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"Well, I'm here to relieve you so I guess you're getting an early break. Boss wants to see you."
—Rudy to Martinez.[src]

Rudy Warburton is an antagonist first encountered in Issue 31 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a resident of Woodbury. He is described in the novel as being built like a redwood.


Savannah, Georgia

Rudy lived in Savannah and worked as a tuck-pointer before the outbreak.


Woodbury, Georgia

Rudy has turned his expertise in tuck-pointing into the building of barricades. Rudy was seen talking to Martinez informing him that the boss wanted to see him, so Caesar handed the guard a rifle and set off. It is mentioned by Lilly that Rudy, Curtis and a few other guards needed fuel for the rigs at the wall. Rudy goes on a supply run for fuel later, along with Wes, Curtis, Matthew and Raymond. Later, Rudy tries to get the residents of Woodbury hyped, for the Governor's return after being attacked by Michonne. Rudy is also one of Gabriel Harris most trusted men along with Gus Strunk, Rudy and Gabe are the ones who find the prison for the Governor. As Rudy is fighting against the prison, Billy throws a grenade near a vehicle, causing it to explode and send deadly shrapnel throughout the air and hits Rudy in his upper chest, as it happens Rudy lets out a belowing death wail.


Killed By

Rudy is killed during the prison assault, when Billy's grenade explodes a car, sending jagged pieces of metal into Rudy's upper body.


Novel Series

Comic Series

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life


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