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The Otto Family is a family of ranchers and amateur survivalists living in Broke Jaw Ranch, their family ranch which is located near San Diego, California, and close to the American-Mexican Border. The family's patriarch, Jeremiah Otto appeared in the Season 2b episode Wrath when Ofelia Salazar crossed into the U.S. The rest of the family is set to appear in Season 3.


Long before the outbreak, the family banded together with other like minded individuals to set up a survivalist organisation, which expects and prepares to survive through the fall of the democratic form of government and the rule of law. They used the Otto family ranch Broke Jaw Ranch as their headquarter.


  • Jeremiah Otto - Patriarch of the family. Former husband of Tracy. Father of Jake and Troy.[1]
  • Mrs. Otto - First wife of Jeremiah. Mother of Jake. Deceased decades before the apocalypse.
  • Tracy Otto - Second wife of Jeremiah. Stepmother of Jake. Mother of Troy. Died of alcoholism complications approximately a decade prior to the apocalypse.
  • Jake Otto - Older son of Jeremiah. Stepson of Tracy. Half-brother of Troy.
  • Troy Otto - Younger son of Jeremiah. Son of Tracy. Half brother of Jake.


Killed by

"TEOTWAWKI" (Mentioned)

  • Alcohol Problems.

While Madison is talking to Jeremiah. He is revealed that she died of alcohol problems, it's likely that she died from alcohol poisoning but it's not known how she died from the alcohol.

"Children of Wrath"

After Jeremiah refuses to commit suicide in order to bring peace to the Black Hat Reservation. Nick barrages into Madison and Jeremiah's conflict, he explains why Nick is weaker than his mother but isn't able to speak much longer as Jeremiah is shot in the head by Nick himself.

"Brother's Keeper"

When Jake and Nick find out that Troy is leading a herd to Broke Jaw Ranch. He starts getting into conflict with Troy himself and before Jake kills Troy, he is whacked in the face by Nick only to be bitten in the arm by a zombie. After Jake begs to be amputated, they oblige and amputate his arm. There efforts are meaningless after Jake dies from blood loss and is later put down by Troy after turning.

"Things Bad Begun"

After Troy reveals that he was the one behind Broke Jaw that caused the herd to overrun Broke Jaw and Ofelia Salazar's death. Madison gets enraged and strikes Troy in the head twice with a hammer, killing him.


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