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  Mrs. Moore
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Actor None
Gender Female
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation School Teacher
Family Unknown
Status Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown

Mrs. Moore is a teacher who was mentioned in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. She was Clementine's teacher and had taught her on how to make a leaf-print. Her whereabouts after the outbreak began are unknown.


Location UnknownEdit

All that is known about Mrs. Moore's life prior to the outbreak is that she was Clementine's first-grade teacher, and took her and her class to their school's Botanical Garden. There, she taught them all how to make leaf-prints.


"Long Road Ahead"Edit

Mrs. Moore is mentioned in Episode 3, when Lee is talking to Clementine about the broken flashlight. He asks her what she's drawing, and she tells him that it's a leaf-print and Mrs. Moore taught her how to do it. Her current status is unknown.

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