"Prisoners aren't cooperating. What do you want us to do?"
—Rich to unnamed Monroe colonialist over a walkie-talkie.[src]

Rich is a original character, a survivor and a minor antagonist encountered in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Michonne. Rich is a cooperator for Monroe Colony.


Nothing is known about his life before the outbreak, except for he may have lived near Chesepeake Bay, Virginia.


Michonne Mini-Series

"What We Deserve"

A male colonist asks about Rich and Janey's whereabouts over a walkie-talkie. Rich replies by saying that the prisoners didn't want to cooperate. The other man orders him to get them moving, remaking that they don't have time for trouble.

Rich is then seen at the gate of the Fairbanks' house, along with the survivors of the Monroe escape, carrying an assault rifle. At some point of the negotiation, walkers show up, though Rich fires several times and keeps them back with accurate shots to the head. After Gabby or Jonas are shot by Pete, he is quick to aim his gun at Pete's general direction. He and Janey make a break for the gate of the house after Michonne and the others retreat into the compound.

After Rich and his fellow colonists manage to break inside the Fairbanks' residence, he helps mantain the gate closed. When the walkers become too many to hold off, he decides to aim a shotgun that he acquired off-screen at Michonne. He gets grabbed by a walker behind him, which causes him to miss his shot at Michonne. He hits the fountain next to her, which causes Michonne to become briefly distoriented. He is then seen later shooting at walkers overrunning the Fairbanks' house.

It is unknown if he survived as he is not seen again.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Rich has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people.


Michonne Mini-Series


  • Rich is the only member out of Monroe Colony to have a unknown status.
    • It is unknown if Rich was bit on the neck, as a walker was about to bit him, then the scene skipped to Michonne.
    • It is unknown weather he escaped Fairbanks' House, as he was seen struggeling with a walker but never to be seen again.
  • He is the second character in The Walking Dead that speaks but not in person, only on a walkie-talkie after the Radio Survivor.
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