"Red Dirt" ​is the sixth episode of Season 3 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead and the twenty-seventh episode overall.

Plot Synopsis

Loyalty wavers at the Ranch; news of incoming danger spreads in the community; Madison struggles to keep everyone together; Nick grapples with a hard truth.

At Broke Jaw Ranch, Nick and Jeremiah Otto. Take target practice. Nick worries about Madison's long absence.

Alicia and Jake awake in bed. Alicia also worries about Madison and the people who shot down the helicopter.

Nick spots Troy's team hobbling toward the ranch on the road to the gate.

Nick, Alicia and other ranchers rush out as Madison and Troy’s team arrive, who all have bloody feet from walking without shoes. Jeremiah requests a private debrief, but one of the ranchers, Vernon Trimbol, insists Troy's team share their findings with everyone. Mike Trimbol announces that a group of Native Americans slaughtered Phil McCarthy and the others from the outpost. Troy tries to keep everyone calm saying they can handle the situation but Mike cracks and blurts out that they're all going to die if they don't leave.

Jeremiah, Troy, Jake and Madison discuss a course of action. Troy insists they fight Walker, but Jeremiah believes Walker is bluffing. Jake suggests they negotiate with Walker and points out that he beat Walker in court when Walker filed lawsuits in the past. Madison asks if they stole Walker’s land. Jeremiah maintains that the ranch was sold to his forebears.

Madison rests in the bunkhouse. Nick tells her that Luciana went back south.

Alicia finds Jake practicing his shooting. She asks Jake for pointers at target practice.

Alicia asks who will take over the ranch if something happens to Jeremiah. Jake explains that the ranch will pass to him and Troy when Jeremiah dies but that residents will ultimately look up to whomever they deem worthy. Alicia tells Jake the ranchers would look up to him as a leader if he stepped up.

Back in the Clark's bunkhouse, Gretchen Trimbol tells Madison that her father, Trimbol, is worried about Walker and wants to take the family to a colony in the Rockies. She says he's telling other ranchers about his plans.

Jeremiah gets out a bottle of liquor at his desk. He walks outside and sees a row of fires surrounding the ranch. Ranch residents come out of their homes and watch the fires blaze.

The next day, Jeremiah maintains that Walker would have burned down the entire ranch if he was serious about attacking them.

The Trimbol family load supplies onto the back of a truck. Troy guards the pantry and forbids residents from leaving the ranch with supplies. The Vernon tells him that they already spoke with Jeremiah.

Vernon tells Jeremiah that he's leaving the ranch with his family to keep them safe. Madison warns Jeremiah that the ranch will weaken if more people leave.

Troy runs after the Trimbol family's RV and yells at Mike for leaving. Jake stops Troy and they fight. Vernon drives off with his family and his horses.

Troy explains to Madison that Mike was his loyal childhood friend. Madison offers to help him ensure that no one else leaves.

Madison looks on, as Troy gathers a small militia in the pantry and charges them with defending the ranch.

Nick returns to his newly rebuilt home to find Jeremiah drunk. Jeremiah shoots bullets into the floorboards eluding to a past sin, saying that there is blood "in the earth."

Alicia returns to her bunkhouse after spending the night with Jake. Madison questions Alicia about her relationship with Jake, but Alicia assures her that it’s nothing serious and reassures her mother that they are using contraception.

Jeremiah and Nick spot one of Vernon Trimbol's horses in the pasture.

Madison, Nick and Jeremiah leave the ranch on a pickup to search for Vernon's family on the road. Madison reasons that the horse may have escaped on its own but Jeremiah predicts that the Trimbol family is dead.

Jake packs a bag and tells Alicia that he’s going to the Black Hat Reservation to negotiate with Walker. Alicia begs him not to go but he is determined.

Madison, Nick and Jeremiah find the Trimbols' RV in the road, riddled with bullets. They find the Trimbols infected or dead, put down the infected, euthanise the part eaten horse and pile the bodies into their truck. Jeremiah tells Madison that he suspects Troy killed the Trimbols.

Madison, Nick and Jeremiah return to the ranch with the bodies. Madison speaks to the crowd that's gathered to see hem return and covers for Troy; she declares that the people who killed Travis and Phil have now killed the Trimbols. She warns that anyone who leaves the ranch will die and urges them to stay together. The crowd murmurs in support.

Alicia packs a bag to follow Jake.

Ranchers return supplies to the pantry. Nick confronts Madison about lying to the ranch. Madison points out that even if Troy killed the Trimbols, no one would believe them. Nick agrees to keep Madison’s secret as long as she includes him on her plans.

Madison confronts Troy about killing the Trimbols. Troy admits that he pursued them to confront Mike over abandoning him, and then things got out of hand. Madison tells Troy he can be the heir to the ranch but only if he learns to control himself. She hopes Troy is up to the task of protecting the Ranch from Walker. Troy says he is.

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