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This article is about the Comic character, who was more prominently featured in the Novels. You may be looking for the assault counterpart, the Alexandria supply runner in the Comics or the TV Series character.
"You are high."
—Scott joking with his friends.[src]

Scott Moon is a main character first appearing in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury, and the deuteragonist in The Governor Special of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a resident of Tent City, and later Woodbury.


Atlanta, Georgia

Little is known about Scott before or as the outbreak began. It was known that he attended high school with some of his friends, who also survived the outbreak.


Tent City

Sometime after the beginning of the outbreak, Scott and some of his friends from his high school met up with Lilly Caul and Megan Lafferty's group. They then stuck with them.

Scott was seen assisting Chad Bingham with setting up the circus tent moments before the attack on the camp. It is unknown whether he participated in the attack.

Woodbury, Georgia

Scott then goes with Joshua Lee Hamilton when he is kicked out of the camp. Scott is seen a lot with Megan smoking cannabis and having sex throughout their adventures with the group. Once they arrive at Woodbury, everyone seemed to separate including Scott and Megan, whom went on to other men. Scott soon disappeared from Woodbury without much notice from his friends, being secretly killed by the Governor and becoming the first head added to his Fish Tanks.


Killed By

After helping the Governor gather a large amount of fish tanks from the local Walmart, he and Scott returned to Woodbury. When Scott asked Brian about where he was going to find fish for the tanks, Brian told him that it was not fish he was putting in the tanks. Scott then asked what he was going to put in them, and the Governor responded by saying, "Well, I was thinking about something along the lines of severed heads... starting with yours." He then killed him, adding his head to the collection.

After returning from the assault on the prison, Lilly Caul goes to the Governor's apartment and shoots each of the heads in the fish tanks, including Scott's.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Scott has killed:


Megan Lafferty

Scott and Megan are engaged in a sexual relationship prior to their arrival in Woodbury and also shared a particular taste for weed. On their brief stay on the road, they start being watched by Bob Stookey, who develops a secret crush on her. Once they arrive in Woodbury, Megan becomes bored with him and hardly seems to notice his disappearance up to the moment she finds his severed and zombified head inside the The Governor's tank.


Novel Series

Comic Series

Volume 5: The Best Defense


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