This article is about the unnamed Comic Series horse. You may be looking for its TV Series counterpart, the other Comic Series horse, the TV Series horse, or the other TV Series horse.

This horse is encountered by Rick Grimes on his way to Atlanta.


Rural Georgia

This horse resided on a farm somewhere in rural Georgia, in proximity to Atlanta. An unnamed family owned it, caring for it and keeping it in a barn behind their farmhouse.


Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

While Rick Grimes was heading toward Atlanta, he attempted to find a gas station for his car. He reached a gas station, but no gas was available. Rick decided to walk and headed to a farm down the road. He entered the house and was instantly hit by a foul smell. The family of five were all seen dead, they all committed suicide. Rick ran out into the backyard and entered the barn. Inside, he noticed a single horse, and allowed it out of it's pen. Rick decided to ride it to Atlanta.

Once in Atlanta, Rick rode the horse down the abandoned streets. He came across a street full of zombies and was forced to flee and escape, hiding. The horse was quickly taken down and devoured by zombies.


Killed By

Rick Grimes entered Atlanta on the horse and walked through a street with zombies cluttered in alleyways. Then as he is on the horse, a large group of zombies cluttered in the center attacked Rick and the horse.

Eventually, after being in the street for a few minutes, the horse was attacked by zombies, taken down and devoured. Rick is forced to hide after his loss of transportation.


Comic Series

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye


  • This horse is the first animal in the comic series to be killed by zombies and is the first living thing to be shown dying on panel.
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