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This article is about Oceanside in the Comic Series. You may be looking for Oceanside in the TV Series.
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Oceanside is a community of survivors living on the east coast of the United States, in or near the state of Virginia. They began trading with the communities of AlexandriaSanctuary, Hilltop, and Kingdom sometime after the end of the war against Negan. After leaving the Kingdom, Michonne worked for there an undisclosed period of time before returning to Alexandria. Oceanside predominantly supplies the communities with seafood.



The community formed on the east coast at some point after the outbreak, living primarily off the ocean. They were discovered by Siddiq as he made his way north up the coast from Miami. After making it to Alexandria, he informed Rick of Oceanside's existence, and Alexandria and the other communities began trading with Oceanside for fish.

After mysteriously leaving the other communities, Michonne, at some point, began working on fishing expeditions from Oceanside.



  • Paige - A female newcomer.
  • Samantha Fairbanks - A female newcomer and sister of Alex and James. (Determinant)
  • Alex Fairbanks - A child newcomer and brother of James and Sam.
  • James Fairbanks - A child newcomer and brother of Alex and Sam.
  • Oak - Fisherman. (Determinant)
  • Other unnamed inhabitants.

Former Inhabitants


  • Unknown. Possibly various Oceanside survivors.


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