"Don't remind me. I'm not going to say thank you for keeping me alive. But I'm going to try and find something out there that might make me say thank you... some day."
—Lingard to Javier and Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Doctor Paul Lingard is an original character who first appears in Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Season Three. He is a doctor and one of the four leaders of the New Frontier, alongside, Joan, Clinton Barnes, and David García. Paul is a friend of David and is one of his close confidants alongside Ava. As a result, not only does Paul support David but he also finds reason to live because of him. Though a regular user of drugs and his own medicine, Paul is still a skilled doctor. However, after David is removed from his position and Joan becomes far more strict and dictatorial over her leadership, Paul remains reluctant to get involved and stays neutral, leading to a bout of depression and his own assisted suicide. (Determinant) Paul is also an affiliate of Clementine, and is the only man who knows the location of Alvin Jr.


Charlottesville, Virginia.

Prior to the outbreak, Paul was a world-class oncologist, and a respected faculty member of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. His profession and medical knowledge carried over into the apocalypse.


After the outbreak, many of Paul's colleagues fled for safety, leaving him on his own. Undeterred, Lingard sought out the sick and the injured, attempting to help whenever and however he could.

Unfortunately, the state of the world eventually began to take its toll on Lingard's mind, which led to substance abuse as a method of coping, chiefly his own medicine supply.

Eventually, a man came across the weary Lingard, wracked by addiction and his inner demons, and helped him overcome his addiction, as well as find purpose in life. Sometime later, Lingard, along with David, Clint and Joan formed The New Frontier.

Season 3

"Above The Law"

The first time we see Paul is in Richmond's hospital where Kate is. He was amazed by Eleanor's doctor skills and wants to keep her in Richmond. Before Javi and David leave Paul vouches for Eleanor to be released from quarantine. In the Clementine flashback after she finds the vancomycin and is about to inject AJ, Paul wakes up and tells Clementine not to inject AJ because its the last of the vancomycin and will cost someone else's life in the future. After David/Ava notices Clementine, Paul takes AJ and she has the option to say goodbye to AJ or spit in David's face. His last appearance is in the end of the episode when Javi reveals that Joan was ordering raiding and looting on other settlements.

"Thicker Than Water"

After Javi, Gabe and Ava steal from the armory, Javier goes to Lingard's office to find Lingard unconscious. When Dr. Lingard awakens, he informs Javier that he doesn't want to live anymore. If you agree to euthanise him, he will tell Clem where Alvin Junior is located. If you refuse, however, Lingard will cancel the deal. If Lingard is killed, Joan would later use Lingard's death in an attempt to turn the residents of Richmond against Javier and David and she questions Javier why he would kill the only doctor in Richmond.

"From The Gallows"

Paul will appear in this episode if he was not killed in the previous episode, towards its ending. He will refuse to thank Javier for sparing his life, but will try to make it up to him by continuing to help lives within Richmond as he did before. He also reveals to Clem AJ's last spotted location before he takes off, leading Clementine on a journey to find him once again.

If Paul was killed in the previous episode, a photo of him will appear on the memorial wall, the image depicting him sitting down in his office.



"Despite all her pleasantries, she's a cruel bitch."
—Lingard about Joan.[src]
Lingard and Joan are two members of New Frontier council, showing they at least trust one other somewhat. Lingard is shown to be afraid of her, following her orders or keeping quick against things he doesn't approve of. He also doesn't think kindly of her saying she a cruel bitch. If Lingard was killed, Joan has no problem using his body to frame David. Its unknown how, Lingard reacted if you kill Joan.

David García

"Poor bastard. (Determinant)"
—Lingard about David if you say that Joan took David.[src]
David is close friend to Lingard. Lingard was on death's door and was thinking about killing himself, until he met up with David and gave him a reason to care again. David is shown to be angered by Lingard drug problem. Lingard is on of few people David trust, giving him AJ to look after. Once David was taken by Joan, Lingard feared the worse and didn't want to live without him around.


The two never had any on-screen interaction, but it can be assumed they had a positive relationship, both being members of Richmonds leadership council. Clint is shocked after Joan reveals Lingard's body, its unknown how Lingard reacted to Clint's death.

Javier García

"When your brother found me, he... he got me to care about everything I'd given up on. My life, other people, even this Goddamn place. Without him around, I don't want to care anymore."
—Lingard to Javier.[src]
The two don't interact much, however Javier seems to respect him due to him being a medical professional and him saving Kate's life. Later when Javi and Clem find him out cold due to him being high on drugs, he's given the option to euthanize and mercy kill him or keep him alive seeing as it's not necessary to kill him like that.

In From The Gallows, when they meet again, Paul remains neutral towards Jaiver, saying he won't thank him for saving his life, but is gonna try to redeem himself by saving more people in Richmond, like he did before.


"He's at McCarroll Ranch. It's not too far from here. That's... That's where we left him, at least."
—Lingard revealing AJ location to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]
Dr. Lingard and Clementine look to have a neutral relationship. Unlike the others at the camp, Lingard does not act hostile towards her when she is caught stealing and even suggests that David gives her a second chance. Clementine might have some respect for him, as she almost always refers to him as Doctor Lingard. Clementine will be hostile to Lingard demanding to know where AJ is, and would kill him to get answers. Later if Lingard lived, Clementine will beg him for AJ location and will be gratefully for his help.

Alvin Jr.

"He's at McCarroll Ranch. It's not too far from here. That's... That's where we left him, at least."
—Lingard revealing AJ location to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]


Eleanor and Paul seem to be on good terms. Javier tells Paul that Eleanor is a doctor and Paul vouches for Eleanor to exit quarantine to meet Paul herself. Paul states that he really wants to meet her and she could be a vital asset to the community as seen of the work she had previously used on Kate. Later on when the group collect Kate from the hospital, they see Eleanor there and she has her own room, items and particularly a gun as she states herself. This means that either the New Frontier or Paul done all of this for her as she earn/earned it. When she hears that Paul died, she is devastated. Eleanor does think little of him, after learning of his drug problem.

Kate García


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Paul has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of unnamed patients. (Caused; Direct, Out of Mercy)
  • Numerous counts of zombies.

Death (Determinant)

Killed By

  • Himself (Caused)
  • Javier García (Caused, Out of Mercy) and/or (Before Reanimation, Determinant)
  • Clementine (Caused, Out of Mercy) and/or (Before Reanimation, Determinant)

When Javier returns to the hospital to see Dr. Lingard regarding his stab wound, Lingard is unconscious as a result of drug use. When he recovers, albeit delusional, he solemnly acknowledges that Joan's autocracy and David's arrest will not bode well for him, asking Javier to euthanise him and prevent him from reanimating - all in exchange for Alvin Jr.'s location. If the player decides to assist in Dr. Lingard's suicide, Javier will inject a large dose of medicine into his arm, overdosing him in the process. If the player chooses silence, Clementine will inject Lingard. Regardless, Javier will prevent Lingard from reanimating by stabbing him in the head. If the player takes too long on this also, Javier will hand the knife to Clem and she will violently stab Lingard in the head.


Video Game

Season 3


  • Paul is the fifth character known to use drugs recreationally, the others being Bonnie, Wyatt, Eddie, and Kate.
  • Paul is the seventh doctor to appear in the video game, the others being Diana, Vernon, Carlos, Logan, Jonas and Eleanor.
  • Paul's New Frontier mark is on his hand.
  • Out of the four New Frontier leaders, Paul is the only one to not have an antagonistic role at any point of the game.
  • Paul’s facial expressions and animations do not work or show his emotion. This was fixed with a new patch. Also to note that his subtitle colour has changed.
  • Lingard’s model was originally created to be a man named Mason, who was the mastermind of the New Frontier group in an early iteration of the story.[3]


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