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"On the ground! On the ground! Stop!"
—Officer Gonzales to ND Woman.[src]

The nondescript or ND woman is a character who appeared in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Los Angeles, California

This woman was in Los Angeles at the time of the outbreak.


So Close, Yet So Far

After either dying from natural causes or being infected, this woman reanimates into a zombie. She stumbles towards the scene where a homeless man was allegedly killed in an act of Los Angeles police brutality. After an officer catches sight of the undead woman, she open fires on her, killing the woman. The shooting causes a panic and the protestors flee the scene before a riot breaks out.


Killed By

  • Infection (Possibly, Alive)
  • Gonzales (Zombified)

Gonzales shoots the zombified woman in the head after she stumbles towards her, ignoring the officer's commands.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 1


  • "ND" is casting shorthand for "nondescript".
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