"Just take a look at this. Paul did that before daddy shot him."
—Patty showing her bite wound that Paul had given her, unknowing of what the bite will cause later[src]

Patty Taylor, or Pat for short, is a character featured in The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning. She is the daughter of Gary Taylor and is also Paul's girlfriend.


King County, Georgia

Patty attended high school with Shane and Rick. She and Shane both dated each other back in high school. They spent a great deal of time together that her dad, Gary, was warming up to Shane and liked him dating his daughter. Shane asked Patty out to prom but after high school, the couple broke up. She lived with her father in King County, Georgia. She later got a job working as a nurse at Harrison Memorial Hospital and had a new boyfriend named Paul who lived with her and her father.


King County Sheriff's Department

Patty's boyfriend was somehow infected and was a walker when he bit her on the arm and she ran from the house. She later went to the King County Sheriff's Department after her father killed Paul and was locked up. She showed up covered in blood, claiming she ran into some tree branches. She talked with Shane and wanted to see her father. She later turned into a walker and tried to attack Leon. Gary tried to protect her but once he realized she was a walker, he allowed Shane to shoot her in the head with his shotgun.


Killed By

  • Paul (Alive, Infected)

Patty was bitten in the arm by her infected boyfriend, Paul, and died from the infection.

Shane was forced to shoot his ex-girlfriend in the head once she became a walker and tried to attack everyone.

Killed victims

This list shows the victims Patty has killed:


Spencer Andrea

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Shane Walsh

Shane was Patty's former boyfriend. They seemed to have a positive relationship.

Gary Taylor

Gary and Patty had a loving Father-Daughter relationship.


Despite Patty being abused by her husband, she still loved him very much.


Dead Reckoning

  • Chapter Four: Patient Zero
  • Chapter Six: No Turning Back


  • Patty met Rick and Shane in high school.
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