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"Stay put. I'll be back for you."
—Nurse to Nick.[src]

The nurse is a character that appears in the AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Los Angeles, California

The nurse worked at the Intensive Care Unit at a hospital in the city.


Season 1


The nurse was assigned to care for Nick Clark and an elderly patient in a room at the Intensive Care Unit. She is nice enough to remove one of Nick's restraints after he asks for some wiggle room to use the bedpan. After the bedpan falls, the elderly man goes into shock and the nurse is among the hospital staff to respond to the man's deteriorating condition.

Later, the nurse is confronted by Travis and Madison regarding Nick's whereabouts. The nurse does not know where Nick is and presses Travis and Madison to call the police instead of badgering her.

As the city of Los Angeles quickly fell to the undead, this nurse's fate remains unclear. It is unknown whether she was able to survive the outbreak or was killed and/or turned into a zombie.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 1

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