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Orlando Vargas is an extra actor who portrays a survivor living at the Atlanta Survivor Camp in Season 1 of The Walking Dead (TV Series).

He has appeared in the following episodes:

  • "Days Gone Bye" - On guard duty atop RV.
  • "Guts" - Organizing wood, gathers in background when T-Dog calls camp.
  • "Tell It to the Frogs" - Watches confrontation with Daryl.
  • "Vatos" - Watches confrontation with Jim on hillside, was attacked by two zombies during camp attack, then killed.
  • "Wildfire" - His body gets dragged by Daryl and Morales to be burned but Glenn intervenes, and he is buried instead.


Convo with Orlando Vargas
  • Orlando Vargas was originally supposed to be credited and had a longer scene for his death when the zombies attacked the camp. Ultimately, the scene was deleted and Orlando remained uncredited.

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