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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for the Comic Series character or the savior.
Paula (Bloodletting)
Actor Kelley Davis
Gender Female
Hair Auburn
Age Early to mid 30s
Occupation Unknown
Family Tom - Husband
Unnamed - Child/Children
First Appearance "Bloodletting" (Flashback)
Last Appearance "Bloodletting" (Flashback)
Status Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
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Kelley Davis Gallery
"I'm sorry, hun. Men can be jerks."
—Paula speaking to Lori Grimes[src]

Paula is a character in AMC's The Walking Dead, who made her first appearance in "Bloodletting" during a flashback. She is married to Tom and has a child/children. Paula is also good friends with Lori Grimes before the outbreak. After the initial outbreak, Paula and her family's fate is unknown.


King County, Georgia

Almost nothing is known about Paula's life before or as the outbreak began other than that she lived in the same rural area as the Grimes Family and was good friends with Lori Grimes. She was married to her husband, Tom, and had a child/children as well that attended the same elementary school as Carl Grimes. Lori would talk to Paula, informing her of her family, situation, and feelings about her husband, Rick, in hopes of getting some advice from Paula.

Season 2


During a flashback, Lori is waiting to pick up Carl from school, and while waiting for the school dismissal, Lori is seen talking to Paula in a conversation about Lori's overall struggles with Rick and her family. Lori tells Paula that she sometimes wishes Rick would just "blow up" instead of always remaining dispassionate. Paula states that she does not have that problem with Tom. Paula is listening to Lori talk until the conversation is interrupted by Shane Walsh, a friend of the Grimes family, who arrives with bad news for Lori about Rick.


Nothing is known about Paula's life after the outbreak. It is possible that she went with her family to a safe zone or was killed during the early stages of the outbreak.


Lori Grimes

Paula and Lori have a seemingly positive friendship; most likely meeting through their children attending the same school. Lori has some form of trust, as displayed when she opens up and talks about the issues she was going through with Rick at that time. Paula attempts to console her before they are interrupted by the arrival of Shane and his news about Rick. 


TV Series

Season 2


  • Paula is one of two named characters in the TV series whose appearance is entirely pre-apocalyptic. The other one is Lambert Kendal.
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