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"We lost our pastor early on... Brother Maywell shot him in the head and buried him out behind the sacristy. Lord, Lord, Lord... what a time we in right now."
—Norma to Jeremiah.[src]

Norma Sutters is a main character and a survivor first appearing in The Walking Dead: Invasion. She is descibred to be a plump, African-American woman in her twenties.


Pleasant Hill Area, South Macon

Norma was born in a poor family, and was youngest of the six children. Her father had already passed away before she was born, and her mother died during Norma's sophomore year in school. In order to support her family, Norma started playing the organs and sang the blues in nearby taverns and bars. Norma took a lot of "shit" from strangers, most notably from men. Because of this she never trusted any man, and never started dating one.

Jasper, Florida

Norma is very faithful, and her faith got her the job of assistant choir leader in Calvary Baptist Church located in Jasper, Florida. Norma thought he would never find a man who she could trust. A thug, former meth addict and a man gotten right with the Lord however restored Norma's faith in men. The man named Miles Littleton acted as her little brother, and their friendship was both platonic and healing before the Turn.


After the apocalypse started, Miles heard from Pastor Helms that a caravan of survivors has been founded and is the salvation to the infection. Miles promised he would get back to Norma, but never came. Norma is later found by Jeremiah, Stephen and Reese, and starts to travel with them to find Most Holy Redeemer Parish.

"Search and Destroy"

A little over a year passes, and Norma now survives with the Woodbury citizens. After Norma decides to part ways with Lilly and Tommy, she is soon captured by the grunts. Norma accidentally trips on her heels and the open manhole cover, and hits her head on the rim of the pavement, blood spurting from her scalp, and lastly falling through the manhole. Norma survives the incident, and resides the new community, Sixteenth Street.


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