This article is about the fourth season of the Companion TV Series. You may be looking for the fourth season of the Original TV Series or the upcoming fourth season of the Video Game.

Season 4 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead consists of sixteen episodes, that first aired with on April 15, 2018. The show was renewed on April 14, 2017.[1]


"What's Your Story?"

John Dorie hears a noise while reading by a campfire. Believing it to be a person, he starts talking about himself and he asks they to join him. When its revealed to be an approaching walker, he shoots it, only to see a man standing behind it: It's Morgan Jones"So, what's your story?" John asks Morgan with a friendly smile.

In a flashback, Morgan hangs laundry at his hideout in the Junkyard. Jesus visits him and urges him to rejoin their community.

At another time, Morgan makes coffee in his hideout. Carol Peletier visits him and implores him to rejoin their community so that he can be with people who care about him.

In a final flashback, Morgan cooks in his hideout. Rick Grimes visits and pleads with him to return, saying Morgan will end up with people one way or another, and that he can't always run. Morgan remains silent.

A brief time later, Morgan packs his backpack, grabs his fighting stick and leaves the Junkyard.

Morgan walks down a road and hears the voices of his friends trying to convince him to stay. He stops at an intersection and ruminates through the night. In the morning, he decides to keep walking.

Eventually, he breaks into a run. Morgan hotwires an abandoned car then leaves it on the road after it runs out of fuel.

Morgan walks for days. He spots a group of people in the distance and walks the other way. He continues to head west, on foot and in a car.

Morgan finds a wounded man coughing in a car. He leaves some first aid supplies on the car seat, but the man orders him to take the supplies and leave him alone.

A couple of days later, Morgan arrives at the Texas border.

Morgan spots an Infected heading toward a man in a field. He gets ready to kill the walker, but the man shoots it first. The man introduces himself as John Dorie and invites Morgan to take shelter in his car for the night. He reluctantly accepts, but sneaks out of John's car in the middle of the night.

Morgan walks down a road and peeks into an empty tent lit by a lantern, when someone knocks him unconscious.

Morgan wakes up to find a couple of thugs, Leland and Bill , holding him at gunpoint while going through his bag. John shows up demanding them to release Morgan, whom he calls his friend, and shoots at Leland but eventually surrenders when Leland's crew surrounds and takes him captive as well.

Suddenly, Althea drives up in a SWAT vehicle to the scene. She offers Leland a case of ramen and cigarretes in exchange for the prisoners. When Leland refuses, she pulls a lever to reveal the vehicle is rigged with machine guns.

Afterwards, Althea drives with Morgan and John in the back of the vehicle. She tells them that they owe her for saving their lives. She stops at a Trailer Park and gets out a video camera, explaining to them that she's a journalist and wants to get their stories on record.

The next day, Althea interviews John on camera and learns about his mission to find his girlfriend, Laura, who he met after the fall. She turns the camera on Morgan. He brushes her off and leaves them.

Before he leaves, John runs after Morgan to gives him fresh socks, when suddenly they spot one of Leland's cars parked nearby.

Leland's crew surrounds Morgan, John and Althea. Leland demands the keys to Althea's truck. Morgan and John fight off their captors. Althea kicks Leland and runs to the truck. Leland pulls her out.

John opens the door to an abandoned trailer. A herd of Infected streams out.

Leland looks for the keys to the truck. Althea dangles keys in front of Leland and tosses them into some bushes. Leland runs after the keys, allowing Althea to escape.

A snake bites Leland as he searches for the keys.

Morgan charges at a rooftop sniper and gets shot in the leg. Morgan fights the sniper with his stick. His foe dangles from the roof as Infected snap at him below. Morgan saves him, but the shooter tackles him.

They fall through the roof and land on the floor, where the Infected devour the sniper. Morgan finds a grenade and pulls the pin, then takes cover in a bathtub. The grenade explodes. Morgan limps out of the trailer.

Althea sprints to the truck. Leland slams the door in her face and tells her the keys didn't work. She reveals that they were the wrong keys. Before he can attack her, John shoots Leland. Althea escapes as Leland gets devoured by Infected, then guns down the Infected with the SWAT machine gun.

After the fight is over, Morgan, John and Althea get back on the road. Althea informs them that white numbered flags have been appearing in the area over the past few weeks. Althea points out that Morgan still owes her an interview.

Althea interviews Morgan on the side of the road. Morgan reveals that he came from Atlanta and used to belong to several settlements. He explains that his people battled a large group and won. When Althea asks why he left his group, Morgan gets up to go. Althea demands an answer. "I lose people and then I lose myself," he says, then walks off.

Morgan hobbles down the road. He recognizes an abandoned car, then sees an infected man walking up ahead. He starts to walk after the man but trips while trying to escape two Infected. John shows up and stabs the Infected.

John helps Morgan catch up to the infected man. Morgan sees that it is the wounded man who he tried to help earlier. He kills the man and then buries him in the woods as Althea and John watch from afar.

Back in the truck, Morgan insists that he is only traveling with John and Althea until his leg heals. John explains that they are setting out to find Laura and in exchange for the help, he'll tell Althea more of his story. 

Althea sees a woman crawling on the road. She pulls over and walks up to help the woman: It's Alicia, alive and well, and clearly hardened by survival. Suddenly, Alicia points a sharp weapon at Althea's neck. Nick, Strand and Luciana emerge from the bushes and hold Morgan, John and Althea at gunpoint.

Althea nerviously asks Alicia: "So... What the hell's your story?"

"Another Day in the Diamond"


In the past, AliciaStrandNick and Luciana wake up at their new home in a baseball stadium. They begin their daily routine and then start working on projects around the stadium.

Madison asks a young newcomer, Charlie, where she lived before finding their settlement. Charlie points in a direction outside the stadium.

From a PA, a man commemorates one year of living at “The Diamond.”

Strand joins Nick and Alicia for breakfast, talking about celebrating the day. Cole, a resident at the stadium, sits with them.

Alicia checks on Madison, who is converting the dugout into a room for Charlie.  Alicia asks her why she wasn't at lunch and if she has slept, but her mom tells her that she needs to build and that when she lived outside she didn't sleep so it doesn't matter.

Nick works in the vegetable garden and chats with Charlie, who asks how much food they have in the pantries. Nick explains that they’ve almost grown enough food to eliminate the need for scavenging and that she doesn't need to worry about life outside because they are safe now.

Madison speaks to a couple, Douglas and Viv, about venturing out to find Charlie’s family. Douglas worries about traveling outside the walkie range, but eventually gives Madison the keys to a car.

Cole tries to join the search mission, but Strand tells him to stay behind for watch duty. Nick asks Luciana to bring back a new book for Charlie. Madison, Alicia, Strand and Luciana leave without Nick.

In the car, Luciana remarks that Nick should leave the stadium at some point. Madison notes that Luciana wasn’t there when she found Nick and says that Nick just needs to feel safe.

On the road, Madison jokes with Strand about Cole’s crush on him. Nick contacts them via walkie and informs them that weevils are destroying the turnips, just before losing connection.

Madison’s crew arrives in a deserted town. They split up to find Charlie’s family.

Strand and Luciana enter a store that has been picked clean.

Madison and Alicia find a camp that’s been burned down near giant industrial oil tanks. They see a giant white flag with the number “457.” Madison finds a newly opened can of food and warns Strand that someone might be nearby.

Luciana predicts that Madison won’t go back until she has performed a thorough search. Strand points out that he would not be alive if it weren’t for Madison’s determination. To this day, he's not sure why she saved him after he betrayed her at the dam.

Back at the stadium, Nick finds Charlie fiddling with a walkie and explains that Madison went to look for her family and that she will find them.

Madison continues searching the camp, when suddenly, a woman, Naomi, puts a gun to Madison’s head and demands her keys. Madison quietly clicks her walkie button three times.

Strand and Luciana receive three static bursts and realize that Madison is in trouble.

Madison, still at gunpoint, invites Naomi to join her community. Naomi instead snatches Madison’s keys and starts to leave, before Alicia, Strand and Luciana cut her off. She runs to the top of an oil tank and falls through the roof. Madison jumps in after her and helps Naomi fight Infected in a pool of oil.

Alicia and Strand pry open the hatch to the tank and kill the remaining Infected. Alicia rescues Madison from an Infected.

Later, at night, Luciana finds a copy of “The Little Prince” in the camp. Naomi insists that she’s not from the area and doesn’t know who led the Infected into the tank. After hearing more Infected snarling, they decide to leave.

In the stadium, Nick burns the infested turnips and hears music in the distance. He tells Douglas and Viv that they should investigate the source of the music. Douglas insists they stay put, but Nick asks Charlie to open the gate.

Nick slowly drives out the gate and flashes back to the dam explosion. He presses the accelerator and runs into a pole. Infected block his door. Cole shoots the Infected from the lookout. Nick heads back toward the stadium with an Infected on his heels. Madison’s crew rams into the Infected with their truck, saving Nick in time.

Inside, Madison informs Charlie that she didn’t find her family. She asks if Charlie knows who destroyed her camp. Charlie remains silent.

Naomi cleans up a cut on Nick’s head and explains that she’s a nurse. Madison shocks Naomi by suggesting she take a hot shower while deciding if she will stay with their community.

Strand, Douglas and Cole push Nick’s truck back toward the stadium. Luciana sees something in the distance and yells at them to ditch the car and get back inside. A convoy of trucks pulls up behind them.

Inside the stadium, Alicia tells everyone to arm themselves. Meanwhile, an army of trucks and campers parks in the lot.

A man, Ennis, gets out of his truck, turns on a cassette player and rides a bicycle around the lot. He rounds up the Infected and leads them into another truck, where another man closes the truck door. Then, from another truck, the leader, Mel, gets off and sets a lawn chair, while Ennis spray-paints the number “12” on the back of the vehicle.

Madison walks up to Mel and asks what he did to the camp by the oil tanks. Mel explains that the oil tanks blew up on their own, then reveals that he knows about their weevil problem, to Madison's confusion. He summons Charlie and commends her for finding the stadium. Mel orders Madison to give him all of their supplies or else die while trying to survive the weevil infestation. Madison refuses to provide him with anything.

The next day, Strand, Alicia and Cole stare at the newcomers outside. They hear Madison hammering in the dugout and decide to join her. Nick finds signs that the weevil infestation has indeed spread beyond the turnips as Mel warned.

Luciana walks outside and lays: "The Little Prince” by Charlie’s RV. Charlie watches from a window with sadness.


On the road, Nick, Alicia, Strand and Luciana hold MorganJohn Dorie and Althea at gunpoint. Luciana finds a white “51” flag in the SWAT vehicle and accuses them of belonging to Mel’s group. Al insists she doesn’t know the significance of the flag, but Alicia orders them to show them where they found the flag. They get on the SWAT truck and drive.

"Good Out Here"

In a flashback, Nick burns the blighted crops at the baseball diamond.

In the present, Nick, Alicia, Strand and Luciana hold Morgan, Althea, and John Dorie prisoner in the SWAT truck.

Al reveals that she only gave them partial directions to the location with the numbered flag. She agrees to provide the rest of the directions on the condition that they tell her their stories. She escapes from her bonds and attacks Nick, causing him to jostle Luciana in the driver’s seat. Luciana swerves off the road and crashes. The noise attracts a herd of Infected towards the truck.

Nick wakes up and sees an Infected approaching the SWAT truck. He falls back unconscious.

In a flashback, Nick offers to accompany Madison on a supply run.

In the present, John and Al unsuccessfully try to extract the SWAT truck from the mud. Luciana offers to locate a tow truck but demands that she, Alicia, Nick and Strand, who are all now captives, be released. Al cuts their bonds but holds Nick hostage. Morgan offers to stay with Nick while the others find the tow truck.

Morgan reads “The Art of Peace” and cuts Nick loose. Nick asks how Morgan plans to defend himself if attacked. Morgan demonstrates his fighting skills by casually knocking Nick to the ground with his stick.

Morgan walks up to the road and orders Nick to stay near the truck.

Nick finds Al’s video camera and watches the video of Morgan’s story.

Morgan sees a blue El Camino speeding toward him on the road and hides in the SWAT vehicle with Nick. Nick also notices the El Camino and bolts for the door, fighting Morgan off. Morgan accidentally hits the horn, attracting Infected. Nick bolts out of the truck with a hammer and runs after the El Camino.

Luciana leads the group to a service station and points to a truck with wire cable.

Strand asks Al why she collects people’s stories. Al declares that the truth matters and again offers to disclose the location of the flag in exchange for everyone’s stories.

Nick runs after the El Camino. He finds a patch of bluebonnets and kneels beside them.

In a flashback, Madison and Nick drive out the stadium gate. Mel, a Vulture, waves them over and wishes them luck on their supply run.

As they drive off, Madison assures Nick that they’ll get Charlie back. Nick asks Madison how she copes with being on the outside. Madison says that she always looks for something good.

In the present, Nick picks a bluebonnet as the truck horn sounds in the distance. A group of Infected attack him. Morgan saves Nick.

Nick and Morgan walk down a road. They killed two Infected in a drug store and enter the building.

In the past, Madison and Nick arrive at a church only to find that Mel’s brother Ennis is already looting the pantry. Charlie steps out with a walkie, which she used to eavesdrop on Madison and obtain the locations of Madison’s supply run. Nick urges Charlie not to listen to the Vultures, but Ennis declares that his people taught Charlie how to survive. Nick attacks Ennis with his knife, but Madison stops her son from killing the man. Charlie gets in a blue El Camino with Ennis.

Morgan wraps his leg in a new bandage and warns Nick that his mission to kill the driver of the El Camino will not end up the way Nick thinks it will. Nick tells Morgan that he saw his video confessional and asks who Morgan lost. Morgan abruptly leaves.

Luciana’s group returns to the SWAT truck and finds it swarming with Infected. John spots an arrow left by Morgan to indicate the direction that he and Nick went. Alicia offers to help tow the truck while Luciana and John look for Morgan and Nick. Alicia’s group agrees to tell their stories if Al takes them to the location of the flag.

Alicia fights off Infected as she attaches the tow truck cable to the SWAT truck. Strand pulls the truck out of the mud.

Morgan arrives at a farm and finds Ennis loading the El Camino with food from a silo. Nick charges at him. Morgan tries to stop Nick, but Nick follows Ennis inside the silo.

In a flashback, Nick tells Madison that being on the outside feels more stifling than being inside the diamond.

In the present, Nick charges at Ennis inside the silo.

Morgan walks by the patch of bluebonnets then decides to turn back around.

Nick impales Ennis with deer antlers, killing him.

Luciana and John look for Morgan and Nick. Luciana tells John that she once left Nick, even though she loved him.

Morgan finds Nick with bloody hands. He gives “The Art of Peace” to Nick and tells him that all life is precious.

Morgan watches Nick read “The Art of Peace” from a distance. The SWAT truck arrives. Everyone gets out.

Al notices that the lock to her locker is broken. She sighs with relief once she sees that all her tapes, including a box labeled “The Bog, 17-24,” are still there.

Nick puts “The Art of Peace” in his back pocket and finds the flower that he picked earlier.

In a flashback, Madison spots a patch of bluebonnets blooming in the grass. She pulls over. Nick lies down in the flowers.

In the present, Nick gets shot in the chest. He looks up and sees Charlie holding a gun. Charlie runs. Alicia, Strand, and Luciana try to revive Nick, but he dies. Alicia sobs.

Nick wakes up in the flowers.


Alicia, Strand, Luciana, Morgan, Althea and John ride in the SWAT van with Nick’s body.

In a flashback, Al videotapes Luciana as she plunges a knife into Nick’s head to keep him from turning. She films Alicia killing an Infected Ennis, and Strand covering Nick’s body with his jacket.

In the SWAT van, Strand informs Al that his group is ready to tell their stories. Al turns on her video camera and asks the group how they ended up in their current situation. Luciana explains that everything traces back to one particular day.

In a flashback, Luciana watches Vultures unload supplies outside the stadium. In the SWAT van, she explains to Al that it had been a couple of weeks since the Vultures’ arrival and rations were getting low.

Nick, Alicia, Strand, Luciana and Cole eat breakfast at the stadium. Madison distributes maps of potential supply locations that the Vultures might have missed.

In the SWAT van, Strand tells Al that their first misstep that day was to go on runs.

Cole pries Strand for details about his life as they search a nursery for plants. Cole asks Strand why he’s afraid of him. They kill a group of Infected together.

Nick and Luciana drive up to a library. Luciana argues that they won’t find any food in the library, but Nick nevertheless goes inside.

In the SWAT van, Luciana tells Al that she went inside because she thought it would be good for Nick.

Nick finds a cat poster inside the library and looks for books. He argues that people need reasons to stay in the community, besides food. Luciana realizes that Nick is thinking about Charlie. She agrees that they should help Charlie but in a different way.

In the SWAT van, Luciana tells Al that Charlie was beyond help. Meanwhile, John chats with Morgan while driving the van. Morgan explains that he will travel alone after he has paid his respects to Nick.

Al tells the group they can stop the story if they’d like, but they continue.

In a flashback, Alicia and Naomi arrive at a water park to search for supplies. Naomi finds a Land Rover but no keys. They spot an abandoned campsite at the top of a waterslide.

Strand warns Cole that he has done questionable things in the past.

Alicia and Naomi climb up a waterslide to reach the abandoned campsite. Alicia finds a machine gun with ammo. Naomi falls down a slide after Infected attack them. Alicia grabs onto the machine gun and falls down the slide. She kills an Infected with the machine gun barrel and narrowly avoids landing in a pool of Infected.

In the SWAT van, Al notices that Alicia kept the machine gun barrel, which now has a jagged point.

Alicia and Naomi find a large stash of medical supplies and stuff them into their packs. Naomi finds keys to the Land Rover and sneaks off while Alicia is distracted.

Strand brings Cole to a secret car and reveals a stash of provisions that he has been stocking for himself as evidence of his duplicity and a reason Cole shouldn't want to know him. He proposes they run off together. Cole recoils from Strand’s offer and drives back to the stadium alone.

Naomi turns the key in the Land Rover but discovers that the gas tank is empty. Alicia catches up and explains that she, too, once tried to strike out on her own. She looks for gas.

Nick kills an Infected in the library. Nearby, Luciana finds a road atlas of the southwestern U.S. She proposes that they pick a random page and then relocate their community to that location.

Luciana tells Al that she should never have opened the road atlas.

Back at the stadium, Mel contacts Madison via walkie and asks if she has any relish as he’s grilling hot dogs. Madison strides over to Mel and tells him that she is still willing to build a community together. Mel scoffs.

Al asks if that was the day that everyone left the stadium.

Nick and Luciana pick a page in the atlas.

Strand sits in the driver’s seat of his escape car.

Naomi tells Alicia that, as an ICU nurse, she developed an intuition for which people would survive and which people wouldn’t. She advises Alicia to tell Madison that the stadium has no chance of lasting.

Cole returns to the stadium. Strand follows in his SUV and reveals his stash of supplies.

Strand tells Al that he never told anyone that he'd hidden the supplies only for himself.

Nick gets an idea while looking at the atlas. He returns to the stadium with Luciana and shows the map to Madison. He suggests they range further north than the Vultures to find seeds and fertilizer to bring back to the stadium. Madison agrees.

Alicia decides not to tell Madison about Naomi’s warning.

At the stadium Naomi tells Madison that, even if the community is a success, conditions are going to get worse before they get better. Nevertheless, Naomi offers to set up an infirmary.

Alicia tells Al that she should have talked Madison into leaving. Strand tells Al he should have kept the car a secret. Luciana tells Al that they should have left the stadium for a new destination. They declare that Nick is dead because they wanted to believe the stadium would work out.

John stops the SWAT van. Alicia’s group gets out to dig a grave for Nick. Eventually, their shovels hit something.

Rather than burying Nick, they had Al bring them to the spot to dig up a cache of guns. They're planning to kill the Vultures. They ask Al to drive them, with the promise of showing her how their story ends. Al agrees.

Alicia’s group buries Nick under a nearby tree then loads the guns into the SWAT van. John recognizes Naomi’s backpack.

In a flashback, Naomi opens her backpack and unwraps a Colt — a twin to the Colt that John owns.

John finds the Colt in the backpack and realizes that Naomi is Laura. Alicia tells him that Laura died at the stadium. Al promises to find out what happened to Laura and report back to John. Morgan stays behind with John as everyone leaves in the van.


John cleans a pair of matching pistols on the porch of a creekside cabin. He sees an Infected coming down the creek and, leaving the gun, kills it with an ax.

John wakes up and starts his day — brushing his teeth, making his bed, playing Scrabble against himself. He finishes the day watching TV and eating popcorn.

John hears sloshing in the creek and finds a woman lying unconscious in the water: It’s Naomi.

John lays Naomi on his bed and discovers a deep gash on her stomach. He dresses her wound and sleeps on the couch while she sleeps on his bed.

In the morning, John finds the cabin empty. He goes outside and catches Naomi searching his Jeep for keys. John tells her where to find the keys but warns that the car needs a new battery. He suggests she at least takes some food, water and first aid supplies before leaving.

Naomi gives John instructions on how to stitch her wound. She grimaces as John pierces her skin with a needle.

John serves fish stew for dinner and asks if he can call her Laura because she refuses to tell him her name. He welcomes her to stay as long as she’d like. Naomi insists she will leave as soon as she is better.

John mounts a curtain around the bed to give Naomi privacy.

Naomi wakes up in the middle of the night and sees John cleaning his pistols.

John kills two Infected in the creek and decides to investigate the source of the Infected. He mentions to Naomi that he is also going on a supply run. Naomi insists on joining him. He offers her boots to protect herself from snakes, but she refuses to wear shoes that might impede her ability to run.

John and Naomi row the canoe upriver. Naomi inquires about John’s past. He informs her that he was a police officer.

John and Naomi reach a bridge and notice a breached guardrail. They quickly deduce that Infected have been falling through the gap and floating downriver.

John and Naomi stop at a general store for supplies. Naomi lays out first aid supplies for anyone else who visits the store.

John and Naomi use corrugated metal from a gas station to mend the guardrail.

Naomi lies in bed while John watches a movie. She joins him on the couch. John offers to make some brittle.

Naomi watches John sleep during the movie. He wakes up and stares at her. She reveals that she lost her child.

John gets ready to fish in the creek. Naomi asks him to teach her how to fish.

John gives Naomi a fishing lesson and shows her how to gut the fish. They eat fish for dinner. Naomi thanks John for teaching her.

John and Naomi play Scrabble and fish over the ensuing days.

John removes Naomi’s stitches. Naomi announces that she’s ready to leave, now that her wounds have healed. John goes outside to kill an Infected and realizes that their patch on the bridge isn’t working. Naomi offers to help John fix the bridge by blocking the gap with the Jeep.

John and Naomi sit in the Jeep on the bridge. Naomi says she learned how to hot-wire cars from a woman that she met in a camp. John sees one of his pistols hidden behind Naomi’s back and snatches it. Naomi argues that they need the gun for protection, but John sternly refuses to use firearms.

John and Naomi kill all the Infected on the bridge then drive the Jeep in front of the gap. An Infected attacks John in the driver’s seat. Naomi screams at him to use his gun. John refuses to shoot and, after a near-deadly struggle, stabs the Infected instead.

Back at the cabin, Naomi points out that John almost died because of his refusal to use guns. John explains that when he was a cop, he fatally shot a robber in the leg. He says that he moved to a new town after everyone started calling him a hero.

Infected surround the Jeep on the bridge, jostling the Infected corpse inside and knocking the Jeep into neutral. Infected fall off the bridge into the river.

John and Naomi hear Infected piling up in the creek. They go outside and begin slaying the Infected. Naomi becomes overrun by Infected. John gets his guns and saves her life by sharpshooting the Infected.

Naomi thanks John and calls him an honorable person. John gives her a pistol to take with her on the road.

Naomi joins John on the couch to watch a movie. John moves outside. She asks why he’s avoiding her. “I love you,” he says and asks her not to leave. They kiss.

John wakes up the next morning and finds Naomi gone. He sees a message written with Scrabble tiles: “I love you too I’m sorry.”

In the present, John looks at the Scrabble tiles in a small box. Morgan sits beside John and assures him that Naomi loved him. He reminds John that they are part of the world and should not waste any more time. John holsters Naomi’s pistol and walks down the road with Morgan.

"Just in Case"

Edgar, a Vulture, scavenges for supplies in a convenience store. John Dorie and Morgan corner Edgar outside and threaten to shoot him unless he cooperates. John blasts Edgar’s finger off when Edgar tries to bolt.

Alicia, Strand, Luciana, and Althea speed toward the Vultures’ next meeting spot. Alicia interrogates Al about the SWAT vehicle’s firepower, but Al makes it clear that she only records events and will not participate in their fight.

John searches Edgar’s pockets and finds a map to the Vultures’ next meeting spot. He shows Naomi’s gun to Edgar and demands to know what happened to the gun’s owner. Edgar insists he joined up with the Vultures after they left the stadium. Morgan tells Edgar to warn the Vultures that some people are planning to ambush them at the meeting spot. Edgar runs off.


Naomi removes glass from Alicia’s arm at the stadium infirmary and asks Madison if they’re going out again for more supplies. Madison says they have no choice.

Nick, Luciana, and Strand consult the road atlas to find a location that might yield seeds and fertilizer. Luciana asks Strand where he found the car with food. Strand concocts a story and sees Cole glaring at him.

Strand thanks Cole for keeping his escape car a secret. Cole explains that he’s merely keeping quiet because he’s worried Strand might harm him if he talks.

Madison checks in with Strand and suggests they share some liquor that she found.

Madison and Strand take swigs straight out of the bottle. Strand asks Madison why she saved him after the dam explosion, despite his treachery. Madison explains that she knows Strand is a decent person. They’re interrupted by the sound of a car honking. Viv stands in the way as Naomi tries to leave the stadium in a car. Viv tells Madison that Naomi was trying to run off with one of their cars. Naomi says that she was merely driving to a location that might have seeds and fertilizer. Madison and Strand join her.

Madison, Strand and Naomi pull over at a motel and kill Infected in the front office. Madison deduces that the people killed each other over a can of baked beans. Strand finds a stash of snacks.

Over dinner, Naomi explains that she’s taking Madison and Strand to an abandoned FEMA shelter. She admits that she had been planning to flee the stadium when Viv caught her but that she had intended to leave them with a map to the FEMA shelter. Strand orders her to hand over the car keys.

Madison wakes up and finds Naomi gone.

Naomi drives to the FEMA shelter after hot-wiring a car. She knocks on the front doors and attracts a herd of Infected locked inside.

Madison and Strand look at the FEMA map to catch up with Naomi. Strand admits to Madison that the car with supplies had been his escape car. He warns Madison that some people, such as himself and Naomi, never change.

Naomi enters the FEMA shelter through a side entrance and goes to the pantry. She opens a locked box and retrieves a notebook containing instructions for survival. She also takes a set of keys with “JIC” written on a keychain.

Naomi enters a cafeteria and breaks into tears when she sees kids’ drawings on the wall. The herd hears her and migrates from the lobby into the cafeteria. She flees to another room and finds herself surrounded by Infected, some of whose faces she recognizes. She climbs to the top of scaffolding and sobs as the herd gathers below her.

Madison and Strand enter the FEMA shelter and spot Naomi on the scaffolding. Naomi tosses them the “JIC” keys and tells them there’s a truck outside with supplies. Madison distracts Infected while Strand strings up some rope. Naomi shimmies across the rope and escapes with Madison and Strand.

Madison, Strand, and Naomi rest in the lobby. Naomi explains that she and her daughter, Rose, had stayed at the shelter, where a woman named Ellen taught “Just in Case” survival skill classes. Naomi says that she left the shelter to find antibiotics after Rose caught pneumonia. When she returned, Rose had died, turned and infected everyone else.

Naomi takes Madison and Strand to a well-stocked “Just in Case” truck that Ellen had prepared in the event of an emergency. After putting down the reanimated Ellen and removing her body, they prepare to return to the stadium.

Strand assures Naomi that anyone can start over.

Alicia, Nick, and Luciana stride up to Mel as Madison, Strand, and Naomi return to the stadium with plants and fertilizer. Mel and the Vultures vacate the parking lot upon realizing that Madison’s group will survive longer than expected. Before he goes, Mel tells Madison that people tend not to see genuinely awful events coming.

Nick surveys the agricultural supplies and predicts it will be enough to feed everyone. Madison stares at the “JIC” key chain.

Cole congratulates Strand on helping accomplish their mission.

Strand tries to talk to Madison, but she ends the conversation in a distracted mood.

Madison asks Alicia to quietly pack some supplies in the “JIC” Land Rover. “Just in case,” she says.


Alicia, Strand, and Luciana wait for the Vultures at their designated meeting spot. They see a van approach.

Morgan and John get out of the van. Alicia’s group forces them to their knees. Morgan explains that they warned the Vultures to stay away. A moment later, Mel and his Vultures arrive in their vehicles and face off with Alicia’s group. On Mel’s walkie, a woman asks where everyone is. A Land Rover pulls up, and Naomi steps out. “Laura,” John says and walks toward her. Alicia shoots at Naomi but accidentally John steps in the way. He falls to the ground.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

Naomi tries to help John Dorie as he lies unconscious. Meanwhile, Alicia, Strand and Luciana exchange gunfire with the Vultures.

Morgan runs over to help Naomi while she gets medical supplies from an ambulance.

Mel drives off in the ambulance. Naomi runs after him to get the medical kit. Alicia blows up the ambulance with a grenade launcher then strides up to Naomi and accuses her of betraying their trust. Naomi escapes and runs back to John’s side. She tells Morgan that she knows where to find more medical supplies.

Luciana finds Charlie hiding. Charlie apologizes for killing Nick but runs off when Luciana gets distracted by a Vulture.

Althea videotapes the battle. Morgan urges her to stop filming and help save John’s life.

Alicia corners Naomi and John at gunpoint. Al rides up in the SWAT vehicle and aims her guns at Alicia, forcing Alicia to lower her weapon. Morgan helps Naomi carry John inside the vehicle and urges Charlie to board if she wants to live. Charlie joins him.

Naomi instructs Al to drive to the stadium.

In a flashback, a group of residents rebuilds the stadium garden. Douglas radios Madison via walkie and tells her they have a visitor.

Charlie enters the stadium gate and asks Madison for help.

In the present, Charlie asks Morgan why he saved her even after she killed Nick. Morgan says the fighting needs to stop. Al asks Naomi what she did to Alicia’s group. Charlie defends Naomi and claims responsibility for what happened to Alicia’s group.

In a flashback, Charlie takes Madison, Nick, Alicia and Naomi to Mel, who is slumped over the driver’s seat of a bus after getting into an accident. Charlie explains that she and Mel parted ways with the Vultures after Mel got into a fight with Ennis. Madison agrees to bring Mel to the stadium’s infirmary, despite Nick’s concerns that it might be another trap.

In the present, Alicia, Strand and Luciana predict that Naomi is heading for the stadium. Alicia sees Mel crawling on the ground and demands to know how long Naomi colluded with the Vultures. Mel doesn’t answer. She kills him.

In a flashback, Mel wakes up in the infirmary and warns Madison that Ennis is planning to destroy the stadium. Madison insists that she can handle Ennis.

Ennis closes the door of a truck filled with Infected.

After scouting the area, Strand informs Madison that the Vultures removed all of the Infected that they had trapped in storage tanks. He shows her a stack of white number flags that the Vultures had used to tally up the Infected. The total indicates that Ennis is amassing a vast army of Infected.

In the infirmary, Mel obtains a knife and orders Naomi to bring him to Charlie. Naomi punches him in the ribs and snatches the knife back. Mel urges her to flee the stadium and invites her to leave with him and Charlie.

Madison breaks down the dugout shelter to free up lumber for wall reinforcements. Naomi urges her to flee the stadium, but Madison argues that this is what the Vultures want them to do.

Madison confronts Mel about turning Naomi against her and agrees to let him, but not Charlie, go.

Madison brings Mel to the gate and gives him the supply-laden truck. Mel begs Madison to let him bring Charlie, but Madison forces him to leave at gunpoint.

Nick suggests to Madison that she may have made the wrong decision to send Mel out to die.

Alicia, Nick and Luciana inform Charlie that they sent Mel away. Charlie checks in with Mel via walkie then loses reception. Charlie begs Nick, Alicia and Luciana to help Mel.

Alicia and Nick leave the stadium to find Mel, without informing Madison.

Ennis and the Vultures drive a convoy of trucks containing hundreds of Infected.

Naomi informs Madison that she has prepared the infirmary for Ennis’s imminent attack.

Nick and Alicia spot Mel’s Land Rover on the side of the road. They put Mel in the back seat and inform Strand via walkie that they are bringing Mel back to the stadium. They spot Ennis’s convoy heading toward the stadium and warn Strand that the Vultures are coming.

Strand asks Cole to alert Madison to the approaching convoy.

Strand and Madison see an ice cream truck drive up to the stadium gate, leaving behind a trail of oil.

Alicia and Nick arrive at the stadium and stop in the parking lot. The convoy arrives moments later.

Ennis and the Vultures open the trucks and release the Infected. A massive herd makes its way toward the stadium gates.

Madison tells Nick and Alicia via walkie that she’s going to open the gate for them. A herd surrounds the Land Rover.

A Vulture lights the trail of oil. Strand notices that the Infected are covered in oil and will start a fire if they get close. Madison orders someone to get the irrigation truck then runs toward the gate to help Nick and Alicia. Strand and Luciana join her.

Madison orders Douglas to open the gate. Douglas insists they first extinguish the fire but Strand orders Douglas to obey. Over walkie, Alicia apologizes to Madison for going after Mel.

In the present, Al’s group arrives at the stadium in the SWAT vehicle. Naomi explains that the Vultures never looted the stadium infirmary because even Ennis didn’t dare go inside after the stadium fell.

Al plows through the stadium gates. As the dust clears, Naomi, Al and Morgan see that the stadium is filled with charred Infected. The Infected swarm around the SWAT vehicle.

"No One's Gone"

In a flashback, an armed Madison sneaks up on a stranger in the woods and demands keys to the person’s vehicle. The stranger drops the keys on the ground. Madison trips on a wire as she goes for the keys. The person turns around: It’s Althea.

In the present, Infected surround the SWAT van in the stadium. Naomi tells Al and Morgan that the infirmary holds all the supplies she needs to help John, who's dying from a gunshot wound. Al instructs Charlie to videotape everything as she drives.

In a flashback, Madison tells Al that the keys to the SWAT van did not work. She searches for the real keys while holding Al captive. She finds Al’s interview tapes. Al escapes her bonds and fights Madison. Al hits her head and blacks out. When she comes to, her tapes are gone.

Madison drives off in a truck with Al’s tapes and camera.

In the present, Al drives as close as possible to a tunnel entrance that leads to the infirmary.

Al guns down Infected, clearing a path for Morgan and Naomi to reach the tunnel. An explosion goes off. Al and Charlie spot Strand, Luciana and Alicia, who just launched an RPG.

In a flashback, Madison watches Al’s videos in the hopes of finding an interview with Nick and Alicia. Al tracks down Madison and demands to hear her story.

In the present, Alicia’s group exchanges gunfire with Al.

Naomi and Morgan fight Infected in the tunnels as they make their way toward the infirmary.

Strand suggests they head toward the infirmary. Alicia hatches a different plan.

John passes out in the SWAT van. Via walkie, Naomi instructs Al to apply pressure to the wound.

John videotapes a farewell message for Naomi in case he dies.

Naomi gathers supplies in the infirmary. Morgan informs Al that they procured the supplies.

Alicia launches an RPG at the SWAT van, causing the driver side door to fall off. She strides up to Al with her gun.

In a flashback, Madison sits with Al for her interview and explains that she made a promise to her children that she wasn’t able to keep.

In the present, Alicia takes Charlie hostage and orders Al to tell Naomi that it’s safe to come out of the tunnel.

Strand and Luciana aim their guns at the tunnel exit.

Al picks up the walkie and tells Morgan and Naomi that it’s safe to come out. She distracts Alicia while John quietly presses the transmission button on the walkie, allowing Naomi and Morgan to overhear Alicia and realize they’re walking into a trap.

Strand informs Alicia that Naomi has not emerged from the tunnel. Alicia sees the walkie next to John and realizes what happened. Al attacks Alicia.

In a flashback, Madison tells Al that she promised her children that she would find a place where they wouldn’t have to do what she did to Al in the woods.

Alicia and Al fight in the SWAT van. Charlie hears John coughing and urges Naomi and Morgan to hurry.

Morgan volunteers to take the medical supplies to the SWAT van and receive care instructions from Naomi over the walkie.

Al and Alicia continue to fight. Alicia knocks into a cabinet, causing a supply of ramen to spill out. Alicia demands to know where Al got the ramen. Al explains that she traded the ramen for an interview. Alicia runs over to Al’s tapes and finds one labeled “Amina.”

In a flashback, Madison tells Al that when her children were young, they nursed a sick bird back to health and named it Amina. She says that her children’s determination to save the bird was a trait that they still possessed.

In the present, Alicia watches Madison’s interview and becomes emotional. In the video, Madison tells Al that she will do whatever it takes to preserve her children’s humanity.

Morgan digs his way out of the tunnel and comes face to face with Alicia. Alicia aims her gun at Naomi and accuses her of contributing to Madison’s death. Morgan convinces Alicia to relinquish the weapon. Alicia breaks down in tears.

In a flashback, Al writes “Amina” on Madison’s tape and gives Madison some packages of ramen.

Madison tracks down Alicia, Nick, Strand and Luciana at a motel. Strand sees the ramen in her truck.

Madison brings Alicia, Nick, Strand and Luciana to the stadium. She vows to build a new community and bring in survivors.

In the present, Al drives the SWAT van with Alicia’s group on board. Al asks what happened to Madison. Alicia tells her to pull over.

Naomi tells John, whose injuries have been treated and who is now recovering, that her real name is June. Naomi was just another alias that she gave to Madison. John expresses appreciation for June's real name.

Alicia, Strand, Luciana, Al, June, John and Charlie sit around a campfire. Al begins filming and asks what happened at the stadium.

In a flashback, Infected surround Nick, Alicia and Mel in the Land Rover. Madison, Strand and Luciana kill Infected to clear a path between the vehicle and the stadium. The stadium residents flee.

In the present, Alicia tells Al that Mel took their Land Rover. Charlie explains that Mel only took the Land Rover to get her to safety.

In a flashback, Infected overcome the stadium residents as they try to escape.

In the present, June tells Al that she attempted to talk the residents out of fleeing but when they wouldn't listen, June went for supplies in the infirmary as she knew they would need them. By the time she returned, the caravan was overrun and she came under attack and fled with no other choice. Both Alicia's group and June believed the other to have died and when June was found by the Vultures, she joined them as she felt she had no other choice. Strand acknowledges that June did the right thing given the circumstances.

Madison lights a flare and leads hundreds of Infected inside the stadium. Unable to escape through the tunnels as there are still too many Infected outside, she locks the gate and lights the oil-soaked herd on fire. Nick and Alicia sob as they drive away from the inferno with Luciana and Strand.

In the present, Alicia’s group tells Al that Madison killed herself to save them, causing everyone to break down in tears over the story. Al lowers her camera and writes “Madison” on the interview tape. The group eats ramen around the campfire.


Title Writer(s) Air Dates U.S. Viewers
1. "What's Your Story?" Scott Gimple
Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
April 15, 2018 4.09 million
2. "Another Day in the Diamond" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
April 22, 2018 3.07 million
3. "Good Out Here" Shintaro Shimosawa April 29, 2018 2.71 million
4. "Buried" Alex Delyle May 6, 2018 2.49 million
5. "Laura" Anna Fishko May 13, 2018 2.46 million
6. "Just in Case" Richard Nain May 20, 2018 2.31 million
7. "The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now" Melissa Scrivner Love June 3, 2018 1.97 million
8. "No One's Gone" Andrew Chambliss
Ian Goldberg
June 10, 2018 2.32 million
9. "People Like Us" Anna Fishko August 12, 2018 1.87 million
10. "Close Your Eyes" Shintaro Shimosawa August 19, 2018 TBA
11. "The Code" Unknown August 26, 2018 TBA
12. "Weak" Colman Domingo September 2, 2018 TBA
13. "Blackjack" Unknown September 9, 2018 TBA
14. "MM 54" Unknown September 16, 2018 TBA
15. "I Lose People..." Unknown September 23, 2018 TBA
16. "... I Lose Myself" Unknown September 30, 2018 TBA



  • Bill
  • Hardy
  • Leland
  • Ennis (Alive and Zombified)
  • Nicholas Clark
  • Rose (Confirmed Fate)
  • Ellen (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)
  • Clementine (Confirmed Fate)
  • Ingrid
  • Edgar (Alive and Zombified)
  • Mel
  • Douglas (Confirmed Fate)
  • Vivian (Confirmed Fate)
  • Cole (Confirmed Fate)
  • Madison Clark (Confirmed Fate)
  • At least 2 unnamed members of Leland's Group
  • 1 unnamed man (Alive and Zombified)
  • 1 unnamed robber (Confirmed Fate)
  • Many unnamed FEMA camp survivors (Alive, Confirmed Fate)
  • At least 18 unnamed Vultures
  • At least 38 unnamed Dell Diamond residents (Confirmed Fate)
  • 1 horse
  • 1 unnamed lumber yard survivor (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified)



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