Sam's Family Camp is a camp that Clementine found after she got separated from Christa. It is located not too far from where Christa's Camp is. It is a minor location in "All That Remains" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.


Before the apocalypse, Sam's Family Camp did not exist and was just part of a wooded forest area in North Carolina. The area may have been used as a camp ground before the apocalypse for many campers, however, once the outbreak began, the family Sam was with may have set up temporary camp in the area.


After Clementine got attacked by bandits, and got separated from Christa, she found herself in the woods, where she meets a dog named Sam. Sam then ran away back to his camp, and thus causing Clementine discover the site. Clementine then searched for food at the site, and found a photo of a family there, and discovered that all the tents there got ripped apart, presumably by the scavengers. Clem then found a walker tied on a tree, which was the father of the family that once lived in that camp along with Sam. Clementine kills the walker, and used the knife she pulled out from it's hand as a pryer to open a can of beans she found in trash can. while she was eating the beans, Sam begs for food. Clementine has an option to give Sam a bit of the beans, however whether Clementine chooses to feed him or not, Sam will attack Clementine, biting her on the arm. After grabbing her knife, a rock, or nothing, Clementine stabs, punches and/or beats Sam multiple times until she kicks him and he is impaled on tent posts in his torso and hind leg. Clementine has the choice of killing him or leaving him to die.


  • Sam - A dog that used to live at the camp with his owners.
  • Father - One of Sam's owners. (Formerly)
  • Mother - One of Sam's owners. (Formerly)
  • Daughter - One of Sam's owners. (Formerly)
  • Clementine - An arrival who came after looters had picked the area clean. (Temporarily)



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