This article is about the bandit that was killed by walkers. You may be looking for the bandit that was killed by Lilly, or the bandit killed on the way to the dairy.
"Behind the RV!"
—The bandit during the attack.[src]

This bandit is an original character who appears in "Long Road Ahead" of Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Season One. He is a member of the Save-Lots Bandits.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about this bandit's life before or as the outbreak began except that he may have worked at Save-Lots along with his fellow bandits.


Season 1

"Long Road Ahead"

This bandit participated in the attack on the Travelier Motel, hiding in the underbrush with several others, as the unnamed bandit, Linda, Gary, and Drew move up and attack, taking Lee's group prisoner. After Lilly attacked the bandits, either Drew or Gary escapes the carnage, whistling and alerting the others to move in and attack. After the gates are pushed in by the bandits, this bandit moves in on the left side along with three others. The others move to cover, while he stands behind, firing his pistol at Clementine and Katjaa. Unfortunately, the gunfight alerted walkers, which began to pour in from behind. A walker snuck up behind him, grabbed him, and ripped into his shoulder and neck and began to devour him. As the man was being devoured, in a painful, terrorized frenzy, he began firing his pistol frantically, to no avail.


Killed By

As this bandit continues to fire at Clementine, Duck, and Katjaa, a walker sneaks up behind him and rips into the bandit's shoulder and neck. He shoots and struggles aimlessly as he is devoured.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this bandit has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people.


Video Game

Season 1


  • In the remastered edition of "Long Road Ahead", this bandit doesn't have glasses and has more hair.
  • When the Travelier Motel was invaded by the bandits, he is the first victim to be killed by a zombie.
    • Also, of the bandits who are confirmed dead, he is also the only member of his group whose death is not directly caused by another living person.
  • In the trailer for "Long Road Ahead", this bandit's character model was the 6th unnamed bandit's model. [1]
  • This bandit uses the same character model as Vernon.


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