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"Go on, grab all his shit! We got to get to Merle before he can ride!"
—Biker 1 before knocking out Daryl in Jake's; the biker's turning on Merle and attempting to kill him.[src]

The Savage Sons Motorcycle Club is a biker gang encountered in a bar called "Jake's" featured in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Location Unknown

Nothing much is known about the Savage Sons Motorcycle Club prior to the outbreak except that they were drug dealers, a biker gang, and were lead by Merle Dixon.


Survival Instinct

During the outbreak, the gang resided in "Jake's" from walkers and went on supply runs. When Merle reached the bar, he goes inside, kills one of the gang members then holds Ash, one of the gang members, captive. Daryl arrives on the scene and yells at Merle. However, the gang returns and Merle open fires on them, it is later revealed that every gang member that chased after Merle, were killed when Merle shot at them and when zombies overrun them.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Savage Sons Motorcycle Club gang has killed:

  • Numerous counts zombies and possibly people.


  • Biker 2 (Alive and Zombififed)
  • Biker 1
  • Ash
  • Many other unnamed members.

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