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This article is about the third season of the Companion TV Series. You may be looking for third season of the Original TV Series or the third season of the Video Game.
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Season 3 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead will consist of sixteen episodes, that will air with a double episode premiere on June 4th 2017.[1][2]


The show was renewed on April 15, 2016, and filming began on January 10, 2017.[3] The majority of the main cast from the second season; Frank Dillane, Kim Dickens, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Cliff Curtis, Mercedes Mason and Colman Domingo will all return[4], whilst Rubén Blades, who plays Daniel Salazar and last appeared in "Shiva", is also confirmed to be returning.[5][6] Danay Garcia, who played Luciana Galvez throughout the second season, has been upgraded to the main cast.[4] Two main cast members will not return, Elizabeth Rodriguez, who played Elizabeth Ortiz and made her last appearance in "Monster"[7], and Lorenzo Henrie as Christopher Manawa, whose character died in "Wrath".[8] It is unknown whether Michelle Ang, who played Alex and has not been seen since "Captive", is to return.

The third season will continue from the the second season, with all main characters - aside from Victor Strand - moving away from La Colonia or Rosarito Beach Hotel, the two main locations of the latter half of the second season, towards the United States.[9] Other cast returning from the second season includes Karen Bethzabe, Brenda Strong and Dayton Callie.[10][11] Callie, alongside Daniel Sharman and Sam Underwood join the regular cast of the third season as the Otto family, owners of the Broke Jaw Ranch, a new primary location of the third season.[4][11] Furthermore, Lisandra Tena joins the main cast as Lola Guerrero, whilst Emma Caulfield has been cast in an as yet unannounced, "mysterious" guest role.[11][12][13] Further supporting additions to the cast include Lindsay Pulsipher and Hugo Armstrong.[2]

Otto Ranch House

The Otto's ranch was specifically made for season three.[9]

Production remains unchanged for this season, however this will be Dave Erickson's last season as a showrunner, being replaced in the fourth season by Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, who will also by the new addition of Scott Gimple.[14] Locations for this season have been filmed at Baja Film Studios, whilst scenes have also been filmed at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.[9][13] Further, a major location has been the filming for Broke Jaw Ranch, which is fictionally set in Southern America, but undertaken in a valley near Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, with the Otto ranch being built around an existing smaller house.[9] According to production designer Bernardo Trujillo, the existing house "looked very Mexican as opposed to Southern American", so it was used as an "anchor"; production "building around it" to create a "huge house" so "as you walk in, you’ll actually end up inside the tiny house!".[9]

The Otto family are a "group of preppers who prepared for the end of democracy, not necessarily the rise of the dead" according to Erickson, who noted that this series will resonate politically, with the focus on the land border between the United States and Mexico and the real life domestic policies of Donald Trump.[15] He adds, "They're going to find a modicum of sanctuary and security, but it's going to come at a great price. Fundamentally, the question for Madison this season is what happens if you align yourself with somebody you know has reprehensible traits. We'll come to learn with Otto that even though there seems to be a benevolence to him at times, there's a darker and uglier side to him as well, and it's frankly racist".[15] In what Debnam-Carey and Curtis have described as a "notch[ed] up" and "energised" season, this season will also explore Madison's backstory, with Erickson stating that in this season viewers will "start to get a better picture of where she came from, who she is and, you know, why she has become this person".[16][17]


Title Writer(s) Air Dates U.S. Viewers
1. "Eye of the Beholder" Dave Erickson June 4, 2017 TBA
2. "The New Frontier" Mark Richard June 4, 2017 TBA
3. "Teotwawki" Ryan Scott June 11, 2017 TBA
4. TBA TBA June 18, 2017 TBA
5. TBA TBA June 25, 2017 TBA
6. TBA TBA July 2, 2017 TBA
7. TBA TBA July 9, 2017 TBA
8. TBA TBA July 9, 2017 TBA



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