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This article is about the actress. You may be looking for the Video Game character, the TV Series character, the Rise of the Governor character, the Road to Woodbury character, the Social Game character, or the Survival Instinct character.
  Sarah Wayne Callies
Sarah callies
Portrays Lori Grimes
Occupation Actress
Born Sarah Anne Callies
June 1, 1977
La Grange, Illinois, USA
Age 37
Years Active 2003-Present
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Spouse Josh Winterhalt
Also Known For Dr. Sara Tancredi in "Prison Break" (2005)
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Sarah Wayne Callies is an American actress who portrayed Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead.


Sarah was born in Illinois, but was raised from the age of one in Honolulu, Hawaii. The daughter of two university professors, she is an academic herself, having graduated from Dartmouth College and receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree from Denver's National Theater Conservatory.

She is best known for her role as Dr. Sara Tancredi on Prison Break (2005) and Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead. Her other roles include Jane Porter in the Tarzan TV series (2003), a recurring role on Queens Supreme (2003), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), Numb3rs (2005), and L.A. Dragnet (2003). Her three feature film appearances were Barnet Bain's Independent: The Celestine Prophecy (2006), Stewart Hendler's Whisper (2007), and Bittersweet (2010).

After the Walking Dead

After Sarah's portrayal of Lori in The Walking Dead, Sarah went on to perform in many movies/tv shows:

  • Foreverland as Fran
  • Black November as Kate Summers
  • Black Sky as Allison Stone (Main Role)
  • Into the Storm as Allison Stone


  • Sarah Wayne Callies was in favor of Lori dying the same way the character died in the Comic Series. In an interview she stated, "I argued that it was necessary to kill Lori and I feel very strongly that for all of the other deviations we may have from the comic book, killing Lori does something to Rick that is vital for the story and can't be done any other way." [1]
  • Sarah's husband, Josh Winterhalt, is a martial arts instructor. They have one daughter, Keala, who was born in 2007.
  • Sarah flew out to set (via helicopter) just to reprise her role in "Home".


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