to see Karen, saw the blood trail on the floor and it led him outside. Tyreese demands Rick to find who did it and bring the killer to him; when the latter tries to calm him down, he turns violent and attacks Rick, punching him in the face. Daryl holds him up, and Carol tries to stop Rick from retaliating, but it's too late. Rick charges at Tyreese, knocking him down and brutally beating his face. Daryl eventually pulls Rick off Tyreese before it goes any further. Rick looks at his severely injured hand, horrified with what he just did.

Dr. S and Hershel are looking over a bite victim who got his arm amputated. Unluckily, the victim dies of blood-loss. Later, Hershel is bandaging Rick's hand. He comments on the group's situation, and that "everything they worked so hard to keep out just found its way in" and briefs Rick of the flu situation; it is spreading and that another council meeting is being held the next day to decide what they should do. Tyreese is seen digging graves for Karen and David. Bob approaches him, telling Tyreese to go see Hershel and make sure he's alright. Tyreese firmly says that he will only after they are buried. Bob tries to change his mind, but Tyreese glares at him and repeats "once they're in the ground."

Glenn suggests to Hershel that with Karen and David dead, the infection may have been cured. Sasha suddenly leaves C-Block, exhibiting the clear symptoms. She assures Hershel that she'll go to A-Block, where all the sick people are being isolated, to see Dr. S, who is revealed to be sick as well. At the meeting the following morning, the council eventually reach the consensus that they need medical supplies for treatment. As Hershel mentions that there is an animal hospital facility nearby that could help, Glenn starts to show symptoms of the flu.

Outside, Carol is pumping the water, pointing out to Rick that they are running low. They agree that the next day they will go out to clean the cistern. She suggests to Rick that he should talk to Tyreese, before leaving back to the Prison. Rick cautiously approaches Tyreese who is finishing the graves. He says he's sorry for hitting Tyreese, and then proceeds to ask him if Karen and David had any enemies or anyone who had a problem with them. Tyreese fiercely denies this then walks off, mocking Rick for spending the day "looking at water pumps" instead of trying to find the murderer.

In the cell block, Rick briefly talks to Carl to look over the office block, where the most vulnerable survivors are being kept at; the kids and the elderly. Back in A-Block Tyreese, who's there watching the sick (making sure no one will try to kill them), is asked to join the supply run for medical supplies with Daryl, Michonne and Bob. He refuses at first, but Daryl is able to convince him otherwise, saying he'll help them more in the run, looking for medicine than there, watching. He bids farewell to a sick Sasha, and leaves with the team.

In the office block, Hershel decides to go into the woods, hoping to find herbs to treat the patients. After a tense moment with Carl saying he can't leave, they both go out. Outside, Hershel comments that he'd be good without him, and remarks how peaceful it is out there. How safe is out there compared to the Prison. Carl denies, pointing out to a nearby, severely-decomposed walker, and soon one more shows up. They leave the place with the herbs, with Carl remarking how peaceful it was.

Arriving back at the prison, Maggie sees Hershel entering A-Block and warns him of the sick. Rick overhears the arguing and sides with Maggie. Hershel then proceeds to remind them how they risk their life everyday and every hour, no matter what they do. He says that it isn't their choice; the only choice being what they are risking it for. Stating he can help the sick, Hershel pulls his bandana over his face and goes into the cell block. He gives Dr. S the herb tea. Suffering heavily from the symptoms, he coughs blood which sprays Hershel's face. Aware that he's most likely infected already, Hershel takes off the bandana and wipes his face. He also treats Glenn, giving him encouragement to keep pushing through.

While driving towards the hospital the supply run, the group hears a voice over the car radio repeating the word "Sanctuary... Sanctuary..." Daryl is distracted by it and hits a few walkers on the street. He stops the car, shocked at the massive herd of thousands of walkers between them and their destination. Daryl drives in reverse and runs over several more walkers but the car eventually gets stuck, forcing them to go the rest of the way on foot. Daryl, Michonne, and Bob make it out, but Tyreese stays behind, not noticing what's going on. Bob eventually snaps him out of it and Tyreese storms out of the car and in a rage, ferociously begins to kill the walkers that are quickly surrounding him. After running in the woods for a while, the group stops to rest, and notices movement in the bushes. Tyreese comes out, covered in walker guts and blood, but alive and unscathed.

Outside, Carol rigged a distraction for the walkers and is beyond the fences cleaning the cistern. Rick notices this and runs towards her. At the same time, several walkers emerge from the forest behind Carol at the same time a few of the walkers at the fence turn their attention towards her. After a few seconds, Carol finishes cleaning the hose and Rick is able to save her. They both run back towards the fences and make it back inside. Rick tells her that what she did was stupid and careless. As she walks away, Rick tells Carol that he's noticed how far she'd go to protect the group of survivors. He then asks her if she killed Karen and David: after a moment, she responds to him: "yes" and walks away.


Carol is talking to Lizzie, telling her that she is going on a supply run with Rick. As Carol talks to Lizzie, Rick roams the room where Karen was previously held. Rick imagines Carol stabbing Karen in the head and dragging her body down the hallway to be burned.

As they prepare to leave, Daryl and his supply-group continue to walk to find another vehicle, as they were forced to ditch their former one, due to a massive herd. They then find an autoshop with a few walkers and decide to clear it out after finding a usable car.

As the group chops away at the overgrowth, Tyreese, still unhappy with Karen's death, cuts too fast and pulls at a door, releasing the autoshop's walkers. The group clears them and heads in to search the area for a battery.

Carol and Rick search a house, finding several supplies. A walker comes out, falls down the stairs, and Carol kills it. Soon after, Sam and Ana come out from their hiding place. Carol fixes Sam's dislocated shoulder, and Rick asks them a few questions. Rick and Carol then go out to the yard to find several tomatoes. As they continue to move, they suddenly find a basket with dropped food, and then find Ana's leg. At the distance, they see what is left of Ana being consumed by two walkers.

While scavenging the veterinary college for medical supplies, Daryl and his supply-group are ambushed by walkers who have seemingly died from the same flu-like disease present in the Prison. Tyreese helps the group escape by throwing a fire extinguisher through the window and they all jump onto the roof of an outside walkway. Bob almost loses his bag but retrieves it. Daryl finds there is nothing in his bag but a bottle of liquor, which he attempts to throw away. Bob puts his hand on his holster, pleading with Daryl to give him the bottle back. Daryl, unintimidated, disarms Bob and grabs him until Tyreese breaks them up, saying that Bob has already made his choice. Daryl says that they should have never allowed Bob into the prison group, and that he will beat him into the ground if he drinks even a sip of liquor before the sick prisoners take the medicine. 

Rick gives Carol her supplies, food, and a vehicle before isolating her from the group, believing that nobody will trust her (including himself) once they find out the truth about Karen and David's deaths, Tyreese would have probably killed Carol. Carol hands him a watch that Ed gave her on her anniversary before driving away. 


Rick arrives back at the prison and meets Maggie. He tells her what happened to Carol, and she agrees that she would have done the same. Rick heads to the administration building, where he gives a bag of food to Carl. Inside A Block, things get worse when a few more members get sick. Hershel notices that Sasha is passed out, and he revives her. Hershel goes to check on a father, who's teenage son is dying in his cell. Soon after, two walkers leave their cells. Lizzie calls for help, which gets the attention of a walker behind Hershel. Hershel is pinned by the walker, but the father and a woman come to his aid. However, the father's son turns and attacks his father from behind, to which he accidently fires a gunshot that kills the woman. Hershel gets up and runs toward Lizzie, who gets pinned by a walker. He manages to throw the walker off of the catwalk. Next, he goes to get the shotgun from Dr. S, however he has already turned. Hershel kills him, but right after climbs onto the metal fence that the walker from before landed. He ends up getting pinned. Outside, Maggie and Rick hear a gunshot, to which Maggie and Rick runs inside. Rick gets to the administration building, where he gets Carl to come help him with the fence. Maggie makes her way to A Block only to find it locked. She heads to the visitors room and smashes a window to get into A Block. She kills the walker that pinned Hershel and the two head to help Glenn who has stopped breathing. Outside, the fence gives way and a hoard of walkers get in. Rick and Carl run into the courtyard, where they get assault rifles and gun down the many walkers. Right after they finish, the van with Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob arrive. Daryl and Michonne run out of the van to go help, while Bob and Tyreese head to A Block. Tyreese goes and cradles his sister in his arms, while Bob goes to administer drugs to Glenn. Outside, The Governor is seen looking at the prison from a distance. 

"Live Bait"

In a flashback, The Governor flees after his massacre of the Woodbury Army, alongside with his two remaining henchmen: Martinez and Shumpert. They later set up camp at the military outpost where they ambushed the National Guardsmen months earlier. The Governor is sitting in front of a campfire, when a female walker approaches him. She falls into the fire, and proceeds to crawl towards him, whereby Martinez shoots her in the head. Martinez notes that Philip didn't even react to the walker approaching him or the subsequent gunshot. The following morning, he and Shumpert decide to abandon The Governor, leaving the latter to fend for himself. He then drives back to Woodbury and burns down the entire town. After several months of surviving the elements, he finally collapses on the street. Philip then notices a little girl in a window of an apartment building. He pulls himself back to his feet and investigates. He finds the Chambler family residing inside, consisting of two sisters, Lilly and Tara, as well as Lilly's daughter, Meghan, and their father, David. They, at first, warily hold him at gunpoint, but then they indulgently lead Philip to one of the adjacent apartments, after confiscating his pistol.

After hearing how Philip has survived the last few months, they ask him how long he plans on staying. He replies, "Just for the night." They also ask him his name; he replies that it's Brian Heriot (a name that he saw in paint on a barn while walking). Later, Lilly comes and offers Philip some food; he accepts but after she leaves, he scrapes the food off the plate and out the window, and then begins to eat a can of tuna he found. He goes and returns the plate and is invited inside. Philip sits down, as he watches Meghan and David play a makeshift game of backgammon. After the two sisters try to help David get up, Philip carries the elderly man to his room. David asks Philip to do him a favor and get the backgammon set that Bill Jenkins, one of his war buddies, had in his apartment up on the floor above them. Philip ventures and finds both the backgammon set, as well as a few rounds of ammo. He then hears a noise from the bathroom and finds an undead Bill lying in the tub. Philip mercifully kills him, and notices a revolver in Bill's hand, which he takes from him. He returns to the Chambler's apartment, and gives David the game and leaves.

The following morning, Lilly comes by to give Philip his gun back and wakes him. When offered back his gun, Philip tells her to keep it and reveals the revolver that he took. Lilly asks him for one more favor before he leaves. David has lung cancer and his current oxygen tank is nearly empty, so he needs a new one. She tells Philip of a nursing home located nearby and asks him to grab one or two. Philip makes his way there. He encounters several walkers, but avoids them. Finding a cart of oxygen tanks, he begins to leave but more walkers appear. After several struggles, he is able to escape the walker-infested nursing home with two tanks. Lilly thanks him and cleans a minor head wound that Philip received. She lets Meghan stay and watch him while she goes back to their apartment. Meghan asks Philip how he got the eye patch. Philip claims that he was a pirate and they both laugh. He says that he'll tell Meghan the truth but only if she doesn't tell anyone.

Later, Philip is teaching Meghan how to play chess when Lilly reveals that David has died. Philip tells them to leave, but Lilly wants another minute alone to say goodbye. David reanimates and nearly bites Tara, but Philip is able to save them by bashing David's head with the very oxygen tank he brought from the nursing home.

After David is buried, Philip burns the old photo of his wife and daughter. That night, he goes to say goodbye, but Lilly insists that he stays. Philip says that they can't go with him, but Lilly reveals that she saw the photo of his family. She further admits that they aren't like his old family, but that Philip has become a part of theirs. They leave the building in a delivery truck parked outside. After camping at a lake, their vehicle breaks down, forcing them to abandon it and continue on foot. Philip and Lilly sleep together, beginning a relationship. Down the road, Tara ends up injuring her leg. Philip goes ahead and, seeing a group of walkers, orders them to drop their bags and run. While the rest flee, Meghan is frozen in place and Philip convinces her to run to him. He then picks her up and leads the others through the woods. As they reach a clearing, Philip and Meghan fall into a dugout pit and find several walkers inside. Meghan cowers in a corner of the pit, as Philip kills the walkers. During this scene, gunfire can be heard in the background, and stops soon after the walkers are dead. Philip hugs Meghan and swears on his life that he will keep her safe from anything that may harm her. "Cross my heart," he tells her. He then hears a surprised voice coming from outside the pit. He looks up and sees a bewildered Martinez standing above him. Philip repeats "Cross my heart" as he strokes Meghan's hair, staring up at Martinez.

"Dead Weight"

Philip is seen playing a game of chess with Meghan. When reminded that it's her turn, Meghan says that she's thinking. Philip tells her that eventually, you need to stop thinking and make a move. While this happens, a flashback occurs showing how they were brought to the camp. Martinez looks down at Philip in amazement and offers his hand. Philip hands him Meghan and is later pulled out. Two men, Mitch and Pete, ask Martinez if he knows him, to which he replies yes. Martinez is confused when Lilly calls out to Philip as 'Brian' and asks if he's been traveling with them the whole time since he and Shumpert left; Philip nods yes. Martinez then tells Philip that they can join his group on two conditions; he's in charge and there can't be any dead weight. Philip agrees and they journey to Martinez's camp.

Later, Philip goes on a supply run with Martinez, Mitch and Pete. They are following a map made by one of the other camp survivors when Philip notices something in the distance. He finds a decapitated corpse with a sign reading 'Liar' nailed into the corpse. The group later find their goal; a cabin deep within the woods. As they approach the property, another headless corpse is found with another sign, this one saying 'Rapist.' At the front door, they find yet another corpse; this one dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound with 'Murderer' written on a sign. They explore inside and hear a walker inside one of the rooms. Pete is nearly killed but is saved by Philip. He then notices the severed heads of the two decapitated walkers. Another walker emerges and tries to bite Martinez, but Philip saves him as well. Afterwards, the four find supplies as well as some beer. Pete wonders what drove a person to do something like this, but Philip says that it's "probably best they don't dwell on it." Mitch then asks what Philip did for a living and what he did when the apocalypse first began; the latter dodges the question, simply saying that '[he] survived." He then asks them the same question. The reveal that they both are brothers and served in the army at some point; when the apocalypse began, Mitch left and took his tank with him, while Pete was serving at Fort Benning and initially stayed to provide support, but soon left.

While they were gone, Lilly decides to form a makeshift nurse's station and helps bandage Alisha's hand. Tara notices Alisha's M4 carbine and remarks that while it's a good long range weapon, it becomes cumbersome and unreliable due to dirt and debris. Alisa jokingly asks if she's 'always full of shit', and Tara says yes. Later on, the supply group returns and they share some beer. Afterwards, Martinez tells Philip that he's got a surprise for him. On one of the trailers, Martinez shows Philip a golf bag full of clubs and begins to practice his swing. Philip remarks that he knew that Shumpert didn't survive and Martinez reveals that after they left, Shumpert got reckless and was bitten near one of the walker pits. He finishes by saying that he personally killed Shumpert out of mercy. He says that he's willing to share leadership responsibilities and offers to split them with Philip. Angry, Philip then smashes one of the golf clubs against the back of Martinez's head, and then throws him off the trailer. Philip then drags Martinez over to one of the pits and is lowered towards the walkers, muttering "I don't want it" repeatedly. He then lowers Martinez close enough to the walkers and watches as they drag a screaming Martinez down and devour him alive.

Soon afterwards, Philip is seen shaking inside his trailer over how he killed Martinez. When asked by Lilly, Philip brushes it off as just a nightmare. The next day, Pete reveals to the rest of the camp that Martinez's remains were found and that he must have gotten drunk and fell into the pit. He then temporarily elects himself as leader of the group until they can properly vote on the matter in a few days. Pete then takes Mitch and Philip on another run and they come across another camp where they are split on whether to attack the camp or not. They ultimately decide to leave and later, they return to find the other camp in ruins. Mitch is frustrated that they missed their chance to get the supplies, something that Philip secretly agrees with. That night, Philip tells Lilly that they have to leave the camp due to Mitch's behavior about not taking the supplies when they had the chance. He takes Lilly, Meghan, Tara and Alisha from the camp and sets out on their own but is then driven back by a swarm of walkers stuck in mud blocking their path.

The next day, Philip goes to Pete under the ruse of wanting to talk about Mitch. Once inside, he then stabs Pete in the back and strangles him to death. Philip goes to Mitch and forces his way inside the trailer at gunpoint. He then blatantly reveals that he killed Pete, but forces Mitch to sit back down. He then tells Mitch that he's now in charge and agrees that they should have taken the other group's supplies. Philip then organizes the survivors to form a rough perimeter around the camp and asks Tara to organize and catalog all their ammo. Later Philip is seen dragging Pete's weighted corpse along a jetty and throwing it into the lake.

Philip is seen marking a map when Lilly comes by. When asked, Philip says that they need to move to a more secure location (hinting towards the prison) but Lilly believes that their current location is safe enough. Later, Tara is on guard duty when Meghan runs up and tags her, saying that she's now 'it.' Tara says that she can't play right now, but then tags her back and runs off. Meghan runs around camp looking for Tara and finds a pair of legs near the clothes lines. Thinking it's Tara, Meghan runs over only to find a walker who lunges towards her. She runs away and is cornered underneath one of the trailers. Tara tries to pull the walker off, but its leg gets pulled off and is only stopped when Phillip shoots it in the head.

Philip goes over to the lake and reflects on what he should do next. He stares into the water at Pete's undead corpse trying to reach him. He takes a truck and travels towards the Prison. He arrives and looks at Rick and Carl digging in the prison yard. Jealous, Phillip looks away and notices Hershel as well as Michonne disposing the dead from the recent walker infestation. Seeing Michonne angers Phillip (bringing back memories of her killing Penny and mutilating him) and aims his gun at Michonne.

"Too Far Gone"

The episode starts out with the Governor rallying whatever forces he has, motivating them to follow him to the prison as it shows him knock out Michonne from behind a tree and capturing both Hershel and Michonne. The group, convinced by the Governor that the camp is no longer safe, eventually agree and go off to prepare. Lilly walks out from behind a tree, having heard the whole thing, and the Governor tells her that most of the people at the prison are killers. She asks him if she is with a killer, implying him. He tells her that his only concern is hers and Meghan's safety and confesses his love to her. 

The Governor then goes into a trailer and starts conversing with Michonne and Hershel, talking about how he wants to take over the prison for his "family" to live there. Hershel tries to convince him by stating that Rick's group and Phillip's group can live together, but Philip was adamant in saying that it is impossible. Philip also adds that he doesn't intend on hurting anybody and that their capture is just a means to force Rick's group out of the prison. Michonne shows absolute hatred towards Phillip, exclaiming that she was definitely going to kill him. Hershel tries one last time to persuade Philip, reminding him that they are both fathers. The Governor states he would not have any problem killing Hershel's daughters because they aren't his.

At a camp set up by the river are Lilly and Meghan, along with several other children, elderly, and women. She makes one last attempt to stop Philip from hurting others at the prison. Philip converses with and hugs Meghan goodbye before she runs off to play in the mud.

Back at the prison, Glenn and the other sick are recuperating. Glenn and Maggie share a moment as Glenn teases about their anniversary coming up. Sasha thanks Bob for helping to save her while he hides his bottle of whiskey. Rick finally tells Daryl that Carol killed Karen and David. That in her head she felt she was protecting the group and that she was not sorry. Regardless, Daryl is upset that Rick banished her and then decide that he and Rick should tell Tyreese it was her. However, Tyreese calls them into the Tombs, showing them a dissected rabbit's body, then reminded them of the rats that were found by the fences. Tyreese believes the person who killed Karen and David is the same person who has been feeding the rats to the walkers. Rick disagrees, but before Rick can say anything, the prison is rocked by an explosion. Running outside, they find the Governor standing atop a tank, surrounded by his militia outside the prison walls.

The Governor demands that Rick talks to him. Rick does not want to  at first as he reveals that there is a council who makes the calls and that he no longer makes decisions. The governor shows no concern for that and makes Rick come to talk to him anyway by revealing that he has Michonne and Hershel kidnapped. The governor then gives Rick an ultimatum: Leave the Prison by sundown or he will kill them all. Rick tries to reason with him while the prison inhabitants prepare to fight.

By the river, Meghan is still playing in the mud. Lilly sees a walker trying to cross the river, but it fails. Meghan digs out a flash-flood warning sign. However, she loosens the dirt enough that a submerged walker is able to break through and bite her on the shoulder. Lilly grabs Meghan and shoots the walker. The Governor shoots several walkers, telling Rick that the sound will draw more of them and that he should leave soon. Carl mentions to Daryl that he has a shot on the Governor, but Daryl tells him not to take it or it could start something.

Rick tells the Governor that the prison could be shared. The governor disagrees due to the events that happened at Woodburry. Rick states that his group isn't leaving, and that if the walkers come, then they'll tear down the fences and no one would be able to live at the Prison. Enraged, the Governor jumps down from the tank and holds Michonne's katana to Hershel's neck. Rick tries to reason with Tara and the others, asking them if this is what they want. He says that they can either live there together or not at all, and that no one is "too far gone," and they could work out their differences. Hershel smiles as he realizes that Rick has made the attempt to forgive his enemy and accept others into his group. However, The Governor mutters "liar" and slashes Hershel's neck. Enraged, Rick and the prison inhabitants open fire. A bullet from the returning volley hits Rick in the thigh and he drags himself behind the overturned bus.

A still-alive Hershel tries to drag himself away, but the Governor takes the katana and hacks his head off, to Beth and Maggie's horror. Tara is shocked by this brutal act. Just then, Lilly pulls up in a car with Meghan's body. Philip takes Meghan and shoots her in the head before ordering his forces to move into the prison. The tank tears down the walls.

The Governor then says, "Kill them all", as his men start pushing forward with the tank. The Governor's forces move into the field, destroying the crops in the process, with the Governor trailing behind. Rick jumps out from the overturned bus and tackles the Governor before engaging in a fistfight with him.

With the tank blasting holes in the prison, the inhabitants begin evacuating. Lizzie and the other children ignore the evacuation and run to grab guns, leaving Judith's baby carrier behind. Maggie and Beth oversee the movement of the elderly to the escape bus before Maggie runs back into the prison to grab Glenn. When they return, Beth is missing, having gone to find her. She leaves Glenn on the bus and finds Beth, Sasha, and Bob pinned down. Bob is hit, and as they examine the wound, the bus drives off.

The tank plows down the gates and stops in the courtyard. Terrified by the gunfire, and by a grenade from Daryl, Tara runs. The prison forces are overwhelmed. Tyreese is pinned down by Alisha and another soldier, but Lizzie and the children show up and gun down the surprised Alisha. Tyreese chases after them as they run off in the opposite direction of the bus. Daryl manages to destroy the tank by throwing another grenade down the cannon barrel, and shoots Mitch when he jumps out of the tank.

Rick is overwhelmed by the Governor, but before he is strangled, Michonne stabs the Governor through the chest and helps Rick up. She contemplates killing the Governor there, but decides to leave him to die of blood loss. Rick stumbles back into the courtyard, where Carl finds him. They search for Judith, only to find her bloody baby carrier, implying that she was possibly eaten by a walker in the chaos. Devastated, the pair limp off from the prison. Meanwhile, the Governor lies dying in the field as walkers, among them a zombified Clara, move into the prison. Before he loses consciousness, he sees an angry Lilly, who shoots him in the head.

Carl and Rick walk away from the prison, as hundreds of walkers stream in through the destroyed ruins. Rick tells Carl to keep walking and not to look back. 


The episode starts at the destroyed prison, with walkers surrounding the tank. Then, the corpse of The Governor, and Flame's devoured corpse are shown, with Michonne outside the fences. She uses her katana to kill approaching walkers and takes cover behind the gate's spikes. Then, she uses her old technique of camouflage and uses two trapped walkers as protection by tying them with ropes and cutting their jaws and arms. As she walks, she find's Hershel's zombified head and puts it down with her katana, leaving the prison shaken by the experience.

Carl and Rick walk on a country road with Carl walking ahead of Rick who struggles to keep up due to his injuries from the previous battle. At first, they stop by in a barbecue restaurant which seems to be looted already. A single walker is barricaded by some pieces of furniture. Rick wants to put it down with his ax, saving their bullets, but is too weak to make a finishing blow forcing Carl to shoot it in the head despite Rick's pleas not to. On the floor, Carl notices a note left by the walker's son, who couldn't bring himself to kill his father. They scour the building for supplies and find a small haul. Carl was able to obtain more stuff and jokingly tells his father "I win".

Michonne and her walker pets come across the same road that Rick and Carl were traveling and she notices the footprints they had left in the mud. However, she decides to continue on alone.

Rick and Carl continue walking until they take shelter in an abandoned house. After investigating, Carl loudly bangs and curses to draw walkers out, but Rick is angry at him for doing so. Carl snaps back that he isn't a kid and proceeds to clear the upper floor by himself. He lingers in the kid's room, gazing wistfully at the sports posters and gaming system before yanking out a cable from the TV to secure the front door. As they secure the door, they argue over whether a knot is enough or to push the couch against the door. Carl angrily snaps that his knot is a good one and verbally slaps Rick, mentioning that Shane taught him it. Angry, Rick tell him that he remembers Shane every day and asks if Carl has anything else he'd like to say. Carl doesn't respond and they push the couch against the door and flip it right-side-up. Rick goes into the bathroom of the house and observes the bruises and scars on his body, one of them being the stab wound he sustained from Morgan.

Michonne has a dream about her young son, her boyfriend Mike, and his best friend Terry. It starts off as a normal conversation in pre-apocalypse Atlanta, but as it progresses, Michonne's current lifestyle starts setting in. As she talks to Mike and Terry, it turns into a conversation about survival at a camp that they had inhabited prior to her finding Andrea. They continue talking and Michonne then seen Mike and Terry with their arms cut off and her son missing. She starts screaming in terror and then wakes up in a fit of panic.

In the house, Rick has fallen unconscious due to his injuries. Carl tries to wake him up but when Rick doesn't respond, Carl starts yelling, which alerts two walkers outside. He lures the walkers away from the front door to kill them somewhere away from the house, but is nearly surprised by a third walker coming up from behind. However, after a slight scuffle, he manages to kill all three walkers unscathed, restating his comment to Rick "I win".

Michonne continues walking with the herd of walkers through the forest. She is surprised at one of the walkers, as it resembles her likeness. She shrugs it off and continues walking along with her herd.

When Carl returns to the house after gathering supplies, he becomes angry at his father, saying he failed protecting the prison group, Lori and Judith. Carl states that he never forgot how to survive, not even when Rick wanted to "play farmer." When Rick, who is still unconscious, does not respond, Carl says he doesn't need him anymore and he wouldn't care if he died.

Carl goes on another supply trip in a nearby house. Upstairs, he opens a door with a walker behind it. After a struggle, in which he missed the walker with his gun, he is nearly bitten on his leg but manages to get loose when the walker pulls one shoe off his foot. Carl shuts the door locking the walker in the room, writing "WALKER INSIDE. GOT MY SHOE. DIDN'T GET ME". As he perches himself on the roof of the house, he proceeds to eat a can of chocolate pudding with the walker grasping out of the window.

As Michonne continues to walk along with the herd of walkers, she cannot stop doing a doubletake on the walker that resembles her. She finally realizes that's what it would be like if she turned into a walker. In a fit of desperation to live, she frantically slashes the entire herd, including her twin and pet walkers. She makes her way back to the road she had not wanted to go down earlier and follows Rick and Carl's tracks.

Carl returns to the house where Rick is still unconscious. He wakes up to find his father, who begins to move and groan, making Carl believe that he is a walker. He grabs Rick's gun, but can't bring himself to shoot his father, stating that he does need him. Rick falls to the floor and reaches for Car's leg, and, having realized that he doesn't want to be alone, Carl opens himself for the seemingly zombified Rick to bite him, however, to Carl's extreme relief, Rick manages to groan out his name. Carl cradles his fathers head in his arms and says "I'm scared".

Michonne reaches the barbecue shack that Rick and Carl had found. She finds the note that Carl had discovered and she sits up against the door frame. She says "Mike... I miss you" and starts sobbing, but then states that she missed him even when she was with him. She goes on to reminisce about the camp and losing her son. She explains how it wasn't Mike's fault, and he could be alive if things had gone differently than they had. She then states that she knows the answer to her problems, which is to allow people into her life rather than shutting them out.

The next morning, Rick tells Carl that he shouldn't have risked going out on his own, but Carl reassures him that he was careful. Rick congratulates Carl on retrieving more food and supplies. Carl than states that he had eaten some of the food. When Rick asks what it was, Carl tells him that it was 112 ounces of pudding, which they share a laugh over. Rick explains that he understands that they will never get things back to the way they were. He then explains the reason he spent the time trying to be a farmer and build a community was for Carl and Judith's sake. He goes on to tell his son that he is a man now and that he is sorry for treating him like a child, to which Carl challenges and makes it clear that Rick was right to act the way he did.

Continuing to search for Rick and Carl, Michonne discovers the can of pudding that Carl was eating. Once she manages to get to the house, she sees them together safely and starts to cry in joy and then looks up as if thanking God. When she knocks on the door, Rick looks to the peephole and starts to laugh at the sight of their friend. Rick then turns to Carl, who asks who it is, to which he replies "It's for you".


The episode begins with Beth narrating a diary entry discussing life before the group reaches the prison. She then cuts to the present where she and Daryl Dixon are sitting around a campfire. Beth insists that they must not be the only survivors from the prison incident. After Daryl doesn't respond, Beth yells at him saying that since he is a tracker, they should track the others. She then goes off on her own into the forest, with Daryl following in slow pursuit.

Daryl and Beth come across a bloodied site near train tracks where they are attacked by Christopher's reanimated father. Beth spots Luke's shoe next to a pile of fresh human remains, and breaks down crying.

Lizzie and Mika are walking along in the woods, behind Tyreese. When they stop to ask a question, Tyreese turns around, and is revealed to have baby Judith. As night falls, they find a clearing to relax in. Tyreese is feeding Judith, while Lizzie sits on a nearby log, home to two baby bunnies. She quietly removes her knife, and kills both of them. They are forced to flee after walkers can be heard closing in from the distance.

The next morning the group finds a grape vine and begin picking the grapes off. Mika is startled by a noise in the brush, and runs off as Tyreese is changing Judith's diaper. They give chase, and find Mika several minutes later hiding behind a tree. As the group recollects themselves, they hear screaming in the distance. Tyreese puts the girls backs together, saying he has to go investigate, and to keep an eye on Judith. If walkers were to appear, they are to begin running in his direction.

Tyreese comes upon a walker attack by a set of railroad tracks. Two men, Christopher, and his father, are fighting off a group of walkers. Tyreese helps to fend them off, but is unable to prevent both of their deaths. He then hears Mika's handgun fire off in the distance. Several walkers are closing in on them, and as Mika begs for her sister, Lizzie gets lost in trying to calm Judith by placing her hand over the baby's mouth and nose. As Tyreese begins to head back for the girls, the three of them, along with Carol, walk out of the bush. Before he expires, Christoper's father tells Tyreese about a sanctuary up the tracks.

Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are in the woods by a quarry. Maggie is sharpening her knife on the rock, while Sasha is bandaging Bob's arm. Sasha then tells Maggie they should camp there for tonight, with Maggie agreeing that Bob and Sasha should while she goes to find Glenn. Sasha claims that they can't split up, while Maggie exclaims she is going to find Glenn, storming off with Bob and Sasha in pursuit. After walking, they come across the prison bus. It is revealed that the prison population did not survive the evacuation, having died from unknown causes. Maggie tells the others that she has to check to see if Glenn's inside. After Bob says they do it together, Sasha reluctantly agrees, and opens the emergency exit to let one walker fall out every moment one at a time. Eventually, the walkers prove to be too much for Sasha to handle and she cannot hold the door any longer. As the walkers attack, Bob and Sasha defend themselves, with Maggie dazed. However, Maggie becomes enraged and begins to kill walkers, even smashing a female walker's head into the bus before stabbing it. Maggie then goes onto the bus to see if Glenn is there and, after she kills a walker that was stuck under a dead body, sits down and begins to cry out of relief.

Glenn awakens on a section of the destroyed prison walkway, nearly dangling over a mob of walkers. It seems that he had left the bus before it left, to search for Maggie and was on the walkway when the tank blew it up, knocking him unconscious. He screams "Maggie?!" two times and looks for her. He collects some supplies and clothes, including Bob's bottle of brandy. After that, he pushes his way through the walkers by cladding himself in riot gear. After escaping the walkers, he sees Tara, who locked herself in the fences. Glenn stabs the zombie reaching her, before going inside. He quickly grabs her weapon, checking the ammo. He tells Tara that they should go. After Tara denies him, he questions her, asking, "You're just gonna stay here? You're just gonna die?". Tara replies that she joined the prison attack and Glenn replies that he knows and requests help from her. Glenn grabs Bob's bottle of brandy and uses it as a Molotov, which he throws at a nearby car. As the walkers are distracted by the flames, Glenn and Tara escape the prison and reach the road close to the prison bus.

On the road, Tara recounts witnessing the events of her sister's death during the aftermath of the prison assault. She says to Glenn that he shouldn't be there, and she tells that he killed an old man and Glenn asks if was Hershel and Tara replies, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." and tells him that "Brian" told her that they were bad people and she realizes that they weren't. Glenn tells her that she needs to find Maggie, and Tara asks if she made it. Glenn replies that he doesn't know and he tells her that Hershel was a great man that taught Glenn to have faith. Glenn uses it as a reason to believe that Maggie is alive. After a small group of walkers attack, Glenn collapses, leaving Tara to kill a walker by herself. She looks up to see a military truck, yelling if they "enjoyed the show". Three people climb out: Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita.


Tara Chambler sits at the back of Abraham's ford military truck, writing the street names on her hand as the truck drives past them. They stop in a car wreckage, three walkers nearby start to beat at the back of the truck, when Tara is about to shoot them with a rifle, Abraham orders her to stop, and proceeds to attack them with a crowbar, one by one they all fall down. Tara notices one thing, saying it's the first time she sees him smiling, he then says that is because "He's the luckiest guy in the world".

Michonne and Carl sit down for a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Michonne remarks that she'd love to have soy milk for breakfast, which Carl remarks of how nasty it is and that he'd rather drink Judith's formula than soy milk, which upsets him and he leaves from the table. Michonne tells Rick they are going on a supply run. Rick offers his services, but Michonne tells him that he needs to rest. Rick gives Carl his Colt Python, giving him and Michonne until Midday to return. Rick then goes upstairs and falls asleep.

After clearing their first house, Michonne tries to cheer Carl up by eating a copious amount of spray cheese. When this fails to make Carl laugh, she remarks that she is good at making toddlers laugh. This prompts Carl to ask when she was around toddlers. Michonne replies that she had a child before the apocalypse, which surprises Carl. 

Rick awakes from his sleep to the sound of strangers in the lower level of the house. After hearing approaching footsteps, he dives under the bed after retrieving signs of another living human being there; a bottle of water and a book. An unknown survivor who entered the house jumps on top of the bed and soon falls asleep.

Michonne and Carl are continuing cleaning out the house. Carl convinces Michonne to reveal that her child's name was Andre Anthony. Michonne finds a baby's room, with an entire deceased family inside. Shaken, Michonne slams the door shut and sees Carl standing outside. "Maybe Andre and Judith are together somewhere" Carl tells Michonne.

Another survivor enters the room with Rick, who is still hiding underneath the bed. After arguing about who gets to sleep in the bed Rick is hiding underneath, the second survivor violently throws the first survivor off of the bed, and a fight occurs. The first survivor sees Rick while he is being choked on the floor by the second survivor, but falls into unconsciousness before he can say anything. The second survivor, satisfied, leaves his friend on the floor and goes to sleep in the bed.

On the back of Abraham's truck, Glenn wakes up. He angrily bashes on the back window until Abraham angrily stops the truck and gets out. Glenn tries to leave, but Abraham tells him that he is causing disruptions to 'The Mission.' After Glenn enquirers about the mission, Abraham reveals that Eugene knows exactly what caused the beginning of the apocalypse, and that government officials are to meet with him in Washington. Glenn tries to leave anyway, and after Abraham tries to force him to stay, he punches him. Abraham jumps on top of Glenn, and the two fight. Meanwhile, Eugene sees approaching walkers and takes it upon himself to try and kill them. His bad aim (on account of firing from the hip) causes him to rupture the fuel tank.

While the second survivor sleeps and the first survivor is knocked out, Rick leaves the room and attempts to leave the house, but he is spotted by another survivor, who is brutally attacked by Rick. After a short scuffle, Rick chokes out the survivor and acquires his submachine gun. He then leaves through a window and walks around the edge of the house. He sees another survivor sitting outside and is about to kill him when he hears screams coming from an unseen survivor. Possibly, the man Rick strangled earlier had died and reanimated, or the noise and carelessness of the group allowed several walkers to cause problems. The survivor sitting outside runs off to assist. Rick sees Michonne and Carl approaching the house. He sprints towards them and directs them away from the house. They walk down the train tracks and spot a sign. After a short discussion, the trio decide to head towards where the sign is directing them. The sign is then revealed to say:

"Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, Survive. Terminus."


In the middle of the night, Daryl and Beth find an abandoned car on the side of the road. They climb into the trunk and spend the night inside it as numerous walkers pass. The next morning, they climb out of the car and scavenge it for supplies before moving out.

Later, Daryl is hunting for food while Beth makes a fire at a camp that they have set up. After failing to catch a squirrel, Daryl manages to kill a large snake. He brings it back to the camp, where he and Beth cook and eat it. After she is finished, Beth tells Daryl she wants a drink. He gives her a bottle of water, but she tells him that she wants alcohol, explaining that Hershel had never let her have any. When Daryl doesn't respond, she angrily takes her knife and leaves.

As she is walking, walkers appear and she is forced to hide. She successfully tricks the walkers by tossing a stone into some nearby brush, distracting them. Daryl then arrives and leads her back to the camp much to her anger.

After yelling at Daryl, telling him she can take care of herself and flipping him off, Beth and Daryl leave the camp. They stumble onto a golf course as a group of walkers emerge from the woods and Beth decides to go to the country club at the edge of the golf course believing that it will have alcohol. Once inside, they find three walkers hanging from the ceiling by their necks while bodies of people with gunshots in the head are scattered on the floor. As Beth looks for alcohol, Daryl begins collecting money that had been scattered across the floor. The walkers from the golf course attempt to enter the room and force Daryl and Beth to seek refuge deeper inside the club.

As they work their way deeper into the building, Beth manages to find an unopened bottle of alcohol, however, a walker attacks her from the shadows and she is forced to smash the bottle to try to use it as a makeshift weapon. When this doesn't work, she manages to get her knife and use it to kill the walker. She sees Daryl watching and sarcastically thanks him for his help. Daryl simply replies by reminding her that she had said she could take care of herself. Beth notices writing on the wall saying "Welcome to the dogtrot" and more bodies of people that committed mass suicide.

They find a shop further inside the building. Daryl attempts to loot the cash register and begins taking anything that might have had monetary value before the plague before noticing half of a female corpse with an opened shirt and a sign reading "rich bitch" pinned over mannequin legs. Beth, meanwhile, finds clean shirts and puts one on. As they continue searching, a grandfather clock that they had passed earlier begins to chime attracting all of the walkers left in the club house. Daryl and Beth attempt to run, and when faced with a dead end, Daryl begins dispatching the walkers using his crossbow before using a golf club and his knife to dispose of them and finally savagely beating the last one with the golf club and ruining Beth's shirt in the process.

They then find the club house's bar and Beth proceeds to search it for alcohol while Daryl continues collecting things. Beth finds a half-empty bottle of alcohol and asks Daryl, who is now playing darts with the photos of what appears to be the club's presidents, if the brand is any good to which he replies "no". Unable to find a clean glass, Beth begins to break down in tears before Daryl angrily walks to where she is sitting and smashes the bottle on the floor saying that her first drink will be from something better.

He then takes her to a rundown shack that he claimed to have found with Michonne. He enters the house with Beth, retrieves crates of moonshine from it, and pours her a glass. Beth drinks the moonshine then offers Daryl a drink, but he refuses saying that someone needs to have their wits about them. Beth asks if he's her chaperone now, to which Daryl tells her to drink plenty of water, leaving Beth to reply with "Yes, Mr. Dixon."

Beth then convinces Daryl to play the "I Never" game, during which Daryl becomes intoxicated. Beth then says that she has never been in jail (as a prisoner), to which Daryl replies with, " that's what you think of me?" Beth asks if he was a prison gaurd before the turn, to which Daryl says no and won't answer her, implying he may have spent time in jail before. He then becomes furious and begins urinating on one of the walls. He then forcefully takes Beth outside to where a walker has been attracted to the house to teach her how to use his crossbow. He shoots the walker in the chest, pinning it to a tree, and tries to force Beth to kill it with his crossbow. She refuses and instead stabs it in the head with her knife. They then begin arguing, during which Daryl yells at Beth for being lost on the road and only wanting to have a drink like a "dumb college bitch", and Beth accuses Daryl of not caring about anyone.

They continue throwing accusations at each other, leaving Daryl to reveal and breakdown that he feels directly responsible for Hershel's death. He tells her how he had had a shot at the Governor, but didn't take it, and that if only he kept looking for the Governor with Michonne maybe then they could have saved Hershel's life. Beth then embraces him to which Daryl begins to cry. Beth stays with and holds him while he shows his true emotions. 

Later in the night, Daryl and Beth share stories of their respective families, during which Beth tells Daryl that he would ultimately be the last person standing after everything was over and tells him to "stay who he is, not who he was." Daryl then says that before the apocalypse he would follow his brother, Merle, and do as he said. According to Daryl, he was an "asshole redneck with an even bigger asshole for a brother." Beth then suggests that they burn down the house they found the moonshine in. Daryl smiles and tells her they will need more alcohol.

They empty all of the moonshine all over the house and prepare to light it. Daryl offers Beth the matches and she lights the money that Daryl had collected earlier, throwing it into the house. The house begins to burn and Beth and Daryl both flip off the house while watching it burn before turning and leaving.


Bob Stookey is wandering, on his own, through a post-apocalyptic world, finding shelter where he can, and drinking frequently during the nights. One day, as he is wandering around, Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee approach him. Daryl asks Bob how long he had been on his own, how many walkers he has killed, and how many people he has killed. When Bob responds that he had killed a woman, Daryl asks why. Bob responds that she had asked him to.

Present-day, Bob, Sasha, and Maggie are surrounded by walkers, and are fighting them off. During the struggle, a walker nearly bites Bob, alarming Sasha. After they have fought off the walkers, Sasha tends to Bob, and they both see that the walker hadn't bitten Bob, just torn at his bandages. A relieved Sasha embraces Bob.

Present-day as well, Daryl is teaching Beth how to track and use his crossbow. Beth finds tracks, and correctly deduces that they are from a walker. Daryl comments that she is getting better at tracking. They approach a clearing, where a walker is feasting on a small animal's corpse. Beth attempts to get close to the walker to shoot it with Daryl's crossbow, but her foot is unexpectedly caught in an animal trap. The walker notices her. She fires the crossbow, but the bolt hits the walker's mouth, missing the brain. Nevertheless, the walker is quickly killed by Daryl.

Sasha, Bob, and Maggie agree that they need to find a better place to set up camp, as the clearing they are in is covered with fog. Maggie pulls a small compass out of her pocket and attempts to use it, but becomes frustrated to learn that it is broken. Bob says that they don't need it, citing that the sun rises in the East, and sets in the West, meaning they can use it to tell which way is which.

Daryl helps Beth walk through the forest, until they come upon a graveyard being overlooked by a large house. He then carries Beth on his back through the graveyard. Halfway through, Beth dismounts and begins staring at a tombstone. Daryl looks at it too, then pulls some flowers from the ground and places them on the tombstone, which is marked with the epitaph "beloved father". Beth takes Daryl's hand.

Maggie, Sasha and Bob, come upon some train tracks, along with a sign advertising the community Terminus. Bob reveals to them about the broadcast he, along with Tyreese, Daryl and Michonne, had heard over the radio during the search for medical supplies for the prison survivors. Maggie immediately demands that they go to the community, as it would be a likely place Glenn would go. Sasha disagrees, saying that there might not be any other signs that Glenn could have seen. Bob, however, agrees with Maggie, and Sasha is forced to agree with them.

Daryl and Beth explore the funeral home at the graveyard. Beth immediately noticing how clean the interior is, Daryl guessing that someone had been living in it. As they explore, they find numerous bodies dressed up, as if for a funeral, and a coffin. Beth says that it is a beautiful thing, citing that whoever had dressed them up had wanted to give them a proper burial. She then asks Daryl if he thinks it's beautiful, to which he stares at her and brushes off the question to wrap her ankle.

Maggie's group has set up camp, along with tripwires and noisemakers to alert them to coming walkers. Bob asks Sasha where Maggie is, and she responds that she is getting firewood. Bob asks Sasha if she wants to stop, to which she replies yes. When asked why, she says she wants to survive. She tells him that Glenn is probably dead, and that they need to stop at the first town they come across, and set up residence there.

Daryl and Beth search the house's kitchen, finding a big stash of food and drinks in the cabinets. Daryl notes that they don't have dust on them, meaning that someone had put them there recently, and that someone was indeed living in the house. They set up tripwires to alert them if anyone is coming. During the night, Beth sings and plays a piano in the house while Daryl listens and watches in secret. When she discovers him, Daryl goes and get into the coffin they found, saying that it was the comfiest bed he had slept on in a while, then asks her to play more.

Sasha awakes, finding a note in the ground left by Maggie, who left in secret in the middle of the night. Bob insists that they follow her, and that if they follow the train tracks, they will catch up to Maggie.

As Maggie follows the train tracks, she comes across another sign for Terminus. A walker appears her. She lets it approach her and easily kills it. She then cuts the walker's entrails open.

Sasha asks why Bob has been smiling all of the time since the prison, asking if he even knows what he's smiling about. Bob responds that he is not alone, citing that he had been alone after his first two groups were wiped out, and that he had finally broken the streak. They then come across the walker Maggie killed, and find a message left for Glenn in the walker's blood, telling him to go to Terminus.

Daryl carries Beth into the kitchen, and begins getting food, but stops when he hears noise outside he goes to the front door and finds a one-eyed dog on the front porch. He attempts to pet it, but the dog runs away in fear. Beth asks if the dog will come in, and Daryl tells her the dog might return.

In the middle of the night, Bob is awakened by the sound of a walker. Sasha is already awake, and calmly says that it has been making noise for around an hour, prompting Bob to suggest that it was caught on something. Sasha suggests Bob get rest, but he is unable to. He instead asks her why she thinks that Tyreese is dead, saying that if Tyreese were alive, he'd go to Terminus, and that she knew that.

Beth writes a thank you note to the person staying in the house for the food she and Daryl ate. Daryl suggests she doesn't leave it, and that they wait for the owner to return and try to live with them. Beth asks what convinced Daryl that there were still good people in the world, but he doesn't answer. After persisting what changed his mind, Daryl gives Beth a long stare to which Beth replies with "...oh," when staring back. Before they can continue, they hear the dog from before barking, then it begins squealing in pain. Daryl goes to the door and is immediately attacked by a group of frenzied walkers that have congregated outside the house. He holds the door shut, while Beth gives him his crossbow, then they both attempt to run. Daryl convinces Beth to leave through a window while he distracts the walkers. After leading them through the house, and being cornered and nearly swarmed, Daryl manages to escape to the graveyard, where he eliminates another two walkers, finds Beth's discarded bag lying on the floor, and, to his alarm, sees a car leaving - suggesting that Beth has been abducted. He tries to follow it, but is unable to keep up.

Sasha and Bob come across another message for Glenn written in walker blood by Maggie. Bob states that Maggie is, indeed, staying close to the train tracks, and that if they speed up, they can catch her.

Daryl is still running in the direction the car went, and is beginning to get tired. Finally, after hours of alternating between running, and walking, he collapses from exhaustion and clear upset besides a crossroads of train tracks and paved road.

Bob and Sasha come across an empty town besides the train tracks, and Sasha tries to convince Bob that they should set up a camp in it. Bob refuses, wishing to find Maggie, and Sasha tries to convince him to stop following her, saying that Maggie didn't want them coming along. Bob replies that he doesn't care, and that he is going to find her and help her. When unable to convince Sasha to come with him, he gives her a kiss goodbye, and they go part ways.

Sasha enters an old building, and searches the inside of it. Once she has concluded that it is clear, she momentarily begins crying, but quickly pulls herself together. She then goes to the window, and is shocked to see Maggie lying among the corpses on the ground. She accidentally causes the window she is looking through to fall, smashing on the ground, and startling Maggie. It also brings out a number of walkers and Sasha quickly goes to help Maggie. Once they have finished dispatching the walkers, Maggie asks Sasha where Bob is, and Sasha replies that he is looking for Maggie. Maggie then confronts Sasha, revealing that she had heard Sasha tell Bob that Glenn was likely dead, and says that she is wrong. Maggie then asks for Sasha's help in reaching Terminus, to which Sasha agrees. Then then leave to catch up to Bob.

Daryl is surrounded by six men, heavily armed with assault rifles and a bow. Before they say anything, he jumps up and punches one of them, aiming his crossbow at his head. This man is the same man Rick nearly killed when he broke into the house he had claimed along with Carl and Michonne. The men point their guns at Daryl, one of them calling "dibs" on his leather vest, but the man Daryl knocked down tells them to hold their fire. He then begins talking to Daryl, saying that he admires Daryl's crossbow, and that he would like one like it. He then tells Daryl that if Daryl shoots him, then the rest of his group will kill Daryl, telling him that it would be suicide, and asks why he would hurt himself when he could hurt other people. He then introduces himself as Joe. Daryl slowly lowers his crossbow and introduces himself to the man, Joe's group lower their weapons.

Maggie and Sasha catch up with Bob, and, united, they continue their journey to Terminus.

Elsewhere, Glenn finds a sign for Terminus, and looks at it in awe.

"The Grove"

In a flash forward, Lizzie is seen taunting and playing with a walker while a kettle boils.

Carol and Lizzie keep watch at night while Tyreese and Mika sleep on the railroad tracks. Lizzie asks Carol if she used to have kids. Carol says she had a daughter who "didn't have a mean bone in her body." "Is that why she isn't here now?" Lizzie asks. Carol nods.

The next morning, Tyreese estimates they're several days away from Terminus. As they follow the tracks, Carol tells Tyreese she's concerned about the girls' survival — believing Mika is too gentle and Lizzie confused about what walkers really are.

Carol and Mika go off in search of water while Tyreese rests his injured arm. A walker advances on Tyreese and Lizzie, but falls into a gap in the tracks, trapping itself. As Tyreese readies his hammer, Lizzie begs him to spare the walker's life. "Sometimes you have to kill them," she admits. "But sometimes you don't."

Meanwhile, Carol implores Mika to toughen up. Mika insists she can kill walkers but won't kill people because it's wrong. Carol says Mika will die if she doesn't change. They discover a house in the middle of a pecan grove. Carol suggests they stay put for a couple of days.

Carol and Tyreese case the house for walkers as the girls wait outside with Judith. Lizzie frets that the adults will find a walker inside and kill it. "They aren't people!" Mika chastises.

A walker attacks Lizzie and Mika, and Mika shoots it dead. Carol and Tyreese race out to check on the girls. As Lizzie cries in mourning for the dead walker, Mika soothes her by instructing her to look at some nearby flowers and count to three.

That night, the group sits around the living room fireplace. Tyreese takes in the peaceful scene and expresses contentment. Mika suggests they make the house their home.

The next day, Carol sees Lizzie playing with a walker in the yard, whom Lizzie names 'Griselda'. She runs outside and kills it. "She's my friend and you killed her!" Lizzie screams. Carol says the walker wanted to kill Lizzie, but Lizzie refuses to listen.

While hunting in the forest, Carol tells Mika that she's the smarter of the sisters when it comes to walkers. They spot a deer. Mika aims her gun but ultimately can't pull the trigger. Carol looks on, disappointed.

While collecting well water with Carol, Tyreese suggests that they live at the house instead of going to Terminus. "I trust you," he tells Carol, admitting he's not ready to be with other people yet.

Mika catches Lizzie feeding a mouse to the walker trapped on the railroad track, and admonishes her. "They just want me to change, to make me be like them," Lizzie insists. As she reaches for the walker's snapping mouth, more walkers emerge from the woods. Mika grabs Lizzie and they flee.

Tyreese and Carol hear the girls scream and find them being chased by a pack of walkers. All four form a line and shoot the walkers down.

That night, Carol asks Lizzie if she finally understands what the walkers are. "I know what I have to do now," Lizzie replies. "It's ugly and it's scary and it does change you," Carol says. "But that's how we get to be here."

The next day, Carol and Tyreese hunt together in the forest. Carol warms to Tyreese's idea of living permanently at the house. Tyreese then admits that he's haunted by nightmares of Karen and the person who killed her. Misinterpreting Carol's discomfort as empathy, Tyreese hugs her.

Carol and Tyreese arrive at the house to find Lizzie standing over Mika's dead body, a bloody knife in her hand. Judith lies on a blanket nearby, still alive. "Don't worry, she'll come back!" Lizzie says of her sister. "I didn't hurt her brain."

Carol and Tyreese move to disarm Lizzie, but she aims a gun at them, insisting they have to wait for Mika to wake up. Carol coaxes the gun from Lizzie and dissuades her from harming Judith. Tyreese brings Lizzie and Judith inside. Alone, Carol sobs and then takes out her knife.

That night, Tyreese says he learned that Lizzie had been feeding the prison walkers and wonders if Lizzie killed Karen and David. "It wasn't her." Carol says, debating Lizzie would let them turn.

Tyreese suggests he leave with Judith to protect her, but Carol sees only one option for Lizzie: "She can't be around other people," she says.

Carol takes Lizzie for a walk as Tyreese watches from the window. "Please don't be mad at me. I didn't mean to point the gun at you, " Lizzie wails, sensing Carol's mood. Carol tells Lizzie to look at the flowers then takes out her gun. Moments later, a shot rings out in the forest. Afterwards, Carol and Tyreese dig graves for the girls in front of the house.

That night, Carol gives Tyreese her gun and admits she killed Karen and David. "I had to stop the illness from breaking out," she explains, inviting him to do whatever he needs to do.

Tyreese grips the table, trying to contain his rage. "I forgive you," he finally says. "It's a part of you now. Me too."

The next day, Carol and Tyreese leave the grove with Judith and resume their path down the railroad tracks.


Abraham, Glenn, Tara, Rosita and Eugene are walking down the railroad tracks. Eugene and Tara bond and Eugene talks about video games and Tara hands Eugene a metal object that can be used to make a homemade battery. Glenn comes across the message about Terminus that Maggie had previously left for him. Glenn, realizing that Maggie is still alive, sprints forward down the tracks.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne are on another part of the railroad tracks, with Carl and Michonne walking on the rails to see who can stay up the longest. Michonne tries to scare Carl off so she can win the bet, but accidentally falls off herself. Carl gets to choose one of the last two candy bars in the supply, choosing to take a Big Cat bar.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Len, one of the marauders, are hunting when Daryl kills a rabbit. Len then "claims" the rabbit and argues with Daryl before the marauders' leader, Joe, interrupts them. Joe explains to Daryl that the group has one rule: if they want something, they claim it. He then cuts the rabbit in half for Daryl and Len, since the former was not aware of the rule. While walking on the tracks, Joe encourages Daryl to stay with them, although he informs him that whoever steals and lies from the group will take a severe beating. After the group spends the night in a railroad platform, Daryl awakens to Len accusing him of stealing his half of the rabbit. Daryl's bag has the other half. While Daryl pleads that he was set up, Joe then reveals that he witnessed Len put the rabbit in Daryl's bag, and begins beating up Len with the group. Upon leaving camp with the group, Daryl sees Len's beaten body with an arrow to his head. Joe informs Daryl that they are tracking a man (Rick), who had killed one of their own, and is possibly headed to Terminus. Joe, Daryl and the marauders are seen walking past the wrapper of the Big Cat that Carl had previously been eating, which was lying between the ties on the track, which indicates they are getting closer to finding Rick, Carl and Michonne.

Glenn's group eventually comes across a building where a walker is about to fall from the roof on top of Eugene, who is saved when Abraham shoves him out of the way, despite knocking the injured Tara to the ground in the process. Abraham wants to rest, but Glenn wants to push forward: Making a deal that if they continue on towards Terminus to find Maggie, he will give Eugene his riot gear for protection. Abraham accepts the deal and the group continues forward.

When Glenn's group approaches a tunnel, with a sign by Maggie to proceed, Abraham decides that it is too dangerous and a huge risk for the group and leaves Glenn and Tara with two cans of food and a flashlight, although he promises that his group will return if the two are unable to exit the tunnel. Inside the tunnel, Glenn and Tara are overwhelmed by walkers, but they are rescued by Maggie, Sasha and Bob, alongside Abraham's group. Eugene manages to convince Abraham to go to Terminus with the others, as the place can be a "home base" for them. The merged group enters Terminus with ease, and observes the tranquility of the area. A woman named Mary welcomes them and offers them something to eat.


Rick is having a flashback about Hershel and a much happier time back at the Prison. In a flashforward right afterwards, Rick is seen sitting outside by a car, his face and hands both bloody and trembling.

Rick, Carl and Michonne are camping out in the woods, sitting by a charming fire before going to check one of their recently installed snare traps for animals. They ultimately find a small rabbit and, after Rick thoroughly explains how it was caught to Carl, the latter hears a cry for help and takes off running further into the woods. Rick and Michonne must give chase. They all find a man in a big forest clearing and he is struggling to fend off a herd of walkers. Carl raises his gun, but Rick stops him, seeing that they are clearly outnumbered and it is too late for the man. The walkers close in and kill the man, first ripping out his right eye. A few walkers then notice the three as they make an escape. Rick, Carl and Michonne then pass a railway crossing and fight a few walkers in the way before continuing their retreat. The group eventually find a car and settle on camping near it for the night.

Later, Rick and Michonne are talking with Carl in the car. All of a sudden, Joe and his group show up to ambush Rick, Michonne. Meanwhile, Carl is ambushed by Dan at the car. Tony immediately recognizes Rick and the group realizes that they have just found their man; He is none other than the one who killed Lou. After a tense countdown, Daryl appears and tries to put an end to the scene. Daryl drops his crossbow and attempts to covince the men that they Rick, Michonne, and Carl are good people. Joe responds by telling Daryl that Rick killed their friend. Joe snickers and calls Daryl a liar before making a call for the group to beat him to a pulp. Joe then informs Rick that they are going to beat Daryl to death, rape Carl, then Michonne, and then finally solve everything by killing Rick. 

While Dan tries to rape Carl, Rick headbutts Joe in the stomach, who was pointing the gun on him. Joe fires on reflex (and misses). Rick then tries to punch Joe, but Joe manages to dodge it before countering with a punch of his own, knocking Rick to the ground. As Rick easily gets up, Joe locks Rick in place by grabbing him, pinning his arms and holding him still. Joe then asks, "What the hell you gonna do now, sport?" Rick answers by brutally biting a huge chunk out of the villain's neck, eventually killing him. Everyone pauses in shock and look over to Rick. While Daryl overwhelms two of his attackers, Michonne also takes advantage of the situation to kill the remaining group members - minus Dan. Dan is holding Carl and tells them to stay back or else he won't hesitate to kill Carl. Rick, with his face splattered in blood, marches right over to Dan and says, "he's mine." Dan releases Carl and the man is so stunned by Rick's actions that he freezes in terror, allowing Rick to brutally stab him to death, presumably through the chest. After witnessing this, Carl narrows his eyes while he is in Michonne's embrace.

Catching up with the flashforward, Daryl hands Rick a rag and washes it in water for Rick to clean himself up with. The two discuss their time on the road after the prison fall, to which Daryl tells him he got out with Beth. Rick asks if she's dead where Daryl just looks up and states, "...she's just gone." Daryl begins chastising himself for having even the slightest bit of trust and faith in his erstwhile comrades, but Rick says that it wasn't on him, that being here now is everything and he is Rick's brother. In return, Daryl tells Rick what happened the night before, anyone would have done that. After their eventual discovery of Terminus, the group then decides to split up and watch before sneaking inside, just in case Terminus isn't a sanctuary as believed.

Carl and Michonne head off together, where they have a relatively bonding moment, with Carl saying that Rick thinks he's proud of him, but feels that because of all of the thoughts in his head, he doesn't deserve it and that he's just a "little monster". Michonne tells Carl about the death of her son, Andre, at a refugee camp. She relates how she came back to the camp "after a run" to find the fences down, the camp overrun and her son, her boyfriend (Mike) and their friend dead. She says that Mike and their friend were high - and blamed the two men for her son's death. She let the two men turn and then used them as decoys on leads, minus their hands and lower jaws, so that the walkers don't attack her. Michonne holds Carl and tell him that she, and Rick, will keep him safe.

Meanwhile, Rick puts his Colt Python into a duffel bag full of guns and buries it in the woods outside Terminus, just in case Terminus isn't exactly as it seems. The four then sneak inside of the fence, into a room where a bunch of people are, including GarethAlex and a woman repeating the "sanctuary for all" line into a radio transmitter. Gareth has them put down their weapons and frisks them before welcoming them to Terminus, giving them their weapons back and warning them not to try anything stupid as Alex shows them around.

While meeting Mary and being offered food, Rick takes notice of numerous items in the Terminus survivor's possession such as Glenn's riot gear, Daryl's poncho that Maggie was wearing, the Hitchhiker's orange backpack (that Glenn took from the Prison) and even Hershel's pocketwatch. Realizing that something is up, he angrily slaps down a plate of food Alex was offering, grabs Alex and holds him at gunpoint, demanding to know where their people are and why their group has the pocketwatch, riot gear and poncho. Alex lies and claims that he found the pocketwatch on a dead person, and Gareth also covers for the lie, claiming that the riot gear was found on a dead cop and the poncho on a clothesline. 

Alex is accidentally shot and killed by one of his own causing a shootout with Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl fleeing, being forced down an alley way that is riddled with bullets, indicating that the Terminus survivors have treated many other newcomers the same way. During the chase, very briefly Rick turns to his left as he is running and sees some decayed bodies scattered all over a blue tarp in the background, muffled cries for help can be heard from nearby railway containers, which raise even more questions...They soon make it to the back entrance of Terminus, but are outnumbered, as Terminus residents line up on the fences with guns that are aimed at them. Once again, Gareth orders the four of them to lower their weapons. After this, Gareth calls them by specific codenames to walk towards the boxcar towards their right: Rick (Ringleader), Daryl (Archer), Michonne (Samurai) and Carl (Kid) in that order. Inside, they find Bob, Maggie, Sasha, Glenn, TaraAbrahamRosita, and Eugene. Abraham remarks that they won't be there for long, to which Rick remarks "No" and says that the whole Terminus group is plain stupid. Abraham asks what the Terminus group is going to find out and Rick responds with the very final line of the season: "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out... they're screwing with the wrong people."


Title Writer(s) Air Dates U.S. Viewers
1. "30 Days Without An Accident" Scott Gimple October 13, 2013 (US)
October 18, 2013 (UK)
16.11 million
2. "Infected" Angela Kang October 20, 2013 (US)
October 25, 2013 (UK)
13.94 million
3. "Isolation" Robert Kirkman October 27, 2013 (US)
November 1, 2013 (UK)
12.92 million
4. "Indifference" Matt Negrete November 3, 2013 (US)
November 8, 2013 (UK)
13.31 million
5. "Internment" Channing Powell November 10, 2013 (US)
November 15, 2013 (UK)
12.20 million
6. "Live Bait" Nichole Beattie November 17, 2013 (US)
November 22, 2013 (UK)
12.00 million
7. "Dead Weight" Curtis Gwinn November 24, 2013 (US)
November 29, 2013 (UK)
11.29 million
8. "Too Far Gone" Seth Hoffman December 1, 2013 (US)
December 6, 2013 (UK)
12.05 million
9. "After" Robert Kirkman February 9, 2014 (US)
February 10, 2014 (UK)
15.76 million
10. "Inmates" Matt Negrete
Channing Powell
February 16, 2014 (US)
February 17, 2014 (UK)
13.33 million
11. "Claimed" Nichole Beattie
Seth Hoffman
February 23, 2014 (US)
February 24, 2014 (UK)
13.12 million
12. "Still" Angela Kang March 2, 2014 (US)
March 3, 2014 (UK)
12.60 million
13. "Alone" Curtis Gwinn March 9, 2014 (US)
March 10, 2014 (UK)
12.65 million
14. "The Grove" Scott Gimple March 16, 2014 (US)
March 17, 2014 (UK)
12.86 million
15. "Us" Nichole Beattie
Seth Hoffman
March 23, 2014 (US)
March 24, 2014 (UK)
13.46 million
16. "A" Scott Gimple
Angela Kang
March 30, 2014 (US)
March 31, 2014 (UK)
15.67 million




A fourth season of the show, consisting of 16 episodes, was confirmed in December 2012.[3]

Production began in Senoia, Georgia on May 6, 2013.

In July 2013, it was reported that David S. Goyer would be directing the penultimate episode of the season,[4] however Goyer did not direct the episode due to scheduling conflicts.[5]

Greg Nicotero, who replaced Goyer, directed three episodes for the season, while Tricia Brock and Ernest Dickerson each directed two episodes. Michelle MacLaren returned this season to direct the season finale, after previously directing episodes in seasons one and two. Comic book co-creator Robert Kirkman wrote two episodes of the season. [6]

Filming was completed on November 23, 2013.[7]


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  • This season is mainly based on "Volume 7: The Calm Before", "Volume 8: Made To Suffer", "Volume 9: Here We Remain" and "Volume 10: What We Become" from the Comic Series.
  • Below are the changes made to the main cast in this season.
    • Melissa McBride (Carol) and Scott Wilson (Hershel) are added to the opening sequence for the first time after being listed under the "Also Starring" section in previous seasons.
    • Emily Kinney (Beth), Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese) and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) were promoted to series regulars after guest starring in previous seasons, however they are listed under "Also Starring".
    • David Morrissey (The Governor) is listed under "Also Starring" in the closing credits of "Internment", possibly to avoid giving away his appearance in the episode. He was later reinstated in the opening sequence in the following episode.
    • Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Bob) is a series regular from his first appearance in the season, although he is listed under the "Also Starring" section.
    • Scott Wilson and David Morrissey are no longer listed as series regulars starting from "Inmates". This is the first time a regular was removed from the opening sequence in the middle of a season.
      • Scott Wilson appeared in the season finale, "A", and was added to the opening sequence in that episode.
  • Season 4 is the first season where there is no episode where all regulars for the season appear.
    • Melissa McBride and David Morrissey are the only two series regulars in Season 4 to not appear in an episode together. Carol appeared in episodes 4.01 through 4.04, whereas The Governor appeared in episodes 4.05 through 4.09. Carol reappeared in episode 4.10.
  • In December 2012, Mike Riley, of Stalwart Films, stated about the city of Senoia, the stage set for Woodbury, that “It hasn't been announced yet, but we'll be back here next year for season four.”[8]
  • The writing of the fourth season started in February 2013, as stated by Glen Mazzara in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
  • Much like Season 3, the premiere of this season is only 60 minutes long, as opposed to the 90 minute premieres in Seasons 1 and 2.
  • Greg Nicotero stated that Season 4 would focus more on character development and less on "the run and gun": "The walkers and the gore and the action and stuff, that’s fun, that’s the popcorn part of it. But if you don’t have characters that people are invested in, you lose your audience."[9]
  • The song "Serpents" by Sharon Van Etten was used in the trailer and also the fourth episode of the season, "Indifference".
    • Serpents is the second song used in a trailer and an episode of The Walking Dead.
  • The death toll for Season 4 stands at 100. Season 4 has had the third most deaths, the second being Season 6 with 134 deaths and the first being Season 8 with 587 deaths, as of "Wrath".
  • In an interview with showrunner Scott Gimple, he shares: "The ultimate inspiration for The Walking Dead is the comic book. Sometimes, we can go far away from the comic book story, but often we ultimately serve the comic book story. And even when we go far away from it, we're inspired by it - and the novels as well. And then beyond that, all of the great stuff that we have consumed along the way, from zombie movies to Star Wars to other comics to really highbrow movies like The Grand Illusion to Jaws. And also really, world history. The plague storyline was inspired by both Camus' The Plague and other stories about the plague I heard in Edinburgh. But really, it starts with the comic book."[10]
  • In the official Comic-Con Trailer for this season. The tag line for the season is: "Prepare to Defend, Fight, or Run"[11]
  • This is the first season to have an episode be censored. It would also be the first to have a scene uncensored in home releases.
  • This is the first season in which Scott Gimple is the showrunner for The Walking Dead.


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