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"She invited them things in for corn and beans...she took them in...like shaggy dogs...because that's what she does. Loves all God's creatures. Probably called them 'honey-child'...right up until the moment they ate her."
—Josh speaking about his mother's death

Raylene Hamilton is a character mentioned in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. She is the mother of Joshua Lee Hamilton.


Location Unknown

A few years before the outbreak started, Raylene was diagnosed with Lupus Erythematosus. She taught Joshua the basics of cooking, and how to make bread pudding that was so good "it would bring tears to your eyes". She would take in anyone, from shaggy dogs to misfits to hardened panhandlers to the homeless. She would call them "honey child" and bake them corn bread and mix up sweet tea until they stole from her or got involved in a fight.


Rural Georgia

During the initial stages of the outbreak, SWAT helped protect the area where Raylene and Joshua lived. When Joshua went to work one day, he returned home to find increased activity of SWAT near his home. When he arrived, he found cops carrying out body parts belonging to his mother. When he went inside he discovered six dead zombies, his mothers fingers on the floor, part of her body on the dining room table, and the majority of her sitting in a chair, neck ripped open. Joshua recalls that his mother had left the window open and set the table with her good china. He later tells Lilly, "She invited them things in for corn bread and beans... she took them in… like shaggy dogs… because that's what she does. Loves all God's creatures. Probably called them 'honey-child' ... right up until the moment they ate her."


Alicia Hamilton

Their relationship is never explored.

Vernon Hamilton

Their relationship is never explored.

Joshua Lee Hamilton

They seemed to had a loving son-mother relationship. Joshua also took care of her as she got sick


Killed By

Josh arrived home one day to discover that six zombies had entered his house through the window. They had ripped off her fingers, and spread her body parts across the room. The majority of her was sitting in a chair, neck ripped open.

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